Why Use a Boat Lift? in Boat

You may be asking yourself” why should I purchase a boat lift“?  If your home is in Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete, Bradenton or Sarasota and moved here from the north you may be thinking, the water will never freeze here so why should I invest in a boat lift.  The fact the water does not freeze is actually one of the reasons, but we will get to that in a minute.

One of the first reasons to use a boat lift is that someday you will want to sell your boat.  When a potential buyer knows your boat was on a boat lift and not in the water they are inclined to pay more for your boat.  The warm waters of Tampa Bay and Sarasota that never freeze are a great place for marine live to thrive.  The warmer the water the more marine life grows.  If you keep your boat in the water it is a necessity to have bottom paint on your boat.  Putting bottom paint on your boat will definitely hurt the resale value.  So having your boat on a lift increases the boats resale value.  The same can be said for the resale value of your home.  When people are shopping for a new waterfront home in Tampa Bay and Sarasota having a boat lift with the house is a real plus.

Having your boat on a lift and out of the water can help to protect it during a storm.  You do not have to worry about a dock line breaking and your boat being damaged as a result of the boat sitting hitting the dock and pilings.  Needless to say this also protects your investment in your dock during the same potential storm damage.  When wind and current conditions are make it difficult to pickup dock lines off pilings a well designed boat lift can also make it easier to dock your boat while protecting it from being damaged during docking.

Last but not least, having a boat lift makes boat cleanup and engine flushing much easier.  With the boat out of the water and on a lift cleaning the topsides and bottom of your boat is a snap.  Flushing your engine will make it last longer.

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