Why do I need a CRM solution for my automotive business?

You have probably heard of the term CRM recently if you are in the automotive industry. It is heating up to be the hot topic for all the dealer principles and general managers. But if you were to ask few general managers how to define their CRM solution you will probably get different answers from all of them. So let’s take some time and really define the term CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management software, it is not new as matter of fact these types of software have been developed for many different industries under many different names in the past. The most popular CRM software in the world is the Microsoft Outlook; in essence the emailing program keeps track of incoming emails, filters spam, organizes your contact information, and has a little calendar to remind you what is coming up in your life. In a nut shell that is a great CRM to use on a personal level. So why do these car dealerships need a quality CRM solution? Well the answer is really simple, without a proper CRM solution, how would a dealership keep track of its incoming leads from the web? Your dealership CRM supposes to capture your incoming lead, organize them in a timely fashion, and develop these leads into a sale in real life. Without it, how would your potential customers get in touch with you if they are interested in a particular vehicle? By email?

CRM comes in various different formats, shapes, even functionalities, their price range can be as high as 00 per month to as low as 00 per month. This is without considering the “setup” fee ranging from 00 to as much as 00. This kind of pricing structure is out of the reach for many smaller to medium sized dealerships today, is there an affordable CRM solution provider out there? Let’s say between the range from 200-300 without any setup fees? The answer is “Yes” but we will look into that little bit later in this article. So having a well designed and developed CRM will help your automotive business tremendously, with the proper deployment of technology in place, you can start to manage your internet leads effectively right away. When you are selecting a CRM solution provider, you should definitely look for a “desktop” application platform; most of today’s CRM solution is still running on the “web based” platform, which leaves few big security holes and unnecessary risks.

Since your CRM will have some very sensitive client information the last thing you want is for some hacker to break into your account and steal all the possible information from it. With a desktop based application, it is much more difficult to hack into the system without the installation of the software itself. This added security layer is mainly ignored by many CRM solution venders today. Think about it logically, would you pay 00 per month to use “Face book”? If your answer is “No”, then why would you use a much older and outdated web solution on the other hand?

The last tip I would like to leave with you guys, is the complete solution provider. If you have found an affordable CRM solution that is desktop based application, try to incorporate all the web related services from the same company. Ask them if they will host your web site, design your web site, brand your business image, do SEO work, and host your domain name for you all in one shot. Because the nightmare of communicating between 5 to 6 solution providers can be a real hassle. Thank you for reading this article it is brought to you by Dealer Elite CRM, your affordable cutting edge technology for today’s automotive dealerships. To visit us online for more information or a video walkthrough please go to http://www.dealerelites.ca or http://www.dealertemplate.ca

By: Rick Li


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