The Investment Of An Automotive Paint Booth

Modern day paint booth manufacturers have a significant number of types of such booths. The reason for this is to cover the entire spectrum of customer requirements. You could want a booth to paint an automobile or an aircraft or a very tiny intricate part in large numbers. All of these different samples would need different types of booths. Because of this reason the various types of paint booths are:

  • Automotive paint booth

  • Truck spray booth and

  • Industrial spray booths

Truck and Industrial Spray Booths

The truck spray booths are further categorized into the full; side and the semi-down draft varieties besides the reverse and front flow types. Similarly the industrial spray booths are sub-divided into the airplane booths and the production tunnels.

Automotive Spray booths

The automotive paint booth could be sub-divided into the premier variant, the insulated variant and the full, semi and side down draft variants besides the reverse and front flow types.

The Premier Spray Booth

This spray booth has white powder coated panels that are double walled and fully insulated. This results in considerable saving in energy, ease of maintenance and increased durability. The panels are punched with precision and made of heavy gauge galvanized steel for protection against corrosion and long life.

The paint booth has uniform airflow due to the full ceiling air intake filters. The surplus spray is forced out of the vehicle by the central flow exhaust system.

The direct-fired heat system scores by 20% in efficiency terms over the indirect fired heating system. Recirculation of preheated air from the baking cycle effects greater energy savings.

Electronic monitoring of filters, energy saving motor drives and an auto shut down system all help in the further saving in running costs.

The lights are strategically located and have access from the inside. This means that the exterior is flush and clean. The lighting is well focused in order to eliminate shadows. The lights have also been selected with the saving of energy costs in mind.

The provision of tri-fold doors and a 2-meter pit under the central exhaust system further enhance the utilization of the automotive paint booth.

By: Anirban Bhattacharya


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