The Concept of Home Schooling in Children

Family and school both contribute to the most important environments in which young children grow and develop. Homeschooling is the education of children at home, typically by parents rather than in public or private schools. Most childhood education occurs within the family or community and homeschooling in the modern sense is an alternative way of attending private schools or educational institutions operated by civil governments. In most countries homeschooling is a legal option for parents to provide their children a learning environment as an alternative to public or private schools outside the home. Parents mention various reasons as motivations to home school for their children. There are three main reasons that a number of parents across the world opt for Home schooling.

1. Their concern about the traditional school environment
2. The necessity to provide religious or moral instruction, and
3. The dissatisfaction with academic instruction at traditional public and private schools

Homeschooling can be an option for families living in isolated rural locations, living temporarily abroad, and to allow for more traveling. There are many young athletes and actors who are taught at home. Home schooling gives a way to parent’s child discussion which proves beneficial for the child. Most parents send their child to school but people do have the right to educate their child at home. As a parent you must make sure that your child gets a full-time education from the age of five. There are certain facts about home schooling which are as follows:

1. Parents do not have to  be qualified teachers to educate their child at home

Child is not forced to take national tests but as a parent it is require to ensure your child receives full time education suitable to their age, ability and aptitude
3. You must recognize any special education needs which your child may have
4. You do not require any special permission from a school or local authority to educate your child at home
5. You should also bring this to notice in front of the local authority if you are removing your child from a special school
6. You need not follow school hours, days or terms
7. You need not have a fixed time table or formal lessons
8. There are no special funds directly available from central government for parents who educate their child at home
9. There are local authorities provide guidance for parents, including free National Curriculum materials

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