• Charges iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphones, tablets and other devices powered by USB
  • 10-Watt (5V/2.1A) charger offers fast charging capabilities
  • Compatible with 12V power supplies in car cigarette lighter jack
  • Power LED indicator

Macally Car 10U is a 10 Watt car charger perfect for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Tablets and smartphones.

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Price: $ 10.69

Magnet Motor For Making Free Renewable Energy in Electronics

A homemade magnet motor can supply you with an endless amount of free electrical power. These magnet generators can be easily made at your home by making use of a small number of simple parts that are usually sold at your nearby tool shop or home store. The concept of free electricity was created by Nikola Tesla, and his notorious discoveries continue being a matter which incites various arguments and conspiracy theories. This short article is going to go over more on how a magnetic motor works and also tips about how you can easily put together one of these green electricity generators for yourself.

A magnetic generator can’t make free electrical energy. All those who have gone through general high school physics will probably be aware that the 1st law of thermodynamics says ‘energy may be neither created nor destroyed. It can only switch forms’. This law is of course legitimate. However, running a magnetic generator it is possible to easily transform magnetic energy into electrical energy. Magnets contain a large amount of potential energy that you can harness when you know how to put together one of these magnet generators.Check It here!

The magnetic generator model, that was first trademarked by Nikola Tesla, has actually been essentially suppressed within modern-day society. The cover up of free electricity science, such as perpetual action and cold fusion, isn’t a shock to a lot of consumers and has long been mostly written about, although mostly unofficially. Interested parties including those inside the oil and gas field together with renewable energy engineering have a vested involvement in making sure that any new along with preceding models of magnet generator systems receive virtually no credibleness at all. Tesla was an exceptionally valuable inventor and well ahead of his time. Unfortunately the world was, and is still not, able to accept his work.

The magnetic motor generally works by installing more than one magnets round a turning disc. As you can believe the real concepts are a bit more complicated, yet for the purpose of this piece of writing this particular description will be adequate. The opposing magnetically powered rods repel in opposition to each other to move the disc thus producing friction, or kinetic energy. This mini generator can then be used to generate electrical power that you will use to run your home. That is fundamentally all there is to it. The magnetic generator runs just like any other electric power generation product. Magnetic energy is used to rotate the turbines, you harness the electrical power and then store it or use it, simple.Check It here!


Kawasaki 841215 Black 6-Inch Bench Grinder

  • 115 Volt/60 HZ with a 1/2 HP motor
  • 3.5 AMP offers a speed of 3450 RPM
  • Coarse wheel with #36 grit
  • Medium wheel with #60 grit
  • Flexible worklight

841215 Features: -Bench grinder.-Light bulb not included. Includes: -Includes two grinding wheels. Specifications: -1/2 HP motor generating 3,450 RPM.-Flexible 40W work lamp, adjustable eye shields and tool rests. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 12.88” H x 16.38” W x 11.13” D.

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  • 2.5” Big LCD Screen
  • Video recording with sound,Photo taking
  • High speed recording,Motion detect function,HDMI output
  • Real Time & Date display on video/photo
  • 3 file playback modes: On camera, on Computer, on HDTV

This is your road eye for everything occurs while you are driving. The high quality video & audio can be timely and strong evidence to address accident and distinguish responsibility. *It’s also a functional assistant of your private security. The DVR can capture clear videos for owners who want to monitor their cars. For professional engaged in the work of police officers, journalists, detectives, lawyers, Taxi, etc.. *Occasionally, If there is something unexpected happens on your way, you can record and share it on your website. What’s more, as a picture & video enthusiast, you will never let beautiful scenery pass you by. So you don’t need to take many big and heavy instruments, just use this high quality DVR to help you.

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List Price: $ 76.95
Price: $ 22.72

What career fields can I enter into with a degree in Mechanical Engineering? What is the salary range?

What career fields can I enter into with a degree in Mechanical Engineering? What is the salary range?

Chosen Answer:

There’s a wide variety of fields you can get into with a BS in ME, depending on your interests. You can work in any of the fields previously mentioned like automotive engineering, power generation (boiler and turbine design), aerospace or manufacturing. Within those fields you can look for jobs in basic design, quality assurance, project management or even sales.

Salary range will depend on the location and type of job, obviously. On the low end, you may see offers for around ,000 per year. On the high end, in more expensive cities, you can earn up to ,000 per year. There are of course outliers on either end, but this is the typical range.

With an MS you’d be getting a little more money, about ,000 to ,000 per year and would likely be doing similar work. MSMEs are also commonly hired by large companies to do computational work like FEA (Finite Element Analysis) or CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). With a PhD, your starting salary would be in the -,000 range and you’d likely be doing R&D or possibly even forensic engineering in any of these areas. Of course the higher salaries that come with advanced degrees come with the disadvantges of more time in school and lost wages (not earning any money while you’re in school).

Hope this helps.
by: Prometheus
on: 15th May 07

Comprehensive Auto Detailing Using Advanced Cleaning Machines in Cleaning

The auto detailing industry employs advanced cleaning machines that deal with the specific requirements of cleaning the interiors and exteriors of automobiles. The many applications faced by detailers require that several machines are used in the cleaning process. With that said, we can dive right into the different types of equipment that offer the greatest advantages.

Exterior Auto Detailing
This application calls for powerful machines to blast away stubborn residues. However, it is also important to note that the machines must feature low pressure levels and low flow rates that can not only take complete care of cleaning needs but also ensure that sensitive interior areas of the automobile are protected adequately.

To ensure that the highest cleaning power is achieved, top suppliers now offer advanced wet steam temperatures rising up to 250°F for rapid dissolving of tough residues on automotive exteriors. Wet steam output is considered by industry experts as the perfect way to get the best detailing job done not only comprehensively but also quickly.

The auto detailing industry also relies on pressure to make sure the exterior cleaning of cars is done comprehensively. Some machines can deliver high pressure levels reaching up to 8000 psi. However, for car detailing, it is not necessary or advantageous to use pressure levels in excess of 1500 psi, as it can cause dents and scratches on the surface and even chip off paint. The advanced models available for use in the industry are ideal for cleaning the exteriors such as wheels, engines, and body with their adjustable features.

The flow rate of machines is another important feature auto detailing service owners consider when choosing cleaning equipment for various types of automobiles.

Pressure washers with low flow rates are ideal for car detailing, especially in places with limited drainage facilities. Mobile detailing professionals who do not carry out auto detailing within their facilities also find cleaning equipment with low flow rates extremely useful.

Interior Detailing
Portable steam cleaners are used by professionals in the industry for interior detailing. They are ideal for cleaning steering wheels, dashboards, and spot cleaning upholstery.

Portable steam cleaner machines deliver dry steam output that can reach temperatures up to 386°F. They can easily dislodge dirt, stains, and grime from hard surfaces, as well as small upholstered and carpeted spots while making sure very little water is used. For full interior upholstery and carpet cleaning, consider carpet cleaners or carpet shampooers with low flow technology. These machines offer greater extraction power, greater water flow, and high pressure levels to completely dislodge and remove the toughest stains in carpeting. Better yet, with low flow technologies, car carpets can be cleaned, dried, and ready for use in as little as two hours with this latest car wash equipment.

An Overview of the Different Applications per Machine
The latest steam pressure cleaners can be used for a variety of applications in the car detailing business. These include cleaning engines, cleaning the exteriors, and melting snow and ice. Steam cleaners, on the other hand, are more efficient for hard surface cleaning and spot carpet cleaning. Lastly, for complete carpet and upholstery cleaning results, opt for a carpet extractor.

Using the best auto detailing equipment from reputable suppliers can ensure faster turnover of cleaned automobiles from your facility and improved profitability with limited effort. Powerful and efficient cleaning machines are designed exclusively for the industry.

Can one dryclean/ wetclean by oneself the interior of a car?

I’m too broke to go to a proper carwash specialist!

Chosen Answer:

It’s no problem. Places like WalMart, Target, and automotive stores sell the detergents with the brushes on the cap that are meant to clean car upholstery and carpets. It’s basically carpet detergent in a special bottle. After you apply the detergent and do a second or third pass with clean water, you wet vacuum, and you’re finished
I did my aunt’s car interior and the results were good. Let the spendthrifts go to the auto detailers and pay 0.
by: Bruce Almighty
on: 23rd January 08

what is the best method to repaint my no.cal.house that is sided with 6″ horiz cedar shiplap.?

this house was built in 1989. all of the cedar siding was back primed with oil based primer.with the smooth side on the outside it recieved a coat of latex prmer and one coat of latex semigloss applied with an airless sprayer. after 4 yrs the paint started to bubble and peel up in largte sheets.lots of .had trhe house painted again using the standard method of scrapping,vinyl spackling, sanding, priming with kilkz and airless spraying. 3yrs later, same thing only much more paint peeling and blistering-you can pull the paint off in strip sheets. finaly ended up experimenting on one garage wall(successfully) using course wirewheel removal of old paint,then automotive bondo over the bad areas and auto satin enamel final coat. what should i do about the other walls? i really cant afford to reside them. rubberized paint? some kind of paint bonding agent?

Chosen Answer:

It sounds like you have a moisture problem. Do you know for sure that a vapor barrier was properly installed with the insulation? I’m surprised that a latex primer was used since oil is better at preventing tannin stains from bleeding through… unless the topcoat is a color that conceals these stains..Anyway.. you might need to install some 1″ diameter vents at the top of the walls to vent moisture out of the wall and/or use dehumidifiers to control moisture inside the house during days of mild temperatures & very high humidity. You might ask a paint dealer about using elastomeric paint as well.
by: David C
on: 12th October 06

Audi R8 forum- Technological advancements in Car

Audi comprises of certain best quality cars unveiled at the right time to facilitate the involvement of the people to maintain high standards of car driving. The driving skills of the car are quite justified with the technological features provided by the car. The Audi R8 cars are generally adopted by motor sports. The sports car is suited for varied level of motor sports category. The development of Audi cars in grand manner may be utilized to support the growing needs in the field of automobiles. The automotive arena has many technological aspects that demand the human intervention to satisfy the needs specified. The needs are quite justified by the features attributed by the cars. The cars are quite eminently designed to cater the modifications regarding the determination of stress causing factors. These factors may be justified with the improved level of quality displayed by the car. Technological modification brought about from several other designs of Audi cars are quite eminently worked upon at the level of certainty. This leads to the improved performance of the car. Audi R8 cars are available in the global market starting from countries like Japan to several other South Asian countries. The global market bestows certain unique feature to be enjoyed by each and every person in the world.

Audi R8 cars generally suit for sports with qualified levels of speed. The cars are provided with good suspension maintained at good level of accuracy. The level of sustenance may be dependant on the performance of the car on global arena. The acceleration obtained by the car may range from 3.5 seconds to 4.4 seconds. This kind of improved acceleration is obtained as a result of greater torque obtained by means of well-designed engines.

The external feature of the car is quite astonishing due to the fact that the spoilers that are attached to the car are used to prevail under improved level of precision. The spoilers provide sufficient direction to the air yielding to good aerodynamically modified design. The Audi R8 car tyres are well grouped to carryout its work at different terrains maintaining higher levels of tension and friction at the roads. The gears system in Audi R8 is quite commendable since it provides good transmission of motion between different gear trains enabling sufficient acceleration at short interval of time. The fuel efficiency of the car is quite high yielding good satisfaction to the customers present all over the world.



  • 2-Way 6.5″ (16.5cm) Coaxial Speaker
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz-25,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 84dB/W.m
  • Aramid Fiber + Carbon Fiber Composite Olefin Cone Woofer
  • HHC Balanced Tweeter

Brand New JVC CS-V626 6.5″ 2 Way 420 Watt (pair) Coaxial Car Speakers with Heat-Resistant Voice Coils

2-Way 6.5″ (16.5cm) Coaxial Speaker
Frequency Response: 35Hz-25,000Hz
Sensitivity: 84dB/W.m
Aramid Fiber + Carbon Fiber Composite Olefin Cone Woofer
HHC Balanced Tweeter
Strontium Magnet (Woofer)
Twin Roll Rubber Edge
Heat-Resistant Voice Coil

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