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Why do people concern themselves so much with what others do to their OWN bodies??

Be it tattooes, breast implants, wild hair, piercings, etc. etc. What gives anyone the right to judge based solely on appearance? Prejudice based on looks alone is UGLY.
Isn’t that what’s really wrong with society? Isn’t it better to judge based on action?

I think I basically know the answer to this, I’m just curious what yours may be.
Edit: Ummmm Gary, I won’t go out with you because I’m married. Chip on the old shoulder, eh?

Thanks Lioness, I hear your roar!

Chosen Answer:

personal option justified with religion, social norms, economics, social class… etc.,…

whatever is uncomfortable is wrong. thus when one person does/says/etc.,… something that contradicts what is ‘right’, they are wrong and need to be “reconditioned”, punished or killed.

No, I’m not talking about pedophilia or murder or fraud or sweatshop labor or genocide or other universally ‘wrong’ concepts – you know the important issues.

I’m talking about musical tastes, fashion sense, political opinion, favorite color, automotive preference, religion (only a small mind hides behind scripture) – you know, the superfluous crap that does matter, yet is focused on in lew of the important issues.
by: Justin
on: 5th September 07

Daily Maintenance Of Turbo Cars To Be Careful – Turbo – Automotive Repair And Maintenance Industry in Oil

Turbo For every fan who is a familiar term. In the automotive world, “T” is for each engine with a turbo-charged cars. It represents the blood boiling, represents passion, and pleasure on behalf of the wild! Meanwhile, in this era of soaring gasoline prices, the engine turbo technology also provides better energy saving and efficiency and contribute! Today, we use techniques for everyone from the deconstruction of the car with a turbocharged engine details of each car. Related Reading: Special car maintenance code after the rain Enjoy the cool of a summer special summer car maintenance all captures

The speed Teng [Review Photo Forum] 1.4TSI and 1.6L hovering between a week later, Xiao Huang decided to buy the former. “T models can give me more Drive Fun. “This was the little yellow car’s original power, and one of his friends also have plans to do A East is that the turbo engine hard to” serve. “East such as A turbo model on the” bias “consumers and not unusual. In fact, as long as the time and care to avoid the misunderstanding of some cars with” T “model is also very simple to use.

Myth # 1: random replacement Engine oil

Case: He is buying the car is the T model, and has been for three years, in the middle of last year after a vehicle Service Maintenance period, in order to save costs, he gave the vehicles a friend sent a bottle of non-synthetic motor oil will soon expire, and later another two consecutive maintenance with a small factory producing the oil. Recently, he found that there was a slight vehicle starting Shake And vehicles in the last week, after long distances there is also the engine overheating, pull out foot smell there pills only to discover oil, then quickly went to dealers to repair.

Analysis: Chen’s car happens, the main reason is the use of low-quality oil. In the “drink” oil, the turbocharger is indeed a “finicky” than ordinary apart from larger naturally aspirated engine, the higher demands on the oil products. Because the turbocharger design and naturally aspirated engine is different, the main shaft floating design, the turbine main shaft between the body and filled with oil, the main shaft to rely on oil to heat and lubrication, and low-grade oil viscosity higher, less liquid and can not play better. Owners to increase the proposed number of inputs in this regard, fully synthetic engine oil for vehicle replacement, this oil has good oxidation resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, lubrication, and better heat dissipation.

Misunderstanding 2: to the destination immediately Extinction

Case: Miss Lee’s temper has been marked by potholes, is a typical career women, and this is the reason she bought T models. Due to the need to travel often drive Miss Li, one to the destination every time, too tired as soon as she got off the activities stalled muscles, not to give breathing space vehicles.

Analysis: a long time in the engine high load operation, the owners shut down the engine, be sure to Idle Running a few minutes, so parts can be cooled and lubricated. And Ms. Li will conduct such a car in a high-speed vehicles are idling state, the problem with sudden acceleration, as will damage to the vehicle bearings.

Actually cars, like people, after long hours of work need a break. When you drive to high speed, turbo engine in working condition, some of the oil supply turbocharger rotor bearings. Then the high end of the turbocharger turbine exhaust temperature of about 600 . If we suddenly turn off, engine oil pressure will quickly drop to zero, the turbocharger turbine section of the high temperature reached the middle of the bearing shell supporting the heat can not be quickly taken away, while the inertia of the turbocharger rotor is still rotating at high speed, This will lead to retention of the oil overheating and thus damage to bearings and shaft.

Myth # 3: a start on the H Accelerator

Case: Komago buy T model is more than ample power to get his family away from the company just over 10 km, but the road is wide, not many cars.

His pursuit of “the distance between home and the company as long as 10 minutes”, from going out, start, stop control of the combined duration of 10 minutes, so every time I start the vehicle on Menghong throttle. After four months of “torture”, the maintenance of the bearings when they discovered that the vehicle has a certain degree of damage.

Analysis: speed in a short time is a big turbo car feature, but this does not mean that car owners be treated rudely, in fact, just start the fragile post-Meng Hong turbocharger oil throttle seal.

Turbo engine high rpm, start vehicle, you can not step on the accelerator pedal emergency, should idle 3 to 5 minutes, so that oil pump with sufficient time to transport oil to various parts of turbocharger , while the temperature slowly rose oil, the liquidity and better, so be fully lubricated turbocharger, then speed will be “like a duck.”

Myth # 4: his private parts removed

Case: Small Kwong while ago found that vehicles have run 35,000 km, forget the oil change for the air box. Thought I had done maintenance man, has some foundation, wanted to personally experience the fun of DIY. Waiting for him to remove the dirty parts to buy and found the air box a little damaged, in the absence of air compartments where it would start vehicles, intended to replace the product to the vicinity of Auto Parts City. The results after a period of trying to fix the roads, there are a number of small stones into the turbine, the turbine after a few days he found the work exceptions, so check to the 4S shop, found that vortex turbine guide wheel so damaged.

Analysis: For turbo cars, the regular replacement of the air cell to prevent dust and other impurities into the high-speed rotation of the compressor impeller, resulting in speed instability or increased wear sleeve and seals. Although small Kwong maintenance experience, but do not know the characteristics of turbochargers, has given rise to such a “tragedy.” Turbine by the “delicate” of aluminum metal, foreign objects can easily be damaged, and therefore there is no air filter to protect the situation is very dangerous to start the engine acts.

Turbocharger rotor high precision bearings, maintenance and installation work is also very strict environmental requirements, so when the turbocharger failure or damage to the designated repair stations should be for maintenance, not to Street Edge repair shop. Experienced instructors introduced turbocharger is very particular about the demolition and replacement. When the demolition of turbochargers, to block the inlet and outlet ports and oil imports, to prevent dirt or foreign objects inside; in dismantling turbochargers, do not drop, hit


Fast lane Wild Fire Monster Truck – Toy of the Year? in Truck

The Fast Lane Wildfire Monster Truck is without a doubt in the “best toy” this year category. All children at least 6 years old will be excited and amazed at this toy.This is the special gift that will bring smiles and keep on giving all year long.

Monster Trucks with radio controllers are not new to us but in years past many would not perform or were too expensive for average people. Enter this big, bad green machine that can handle all the escapades your young child may want to put it through. It’s strong and rugged, ready for any circumstances it encounters. There are some great features that parents and children will enjoy in this vehicle:

– The largest Monster Truck toy ever made

– 4 wheel drive and it can handle any and all types of terrain you put it through on or off road

– 9 inch treaded wheels

– Over 2 feet long, actual dimensions are 28.6 inches by 19.4 inches by 18.2

– the truck will do some outstanding tricks and also spin full circles

– Roll bar, looks like the real thing

– Exhaust pipes light up similar to a real monster truck

– Awesome sound effects, rumbling engine sounds, they can also be turned off

– Comes with a battery and charger, we suggest buying a spare battery because this is a high power green machine, and your child will want hours of uninterrupted adventure

– Remote control is designed for smaller hands, young children can master the controls in no time

– Technology, quality, speed and value; definitely all anyone can want in a toy truck

– 20 lbs shipping weight of rough and tough durability

Other features of the Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck:

Easy mastery of the remote control and maneuverability makes it a safer monster truck.

The antenna is short so it doesn’t pose a problem of injury or being in the way. Also, in case of maintenance problems, there is a 15 month plan for protecting your truck available.

The best Monster truck going right now and high on many lists this season. But, supplies are already dwindling. To ensure your child wakes up to a monster truck under the tree, you need to get moving.

With the Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck your child is assured of many hours of unparalleled performance, durability and extreme fun. Of course, that’s considering that you decide to hand over the remote when you’re done playing with this animal yourself!


Custom Paint Job Supply in Painting

Custom paint designs on cars are more plentiful than the sands of the sea. From pink police cruiser paint schemes, to elaborate dessert backdrops complete with sand, cacti, and pale red sunsets, the plethora of custom paint designs on cars are as wild as the wildest imaginations. But, when it comes to the most popular of the last year or even the last five years, there are a few paint schemes that have pulled away from the rest of the pack.

New York, the mecca of elaborate paint designs, has produced some cutting edge custom paint works that have been trend setting for the rest of the country. First, the tried and true graphic flames, without a doubt, continue to change the landscape of the custom paint designs on cars. The longevity of the flame can be attributed to its flexibility of use, as well as, its beautiful twisting, sharp red and yellow cascades of heat.

The New York designers have added sculls, angry dogs, hellish riders, and even heavenly artwork to the flame in order to change its landscape while keeping with the basic, awe inspiring flame.

The classic racing stripe is another of the most popular custom paint designs on cars. Although it would be difficult to pin this design on any one place, it should be noted that the Cunningham Racing Team began using the racing stripe in 1951. It was originally intended to serve as a guide on the racetrack or to distinguish the different racing teams; however, the racing stripe has evolved into intricate designs upon some of the world’s most common cars such as the MiniCooper, The Mustang, and the Camaro.

Inspiring many boys and men, young and old, the racing stripe will be hanging around for many more years to come.


Way to Sale Our Second Hand Cars in Biking

Today’s bikes riding are becoming the passion in youth. Every bike rider wants the good-looking and classy bikes to ride but it’s not so easy for all to afford luxurious bike. So the used bikes are the best option to get a wild ride on your dream bike. Today the most demanding second hand bike is Bajaj Pulsar in Indian two wheeler market.

Bajaj bikes launched Pulsar as a innovatory bike in Indian auto market. There are five variants available -for Pulsar with engine capacities of 135 cc, 150cc, 180cc, 200cc and 220 cc. Here, we will speak of only used Pulsar bike 150 DTSi and Pulsar 220 DTSi. These two bikes are further in demand in used bike market.  Bajaj Pulsar DTSi is a dynamic bike which has an dazzling looks and features. Apart from the smashing looks, Pulsar has lighter yet stronger alloy wheels, oil cooled engine with dual spark plugs for superb throttle, stylish split seat, digital Speedo console are some attractive features of this 220 cc powerhouse.

Second hand Bajaj Pulsar bikes hardly require some maintenance but due to this we can’t ignore its astonishing and inventive features. There are numerous instances where second hand bikes have proved a lot worthier. Just you have to consider about the model and year of the bike, size of engine, mileage and the condition of the second hand bike. It will save a lot of time and money as well. Having this in mind will take you on the right path and never let your prospect down.

Now main question is how you can buy a second hand Bajaj pulsar bike and from where?? The best and easiest mode to get used Bajaj Pulsar bike is online classifieds.

We can buy second hand bikes within a minute by internet surfing. Free online classified ads websites gives you huge list of second hand Bajaj Pulsar bikes and there are thousands of classified ads available from where we can easily get many brand and models at one place. Through these online classifieds one can choose from a huge range of used bikes depending on your needs and budget.

Instead of visiting bike dealer again and again free classifieds are less time consuming, easiest and free way to buy used bikes only in few minutes, free classified are not only useful to buy a second hand bike but you can also sell your old bike through these sites.

Electronic Kits in Electronics

Electronic Kits – Let Your Kid’s Imagination Run Wild!

Birthday and Christmas presents always seem to be the same type of thing; a toy car, a game of Monopoly, a train set or a games console. With it becoming even harder for children to get into overcrowded schools it’s vital that you encourage the imagination of your child as soon into their childhood as possible. Electronic Kits are a new breed of present that will excite and amaze your kid this Christmas or Birthday!

Electronic Kits

An Electronic Kit is a set of blocks that have a printed circuit board inside, with each block being a different colour depending on its function. The idea is to plug together the blocks in different combinations so that the child can create circuits – basically writing their own program and inventing new kits! Whether you want to create an alarm for your bedroom, a space station, lie detectors or even a recorder – you can with an Electronic Kit.

The following colours give you an idea of how the kit will work:

” Yellow – the yellow block triggers the system with the press of a button, a flash from a light or some movement.
” Blue – The blue blocks take the signals from one area to another.
” Orange – These are the ‘thinking’ blocks. They make sure everything works and runs smoothly.
” Red – They communicate through light and sound, offering you the chance to turn things on and off as well as record speaking messages.
” Green – These are the energy suppliers!


One of the best things about Electronic Kits is the fact that they are great for the education of your child.

Thousands of Primary Schools actually use these kits as they are a great way to encourage children to learn about Design & Technology. Children are able to learn about the process of designing through trial & error.

When it comes to getting hold of an Electronic Kit you will be best served by searching online – why? You’ll save plenty of time and you can go direct to the manufacturer to ensure that you’re getting the best quality possible, rather than a cheap knock-off.


Tour To Corbett National Park India- The Journey To The Lanes Of Wild Life

India is a place where every thrust of wild life lovers ends. With the presence of various reserve forests the country is waiting for lovers of forests from all over the glove. The Jim Corbett National Park Reserve is obviously one of them. The Corbett Tour Packages are easily available and they are meant to make your tour go filled with thrill joy and excitement. The ecstasy of being in India will be filled thoroughly with the presence of nature in this northern part of the country. Located in the valley of Himalayas the Nainital district where Jim Corbett National Reserve is located is a heaven on earth.

The location is obviously a very exciting one and the existence of more than 25 types of mammals and 500 types of birds and 25 types of reptiles make it a must see for you while you come to India. Corbett tour packages are really for those who want to make themselves spill into the nature for few days in order to get fun, joy and excitement utmost. The Corbett Tour Packages take from weekend to 10 days to make the most. There is the existence of more than 30 resorts as also hotels in the area so accommodation will not be a big problem.

The Corbett Jungle Safari is the extraordinary thing of the trip. It will take you directly to the abodes of the wildlife’s and make you feel their presence utmost. Hotels in Corbett offers packages with Corbett Jungle Safari. This jungle safari is done with the help of three ways the first is the Canter Safari. It takes around 18 people together and then the jeep safari and then comes the elephant safari. You can choose any of them according to your budget and make yourself feel like being in heaven. Be it the chirping sound of the birds or the serene water of river koshi or the exact contract roar of the Tiger you will get it all in this Corbett Jungle Safari.

The Corbett Jungle Safari is also arranged by Hotels in Corbett. There are many hotels in Corbett and looking into the high number of people visiting the reserve every year the hotels are not only hygienic clean. They are made in full sense that these hotels are for international as also national visitors so they are made in a way that you get every facility. They arrange fire camps, safaris and even other various adventurous activities for you.


Chic Accessories BFP-3P Island Adventures Wild Berry Butterfly Paper Air Freshener, (Pack of 8)

  • Fresh wild berry scent
  • Long lasting and keep its scent of an extend period of time
  • Fights odor and great for refreshing a car, house, garage and many more places
  • Air Freshener fresh scent will start working as soon as you open the package
  • The air fresheners are also great for use in drawers and closets

Chic Car Air Freshener is a great way to re-fresh your car’s interior. Just remove from the package to release pleasant wild berry fragrance which is long lasting and helps fight odor.

Buy Now!

List Price: $ 23.92
Price: $ 1.99

Oil is not going to last forever – Do We have an Alternative Source?

The world’s energy needs are growing by the day and we do not know where exactly we would stand in a couple of Centuries from now. There have been some wild guesses as to how long the planet’s oil resources are going to last. Some estimates put it at 50 years and some at a more optimistic 200 years given the provision for more oil reserves being detected and tapped. However, depletion is not an uncertainty and the grim reality is that we could simply run out of oil someday and that would indeed be chaotic. Imagine the whole world without a drop of oil. It is not the height of alarmism, however there is no denying the fact that it is a distinct possibility that we are wantonly ignoring.

The entire world consumes around 87 million barrels of oil per day with the United States topping the list; we burn up almost 18 to 19 million barrels per day. This is followed by the European Union, China, Japan and India who are the major oil consuming (though not producing) nations in the world. There are 4 major sectors where oil is consumed are Transportation, Residential. Commercial and Industrial, with transportation turning out to be the insatiable guzzler taking the lion’s share of what is produced. Of this, almost 68% is used by personal use vehicles in the United States. With automobile production speeding up considerably and countries like China and India increasing usage of personal use vehicles the demand is set to outstrip supply around 2015, unless stringent measures are adopted to contain the production and use of automobiles for personal use worldwide, and alternatively an alternate source of energy is developed.

We all know that the world cannot do without transportation which key to trade and commerce. However, the grim truth is that unless something is done at the earliest, the future looks pretty bleak. A world without oil cannot be conceived or comprehended. Being used to having our gas tanks filled and driving off without a care in the world is not going to happen forever. The need of the hour is conservation and an alternative source of energy. It is not that nations are not working on this issue.

Japan has come out with an automobile that runs on Hydrogen. Given the potential hazard in using hydrogen as an automotive fuel, it is a commendable attempt. However it is actually an automobile that uses water which is split using electricity to produce hydrogen. The only drawback with this invention is that the amount of energy used to produce the hydrogen is equal to the amount of energy that can be used from the hydrogen produced. It kind of defeats the purpose itself. The other problem with using hydrogen produced by any other method is the hazard associated with storing hydrogen; it needs to be stored at low temperatures in a liquid form which is quite impractical.

The only other potential source left would be effectively tapping solar power. Solar power was first eyed as a potential alternative source of energy way back in the 1860’s when there was a fear of the coal reserves depleting. However, with the availability of coal and petroleum in plenty the effort was abandoned. In the recent past there has been a revival and China leads the pack with a generation of 200 MW of watt-peak power as measured in photovoltaic terms. The other countries that have made commendable strides in tapping solar energy successfully are Canada, Italy, Germany and Spain, with a combined output of about 600 MW. Though this may be like chicken feed given the total energy requirements, it is a step in the right direction. The need of the hour is an effective alternative source of Energy to leave behind as a legacy for the coming generations.

By: Randy Collins