• Product Name : Cigarette Lighter Plug;Power : DC 12V
  • Material : Plastic, Metal, Foam;Color : Pink, Black
  • Overall Size : 7.6 x 4.6cm/ 3″ x 1.8″(L*Max.D)
  • Net Weight : 48g
  • Package : 1 x Cigarette Lighter Plug

Universal design fits all vehicles with a standard 12 Volt power source. This exquisite and stunning lighter is the ultimate accessory for your car. It is the best replacement piece for your old or broken ones and will fit most car models. It features plastic construction with Pink Rose Design and black foam base protector.

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Price: $ 9.61


  • Product Name : Car Decorative Antenna;Material : Plastic
  • Size (Approx) : 12.5 x 6.8 x 7.4cm/4.9″ x 2.67″ x 2.9″(L*W*H);Color : Black
  • Net Weight : 59g
  • Package Content : Package Content
  • 1 x Car Decorative Antenna : 1 x Car Decorative Antenna

The Decor Antenna is made of good quality plastic material in black, easy and convenient to install and remove with the double-side tape design.Novel Ornament Antenna is ideal choice to decorate your car, make your car more graceful and trendy.Just for car decoration purpose, not a genuine antenna.

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Price: $ 5.24


  • Product Name : Cigarette Lighter Plug;Power : DC 12V
  • Material : Metal, Ceramic;Main Color : Red
  • Size : 6.5 x 3.5cm/ 2.6″ x 1.4″(L*Max.D)
  • Net Weight : 38g
  • Package : 1 x Cigarette Lighter Plug

This exquisite and stunning lighter is the ultimate accessory for your car. Universal type, very easy to use. Good feeling excellent function. Built-in heat resistant ceramic protector.

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Price: $ 7.33


  • Product Name : Wire Harness;Fit for : Toyota Camry Corolla Reiz Highlander
  • Total Length : ~93cm/ 36.6″;Material (External) : Plastic
  • Main Color : White, Black
  • Weight : 25g
  • Package Content : 1 x Car Wire Harness

The Car Wire Harness to wire in aftermarket radios, safety and stability, without cutting factory wiring. Plugs directly into cars wiring harness to make installs quick and easy. This is a non-OEM generic product.

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Price: $ 7.77


  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Material: Cold cast resin and steel
  • Color: Silver(As pic)
  • Style: Eagle Head Design(As pic)
    Weight: 0.07KG
  • Size: 86 x 25 x 21 mm / 3.4″ x 1.0″ x 0.8″

60 Days Return Policy
This item get the 60 days return warranty to ensure your satisfaction and benefits.Buying from us Now….


Car cigarette lighter is a universal fit for most pop-out style lighters. Accessorizing your dashboards and or panel and comes with built in heat resistant ceramic protector keeps you from burning your fingers.


1.Universal fitting suitable for standard 12V car lighter and accessory sockets.


1.SKU: A22-18
2.Condition: 100% Brand New
3.Material: Cold cast resin and steel
4.Color: Silver(As pic)
5.Style: Eagle Head Design(As pic)
6.Weight: 0.07KG
7.Size: 84 x 23 x 19 mm / 3.307″ x 0.905″ x 0.748″


1.Made with quality and precision.
2.Innovative design with functionality.
3.A quick and easy way to dress up the interior of your vehicle.
4.Simply plug in, compatible with any 12 volt vehicle.
5.Simple installation in minutes any panel or dash with easy to use and secure sleeved jam-nut style fitting.
6.Ditch the old-fashioned car cigarette lighter and add some bling to your dash.


1. Push the cigarette plug into the car electric socket.
2.Please wait until the cigarette plug pop up.
3.Remove the cigarette plug from car electric socket immediately.
4.Using heater strip of cigarette plug to point cigarettes.
5.Then put cigarette plug back to the car electric socket.


If your Original Cigarette Lighter is in drawer or behind a door or flap this one may not fit. So please make sure if this item fits your Car before purchasing it.

Package Includes:

1.1 x Car Cigarette Lighter

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Price: $ 5.99


  • Product Name : Tire Wheel Light;Powered By : 3 x L1130 Button Betteries(not included)
  • LED Light Color : Blue;Threaded Hole Dia(Approx) : 0.7cm / 0.275″,0.4cm / 0.157″
  • Overall Size(Approx) : 6 x 2.2 x 2cm/2.4″ x 0.9″ x 0.8″(L*W*H);External Material : Plastic, Metal
  • Color : Silver Tone, Blue;Net Weight : 25g
  • Package Content : 2 x Tire Wheel Light
  • Features skull head design, 2 size thread. Fits most valves of road, mountain bicycles, motocycles and cars. When your wheels start to move, they automatically flash light up creating a solid disk of light that appears to hover above your wheels. When you stop they will switch off to save battery power. Increase night time and bad weather visibility for safety and bring more enjoyment to your drive. Please pay attention to the size to make sure the covers fit your vehicles perfectly.

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Price: $ 4.55

The Voice Inside Your Mind in Voice

I deal with lot of clients for all kinds of personal issues including self confidence, public speaking, weight management, smoking etc. Many times clients mention the torment created by their inner voice, the voice inside their mind which is consciously expressing their thoughts. Some people refer to it as an inner critic.  Sometimes they don’t notice it and sometimes they wish it would shut up and give them some peace.  It is sad that sometimes it is saying nice things about them and they tune this out. More often than not, when this voice inside their head is stuck in a tape loop criticising, judging and recriminating them for some action or omission, they are listening to it intently and the more they listen to it, the more ammunition it fires at them, generating more and more negative thoughts which may transform into feelings of anxiety, worry, dejection or depression. What a great state to be in? All generated by the voice inside their head, robbing them of peace of mind, self confidence, making life a struggle, a torment.

And yet there is hope. It is possible to change state, so easily and effectively. I offer you some solutions. 

  • Firstly take 100% responsibility for the thoughts expressed by that inner voice as they occur right now. Taking responsibility is not the same as blaming yourself or even blaming others. Responsibility allows you to take back control over the way you think and realise that you are ultimately responsibly for the nature of the thoughts you think. When you take responsibility you are also in the control seat. You can decide how long more you want to suffer, for example do you want to suffer this inner torment for a few more minutes, a few more hours, a week, a year etc.? Again what is the purpose of tormenting yourself for one minute more? 
  • Realise that these thoughts are not facts and you are not your thoughts. Thoughts are attempts at describing whatever situation you are involved in at this moment and can never accurately describe what is actually going. As they say in NLP the map is not the territory or the menu is not the meal.
  • Deciding to be proactive by taking responsibility for what you are thinking brings awareness to the present moment and as you become aware of those thoughts inside your head, just note those thoughts which are also generating emotions.  Imagine you are just writing down the name of the thought or emotion in a notebook. Maybe the inner voice is angry and rehashing a story to do with that anger.  Just note it, i.e., in this case ‘anger’. As you breathe slowly and gently in and out, just note that word ‘anger’ repeatedly and at the same time drop the story line. Don’t get involved in the ins and outs of the story. As you continue to breathe allow yourself to release those thoughts or emotions and the story and just let them go.  Where your feelings are positive or happy, it is no harm to practice ‘noting’ these too and release on these emotions.  Accepting the thought or feeling which exists in that moment in time, then releasing it and letting it go, takes the energy out of the negative thinking. 
  • You can bring awareness to the nature of the voice inside your head, it’s pitch, its tone. Does it sound loud? Is it angry? Is it sad? Is it coming from the right of your head or the left or straight ahead. Does the voice reverberate through your body? Is it your own voice or the voice of someone you know? Again take back your power and use your imagination to change that voice inside your head. Why not turn the volume down to zero or make it sound like a funny voice? Making it sound squeaky or stupid diminishes its effect. Why not replace the voice with your favourite uplifting song or affirmation like ‘Everyday in every way I am better and better.’
  • Awareness of the present moment can also extend to bodily sensations and you can notice sensations such as being hot or cold, how you are sitting or standing and so on. You could do a very quick scan of your body from head to toe, noticing whatever sensations are there. Again just note those sensations, release them and let them go. 

Taking responsibility for the way your think  is such an empowering thing to do as you look at all situations as learning opportunities and you can decide to quieten your mind completely and take advantage of the natural relaxation that brings or you can decide to replace the annoying thoughts with thoughts which support and nurture you. Instead of listening to the inner voice criticising you for how you performed in a particular situation why not use the voice to identify the learning opportunities arising from that situation and then programme yourself with a success statement, i.e., how you want to think, feel and act in a particular situation. 

I advise my clients to practise these mind quieting techniques at times when they are not so stressed or agitated, even at times when they are relaxed. Practice makes perfect, so that when you are in a highly stressful situation you are ready to face it.


How Appealing Is Your CV Applying For Sales Job? in Job

Do you have this attitude while applying for a job, “What does it matter if I have the CV or not? I am good enough with my presentation and selling skills. This job is mine!” This will take you nowhere. Having an attractive CV is important for you to carry to get the job in your hand. Simply possessing it is not enough as well, you need to give weight to it by adding some extra certifications. People say you do not need it but the values of such certifications come on the surface when some other person gets the job because he has it and you are left behind because you don’t have it.

When competition level is soaring high, you need to have as many certifications as possible. As a fresher, nobody is going to believe on your skills. This is why employers believe on your certifications. Give them no chance to believe that you don’t have that potential in you. icareerpartner.com is offering you many such certifications to help you grow in your career. What can this certification in sales do for you? They train you for the development of right corporation skills in you as per the industry standards. Any individual is eligible to choose this short term course given that he/she has proper knowledge about it. The knowledge can be imparted to you in the classroom training aiming at both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. After everything is done as per the prescribed syllabus, you need to pass an exam prescribed for a particular specification. This way, the institute can rely on your knowledge and can award a certificate in lieu of your extended learning curve.

icareerpartner.com also offers you employability training in India.

Similar is the pattern as has been explained above. The examiners have high demand from their students since a lot of hard work has already been done on them making them understand the concepts. Students, I am already warning you that there is loads of hard work involved in it. One should not be afraid of hard work or smart work because this is the only thing which will help you cross miles.

To help you get through the exams, there are many comprehensive guides available online or online test engines to help you clear the obstacles coming in your way. Although these things will never end, I will still advise you that there is no shortcut to success. Keep your fundas clear and you will get through and land in a perfect dream job.



Women’s Weight Lifting Myths in Women

Myths and misconceptions surround the idea of weight lifting for women. Even young women who go the gym regularly balk at lifting dumbbells heavier than two or four pounds unless what they really have in mind in the first place is to grow muscles. I have observed women in the gym, refusing a trainer’s suggestions to use heavier weights, for a number of reasons. Though some may be personal, most refusals were based on what their mothers, friends or sisters told them about lifting weights. Maybe it’s time to give weight lifting a second look.

The most common reason why women refuse to lift weights is because they are afraid they will develop big muscles just like men. But think about this. Have you noticed how hard men have to work to grow their muscles like that of a bodybuilder? It takes years of heavy, consistent training to achieve even modest muscle gain. So gaining muscle is not as easy as you think. The reason why is because of testosterone. Abundant in men but not in women, testosterone is the principal male sex hormone and is responsible for a lot of what makes men different from women, which includes the development of large, bulky muscles. Also present in women but in small amounts, it will never, in natural circumstances, be enough to grow muscles comparable to men.

Some women believe that weight lifting converts fat to muscles. If only that were true. And some also believe that stopping will convert muscles to fat, which is wrong too. Developing muscles is not alchemy. Muscles in women, however, will increase metabolism, which allows you to use up more calories than just doing, say, aerobic exercises. Even when at rest, muscles use up more calories than fat and the more calories you spend, the faster weight loss occurs. Not to mention the development of sleek, sculpted and more attractive muscles.

Throughout history, women have been considered the gentler or weaker sex. True, generally, women will always have less muscle mass than men. Maybe this is why women prefer aerobic exercises to weight lifting, because aerobics do not require weight lifting, which is considered a masculine activity anyway.

Most women who go to the gym are into cardio and no weights or just light weight lifting exercises. Some women perceive weight lifting or strength training as a masculine activity and therefore do not partake in it in an effort to preserve their femininity. Whatever the origins of these myths, the fact is, weight lifting for women is healthy. It will prevent a lot of physiological changes associated with aging and may delay the appearance of tell tale signs of aging such as sagging muscles and osteoarthritis. Myth or no myth, as with all other things in life, it is still a personal choice. We just have to make sure that the choices we make are the right ones.


Weight Lifting For Wrestling in Arm

The term “weight lifting” specifically refers to the lifts contested in an Olympic lifting competition- the clean and jerk and the snatch. Although these happen to be two great ways to increase a wrestlers’ power, I have observed that the wrestlers that I train struggle to learn the proper technique. I blame this on the fact that I do not have a thorough background with the Olympic lifts and the fact that they are two of the most complicating lifts to learn. However, I have been able to effectively use derivatives of these lifts to increase the power in wrestlers. Below I will detail the top three.

1 – Log Clean
The log clean is by far the favorite lift the wrestler’s I train like to perform when looking to increase their power. I feel it is just as effective at developing explosive hips as a traditional clean but it’s easier to learn.

2 – Single Arm Dumbbell Jerk
This exercise is performed basically the same way as a traditional jerk would be only with a dumbbell. I like using dumbbells to mimic traditional Olympic lifts for a couple reasons. One, they’re faster. When you only have a certain amount of time to get a lift in, putting a dumbbell back and grabbing a different one goes a lot quicker than changing plates. Two, I feel they’re safer when only using one arm at a time. Having a hand free to redirect a falling weight from overhead, or to help catch a weight when you’re bringing it down will greatly decrease your chances of injury.

3 – Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch
The single arm dumbbell snatch, much like the single arm dumbbell jerk, is, for the most part, performed the same way as a traditional snatch would be. The single arm dumbbell snatch is great not only for training explosive hip extension necessary for better sprawls, faster takedowns, and more powerful throws, but also for developing both shoulder and core stability.

To find demonstrational videos on these exercises just search YouTube.