• Product Name : Cigarette Lighter Plug;Power : DC 12V
  • Material : Plastic, Metal, Foam;Color : Pink, Black
  • Overall Size : 7.6 x 4.6cm/ 3″ x 1.8″(L*Max.D)
  • Net Weight : 48g
  • Package : 1 x Cigarette Lighter Plug

Universal design fits all vehicles with a standard 12 Volt power source. This exquisite and stunning lighter is the ultimate accessory for your car. It is the best replacement piece for your old or broken ones and will fit most car models. It features plastic construction with Pink Rose Design and black foam base protector.

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Get Information on JDM Engines and Motors in Company

The term Japanese Domestic Market, short form of which is JDM, is the local marketplace in Japan for buying and selling of Japanese made motor vehicles and components. Within JDM motors and motorcycles hobbyist import part; this word and the connected term Japanese domestic models; normally refers to Japanese brand automobiles & parts developed& constructed to follow Japanese equipment’s and vehicles regulations and to fit in with Japanese market likings.

JDM motors do travel to other market places as well through grey markets and ordinary commerce markets.

JDM motors were regulated by a jishu-kisei producer to 280 horsepower in the year 1988 & an upper most speed of 180 km/h to 190 km/h in the year 1970s; both applied by JAMA; mostly due to safety associated concerns and due to worries regarding bōsōzoku gangs.The horsepower boundary was pulled up in the year 2004. Yet; the speed limits of 180 km/h to 190 km/h rest in effect; reliant on the make and the model of motor.

Are you looking for JDM motors and JDM Engines? You based in United States of America and looking for a company which provides JDM motor Engines, but do not know where and how to begin your search. Well in that case, you should begin with the internet. Surf on the internet for the companies which provide JDM Motor Engines and you will come across many web sites which can give you information on the same. Go through these web sites and short list few of them which you found appealing. Get in touch with these companies and ask them to send you the technical specs as well as costing of the JDM engines.  Once you have quote from different JDM motors suppliers, compare the specs and cost of each company and the company which you feel is offering the best deal, decide to go ahead with that.

However, one last thing you need to go before you buy JDM engines is that you get a feeler from the market about the company. Try and speak to few old clients of the company and see what they have to tell. Also try and surf on the internet about the reviews the clients have written about them. If you get a green signal, than you have found a company which is great to deal with.

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What’s Left Of America’s Motor City? in Detroit

Detroit was the big motor city of the United States, as referenced by MoTown (MotorTown) records. Here General Motors used to produce most of their vehicles, as with other towns in Flint, who helped form the industrial backbone of the united states of America.

First Michigan Flint went in a scrupulous downsizing to Mexican factories. The tale was chronicled in Michael Moore’s Roger & Me, in which Moore tries to track down Roger Smith, the man responsible for the downsize and the economic devastation that shortly followed in the city.

Not long after, Detroit also lost their factories, and something that was integral to their city was gone, the factories from which their soul music took its name, in which one of the first music videos was shot, were closed down. That was the Supremes with Stop in the Name of Love, in which they were shot riding through the General Motors factory only a few weeks before it closed down.

A similar devastation fell on to Detroit as had in Flint, many were left unemployed, with limited possibilities. It led to mass evictions and a complete reshaping of the city. While it had previously been a busy happening destination, it was now growing increasingly derelict.

Similarly this devastation was chronicled in the Julian Temple film Requiem for Detroit in which rock stars and artists lament what has become of their city.

Many buildings are left derelict, certainly the factories that once provided the money to this town are all closed. There has been no interest from other companies, instead we are left with masses of land that is left to waste, it seems that Detroit may be a lost cause in terms of industrial investment.

Also sad is the closure of many concert halls, which used to hold a host of talent, and provide entertainment from world class performers. Duke Ellington used to frequent Detroit, unfortunately now there might not be anywhere for him to play.

Though in recent years we have seen a burgeoning rock scene develop in Detroit, most prominently the White Stripes have emerged from this town , and gone on to become on of the biggest bands in the world. Yet do they bear a mark of Detroit? They certainly have a country tinge, but that hard raw sound is distinctively Detroit.

Similarly to detract from the doom and gloom of lost industry there is also a great art scene in the city, recession is renowned for being fertile times for the production of art. There are whole street installations which make use of the derelict spaces to create arresting sights.

The city’s art gallery is one of the best in America, featuring important pieces by Picasso and Van Gogh. But perhaps the most impressive sights are the Diego murals. There are some great guides here to help you decipher the works on display.

Michigan is a vast state featuring some great wilderness, for an unconventional trip stay in one of the Michigan cabin rentals.


Automotive journalism: What makes for great van reviews? in Van

Van reviews are an essential element to any aggregator of up-to-date van news. Properly testing vehicles and giving an opinion on them is an essential skill when it comes to automotive journalism. Van reviews are read by many prospective van drivers and ones looking for a successor for their current model. With that in mind here is an outline of things to consider when casting an analytical eye over these essential written pieces.

When it comes to van reviews the process is fundamentally the same as reviewing cars, although the angle of the piece is slightly different; the perspective adopted by the author has to be that of a typical user of a van. In other words it is useless dreaming up a series of Jeremy Clarkson-style quips and metaphors when the average reader wants to know whether they can fit a set of ladders in the back.

The golden rule of journalism is to know your audience and van reviews are no different. The viewers or readers need to be able to relate to the information you are presenting to them so think about what they will need. Van reviews will be read by people who run businesses in things like the building or plumbing industry so the scope of the review should be set accordingly – van drivers are more interested in the likes of storage space and fuel economy rather than the top speed or how it corners on a race track.

Like with other branches of journalism van reviews and van news need to have the facts straight. Information, particularly statistics has to be 100 per cent accurate so double check and clarify any figures and names which you will be using. Almost as imperative is journalistic neutrality.

Van reviews need to be entertaining but the reviewer should do their job from an unbiased standpoint.
If you are looking for unbiased van reviews as well as the latest van news one website which is guaranteed to give you what you want can be found at Vansa2z.com, which supplies first rate information.

  • Use on 1955 – 1982 Chevy vehicles
  • Ball joint is greasable
  • Dust boots included
  • Improves chassis performance and durability
  • Designed as stock replacement

Moog Chassis Upper Ball Joint is designed as original equipment replacement for 1955 – 1982 Chevy vehicles. Improves chassis performance, durability, greasable and dust boots are included.

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Buying Or Selling Used Cars, Looking For A Job In London And Flat For Rent All In One Place! in Car

Are you interested in buying or selling vehicles or other stuff, property rentals and even jobs ads? You can find all those in one place online. You can do a lot of things only by using your computer mouse. In order to simplify the classic process, you can choose the online alternative: same results, less effort.

You can post your listings online using free uk advertising and then you can wait for others interested in purchasing your available products.

Generally, used cars are bought by many people who are not able to receive car loans. Usually, these people have poor credit, as well as credit crumbling problems such as bankruptcy, foreclosure or a record of loan misbehavior. With the current financial and economic situation, this type of activity is most used. So you can buy a used car online after you choose the right used car classified! Buying a used car reduces the cost of the car and here is a bargain opportunity. Some people sell used cars and then they invest the price got in buying latest car models, better, newer than previous ones.

Buying or selling cars and renting flats are not the only things you can do on the web site. It is an innovative system, so you can also post a job online. There are also a lot of part time jobs listed for interested candidates. All the classifieds are structured in order to be visitor friendly.

In case you have a flat for rent and you decided to rent your house or flat to someone; the first thing you think about is to get a proper rental agreement. It is very easy to find prospective clients online. The procedure is simple and you can post free ads. In case you want to have your add active for more than ninety days you will need to pay a very small fee.

The complex system has multiple features enabled and you can buy or sell your products or services without any kind of problems, easily and for free.

Finding employment, especially in the current doubtful economy can be a difficult task for many individuals. The job opportunities in some areas of the United Kingdom are so limited. The world of employment is very different and it is about luck and then judgment or desire. By posting ads for the jobs available you increase your chances of hiring a professional. And also in case you decide to pick one, the candidate will get a new job so it is a win and win situation.

To make a new free ad you do not have to fill a long form. You only need to complete a couple of steps and there it is. You will have an active ad.

Eventually, there are some rules you need to follow in case you decide to post free ads online. Firstly, you need to avoid duplicate ads because duplicates will be removed. Secondly, be sure that you will mention the nearest city. Mentioning correctly the location is vital. Thirdly, post your ad in the proper category. It is obvious why this good. This way the posters will expose their product or service to the right audience with their ad and this also helps the users find what they are looking for on the web site. Fourthly, do not post a link in your ad targeting other web site. There are also more important rules so if you are interested in using the system do not forget to read them all.



  • Designed for use on pre-OBDII vehicles (1995 and older)
  • 409 stainless steel shell
  • 16-guage stainless steel pipes and nipples
  • Heat resistant sealed mat
  • This item is not for sale in California/Non CARB compliant

Direct Fit Converter

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Elephant Painting In Phuket in Elephant

The elephant is Thailands national animal. Its role in Thailands culture was to transport logs and Royalties. Things change. A century ago, the advent of motorized vehicles retired the elephants as a means of transportation.

Recently, the new anti-logging laws brought about by the widespread deforestation in Thailand left more than 3,000 elephants and their mahouts out of work. Lucky are the elephants that were saved and are now thriving in elephant parks. Luckier are those who were taught new skills by their mahouts in order for master and beast to survive.

Who would have thought that Asian elephants have the instinctive inclination to paint? Mahouts soon discovered that elephants have the capacity to learn how to paint. It has been observed that elephants in captivity will naturally reach out for a stick and doodle on the floor of its enclosed space. Doodling on the sand is different from using a paint brush to paint on a piece of paper but, the possibility was there. The mahouts soon figured out how to teach their wards to paint and soon enough, elephants painting to earn their keep became a must see to believe.

The first batch of elephants that were taught to paint did so because they were unemployed. However, there is a large percentage of elephants that are now taught to paint at an early age. Baby elephants as young as 2 years old are trained by their mahouts basic commands then graduate to performing skills and then (if they have the talent) move on to learning how to paint.

Training an elephant how to paint is not an easy task. Mahouts teach their elephants the proper way to hold a brush with their trunks, customizing paintbrushes in the process. It could take more than a month for a young elephant to be taught this trick. They are then taught how to splash paint on a piece of paper. At the start, mahouts are the ones who select and mix the colors for the elephants and prompt the elephants when a painting is finished.

It was observed that as an elephant masters the fundamental techniques, it develops its own distinctive style. Not all elephant art is the same though. Elephants from the cool North use bold primary hues in their paintings. Their brushstrokes tend to be curvy and broken. Elephants from the Central region tend to use darker colors such as black, forest green and violet. Elephants from the South (Phuket) use tertiary colors like magenta, plum, and mustard, aquamarine and red-orange. These elephants mix the colors on the paper.

Are these elephant paintings real art? Conservatives and purist will disagree because for them, art is an expression of ones self. Though elephants are intelligent animals, can they really express themselves through painting?
The painting sessions could be therapeutic for the elephants and their mahouts.

Their art, colorful dots, dashes and squiggly lines, are expressive enough for an elephant. It is not every day that one sees an elephant that can paint.


Benefits of Antifouling Paints in Boat

Antifouling paints are very essential, as they can prevent boat and sail vessels from growing unsightly.


Since the invention of boats, one of the challenges seafarers constantly faced was how to remove organic growth on the undersides of their vehicles. This concern was not just because of the loss of aesthetic appeal of a boat. Growing organisms on a boat can compromise the boat’s performance over time. As they cling to a ship’s hull, they can create drag as the boat moves through water. This drag can reduce the efficiency of a boat, and for certain watercraft like racing boats for which it is essential for the boat to be light and quick, eliminating the unwanted barnacles can be a major concern.


Other concerns regarding marine growth on a ship has been the way it can eventually damage the hull, and can potentially compromise the ship’s integrity. These organisms take root on the hull. Over time, as they grow larger, they have the potential to eventually break through the ship’s paint and infiltrate the hull’s material. In these cases, such organism growth will equate to holes, tears or other damage to a hull. Any hope of reselling a ship is also hampered without proper care of the hull.


Applying a coat of antifouling paints is a proven means of effectively doing away with the inconvenient growth of barnacles, seaweed and other creatures on a boat’s hull. These products will go a long way to help preserve the usefulness and the aesthetic qualities of a boat.




Jaguar Land Rover Enjoys New Sales Record in Rover

In February 2012, the UK car industry saw a 23.5 per cent rise in production, and Jaguar Land Rover enjoyed its best ever month with 32,257 unit sales. Overall, UK car production is up 19.6 per cent for the year to date, although car sales are down slightly by 0.8 per cent.

Jaguar Land Rover seems to be bucking the trend, however, with an increase of forty-nine per cent in February sales overall. Land Rover set a new sales record of 28,029 vehicles in February, an increase of fifty-two per cent, whilst Jaguar was up thirty-two per cent to 4,288 cars.Jaguar Land Rover seems to be bucking the trend, however, with an increase of forty-nine per cent in February sales overall. Land Rover set a new sales record of 28,029 vehicles in February, an increase of fifty-two per cent, whilst Jaguar was up thirty-two per cent to 4,288 cars.

To keep up with demand, Jaguar Land Rover has announced that it is creating 1,000 new jobs at its Halewood plant in Merseyside. This will take the total number of employees at the plant to 4,500, almost three times the number employed in 2009. Jaguar Land Rover anticipates that more jobs will be created in the supply chain as demand increases for more cars. It is believed that many more jobs may also be created at the new engine plant in Wolverhampton. The Range Rover Evoque has become one of the car maker’s most popular models, and the additional jobs are believed to have been created to cope with the extra demand for this model.

These figures suggest that the outlook is positive for the UK car industry. Once March sales have been released, it will be crucial to see if the new plate registrations will have had any impact on sales figures.

Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover dealer showrooms will be hoping for another successful month of sales after a fantastic start to 2012.


The Benefits Of Motor Coach Buses in Coaching

The motor coach buses are very comfortable in comparison to regular buses. They come with several basic amenities and are ideal for long distance trips. Generally, the travel corporations, large business houses and service providers use these types of vehicles. In addition, some private owners use them travel purposes. You can either buy motor coach buses or can even hire them. There are many manufacturers that add various customized amenities depending upon your preferences and budget. However, it is always better to buy such automobiles from authorized dealers. You can also find such reliable dealers online.

The following are some of the benefits of motor coach buses:

The essence of these types of four-wheelers is comfort. In fact, this feature makes them ideal for long journey. You can even recline their seats for sleeping. In addition, you can have plenty of room to stretch your legs in such a bus. They also include individual switches for light and ventilation and thus enable you to regulate them according to your own preference.

The motor coach buses are very safe. In fact, they are safer than driving a small car for long distances. Moreover, such vehicles are usually driven by experienced drivers, who are well familiar with the routes and also know the alternative roads. The manufacturers of these kinds of vehicles also have to follow some safety standards. This also ensures the safety of the riders.

These four-wheelers come with ample space not only to stretch your legs but also to store your luggage. In fact, they have space under the floor that is especially designed for storing luggage. Some of them also include bicycle racks for the purpose of transporting bicycles. In addition, they have wide passageway so that you can move easily inside the bus during the journey.

The motor coach buses usually have lower emission rates than other cars or four-wheelers carrying a large number of people. Also it can be an alternative for several cars on the roads. And less number of cars means less consumption of gas and petrol. Moreover, traveling these vehicles is cheaper than taking flights. You can even have a good time watching the sights along the way.

Most of these vehicles come with wheelchair lift. This feature is extremely helpful for the physically challenged individuals. A wheelchair lift will allow them to board and disembark the bus with less or even without any supervision.

Finally, these types of four-wheelers are usually equipped with radio, DVD player and cable TV. Such features will keep you away from boredom.