Do You Fear Spaghetti Bowls? – Lane Assist Can Help in Lane

Just think how lane assist can help you conquer fear of “spaghetti bowls”. When you are approaching a spaghetti bowl interchange at 70 MPH, you want to know what lane you should be in before you get there. Some turns can be made from two lanes, but the outside lane will be an “Exit Only”. If your turn is the second turn after the first major turn and you are caught in the outside lane, you will be “trapped off” and end up who knows where.

With traffic bumper to bumper and not much maneuvering room, you need help and that help is lane assist from Garmin.

The lane guidance feature was first introduced in the Nuvi 7×5 series in August 2008. All of the Nuvi 7×5 series and Nuvi 8×5 series include lane assist with junction view. As of the writing of this article, this includes the Nuvi 755T, 765T, 775T, 785T, 855, and 885T.

It is disappointing that the new Nuvi 1200, 1250, 1260T and 1300 GPS do not include this feature. The Nuvi 1350, 1350T, and 1370T have lane assist without junction view. The Nuvi 1390T and the Nuvi 1490T have it with junction view.

If you are in unfamiliar territory and you are driving through a busy interchange, the junction view guides you smoothly through. You don’t have to guess which lane you should be in to make the correct turn. The display shows required maneuvers and gives driving directions.

The junction view display shows photo-realistic views of what the road looks like as well as the signs as you will see them on the road. Arrows show you the proper lane. The road signs that are not relevant to your navigation are faded compared to the signs you need to follow.

Your take away from this article is that lane assist can help you navigate difficult interchanges safely.

Add junction view and your driving is safer and easier.

For more information about Garmin GPS with lane assist consult the resource information at the end of this article.


Van Accessories in Van

When you drive a van, especially for business, there are many different things that you can get as accessories, like a breakdown cover, CD player, roof rails, and satellite navigation. They can all help you have a better driving experience. CD players are great to provide a little bit of music while you’re commuting long distances or stuck in traffic. Sure, you can listen to the radio, but what if they aren’t playing anything that you want to hear? It would be better to have some options, and a CD player can give you that because you can play the kind of music that you want to hear instead of the kind of music that the radio stations think that you want. The good news is that it can make your commute better. The bad news is that, if you’re ferrying other people around in your van they might not like your choice of music very much, so be careful what you play and don’t choose anything that would be offensive to anyone.
Roof rails can also be a great choice for a van accessory. These let you put luggage on top of the van instead of filling up the inside, and it also lets you install an actual luggage carrier up there so that you don’t have to worry about inclement weather damaging your luggage or the luggage of the people who you are transporting around. Rainy days won’t be a problem that way. Roof rails are also good for carrying skis, rolls of carpet, and big, bulky items that don’t fit inside very well but yet aren’t that heavy. That’s because roof rails aren’t designed to hold a lot of weight. They can buckle and become damaged, it’s hard to lift something very heavy up to the top of a van, and if the load slips someone could be seriously injured.
Another important accessory is satellite navigation, especially if you’re taking a long trip or you take people around a lot, like a taxi service.

Knowing where you’re going and what you need to do to get there is more than half the battle when it comes to taking a trip, so using satellite navigation is a great way to take the stress off. You won’t have to be concerned about fighting with maps while you’re trying to drive or with someone giving you wrong directions. Just drive and let the computer provide you with the route that you need to take.


Motor Bike an Inexpensive Transportation in Biking

If you are getting rid, of today’s traffic jam and want a peaceful and inexpensive transportation then, Motor Bike is the best option for you. It would be both reliable and inexpensive for you. These are also helpful to make an environment eco-friendly. It is somewhat safer. Unlike motor cycles, no fuel is consumed here. Here the exercise rate increases for a bicyclist, which leads to keep the rider healthier.

The main reason behind its popularity is, it has unnumbered of benefits. These are cost effective and efficient. Moreover those who are really eager to do cycling for their health problem but are not able to do it this is a great option for them. They can take the help of this Motorized Bike Builder and become healthy. These are the great option for those who wants to be recover from injuries. Who wants a perfect shape of their body, they can undoubtedly use this. This is a great medium of energy transformation.

There are different types of electric bikes with different functions. These types of bikes are automated. Just you have to press a switch and it gets started. If you are planning to buy a motor bike and you do not have any idea regarding this then following steps are given just to have some information, which will help you, a lot in buying a bike. Some types are given below.One of them is sports bikes. These are having very fast and powerful engines. It has sharp handling and looks stylish. These types of bikes are constructed based upon speed and having bitter acceleration. So you should be much careful on your first ride. The next one is scooters. These are comparatively smaller.

The engines used in these scooters are not so much powerful but highly cost effective.

Next comes moped. These are having small engines. In these pedals are used to pull the chains. This can be used as sports bikes. Naked bikes are another one. But all types of bikes without fairings are not naked bikes. Some of the other types are cruiser, adventure sport, touring motor cycles etc.If you are very much interested of motorized bikes then, you can find them in stores or can order online. Before buying try to gain some information which surely help you. Ask some people who have already experience in buying these bikes. It is very popular but it has not replaced the pedal bikes. Both are made for different purposes and both are best in their uses.




  • Garmin dezl 560LT Truck/motor home GPS Satnav
  • 5-inch touchscreen
  • Premium lifetime traffic, European maps
  • Road avoidances and height limits
  • Bluetooth handsfree calling


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Price: $ 389.22

Do you need an Bothell Locksmith for Automotive Problems? in Locksmith


Normally one does not really hear about a locksmith for vehicular traffic. Still this term is quite popular for locksmiths who specialize in the trade of servicing automobiles security systems. The calls that an Bothell Locksmith receives for helping stranded drivers on road or at home/work is significant. For this reason a specialty branch of the locksmiths’ trade devotes training to these automotive locksmithing activities. The concept revolves around the car keys and related locking mechanism. Also the topic of automobile locksmith trade could give rise to skepticism in as much as that the people think twice before trusting anyone with the security of their vehicles. The auto insurance companies may also have a dubious view of the trade in view of the ease with which one can take advantage of the vehicle owners!


Nevertheless let us consider first the various aspects of the ignition and/or door keys. Later we shall review the locking mechanisms themselves. Since it is a fact that the locking system of modern automobiles is complex the manufacture of the key is also quite tricky and ingenious. The requirement of a professional automotive locksmith is imperative and the Bothell Locksmith auto owners take cognizance of this fact. The locksmith on the other hand knows how to handle special equipment for duplication of the keys or fabricating jigs that cut the special keys.

It must be noted that the tolerance for automobile keys is much tighter than that of other uses and the locksmith takes great care in machining of such keys. The blanks required for these keys have to be in large stock and are of various shapes or sizes. Many times the auto models have special keys that are unique to each automobile. This causes further difficulties and requires very deft handling.


The automobile lock systems are varied and each make or model can have unique combinations or assembly. It is no easy task to just open up a locking assembly and repair it without prior training for that model and make. The complexity of locks is reflected if you observe the key profile where you will notice that the contours of the key are most unpredictable and hence difficult to reproduce. This is necessary for a secure locking and unlocking system.


Finally the Bothell Locksmith who is an expert in automotive security devices must also learn the art of opening locks in autos that have accidentally closed with the keys inside! This may be easy for some but a true hurdle for others! The locksmith must be very careful in executing this step since it can be the bone of contention for many and may have sometimes legal complications.


Choosing Carpet in Carpet

Ideas and tips and things to think about when choosing new carpets

When choosing your next carpet there are a few things you should look for. Firstly, where is the carpet for, which room of the house or building. If the carpet is going into a room that has lots of traffic then hard wearing stain resistant carpets should be perfect, if the carpet is for a room that isn’t used very much then it may be possible to get away with a cheaper carpet. The colour of the carpet is also an important factor when choosing new carpets. If it is for an area that sees lots of traffic, then a darker, maybe patterned carpet would be best, again if the room isn’t used very much, say a parlour room then a lighter colour can be used. The decor of the room is also a factor to be taken into consideration when choosing new carpets, if the walls are highly decorative with heavy patterns then obviously you wouldn’t choose a heavily patterned carpet too as it could quite easily clash, plain walls go best with patterned carpets and patterned carpets go well with plain walls.

If you have pets or small children you must also take this into consideration when choosing new carpet, as you will need a stain resistant one and pets often struggle with looped carpet or berber as it is also known, this is because they can get their claws stuck in the loops and within a short time your carpet can look very old and worn. When you go to buy your new carpet always ask what percentage of wool the carpet is made up of, some cheaper carpets are made of man-made fibres. If possible, if your budget allows you really want to go for a higher percentage wool in the make up of the carpet, as this will mean it is a better quality product and will last longer and wear better than cheap man made fibres. So after taking all these points into consideration and then carrying out some price comparisons via the internet and then finally choosing your new carpets we hope you are very happy with the result.


  • One-piece design, custom molded to each vehicle application
  • Tough material resists mud, snow and chemicals, yet rinses clean with a hose
  • Heavy-duty carpet scrapes debris from shoes
  • Drip channels direct liquids to bottom of mat and raised lip contains spills
  • Rolled edge for durability

Nifty Catch-It Vinyl Floor Mats are a one-piece design, custom molded to each vehicle application. Tough, Vyram material resists mud, snow and chemicals, yet rinses clean with a hose. Raised blocks scrape debris from shoes and drip channels direct liquids to bottom of mat, away from shoes and clothing. Raised lip contains spills and rolled edge is great for durability. Lund International’s Nifty brand is your source for premium floor protection and carpet replacements that look great.

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Features of a Quality SEO Strategy for Automotive Dealerships in Seo

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that ensures higher traffic, conversions, sales and good branding. It is a comprehensive strategy that makes use of various technical aspects. Though usability and accessibility of a website will ultimately determine success, there are some critical features that make up a quality SEO strategy.

Dynamic strategy – as SEO is an ongoing process: SEO is not a time bound process – it is a continuous one. You cannot stop an SEO strategy once the results start to show up. A good SEO strategy should be dynamic and customizable as per the changing search engine algorithms, customer preferences, new trends in keywords, etc. In order to stay on top of the Search Engine Result Pages, (SERPs), you need to continuously monitor the performance of your SEO strategy and update it regularly.

ROI generating keywords: Keywords form the crux of an SEO strategy, as your website appears in search engines because of the specific keywords that are searched. Appearing in SERPs triggered by the right keywords is crucial in getting recognized by the targeted audience.

Quality link building: Link building is an important aspect of driving more traffic through SEO Strategy. Building inbound links with relevant keywords, unique, keyword-focused title tags and getting them on relevant websites is essential in quality link building. Apart from these, enhancing the internal page links of your website will make sure that all the important pages of your website are highly ranked.

An inbound link for your website is an indication of the popularity of your website. The more inbound links and relevancy of the referred website, the more trusted your website is by search engines.

Some of the ways for developing quality inbound links are giving links to press releases, trading links with highly regarded websites and through social networking.

Platforms that bring more results: An SEO strategy should concentrate on search engine platforms that bring in more search traffic. Of the available search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing are considered the most important. Since SEO efforts that suit one search engine may not be that great for the other, it is important to analyze what off-page or on-page tactics work for each search engine. This helps make every search engine contribute to maximum search traffic for your website.

Customized SEO strategy for automotive businesses: An SEO strategy can be customized as per the nature and aim of a particular business. In the case of an automotive business, an SEO strategy should be defined after doing a little research on the keywords that people use that relate to your products and services. Building links on websites that are related to auto businesses, such as auto forums, blogs, spare auto parts sellers, etc. Customizing the SEO strategy while keeping in mind the unique aspects of the auto industry, will result in greater success.

Beat your competitors’ strategies: The main aim of an SEO strategy is to beat your competitor’s positions in the search engine rankings. Hence, a good SEO strategy also considers the strategies and performances of your competitors. An SEO plan should be flexible enough to adapt the regular adjustments made according to a competitor’s strategies. This way you can be in a competitive position while staying ahead of your competitors.

The high rankings that result from SEO strategies do not happen overnight, but this strategy is sure to be a revenue generator when it is carried out correctly. That means that a good SEO strategy is more about the quality of work, not the quantity of work. This strategy brings you effective returns on whatever investment you put in to it.

Apart from the above features, a good SEO strategy also consists of building search engine friendly site architecture, XML site maps, good site navigation, creating unique meta tags, adding fresh pages with unique content and so on.

For Your Career Drive: Automotive Technician Training in Training

Every man loves these mean machines that we otherwise call automobiles. The traffic is increasing with more and more vehicles coming on the road. Everyone loves their automobiles and wants good maintenance and repair to keep them in good shape. With the progressing science and latest technology coming up every few days the vehicles of today are far more complicated and sophisticated than before. Repairing them is no more an easy job. This requires well trained professionals like automotive engineers and technicians. This need for trained professionals has made automobile technician training to be the best bet in these times offering one of the best job opportunity to the youngsters. This requires training and certification from a reputed institute. If you have always been fascinated with automobile working, engineering or are simply looking for some lucrative career option then this is the field for you.

Make sure you are not taken for a ride by some fake institute or people offering training without any certification because that would land you nowhere as the job requires highest levels of skill and before hiring you people will check your certification because everyone wants quality. Automobile technician training from a good institute prepares you for what lies ahead. It readies you for that dream job landing you amongst your dream machines and a high income. But be prepared to train hard as you are supposed to go through automobile manuals. But then you get a chance to be hired by the best companies and dealers. And thats not at all a bad deal.

Automobile technician training from a good place trains you to find the faults and snags in the vehicles and you are skilled to repair them. Only good practical training enables you to handle all the devices and gadgets involved. So, remember although it is a great career choice but only finding the right place for training will take you all the way.

Career Institute of Health & Technology is one of the top automobile technician schools that prepare you for a promising career as an automobile technician.


How do I drive a car that needs a new water pump and is leaking….?

to the repair shop that is 14 miles away? I have no automotive experience and need to get the car from the repair shop that wants 920.00 to fix it to the one that has guaranteed the rate to be 520.00. I am tight on funds and am trying to avoid a tow bill. Suggestions?

Chosen Answer:

your best bet would be to tow it.

If you must drive it :
1 Do it when there is very little traffic to avoid running the car any longer than possible

2. Start the car and go,do not let it warm up or run back inside to grab something.

3. remove the radiator fill cap partially so it is still on but loose , to the point where you have to push down to remove all the way.

4. Carry some extra jugs of water.

5. Drive the car watching the temp gauge carefully , when it starts getting hot ( not when it does) put some water in it.

As long as it is not leaking profusely you should be ok.
by: scott c
on: 18th December 08

Chile 8.8 Earthquake Occurred On The Role Of Gps In The Rescue – Chile Earthquake, Gps-automotive in Gps

In the earthquake, GPS Positioning function for the trapped rescue vehicles and personnel played a key role, play a great practical effect, while we see a lot of traffic in the extreme case, also see changes in the market, which gives us the application and the GPS With the development of new understanding and some thoughts.

1, GPS positioning capabilities to save lives

Past positioning function on the passenger business, logistics companies, its main use is that it can facilitate real-time access to corporate vehicle running position, speed, operation indicators, the data help its vehicle scheduling management, with the good management mechanism can be a good stop speeding, string line operations, illegal operations and other issues, but from the earthquake, we can clearly see that in a very short time after the earthquake, transportation management department, rescue command center, and office place damaged enterprises service center to the company monitors calls to inquire about traffic situation; not be greatly damaged the first time the transport companies are using their own GPS monitoring corporate vehicles, the client to understand the situation, all institutions and enterprises according to the specific location we provide targeted self-help organization personnel to install a GPS monitoring for the operation of vehicles to provide more timely and important to help the rescue, the rescue success rate and accuracy are greatly improved.

In addition, the earthquake on the private car market has also had a significant impact. After the earthquake, as aftershocks continue for a long time car owners, many cities in Sichuan, many have chosen their cars home at night a lot of vehicles per day in open areas, the people at this time as a real car home, and GPS to the mobile home have “address”, took root. This May 19th was a very clear day, aftershocks of the Sichuan Earthquake Bureau issued a notice likely to occur, the communication congestion, a lot of cars bound for outside the city, some have not had time to inform family members, but installation of the vehicle positioning functions His family soon learned of its location, also put a heart; In addition, after the earthquake, there is a steady stream of vehicles marched disaster rescue, many of which also braved the risk of aftershocks into lots, installed GPS Monitor positioning function of vehicles affected areas will be more secure, and more conducive to an organized schedule.

Long orientation feature is not subject to the attention of private owners, whether or GPS-fitted after the installation market, the owner of awareness and experience of the GPS main function is derived from the self-positioning Navigation Functions and entertainment features, only a small part of the vehicle for security considerations can only installed with third-party monitoring of GPS products. Private owners after the earthquake positioning function for a whole new understanding of security awareness has been a big upgrade, this major change will bring the market structure, product form, service content and methods of great influence.

2, traffic information and GPS combination of new and important applications will be

There is also a very important potential market for GPS function also extends the understanding of the earthquake to the people earlier, and this is the traffic information. We used the knowledge of the traffic information is more limited for transportation convenience, and in the earthquake relief information on traffic control largely determines the speed of the rescue. During this time, a large number of volunteers marched disaster, we, as one of them also have strong feelings for, because the affected area is large landslides, debris flow by secondary disasters such as the impact of the aftershocks are still growing, so changes in the traffic information at the moment . By TV Traffic on the reported information can not meet the requirements of real time, many volunteers encounter departure traffic information and get the ground situation does not match, such as the car to the halfway also found that temporary closure of a highway, a section of the cave; there understanding is through radio traffic reports, spontaneous volunteers through his section of the report to the radio, and through radio broadcasts, which can solve part of the real-time traffic problems, but a very limited amount of information, but also for drivers not familiar with the road is not intuitive .