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what is a good privacy window tint?

I’m looking for one for a home. I want one of those tints that you can see from in the inside out but not from the outside in. I don’t want a black one. Something that is brighter and wont shade too much. I saw that Wells Fargo has a nice one, but I don’t know where to buy one like theirs.

Chosen Answer:

you can buy window tinting at lowe’s and home depot in the i think the wall paper area? ask for window tinting. they also have tinting that has patterns like for your bathroom windows and such. but i’ve seen the other too. if they don’t have it, try an automotive window tinting shop. they surely could help you out,but do try home depot or lowe’s first. you might be able to check them online too. 😉
by: lexxbirdlady
on: 13th March 12

What a Concept! in World

With the smallest gesture you can make a difference for someone else. If we start to teach our children to respect and love themselves and others, they might learn to lend some one without a smile theirs. A revolution might occur. The whole world might learn to smile at each other rather than to pick up a weapon and start killing their neighbors.


In the news today you hear about rampant disease, hunger, poverty and war. You are told that there are people out there that want to eradicate your way of life. Terrorism is on the rise. Genocide still continues in certain places. What are we teaching our children?


These things are not happening in remote parts of the world. They happen right in your own backyard. Every day there is another story of some one doing bad things to another person or worse, a group of people. In this age of enlightenment and education, where does this come from? Is there a defect in our genetic makeup? Do we lack a fundamental element in our upbringing or environment?


It is my contention that we are missing a very critical part of our children’s education. We are not teaching them to love and respect. We teach them to hate and doubt. We do not instill in them self esteem. We cheat them out of the joys of childhood, discovering who they are and what they are capable of.


Instead we wind up with educated adults who are so insecure and fearful that they strap explosives to them selves or drive a car bomb into a crowd of “innocent” people and kill as many as they can. Rather than stop to have coffee and conversation and perhaps get a different perspective on the other person.

“Walk a mile in your neighbor’s shoes” is not such a bad idea.


What would have happened if his/her parents and spiritual leader had taught him/her to love him/her self and others? What if he/she learned to be tolerant of people with different opinions than his/hers? Perhaps he/she would not have picked up a weapon in the first place, maybe he/she would have asked the “other” to share some conversation over a cup of “coffee” instead.


What if we all learned to lend a smile to someone who did not have one. Have you ever watched the face of a person that may not be in the best of moods when that person encounters some one that smiles at him/her. No words have to be spoken, the smile works magic. All of a sudden there is the tiniest lifting of the corners of the mouth and a smile breaks out.


I wonder what it would cost to give every child a hand cranked TV with a satellite hook up on which they could watch programs like Sesame Street, Zoom, and all the educational programming on PBS? I think that it might cost less than the wars that are being fought all over the world. If we can’t get the parents to teach the joys of childhood, discovery, self-esteem, toleration for those are not like themselves. PBS might be able to get it across to the children. If we can give enough of them these basic concepts perhaps there is hope for the world.


If we fail, the world will only grow sicker.