• Charges iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphones, tablets and other devices powered by USB
  • 10-Watt (5V/2.1A) charger offers fast charging capabilities
  • Compatible with 12V power supplies in car cigarette lighter jack
  • Power LED indicator

Macally Car 10U is a 10 Watt car charger perfect for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Tablets and smartphones.

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List Price: $ 19.99
Price: $ 10.69

09 Automotive Products Top 20 Top Ten Potential Brand Qi Shi Interview – Albert Chen Xu, Qi Shi, in Automotive

2010 1 13 18 hours, all the automotive supplies high level of enthusiasm of people to be solidified at this moment, frozen in a kind of invisible force, firmly grasp the HC network of automotive supplies, tension and excitement, quiet and fanaticism , mixed feelings and not the words, get rid of … … This is a hope, a dream! 2009 China International Auto Supplies Network Ten selection after two rounds of voting for the successful birth of the final top 20 of all the annual awards. Here, on into the top 20 outstanding individuals and businesses warm congratulations!

2010 1 14 11 pm Auto Accessories Ten Ten selection by selection committee HC official website Car Supplies Network officially announced that the final top 20 results of various awards.

2009 Annual China Automotive Products Top 20 Top Ten selection list released

We feel together the top 20 elite and corporate happiness and excitement; we work together to pay for their applause; automotive products industry to join us to listen to the strongest voice, into their wonderful colorful world!

Following is a selection committee of the top ten automobile supplies the potential of the brand among the top 20 Qi Shi?? Albert Chen Xu Beijing Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. General Manager of Qi Chunguang the interview with you to see how they go on from strength in the election campaign, victory to victory … …

Beijing Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. Albert Chen Xu, Qi Shi brand LOGO
Organizing Committee: Albert Chen Xu Beijing Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. Shi Qi in the top ten brands stand out selection activities, the potential of the brand into the Top Ten Top 20 Awards, please share the excitement and feelings at this moment.

Qi Chunguang: First, I thank on behalf of all employees HC Network Provides us with a platform to showcase the company’s image, for industry colleagues and the numbers of visitors to our attention and support. Access to this award I am very honored, not only is my personal honor, but also for our positive efforts of all employees. We will honor today as a new starting point for customers to create more valuable products, provide excellent services for the community.

Organizing Committee: Qi Shi you think access to “Ten Top 20 potential brands,” What are the key factors? Your HC Network Ten in 2009 the automotive supplies industry activity is the significance of selection for a commentary?

Qi Chunguang: We can come to the fore the intense selection events, I think for two reasons: First, the company since its inception, always put the product quality and after-sales service in the first priority, the majority of consumers have a better reputation. Second, from within the automotive supplies industry, friends and the support of the majority of users.

HC’s “Top Ten Award” campaign, is a manufacturer and distributor of certain manufacturers and dealers to enhance the cause of sense and sense of achievement, enhance corporate image and influence, help further integration of market resources. Meanwhile, for the entire industry, the selection event for the market survival of the fittest, for the normal operation of dealers, credit management. HC network to persistent hope of “Top Ten” Selecting a long-term holding down.

Organizing Committee: In recent years, automotive supplies industry, reveals great potential for development into 2010, do you think the car accessories market will show how the change? Against the vagaries of the market in 2010, what strategy you will take to win a larger market has carried enterprises to obtain rapid development?

Qi Chunguang: China’s auto market in the rapid development of consumer attitudes slowly owners tend to be more rational. The future of automotive supplies market, should be an orderly, rational, more attention to quality of service the huge potential market, more extensive product range, consumers will have more choice, on the whole there is a significant development in this industry space. The direction of future development of enterprises is a question worth pondering, in 2009 the economic downturn of the global economic situation, we can maintain the company’s rapid development, Sell Places a lot more than last year, thanks to the market ahead of our own vision and good business model, we are constantly improving product mix and open up new marketing channels, developing new products. We see great potential for automotive products industry, and efforts to develop business at the same time, always put the product quality and after-sales service on the primary position, that is what we get rapid development of marketing strategies.


Xiong Bing Wu Hai To See How To Do The Job Security Surging Start Of A Key – A Key To Start, Xiong in Car

Automotive clear and melodious

2003 before Chinese cars traveled the road to the main public car, the products are mainly applied to enterprises and institutions. 2003 ushered in the blowout of the Chinese automotive market, the surge in car ownership to the automotive supplies industry, including automotive electronics market has brought unprecedented opportunities for development. It also changed the status of automotive imports mainly laid to achieve local production of auto electronic products excellent situation, all kinds of domestic auto electronics emerged, showing the scenery blossom everywhere. 2003-2005, the domestic automotive companies have basically completed the process from imitation to innovation, both technical level and product quality have made a breakthrough, which made automotive electronics for the rapid development in the future and lay a solid foundation, Let the world hear the Chinese automotive electronics, “a clear crisp” sound.

Car alarm is particularly important in automotive electronics product of a series of products, the safety car for the owners added a lock to a greater extent the protection of car thieves are not stealing. As the technology matures car alarm, car security increasingly high, convenient and practical for the modern car owners car alarm acceptance of increasingly high, the convenience of the owner to use the car park while reducing the probability of theft. Car alarm market in 2003 before has looked very dull. From the heavy steel steering wheel locks to the circuit complexity of the central control door lock, to facilitate the practical modern car alarm, vehicle security market come from the mechanical to electronic market changes and prices along with the increasing market share lower, and is widely used.

With the era of private cars, all kinds of vehicles into the Chinese market, as the “car only” targeted development and production provides the opportunity to become the development of automotive supplies the main line. In 2005, the car alarm products in China found that mature, “special car anti-theft device” in China’s auto products industry, to develop a “broad road.” From the initial “Taiwan origin” to take root in China’s inland fruition, from the passive copy to the autonomous innovation, to the national brand flourish in this land of the car alarm with a piece of Chinese territory. Car alarm in the high-end market, “Xiong Bing E” has perked up its own sailing, dominate, while its “leader” – Mr. Wu Hai, is this piece of “hot spot” love more deeply.

Long way to go to duty

10 years, this seal, “Xiong Bing electronic” business card with Mr. Wu Hai go hand in hand, like piles of rich memories, carry his Feng real, colorful life. Two different “names” but have the same heavy weight, not separated, even growth companies for the years after, “Xiong Bing electronic” and “Wu Hai” was mentioned two names will be as timely as today, gleaming bright.

Early 90s of last century is an era of economic recovery, is an industry transformation, and even has a better vision of the future shock of energetic young people to pursue the era. Period of time in development, China has a reputation of bicycles in 1992, that time had only a bike ride when the world, Mr. Wu Hai Quedui fledgling auto market has a special preference, decided to participate in the auto market, explore unpredictable “Blue Ocean.” Although this is his own is inconsistent with the prevailing economic conditions, not knowing whom to it is the spirit of self-tempered, it is the baptism of life, success or failure than an idea.

Because Mr. Wu Hai childhood growing up in Zhanjiang, just introduced “Xiong Bing,” we will naturally start from here. At that time, the face of 20 square meters of shops and hands only 30,000 venture capital, management track is not clear, the path quite frustrated, so, in 1994, Wu Hai to decide to seek the development of Guangzhou was removed. First arrived in Guangzhou, he threw himself into the sea among these studios worked hard, “Xiong Bing” into the Guangzhou market, sales have steadily Fan liters a year to sell two 3000 sets. Proved and, after the decision is right in Guangzhou.

Time in 1989, “Xiong Bing” had entered the Chinese market, then the entire automotive supplies industry, almost all imported products, the early car alarm also introduced by the China Taiwan to mainland China. By 1997, the market has undergone significant changes in the background of economic crisis, re-shuffling of enterprises to enter the domestic and international automotive electronics, the new changes, the market competition. Mr. Wu Hai, said: “In my own Monsanto’s intention to set up factories, they China Taiwan with ‘Xiongbing’ about the idea of production in the Mainland. Because every time high import costs from China Taiwan, for example we sell a thousand dollars of products, others only sell a few hundred dollars, too much pressure of market competition, which undoubtedly restricted the ‘Xiong Bing’ in the Chinese market. “


Popularity of Art Paint in Art

There is rising demand of art and painting where everyone is interested to learn the art and flourish with quality. To accentuate the well-designed art and its proper scope, it is significant to have the right paints and products. To be familiar with ambition of artists and their talents, there is enormous availability of Art Paints and supplies according to its function and style.

An artist is popular by his imaginative art that grows and is full filled only if one has immense passion for art. Artist expresses his emotions through his colors, designs that he puts down along with his imagination on canvas. For an artist it very significant to use good quality art materials so that their painting appears more gorgeous and attract the onlookers. For writing a thought, writers need a pen whereas an artist needs a paintbrush to put the imagination on canvas. Paintbrush plays a very important role in painting, whether it is an oil painting or painting through watercolors. The artists are aware of the different types of painting colors available, however, few painters would prefer natural colors for painting as these are eco friendly. It is vital to use right kind of products for the painting as in the art exhibitions it has been noticed that the right kind of “> Art Materials speaks in volume. The usage of the fine products combined with imagination makes the painting look more spectacular and attractive.

The modern age is characterized by the portrayal of modern styles and impressionistic paintings.

This is possible only due to an artistic and imaginative bent of mind, along with a magically flexible hand. The sharp and objective oriented vision of the artist plays a significant role in the formation of a great art. These days there is a great scope of art and its learning has become easy by the availability of “> Art DVD . Today one can easily make use of DVDs and go through the artistic creation and develop his or her interest. These DVDs give information about new styles and themes used by the artists. There are varied types of DVDs that are easily available in the market and one can obtain according to their purpose of either learning or enhancing their artistic skills. The DVD is commendable enough for everyone as it is easily obtainable and portable. It is affordable and even at certain places one can get a special discount on purchase of the set of DVD. These DVD’s are popular and one can rely on them for future use.







Which Time to Paint ? in Painting

You have all your supplies at the ready; now it’s time to do something with them. Many painters often ask when is the best time to paint.

Do you have a time of the day when you feel more fresh and creative? That’s your best time to paint. Ideally, what you’re looking for is regular, uninterrupted time you can devote to your art.

Even if it’s only for ten minutes, paint every day. You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish with ten-minute sets of time. Ten minutes is good for quick exercises and planning. Increase your painting time as you can.

To encourage yourself to paint every day, set up your paints and leave them out. Packing and unpacking supplies sometimes is enough to make you avoid painting. Find a spot that you can devote exclusively to painting. Using the kitchen table isn’t good because you eventually have to pick up your paints so you can eat dinner. But if you have a place where the paints are always ready, it’s easier to take ten minutes to paint.

If you’re having trouble finding painting time, look for a local art association that conducts classes, and sign up for a regular class. Then you’re assured at least that class time every week. An added benefit is that your instructor and classmates can provide inspiration as well as instruction.

You can set your schedule to accommodate your needs. If you’re lucky enough to have lots of time, you’ll be surprised to see how quickly time goes when painting.


Trust the best supplies of electric motors and other industrial equipments from renowned industries in Small-business

These equipments serve the best requirements for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes. The companies have a huge amount of stock stored with them, so as to meet your demands anytime you asked for. While working with these proficient companies and buying Used Equipment, a major benefit you are able to avail is the prompt delivery basis that are providing to their clients and that too within short span of time. You can avail the best supply services for electric motors from these firms.


Depending upon your business type whether it is concerned with dry blending, liquid mixing, filtration, screening, filling or packaging, or any other related tasks are your interests, then you can contact these equipment trading companies.  The companies are offering other line of products is Stainless Steel Process Tanks, Safety Equipment, Liquid Mixing Equipment, Bag Packing & Closing equipment; Materials Handling, Conveying Equipments, and many other varieties of equipments are being manufactured so as to meet up every demand of the clients.


The equipment trading companies are serving some of the best new technologies for Electric motors, such as computer-aided design and advanced materials, with the best of proven technologies, including rugged copper rotor construction and strong fabricated frames. This unique blend of new and traditional features makes their motors the most optimal choice for heavy industry applications across the globe. They have a top-quality line of electric motors is distinguished by high efficiencies, advanced software design capabilities, metric frame sizes and a long term build reputation for quality and reliability.


The Electric Motors comprises of some efficient features that make them popular for their improved performance and results.

The motors have enhanced efficiencies for greater savings. Their operating efficiencies are equally important to the bottom-line needs of various industrial clients. The industries or the clients can save thousands of dollars over the life of a motor if a careful evaluation procedure of the operating efficiency is adopted by them. By such adaptations, the companies are able to make a good reputation among their clients and gain efficient amount of results by meeting a long chain of clients at a worldwide platform.


Decanter is also supplied by such industries. They manufacture and supply a wide variety of Decanter or Centrifuges. They serve the tasks of isolating suspensions, Isotope separation, and many other similar features are offered along. You can contact the concerned manufacturing firms/industries for the best equipments, electric motors and other featuring.


Paint Equipment Guide – Painting easel in Painting

There’s more to painting than just paint, brushes, and canvas. This article covers some tools and supplies that you need or may find useful depending on your working style.

You need an easel. Get the heaviest one you can find so that it doesn’t walk away from you as you paint. Some other options are floor easels or Julian (or French) easels for outdoor painting. Prices for this piece of equipment are for a tabletop and over 0 for a full-sized easel. If you’re resourceful, you can rig up something that works for you.

Positioning your painting surface at the correct angle for working is absolutely necessary. When you look at your canvas, the surface should be parallel to your face. So, an easel, or something you rig up yourself that does the same thing, is essential. Here are some options for easels:

  • To begin with, try propping your canvas against a heavy box on your work table. If your work surface is slick and the painting is sliding, try making a stop by duct-taping a piece of wood to the table.
  • Look for paint boxes with easels built into them.
  • A floor easel is great, but it can be expensive and it takes up a lot of room if you don’t have a separate area for your work. If you find an inexpensive model made of three sticks that are 1 to 2 inches in thickness, don’t bother wasting your money. This model skitters around the floor as you work and collapses unexpectedly. Go to an art supply store and try out the floor easels to see which works best for you.


How to Make a Calendar with Wire in Art

What You Will Need:

1) A Wire-O Binding Machine with Thumb-Cut Punching Die.
HD8000 Horizontal Wire Closer
Wire Hangers
Wire-O Binding Supplies
Your Custom Printed Sheets
Wire Cutters

How to Make Your Wire-O Calendar:

  • STEP 1: Position the paper guide on your binding machine based on your desired paper size. Gather your printed sheets and insert the allotted amount of paper into the opening. When the paper is fully inserter, slide the stack to the left until it makes contact with the paper guide. To make sure all of the edges of the sheets are flush, tap the right and top of the stack. Press the foot pedal to punch the sheets.
  • STEP 2: Arrange your sheets in the desired order. Flip the back cover so that it is on the front of the arrangement. The inside of your back cover should now be the first sheet in your arrangement. You will see in later steps that this will hide the wire spine, making the appearance more professional.
  • STEP 3: Cut and remove the center two loops of your Wire-O binding spine using your wire cutters, creating two pieces of wire. This creates a gap that is necessary for the wire hanger to be inserted.
  • STEP 4: Insert the two pieces of wire into your punched paper. Center the wire hanger inside the wire spine, making sure that the wire hanger loop is placed in the gab of the paper and wire.
  • STEP 5: Set your Horizontal Wire Closer to the appropriate Wire-O size that you are using. Carefully place your paper on the wire closer table, with the open portion of the wire pressed against the back of the wire closer. Pull the wire closer handle to close and secure the wire around you calendar.
  • STEP 6: Flip the top sheet (your back cover) to the back of the calendar to hide the spine and see your completed calendar.


How to Paint Pictures in Painting

There really is no easy answer to the question, How do I Paint a Picture? The simple answer is just dive in and practice. The less simple answer is buy your supplies, learn a few painting techniques, and practice some more. 

People say, oh anyone can paint. I believe that this is a true statement, but are they painting and achieving the results that they are striving for? When I first started painting I was not achieving the results I wanted in painting pictures. I then purchased some better quality paints and brushes, some step by step tutorials and within a short time I was painting pictures that I was pleased with. Follow the steps below and you should find it easier to learn how to paint beautiful pictures and paintings.
1. Buy your paint, brushes and canvas or paper. Whichever medium that you choose to paint with, weather it is acrylics, oil, or watercolor, do yourself a favor and buy good quality supplies. The way that I teach and practice art is to always use good brushes. If you are practicing a technique it is ok to use cheap paint, but in the real painting, use better quality paint. As far as other supplies, use things that you have around the house, such as old plastic bowls, ziplock bags and paper plates, etc.

2. If you are fortunate enough to have a space dedicated for painting keep all your supplies right there. This way you can paint whenever the spirit moves you. This is more important than you may think. If you do not have enough space, then purchase a large study bin or even a sturdy cardboard box and make that your portable studio that you can unload on the kitchen table in an instant. 

3. Consider the light in the space that you plan on working. Good light makes all the difference. If you are painting with oil paint and it is not water miscible then you absolutely need to consider the ventilation in the area because you will be exposed to some pretty strong odors.

4. If money is a concern then I recommend starting with watercolor or acrylics. They both are odorless and clean up with water. They are also less expensive. 

Now that you have your supplies and your dedicated space, start painting. If you are real creative, you can come up with your own ideas. But for the rest of us inspiration is not so easily come by. For those of you that fall into that category I suggest purchasing a step by step tutorial and start by following the example of someone that is dedicated to teaching art techniques.


The Judges All Together Thoroughly And Steam With Hc Tencent Brands – Automotive Supplies, Brand in Car

Call the history of the strongest brands in the industry survey that:

With China Car Ownership in a straight line surge, “car owners” of the title seems no longer fashionable, “play car”, “enjoy the car” is more able to express individuality. Never say “appearance modification”, “interior installation,” “dynamic update”, ” Video Change “and the play of these entry-level car like you have not done in action, and those already installed in your car on Auto Accessories ( Electronic ) Is the quality of how and how effective, how the role? Now to participate in the HC network automotive supplies, automotive electronics network joint Tencent HC synchronous launch vehicle “My concern automobile products (electronics) brand survey” activity bar. Pick up your voice, cast your mind of the vapor with the brand “real heroes” do “play car” of fashion, who rises and who is entirely up to you!

Steam HC Tencent together thoroughly popular with the brand great investigative activities carried out in the ( Into the voting )

Click here to view all news photos

4 22, a network of automotive supplies from the HC, HC Automotive Network jointly organized by the Joint Tencent auto industry for the first time carried out by the terminal owners, “I am most concerned about car products (electronics) brand survey” activities hot start. Biennial Beijing auto show in the grand occasion of the opening, all the people concerned about the unprecedented enthusiasm for the automotive industry when such a trade-oriented and oriented by the end of the authority of the media, combining the strengths of the automotive supplies industry influence for the brand activities of a comprehensive large thoroughly, then detonated the car owners instantaneous enthusiasm.

It is understood that “I am most concerned about car products (electronics) brand investigation,” an occasion in the number of end users, have unparalleled advantages on the adhesion degree of the Tencent network fully three-dimensional information, such as in automobile Tencent Home , Tencent Auto Accessories Home, Tencent Beijing auto show broadcast special home side’s top recommendations, as well as in its nearly 200,000 QQ user base means a strong promotion, etc., together with the HC network of automotive supplies, automotive electronics Netcom had connected its multiple platforms promotion, “Fabric” of the large number of industry professionals visit the crowd, so the depth and breadth of the survey was the perfect combination of history known as the industry’s strongest collection so that the investigation is not an exaggeration.

After 20 years of development, China’s automobile supplies industry’s GDP has more than 200 billion yuan, the Chinese automobile market as China’s auto industry and auto national brands to rise and flourishing, and in this period, China’s auto products industry era of competition are also shifted from the channel brand competition, complete the following from imitation to innovation process. This view, the automobile supplies industry in domestic demand and consumer automotive products, automobile electronic recognizable trend of increasingly mature, constitute the automotive products (electronics) brand the best time of investigation. To terminal owners more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of daily life with people car car products, automotive electronics brand, allow enterprises to more real clear understanding of end markets across the channel feedback, implementation of information and terminal manufacturers such as, reduced business owners with a wide range of interactive distance, it is also overwhelmed by the deep significance of the investigation.

Questionnaire from the present results, Car audio , Car Navigation Products such as brand impact significantly greater than Automotive Decorative , Auto Beauty Areas of brand influence, although it dates from the end of the survey there is time, but there is also no coincidence that such a situation, with the current structure for the car electronics, car decoration other labor-intensive enterprises is still in brand the most early stages of construction, the real impact of famous brands are mostly confined to industry sources, the owners do not go deep into the middle of the terminal.

The other hand, the survey comments, we can see that the terminal owners on the current car products (electronics) industry, there are critical of the shortcomings are still broken, especially in automotive products (electronics) industry enterprises are experienced OEM original cost of the process of accumulation, but also the direct result of a complex multi-brand automotive products industry, first-line brand less competitive consequences. Brand competition time has come, we are gratified to see that companies are gradually transition focus on brand building, we must also clear concern at the present stage business and the gap between high-quality brand, and in the course of this catch up with the media guide advance, but also to end users with the correct guidelines for consumption, it is also the location of their mission!