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What is the proper way to paint plastic side skirts on trailblazer?

The bottom plastic side skirts on my 2008 trailblazer are gray. I want them white… What is the proper procedure to paint them so
The paint won’t chip away too easy?

Chosen Answer:

It would depend on the material that you will be using.
A) Spray paint use a product like Krylon’s plastic paint the best method without using automotive paint follow the prep for auto paint

B)Automotive paint

Determine if primed by rubbing a hidden area with some 600 grit paper. If the bumper rubs off a coating on your paper (usually black) then it has a primer on it, if the plastic just scratches its a raw plastic (skip the next step).

Test the primer one of two ways depending on your paint.

If you are using waterborne paint press a piece of two inch tape onto the primer then quickly lift away. If any primer has transferred to the tape the primer will need to be removed, otherwise sand according to your paint manufacturers recommendations and refinish.
If you are using solvent based paint, take a rag and rub the primer with reducer/thinner for 30 seconds. If the primer transfers to the rag it indicates a soluble primer that should be removed, otherwise sand according to your paint manufacturers recommendations and refinish.

Clean the raw plastic with soap and water, then scuff and clean it with a grey scotchpad combined with a sanding paste, preferably one designed for use with plastic.Clean your plastic with an approved plastic cleaner. Using regular solvent cleaners can create static and possibly lead to a “flash fire” causing injury.

If you will be baking your paint once finished you should bake it for 20 minutes at this point to bring the mold release agents to the surface. Wipe the bumper again with a plastic cleaner while warm.Scuff again with a grey pad, followed by one more plastic cleaning. Allow to flash for 15-30 minutes before the next step.

Apply a plastic adhesion promoter (or plastic primer) in accordance to the technical data sheet for the product.Apply either a urethane primer, sealer or topcoat directly in according to your paint manufacturers recommendations.

** When refinishing flexible plastics a flexible product or additive should be using in your primer, sealer and clearcoat.
by: poecilotheria metallica keeper
on: 13th May 13

What is a cheap way to paint my spoiler glossy black?

im looking to just paint the spoiler on my car black….would like it to be glossy….any suggestions?

Chosen Answer:

If you really don’t care of color matching, you may take you chances with the spray cans. Wet sand it with 2000 grit sandpaper after then clear coat.

You can buy matching automotive paint in spray cans from a local automotive paint supplier at around a can. But I had better success with this instead
by: Kenny
on: 8th July 10

Perfect Paint Finish Tips in Repair

If you have ever had an accident which has required some form of repainting then you will know how difficult it is to get the finish back to perfect again. Some car body repair services can give different finishes to the resprayed area due to the type of products that they might use. For example a body shop or accident repair centre would use the types of lacquers that would require specialist equipment to spray, like air fed masks and protective clothing, while a mobile car body repair service by law have to use products that are VOC compliant so that they can spray them in the public domain. The finishes of these two types of service will vary. Take a bumper scuff for example the body shops finish would be a high gloss finish that would have been achieved by a machine polish after the paint has cured. While a mobile car body repair finish would be slightly less gloss with a blended area and slight orange peel effectaround corners and curves.

The best way to achieve a good finish to a car body repair is to polish the repaired area at least a week after the repair has been completed, this is only to be sure that all the paint and lacquer would have completely cured (Smart Repairs will take the full 7 days to dry due to the products used while body shop repaired areas will be ready to polish after a few days). Once the week has passed first get your hands on some 2000 wet and dry a bucket of water, some cutting compound like G3 and some high grade polish like finesse.

1) Rub over the repair with the wet and dry paper making sure that all the high points have been removed and orange peel areas have been flattened out. (When rubbing back the smart repair make sure that you don’t rub back the blended area, you won’t get this with a body shop repair because they will spray the entire panel so will have no need to blend in the
paint and lacquer).

2) Once all high points, orange peel and uneven areas have been levelled to a satisfactory level, use some of the cutting compound on a cloth with some water and rub over the area until all the scratches and dull patches created by the 2000 wet and dry have removed.

3) Remove the cutting compound with a dry cloth and use the finishing polish to go over the compounded area until a satisfactory shine has been achieved.

Just remember when you use this type of technique to buff up your car body repair always speak to the car body repair service who carried out the repair first and make sure the lacquer is up for this type of vigorous polishing technique, all good lacquers should be ok if yours is not then ask why?


car spraying, hood and bumper?

im painting my bumper and hood to match the rest of the car as the previous owner replaced these and did not respray them, its a orange colour, could any one possibly tell me exactly what i need to buy and do to spray them, and what would be a rough price for the materials?

Chosen Answer:

your going to need a very well ventilated and CLEAN area to spray for starters (dirt is your worst nightmare and if the area is dirty it WILL go into your paint job). if your spraying color, i suggest a spray gun with a needle size of 1.3mm to give you a good pattern and a nice lay out. depending on what brand gun u get it could cost you all the way into the 0s and higher. your also going to need an air compressor to use the spray gun. (walmart, not sure of price) some tack rags, masking paper and painters tape (autozone). the paper is to mask off any area your not going to paint such as the fenders and the windshield and the tape to hold it down. a tack rag is a sticky cloth that will collect any dust and dirt off of the car and should b used right before you spray.

now on to the paint and chemicals…

your going to need paint code and take that to your local automotive paint supplier (Sherwin Williams, PPG, House of kolor, etc) and they will be able to match and mix the paint for you. they will probably ask if u want a single stage*, or bc/cc** and if you would like it RTS***. you will also need a wax and grease remover or surface cleaner such as PPG’s DX330. prices will vary depending on were you go, but be ready to spend a few hundred dollars.

now if you still think you want to do this on your own, here is a very quick breakdown of the steps.

1. wash the car, the cleaner the better.
2. once its dry mask all the parts that are not being painted (remember your wheels)
3.put on some gloves and take the surface cleaner and apply it to a rag and wipe the car, follow the wet rag with a dry clean rag to pick up anything left behind take the tack rag, unfold it, and then ball it up lightly and pass it over the parts being painted.
5.spray away!

*single stage- color and clear coat combined in one shot ( i recommend this for your project)
**BC/CC- two stage paint combination. you spray the color first (BaseCoat) and then you spray the clear coat.
***RTS-Ready To Spray; the paint will already be reduced and ready to pour in a gun to spray.

some other quick notes;
-you will need a gun cleaner or lacquer thinner to clean the gun so the paint/clear coat doesn’t harden and ruin your gun
-make sure to have respirator because those cheap little paper disposable ones will NOT protect your lungs.

by: John A
on: 7th April 10

Paint for auto body repair?

I’m doing some repairs on my car and I need more paint then a factory touch up tube but less paint then a customized, factory gallon mixed (probably about 1/2 can of spray paint). And even if I did have a gallon, I don’t have a sprayer or the desire to go out and buy one for 15 square inches.

Any suggestions?

Chosen Answer:

Check with a local automotive paint supplier (Sherwin Williams, Finishmasters). They should be able to mix up a quart or pint for you. You will also need to get some clear coat as well, unless you want to paint it single stage (less shine). They may even be able to get it in a spray can for you. If not you will have to get a paint gun along with an air compressor if you don’t already have one. I wouldn’t advice doing it yourself as the chemicals are not EPA friendly and you could get in trouble for spraying it.

Hope this helps
by: Karl H
on: 27th March 10

Spray paint ski poles?

okay, im looking to spraypaint my ski poles but i have a few questions…Do i need primer, paint, and clear coat? i only want 2 colors and the primer is one of them (white) like theere only guna get a litle banged up so i dont think clear coat will be nescessary but you tell me, thanks

Chosen Answer:

Not sure even that will work. Seems to me most ski poles are anodized aluminum, which is not a great surface for bonding to any applied material. I suggest you ask at a Sherwin Williams store — they sell automotive finishes and should be able to give you good information on surface prep and what will adhere. You really should be applying any finish with an air gun sprayer or it will look like hell.

( IMHO it seems like a lot of work for something no one is apt to notice anyway.)
by: c_kayak_fun
on: 13th February 10

Antique Re-finishers…Where can I get turquoise spray paint that matches from the 50’s?

I have a Handy Hannah mixer from the 50’s that is a very retro turquoise. It has some chipped paint and I want to refinish it. I can not find the same (or even close) color anywhere. I did find a Sherwin Williams home interior paint that comes really close, but I need a spray paint. Please help!
I am refinishing the whole thing. In fact, I have sanded all the old paint off. It is a very unique color and I know I may not be able to match it, but I am trying my best. Please only answer if you have useful information.

Chosen Answer:

Go to Sherwin Williams and give them a sample of your color . Request that they arrange to have this mixed and put in a spray can. If they can’t do it than go to a automotive paint supply house and order it through them. In British Columbia I have done this through Napa Auto Parts and Lordco Parts. I hope this helps you and good luck.
by: Richard
on: 9th February 11


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