Pyle’s new power inverters

  • No load current draw: <0.2Amp – Low voltage alarm: 10.5v+/-0.5v
  • Low voltage shut down: 10.0v+/-0.5v – High voltage shut down: 15.5v+/-0.5v
  • Built-in cooling fan – Input voltage range: 10v – 15.5v (+/-0.5v) – Output voltage: 115V +/-5V
  • Converting efficiency: >85% – Low voltage / high voltage / overload / thermal protection circuitry
  • Continued Power: 1000W – Surge power: 2000W – Dimension: 11.22”L x 6.93”W x 2.95”H
  • Note:PNV2000 1,000W Continuous & 2,000W Peak watts

People spend a ton of time in their cars now days. With Pyle’s new power inverters you can be more productive, have more fun — and use all the electronics you want in your car or truck. Convert 2000 watts 12-volts DC power to 115-volts AC power safely and effectively in your car with the PNV200 Power Inverter. Power cell phone charger, i-Pods, and other elctronics with this safe and convenient product. Item includes a built-in cooling fan and low-voltage/high-voltage/overload/thermal protection.

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Wheels and automotive service provide technical tire service & sales in Wheel

The nation’s present economical position calls for rigid expenditure. You need to consider the type of tires you are applying for the car as this is the most vital factor to be regarded. When we say tight expenditure, it entails that they ought not to spend wealth on somewhat they do not inevitably demand. It as well calls for individuals to buy discounted supplies. Winnipeg tires formulate an endeavor to accomplish their customer’s trust all day. Therefore, Wheels and automotive service could help people to preserve a lot of money.

They are superior on the most recent techniques and purposes consequently that they can care for your automobile in a thoroughly manner. Wheels and automotive service provide technical tire service & sales. Finally, they will certainly install your tires properly. They shop up an absolute line of originative apparatus and substitute tires.

If we put differently, you require spending less or just in case you necessitate purchasing merchandise and goods, it is significant to prefer a retail merchant or store which extends cheaper goods and merchandises. Alike position is relevant to individuals who demand to alter their wheels. Though there have been massive discounts accessible through various car accessory shops & outlets, the excellence of the wheels sell are doubtable.

Therefore, Wheels and automotive service present vast discounts since the wheels are previously utilized while the other is old tires. There a couple of people who will select to purchase these wheels merely for the interest of utilizing their cars simply this could be risky. Utilized and old wheels are prostrate to chance event plus it is for this argue that people ought to be aware with the present made by approximately a car accessory retail merchant.

Thus If you are primarily a major road driver & travel a big distance nearly all of the days, it is reasonable to have a tire that handles eminent accelerates without any complexity.
Wheels and automotive service permit people to acquire the wheels they demand at short monthly defrayments. Car owners will at slightest experience an immense ride with Modern, operational & supreme wheels than with the second-hand & old ones.

Moreover, more significantly, Wheels and automotive service they provide a broader assortment of fashions plus brands. There are at least two thousand fashions in their catalog clients could select from. Their packages are as well made useable to change you to use less. These commonly cost more when purchased individually than when you purchase them jointly.


Home Carpet Cleaning Products in Carpet

The majority of people in this country spend a lot of time and money getting their home just the way they like it and take great pride in their accomplishment. We spend a fortune on carpets, wallpaper and getting things painted and hate it whenever things get dirty or damaged.

Our home carpet is one of those things that seems to get covered in stubborn stains at some point no matter what we do but sometimes there are ways of getting it back in fine condition that don’t require expensive carpet shampoo or cleaning machines.

There are a few products that you may have in your house already that are useful carpet cleaning products in a pinch. These are: ice cubes to remove gum, ordinary rubbing alcohol to remove ink, WD40 that you usually to loosen locks but can also double as stain remover, or DeSolvit and Orange Clean to remove dried or hardened chewing gum.

Remember that spot cleaning will almost always leave a ring or a small mark no matter how carefully you try to remove the stain. If the area in question is in a very visible place, or if you have children who spill things often, or have pets, but you still want to keep your carpets looking like new, you must get a carpet shampoo rental that works with dry foam carpet shampoo and have your entire carpet shampooed.

Carpet cleaning products and carpet shampoos vary as to what type of stains they lift and how well they deodorize or disinfect your carpets. Discuss your specific carpet care needs with a professional carpet cleaner or invest in a Kirby, Hoover or Electrolux carpet shampoo machine and do it yourself as often as needed.


Tips For Buying a Motorized Wheel Chair in Wheelchair

With new advances in technology like the motorized wheel chair it allows people with disabilities that would normally stop them from being mobile and can make them into a very active and mobile person. However that will come at a cost so before you spend your money understand some of the features of a wheelchair that is motorized.

Costly Device

A typical price for owning your own motorized wheelchair will be in the region of five to thirty thousand dollars, this will largely depend on what customizations you will require on your motorized wheelchair. One bonus is that you can Medicare to pay the cost providing you meet certain criteria.

When you are buying the wheel chair that’s motorized take into consideration safety as infirm and young children may have additional risks involved.

You must consider that the motorized wheel chair does not fold up, therefore you will need to have enough storage space to keep your wheelchair. You may also have to buy a van in order to transport your motorized vehicle around.

When you are using your motorized wheelchair you will need to wear your seat belt, you will also need to ensure your wheelchair has foot straps which needed to prevent your feet from slipping while the wheelchair is moving.

To summarize when buying a Medicare motorized wheel chair is one consideration that you will need look at, especially if you are unable to bear the cost of buying a new one. Other than that you will not find any issues when buying your motorized wheel chair if you follow simple guide lines.


How to Get Legal Transcription Jobs and General Transcription Jobs in Transcription

There are plenty of transcription job opportunities for you out there if you are willing enough to spend time and effort to put in the work.  You cannot expect to earn a lot of money doing nothing.  The good thing about doing general and legal transcription jobs from home is that you actually get to choose how much work to take in and what working hours you want to keep.  This gives you time to spend with your family and to do other things that you want to do.  If you are looking for a good way to earn a living from your home, doing transcription work could be just the work from home opportunity that you need.  You can get more information about how to get transcription jobs through the internet.  In most cases, you would not have to have specialized training in order to get into transcription.  There are, however, some types of transcription work that require knowledge of terminologies and understanding of processes with regard to the medical and the legal fields.  General transcription work would normally have less restrictive requirements and will allow you to start getting jobs as soon as you pass your transcription test.

You have to be able to get connected with companies needing to outsource their transcription requirements if you are to start getting general and legal transcription jobs.  It is not that easy to find which one of the millions of companies around the world are outsourcing their transcription jobs.  While a job search online would yield you several options, it would be tricky to weed out the legitimate offers from scams on your own.  Others who have been duped by these scams just chalk up these scams as one for experience.  You do not necessarily have to go through this.  There are resources that you can turn to in order to avoid these scams.  If a particular site promises you millions in earnings doing transcription work in exchange for a large sum of money you invest in their account, this should be a clear warning signal for you.  There is no way through which you can earn millions in a snap doing general and legal transcription jobs.  You do get compensated enough for the kind of work that you turn in when you do transcription work.  The more satisfied clients you have, the more repeat businesses you will most probably get, and the more money you will earn.  Find out how you can avoid these scams, how to get online medical transcription training and how to get transcription jobs without specialized training.


Why you should consider a job in Food Sales in Food

You may not have considered a career in food sales before, but it is certainly worth some thought.  Just think about how many different food brands there are then you will start to see the potential of the market.  You can enter a company and make a real impact on their sales.  You will face tough competition but if you have a natural flair for sales then you should be able to make your mark.


You will need to spend a significant amount of time tracking the industry and learning as much as you can.  Start to make a list of all the top food brands and make a note of the sort of strategies they are using.  Track some industry forums and blogs and start to write comments and engage with other food sales professionals.  Not only will this help you build contacts but it will expand your knowledge.


You will also need to spend some of your time researching jobs, to see what sort of food brand your want to work for and exactly what job role you want.  Just to get you started, here are some relevant food sales jobs that you can look into.  There might not be something you are interested in, so if you can’t find anything you should do some further research online.  Or you could consider using a relevant recruitment agency who will be able to point you in the right direction.


Convenience Food Sales Manager

This job offers a great salary, up to £55,000 for the right candidate!  It is based in the Midlands and you will be working within the food and drink manufacturing business.


Food Technologist Job

This is a great opportunity to join a thriving poultry business.  This job offers a salary of up to £20,000 and it is based in Wrexham, Wales.


Food Sales Director

This is your chance to work for a privately owned company based in the UK.  You will be located in the head office and could potentially earn up to £65,000.


Commercial Manager Job

This company is looking for an ambitious commercial manager who has the ability to generate a large amount of turnover for their Food brand.



Benefits of Carpet Underlay in Carpet

A good carpet reflects your tastes and enhances your class. A well furnished carpet is always neighbors’ envy and owners’ pride. You have purchased a new carpet for your new house and you can’t wait to hear what your friends have to say! For buying a carpet, you have to spend a lot of your hard earned money and maintaining it can be quite a task if you want it to stay beautiful. A good solution to achieve this is using carpet underlay.

Underlay for carpets is under-carpet material which is inserted between the floor and the carpet to provide insulation and protect your carpet from damage. It also provides extra cushioning by serving as an added mass and thus you can feel the plush and luxurious comfort underneath your feet when you walk on the carpet. Carpet underlay also absorbs excess moisture, heat and sound, and thus preserves your carpet for longer even if you have guests walk over your carpet everyday.

A well-knit carpet can give your home a distinctive look and provide warmth and comfort. So when you choose an underlay you need to keep some pointers in mind. First, you have to decide on the material you want to use. Underlay is available in plenty of options such as frothed foam, rubber, etc. The selection of the material also depends upon your budget. After you have selected the material for, you now have to select the thickness. The commonly used pad density is 3/8 of an inch. In general, people opt for 6 inch thick pads but if your budget permits, you can also go for an 8-inch padding. Ideally, a 6 inch pad with 3/8 density is perfect for any kind of carpet underlay.

We all love it when we receive compliments on our choice of décor.

Similarly, it is no less than a compliment when our guests feel comfortable in our home. Floor carpets are generally used with low seating and often people like to lie down and take a nap, if the carpet is plush. Carpets with a good underlay are soft, snuggly and provide a soothing feeling when you step on it. The entire credit lies in the carpet underlay which prevents the carpet from becoming hard and rough.


Exchange of Business Growth Is Fast Lane Customer Involvement in Customer

Do you feel like you are a “pedal to the metal” spend what you can do advertising, but I still cannot grow their business in the fast lane? The fact is that, if customers are not involved, it should not matter how much you spend on advertising. Just as the auto neutral is not going anywhere (no matter how you give gas) until the transmission is on, the business is not going anywhere until the customers are involved.

What does it mean to engage? Here are three you might find the dictionary definition:

1. To attract someone’s attention

2. To establish meaningful contact

3. To be able to enter service

Combine the three of them, and provides a pretty good definition of committed customers:

Attracting the attention of their customers with the intention of establishing a meaningful relationship and move into position to help grow your business.

Without too many worries right now about how to engage your customers (see below) that I suggest several levels of commitment to customers, represented by the pyramid model.

At the bottom of the pyramid is your total available market. That is, all potential customers worldwide. They have potential, but at least this time no commitment level with you or your company.

At the next level is called after the run we are all used sales man asked if we need help: “No, just looking.” The fact that we are looking for ways we are more involved than the masses, but we still have to make a commitment.

Just Looking just outside is just to buy.

For most companies this is the height of desire. Get your sales, profits and move to the next book.

Above just buy again. This is a level that generally requires that the client was quite pleased with their first purchase to be ready to come back and buy again. I say generally because they may have no other options, and therefore they have no choice. For you as a business owner, it’s a very good level. Serving a customer return costs less because you do not have to pay for them, and they are cheaper to serve in most cases because they are already familiar with you and your business. The more customers you can get to buy new, more profitable you become.

But it is the customer engagement to new heights to buy again. The first is to provide feedback. This applies to customers who want to invest more in its activities, not just money. They do this work to tell you how to improve their offers. In practice, higher than the typical definition of customers and will are co-producers, which helps to ensure that the victim is just what the market wants and needs. Two great things happening in the process: 1) When you arrive so that aims to improve sales, 2) How the customer to invest their own ideas, your business will be more loyal and go to the next level.

The top of the pyramid is to tell others. At this level, your customers are so pleased with your offer they cannot be prevented from telling others. They become co-sponsors, a strong sales force willing to tell complete strangers and best friends of your wonderful company. As consumers are generally becoming more jaded and less reliance on traditional advertising, growing your business depends largely on the number of your customers become promoters.

After describing the model, I hasten to add that I know is too simplistic. Not all customers move through each level. Some developers do not give their opinion. Some of the comments and then leave and never return. Despite its simplicity, I think the model may be useful to understand the concept that customers can become much more valuable to a company than the value of purchases they make. Consider:

This table tries to show in relative terms, how a company benefits financially from a client in every possible level of commitment. At the expense of the extreme left, like, associated with a client usually exceeds the income from that client. For example, spending money on advertising and attracting the attention of a client willing to take a look. At that time you paid (advertising) more money than you brought ($ 0 purchased by the customer).

For customers who take the plunge and buy your offer, it’s unlikely you will cross to positive returns. If the customer returns to buy again and again your customer benefit from this increase. Note that the slope of the line becomes steeper to buy again in phase. It is because it is cheaper to sell to repeat customers than it gains new customers. Indeed, for most companies, it costs five to ten times more to acquire a new customer than to sell more to existing customers. The obvious difference is the acquisition cost associated with attracting new customers. The less obvious reason is that a regular customer who already knows how your product or service does and does not require a “hold hands” well throughout the process.

As the curve continues at the highest levels of commitment, to provide information and tell the others, its slope becomes steeper, indicating that even in significantly higher yields are possible. Two reasons: 1) The additional costs involved in moving to customers at these levels is relatively low and 2) The yield potential multiplier effect built in – that share a customer can influence many other customers.

For example, customer information to help you improve your offer not only a client services and vice versa, but it benefits all customers and increases the likelihood of recurrence more often. Even more obvious, a customer who begins to tell others about your business not only brings their purchases, but purchases of several new customers to your business.

In conclusion, committed to helping customers improve their supply, actively promote your product, improve performance and to a large extent, will determine how quickly your business growth. When one takes into account the growth of your business, look not only to the amount of “girl of my dreams”, customers can take and go to “just buy” but also consider how you can get your “buying” customers to participate fully in your business.


Repair Tools For Home Workshop in Tool

Most of us spend a significant amount of money in maintaining the vehicle we own. With a little effort and the right set of tools, you can minimize the maintenance cost of your vehicles by a great extent. Minor jobs such as fixing the wiring, removing small scratches, replacing the light bulbs, are some of the tasks that can be easily performed in a home workshop, and will greatly reduce the cost incurred in the maintenance of your vehicle.

The most important element of a home workshop is the right set of workshop tools. Before you start purchasing tools, you should be absolutely clear about the scope of your home workshop. Different people are skilled differently; hence, an extremely useful tool for one may be absolutely useless for some. First of all you should make a list of all the jobs that you will be able to perform in your workshop. Based up on the nature of jobs you can start shopping for workshop tools.

Today, there are several types of tools available in the market. Hand tools, body repair tools, engine repair tools, motorcycle tools, wiring repair tools, and many more. Tools such as engine repair tools demand high level of proficiency, and should only be bought if you are sure that you will be able to perform the related jobs. For high end cars, you will need to have some company specific tools as well. However, it is advisable that in case you have a high-end car, you should buy the tools which are absolutely necessary. This is because if you will replace your car with a car manufactured by a different company, company specific tools may become useless for your new car.

Automotive tools can be purchased from any tools and hardware store; however, it is advisable that you opt for an online store for all of your tools needs. Online stores not only offer the most convenient way to shop for tools, due to the low maintenance cost of an online store, store owners are able to offer tools at extremely reasonable prices.


So if we give GM our money and they improve their cars?

All the money they need, and they spend it all on the company…now they have all these cars setting around and nobody is buying them then what? No car sales, no jobs right? I was working for a major chain grocery store….sales dropped I got laid off whats the difference, GM is just wanting OUR money to save their jobs, I don’t have one….why don’t they go out and get another job? I’m looking.

Chosen Answer:

Is this a question or a rant
Because MILLIONS of people will be looking for jobs if GM goes under
by: Rod Knocker
on: 19th October 09