3 Differences Between a Sales and Marketing Job Description in Marketing


The Difference Between a Job in Sales and Marketing

While many think that sales and marketing careers are the same, they often prove to be quite different and, subsequently carry very different tasks / required knowledge of the employee.

As of late, many small businesses have added to the confusion as to the difference between sales and marketing jobs by titling and / or marketing their open jobs as “Sales and Marketing” when it is only one of the two.

How to Differentiate the 2:?

When you look closer at daily tasks of a true marketing employee and the duties of a sales professional, you find a vast difference between the two:

3 Facets of Most Sales Jobs:

The main facets of most sales jobs are as follows:


Prospecting for new business – sales employees, unless the job is a pure business development position, are required to prospect for new accounts via committing to such actions as cold-calling or prospecting through avenues such as formulating mass emails.

2. Contract negotiation – sales employees are typically responsible for negotiating the prices of the product or service that they are selling. While the marketing team will give the sales professional a format as to how to “pitch” the product or service, the sales representative is the one of the frontline selling to clients including negotiating contracts.

3. Account Management – much of a sales professional’s day is dealing directly with clients which includes managing current accounts that the individual is responsible for.

This also includes activities such as up-selling current accounts or contacting those clients who are up for contract renewal. Conversely, the marketing employees will be the ones formulating the sales material that the sales representative sends out to both existing and prospective clients.

3. Main Facets of a Marketing Job:

A few of the main facets of most marketing jobs are as follows:

1. Copywriting – many marketing jobs have their employees consistently writing copy for the website, press releases or other. This also includes blogging.

If you want to consider a career in marketing, be prepared to hone your writing skills as the web now dominates consumer behavior and, subsequently the needed activities from a marketing employee.

2. Analytics – marketing is just as much about creativity as it statistics and numbers.

Marketing employees will consistently have to keep up with or will be responsible for numerical measurements that dictate buyer behavior. For instance, how web visitors and social media gurus respond to a particular advertising campaign are best told through numbers.

Some of the best marketing professionals are more analytical and number oriented than they are creative.

3. Programming – if you want to be the most competitive marketing candidate as possible, I would highly recommend that you learn to program certain languages such as HTML, PHP, JAVA as well as become familiarized with different content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress.

While you won’t see programming on every job description, if you know it and you’re applying to a small or mid-size company, consider it part of your new job and consider it an added bonus to a prospective employer upon negotiating your salary.


Why Electric Motor Design and Other Types of Machine Design Require Contract Engineering Services For in Design

If you belong to any heavy engineering company, you must be of aware of the wide range of complex jobs required to be completed to obtain finished products. If you need the services of qualified professionals for getting wind turbine design, electric motor design and gear design software, it is better to contact contract engineering service providers. They are better equipped to provide you with high quality jobs within specific time.

Let us learn something about these complex machine designs to understand why they require contract engineering services.

Wind turbine design

A wind turbine is a machine that extracts energy from the wind.  Therefore, wind turbine design is the process of designing and defining the structure, form and specifications for a wind turbine. This design includes the required systems to direct the turbine into the wind, trap the wind’s energy and transform the mechanical power into electrical power. In addition, it also provides designs for the systems to start, stop and control the machine. Beside simple and basic wind turbines, there are many wind turbine designs created to work in different conditions. For a heavy engineering company, it is very time consuming and complex to create and formulate these designs as it requires additional resources. It requires specially trained professionals and equipments, which is counter-productive as it is a small part of the main project.

Electric Motor Design

Electric motors are among the most common electric components used for various purposes.

This electromechanical device is used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.  These devices are used for various purposes such as industrial fans, machine tools, blowers and pumps, household appliances, disk drives and power tools. Even electric wristwatches have small electric motors. For specific industrial purposes, medium-sized motors of specific dimensions are used. Very large motors are used for pipeline compressors, propulsion of ships and with high-energy water pumps. There are a variety of electric motors based upon their internal construction, their applications, by the type of motion they produce and source of electric power. Depending upon type, an electric motor design is created. To get high caliber electric motor design on time, it is better to hire the services of contract engineers. They are highly expert and better equipped to create high quality designs on time.

Gear Design Software

Gear design software delivers excellent performance when it comes to designing different types of gears.  There are some good software programs available to perform various tasks to handle spur and helical gears. They have tools for sizing, optimizing and rating gearboxes. All the modules in the software work through a single interface. There are programs to cover all the components such as bevel, face, helical, spur, worm, crossed, planetary, axis, gear sets and rack and pinion gears. You can use the software in several ways to accomplish the designs according to your needs, but it needs trained professionals. It is much more cost effective to outsource the handling of such software for gear design rather than train your own workforce.


Painting and Decorating Manchester in Working


Painters Manchester will help you create a beautiful working or living area. We deal with the cleaning, painting and decorating according to an agreed project. We also carry out any necessary repairs that may be required.. When the job is completed we leave your property clean and ready to use. Decor Group work to a extensive programme agreed by you the client before the works commence. Our decorating team specialises in working to a price that you can afford. There are no additional hidden extra costs. We deal with any size job in a very short time.


We strongly believe in customer satisfaction therefore every project we undertake has the highest possible finish. We also understand some work requires urgency therefore we are always willing to work with our client’s and even unsociable hours to make sure all our work is always finished according to the agreed schedule.

S A Massey Painters Stockport clients are always our number one priority. With our low cost prices and service agreement we can assure that the customer is always aware of the cost of theprject from the outset.


We are highly skilled with brushes, rollers and airless sprayers, creating a superior end result on all surfaces. All jobs are undertaken with careful cleaning, taping and priming.


Preparations can include scraping, sanding, wallpaper removal, caulking, drywall or wood repair, patching, stain removal, filling, sash window overhaul and repair, patch plastering, lining and more, carried out where required.


Domestic painting and decorating


Interior and exterior work carried out. Interior work to include as follows: Full preparation, wallpaper stripping/re-papering, and all paintwork to include emulsioning walls and ceilings, undercoating and glossing woodwork, woodstaining, varnishing and any other treatments where necessary. Exterior work includes full preparation on all woodwork, masonry and metal surfaces. Exterior painting to include undercoating and glossing, woodstaining, varnishing and any other treatments where necessary.


Commercial painting and decorating


Interior and exterior work carried out. Interior work to include as follows: Full preparation, wallpaper stripping/re-papering, and all paintwork to include emulsioning walls and ceilings, undercoating and glossing woodwork, woodstaining, varnishing and any other treatments where necessary.


S A Massey Painting and Decorating Manchester offers a well rounded professional painting and decorating service, accepting any additional requests and providing the customer with a cost effective painting and stripping solution.


We provide a wide range of services for domestic and commercial clients. So if you are looking to renovate the whole property or just want to give it a face lift then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can arrange an appointment at your convenient time to assess the work and provide you with free quotation.



Fork Extensions for Material Lifting in Extension

Why are extensions required? Do they have a role to play in lifting extensive weights? Well, logic says that if they had no role to play they would have never been there in the first place! So if you are talking about extensions, there must be some sense and some logic behind it. The fork extension attached to the table truck or the pallet stacker has a deep significance to it. You need some brains to understand that, or it will come invariably to you if you happen to be associated to a warehouse in any way. Whatever the case is, it is imperative you understood the meaning behind a forklift extension.

Whether it is a table truck or a pallet stacker, each machine comes with a defined lifting capacity. The capacity cannot be violated, for the machine will give up and collapse. It is for this reason the fork extension is attached so that the machine can lift more weight than usual. The weight lifting capacity automatically goes up and the machine ploughs more than usual.

The fork extension is a commonly used feature in the table truck and pallet stacker because personnel want to take more weight with them when they make a trip to the site. Extended lifting ensures the overall count of the trips goes down considerably and some time is saved. This comes into place categorically in the situation where time is less and work pressures are unbelievable.

The fork extension comes handy in warehouses all the time. There is a lot of weight to be picked up and people keep toiling. With their table truck and their pallet stacker, they keep doing rounds picking up weights time and again and dropping them subsequently to the site where they are told to.

With the fork extension, the effort they put in is reduced to a certain extent. Their trips go down and the weight they carry in each trip goes up. So output and efficiency increase with no such excessive consumption of energy or time.

The extensions have been a great advent for many reasons. Some of them have already been made evident, with enhanced lifting and less effort made being two. They are easy to connect and pose no threat as such. Just that one needs to be careful not to enter the line of fire when the weights are being escorted, or yanked to be more precise. It is only then one should avert coming in front of the forks and taking chances, for anything happens anytime and an injury might be in the reckoning.

The extensions ensure one does not have to struggle hard in ensuring the weights get carried out easily. Carriage is simple for the fact that one does not even feel the extensions are connected to the machine when the whole thing is in motion. Things just flow smoothly and the whole process winds up within no time. This is how it goes, and this is how simple things are.  



  • Custom-tailored for your vehicle’s front floorboards for perfect protection
  • Made from premium 40 Oz. stain and wear resistant, durable nylon pile carpet
  • Backed with a thick, non-slip rubber layer and eyelets where required
  • Treated for stain and soil resistance and available in colors to match your interior
  • Made to order in the USA

Coverking Custom Floor Mats protect original upholstery from damage and provides a personalized look to the interior of the vehicle. They are constructed using fiber material which adds durability and good looks to the vehicle. These carpets are made from nylon, which protects the original carpet and makes them stain resistant.

Restore That Showroom Feel

These thick, soft floor mats have a generous 40 oz. of super-soft premium nylon in each square yard. They look great and they’ll stay that way, thanks to the ultra-durable, stain-resistant material. These mats are superior in materials and quality to OE mats – even for European luxury vehicles. Coverking’s Premium Floor Mats enhance the image of the vehicle, beautify its interior and provide a luxurious feel for the vehicle’s occupants. Backed with a thick, no-skid polyurethane rubber to retain the position of the mat, they conform comfortably to the foot. Top-notch construction goes into every piece. Premium Floor Mats can be used to protect your original mats from damage, cover up any existing damage, or provide a more personalized look to any interior. Coverking Premium Floor Mats don’t just look great – they’re tough carpet defenders, too. They stand up to heavy foot traffic as well as mud and dirt, so your factory carpets stay clean and fresh. Every Coverking Premium Floor Mat is made with pride in Coverking’s California plant here in the USA.

A Superior Fit

Thick and plush, with eyelets (when required) to keep them anchored away from the pedals, these rich looking mats are custom cut to fit your car like a tailored suit. Coverking’s true Custom Floormats are made-to-order for your vehicle. Every pattern is designed specifically for a make, model, year, options, and seating configuration. Unlike most mass market universal mats, Coverking’s custom-fit floor mats have been designed to fit specifically and perfectly to your vehicle’s floor contour and specifications. They may or may not be identical to the OEM mats. In some cases – customers find Coverking’s mats fit BETTER than the originals. We provide many designs not available from the dealers and their suppliers, like one-piece rear mats and cargo mats.

Care for Your Custom Floormats

Spot clean with upholstery cleaner. Floor mats can be washed with mild soap and water and hung out to dry to produce wonderful results. Do not wash the floor mats in a washing machine, it may damage the machine. Always allow your seat covers to fully dry before installing.

Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee

Premium custom floor mats come with a standard 1-year warranty against any defects in workmanship and materials. If a product fails under normal use during the warranty period, Coverking will repair or replace the product.


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  • Great street sign car air freshener from AAF.
  • State the fragrance required in FREE gift message box when proceeding through checkout.
  • Choose from over 15 different fragrances. See “Product Description” below for available fragrances.
  • Ideal as a gift and great for hanging in your car, home or office.
  • Packaged in a polypropylene bag. Actual air freshener size is approximately 94 mm x 62 mm.

AAF produce a wide selection of novelty car air fresheners in a variety of fragrances. We take great pride in our work and only use the highest quality materials for our air fresheners to ensure that you get a great looking and fragrant product. These air fresheners are ideal as a gift and great for hanging in your car, home or office.


Add item to basket and tick the “Gift Options” box when proceeding to checkout. Then enter your FRAGRANCE required in the Free Gift Message box. Please note we do not offer gift messaging. The Free Gift Message box is to be used for telling us your requirements only.

Choose from one of the following scents available: Apple, Beach Breeze, Bubblegum, Cherry, Cinnamon, Citrus, Lavender, Lemon, Mint, New Leather, Orange, Peach, Pine, Raspberry, Rose, Strawberry or Vanilla.

Please do not forget to specify the FRAGRANCE required in the Free Gift Message Box. Otherwise you will receive VANILLA!

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Appropriate Medical Sales Job Interview Dress Attire in Wear

Do you know what to wear for your job interview?  Is a suit always required, or is it too formal? Would you be just fine in khaki pants and a sport coat?  What if you’re of the female persuasion—can you wear pants?  These are critical issues for job seekers—especially job seekers in medical sales, where looks are very important.  What you wear to the interview creates the first impression of you for the hiring manager, which affects his perception of you as a candidate for the rest of the interview.  That means it has a direct impact on whether or not you end up with the offer.  It’s a big deal.


The good news is, you can control the impression you make on the hiring manager by carefully managing your appearance so that it reinforces, rather than detracts from, the information you’re presenting about why you’re the best candidate for the job.  The better news is that it’s not that hard.


A recent survey of medical sales hiring managers shows that most managers prefer candidates who are conservatively dressed and have paid attention to the details.  Shoes need to be shined, hair needs to be trimmed and well-maintained (especially any facial hair—but a hair-free face is better), makeup needs to be understated, and your jewelry needs to be in good condition.  They will also notice the condition of your portfolio.  How well you attend to these details speaks to the interviewer about how well you manage your time.


Conservative dressing means just what it sounds like.  Most managers prefer men to wear suits (and if for some reason you don’t wear a suit, you MUST wear a tie).  A small portion of the managers surveyed (about 33%) said that they prefer women in suits with a skirt, rather than pants—but the skirt vs.

pants issue has no effect on the hiring decisions of 78% of hiring managers.  Above all, they want to know that candidates understand how to present themselves as professionals.  Candidates must be comfortable, confident, and conservative.  Many of the managers had stories of candidates who showed up in wrinkled clothes, too-tight suits, “trashy” outfits, or too-high heels that absolutely put those candidates on the reject list.


The bottom line:  Your interview attire is another indicator for the hiring manager uses to evaluate whether or not to hire you.  They see it as evidence of your respect for the interviewer and your seriousness about the position. Dressing professionally lets them concentrate on your skills, talents, and experience—while dressing inappropriately just makes them focus on your mistake.


Capitalizing Names of Relationships – Mother Or Mother, Brother Or Brother? in Writing

Should you write Mom or mom?  Is it more correct to write Brother or brother?  While we all capitalize proper nouns, when do we capitalize those used to refer to them?

As a rule, you should only capitalize relationship names when they are used as a substitute for the person’s actual name, such  as in “Don’t go see Dad today, he’s not in the mood.”  Conversely, no capitalization is required when there is a modifier in front of the relationship name, such as in “My mom is still in Puerto Rico.”

These two examples should help make those rules even clearer:

“Where’s Grandpa?  I want to see my grandpa!”  (In this case, the Grandpa [in the first sentence] substitutes for the man’s name, while grandpa [in the second sentence] is simply referring to the man that I want to see).

“I never believed a single thing Uncle said.  Anyone who believes my uncle’s stories is quite the gullible sucker.”  I won’t explain this anymore – hopefully, you catch the drift.

A common mistake in capitalization are terms of endearment. Under no conditions should these vocative nouns ever be capitalized (e.g. “I love you, honey”).  Everyday, I see plenty of writers guilty of these errors, so do watch out for them, especially since older writing software programs, available on the internet or in your local shop, can only identify so many vocatives and will likely pass a few uncommon ones over. There is one exception though. Only one is able to catch even such errors when writing.



  • Features EZ Touch 360 degree dial spray tip
  • No sanding or priming required
  • Bonds easily to most plastics, PVC, resins and more
  • Fast drying, fully chip resistant after 7 days
  • Dry to touch in 15 minutes; dry to handle in 1 hour

Krylon Fusion for Plastic is formulated to provide a super bond to plastic without flaking off. It is fast drying, durable and extremely universal. Ideal for glass, hard vinyl, metal, paper, wicker, wood, ceramic and plaster.

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Palm Beach Roofing Concepts in Roof

If you are a resident of Palm Beach Roofing is something that is required most essentially. It is because this region of Florida faces up with massive hurricanes at certain time of the year. Roofing Palm Beach is required to get you protected from the wrath of those severe natural disasters. Unless the residential houses are covered up with proper roofing, it becomes extremely difficult to survive during those hurricane times.

If you are a resident of the Palm Beach area within Florida, then you need to be extra careful during the hurricane seasons. They start to become aware about the safety measures. Even with absolute protection, some sort of damages and sufferings may take place. However, with the protection, the impact will be much less severe.

Those houses in Florida that have old structures are the most suffering ones. There are several roofing experts available within the region that needs to be consulted in order to provide the most help in these erroneous situations.

But once the roofing is installed, it is absolutely not recommended to get over those structures. It is strictly not recommended. This is extremely risky and every possibility to face up with some severe accidents is there. Hence, it is always recommended to never climb up over there. Falling down from itcan happen in no time at all.

And once you face up with such trouble, then your body will get severe hurts and injuries. So better be careful and follow a cautious approach. Also the installation procedure needs to be done through expert professionals.

They can perform the installation task in the best possible way. It may cost you some monetary investment to undergo, but this is the safest approach to avail.