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Choosing The Right Welding Blankets For The Job in Welding

Welding blankets have an important job — protecting welders and those around them from sparks that can cause burns and even catch fire. In addition to providing human protection from sparks and burns, these blankets also protect surfaces from burns and damage.

General protective blankets, such as silver tarps, just don’t do the job when it comes to dealing with sparks, spatter, slag, molten metal, and fire. It’s no wonder why they’re so important in industries like the automotive industry. The key to getting the maximum protection from these safety tools is making sure you choose the right blanket for the job. This article looks at things to consider when choosing welding blankets for your next welding project.

Type Of Welding Project

The type of welding blankets you use for a project really comes down to the type of welding project you’re working on. Use the following as a guide when choosing the right welding blankets for your specific project to ensure safety based upon the sparks, spatter, slag, and molten metal you produce.

•  Light Duty – Good for general purpose welding where you will only produce minimal spatter and light sparks.

•  Medium Duty – Best for medium projects where there will be a heavier amount of sparks and spatter along with a slight amount of slag.

•  Heavy Duty – Great for projects producing heavy sparks, heavy slag, and heavy spatter.

•  Extreme Duty – Necessary protection for the most extreme welding projects that include heavy spatter, heavy sparks, heavy slag, and the possibility of exposure to molten metal.

Basically, the thicker and heavier the blanket the better protection it provides because sparks, spatter, slag, and molten metal will burn through much slower.

Another thing to consider when choosing welding blankets is the heat resistant temperature. Some protect only from lower temperatures while others protect from extreme temperatures, usually dependent upon the quality, thickness, and material of the blanket.

Choosing The Right Size

You also want to make sure you choose your blanket based upon the size of your welding project. Luckily, this is easy because welding blankets come in a wide range of sizes to suit any size project. High quality blankets even have brass grommets that allow you to join several of them together when working on a large project, or when one blanket isn’t adequate for the size of protection you need.

Consider The Material

Welding blankets come in a variety of different materials, including woven fiberglass, which offers great flexibility and heat resistance. Other popular materials that provide outstanding protection include acrylic coated fiberglass, silicone coated fiberglass, carbonized fiber, bronze silica, heat cleaned fiberglass, vermiculite coated fiberglass, and leather.

In addition, the stitching on these blankets provides protection and reduces the instance of fraying due to rigorous wear and tear. While uncoated blankets are easy to wrap and drape because they offer more pliability, coated blankets provide better protection.

Don’t trust your safety to general silver tarps or other type of inadequate protection from sparks, spatter, slag, molten metal, and fire for your next welding project. Welding blankets provide the necessary protection and they’re also easy to work with and come in a variety of sizes, weights, and materials to suit any welding project.



  • Cools and protects your child’s car seat
  • Helps protect car seat from heat and UV rays
  • Elastic sizing allows cover to fit most car seats
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store

The Mommy’s Helper Car Seat Sun Shade can keep your child’s car seat an average of 26 degrees F cooler. Unwrap the Car Seat Sun Shade and stretch over the child’s car seat, covering the entire seat with shade. To remove, simply stretch the sun shade back over car seat. Wrap up shade and use build in elastic strap to secure for storage between uses.

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Price: $ 5.99


  • Patented design fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUV’s – consult manufacturer web site for specific vehicle fit information
  • Individual tie-downs secure and protect bicycles
  • Padded lower frame keeps bicycles away from vehicle
  • Side straps for increased lateral stability
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Comes fully assembled – set up and installs in seconds

No roof rack, no problem with the 102DN Deluxe Two Bike Carrier from Allen Racks. This simple, sturdy bike carrying system fits most sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs via a single configuration design that eliminates setup hassles and headaches during installation. The rack comes fully assembled, and mounts to your vehicle in seconds. Twelve-inch long carry arms easily accommodate up to two bikes, and a patented individual tie-down system secures and protects your bicycles. Also includes a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials.

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  • Officially licensed
  • 100 per cent nylon carpet
  • Made in USA

Protect your vehicle’s flooring while showing your team pride with car mats by Fan Mats. They have a 100 per cent nylon face with non-skid vinyl backing. Universal fit makes it ideal for cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs. The officially licensed mat is chromojet printed in true team colors and designed with a large team logo. Made in U.S.A.

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Help Your Bumper To Do Its Job With Bumper Repair in Bumper

Your Cars provide you with commodious ways to get where you want and need to go. You normally choose a car that appears good and that more significantly is safe. You want your Car to protect you in case you are unluckily involved in a Car accident. In order for your Car to do its job, it requires to be in good condition from outside and inside. For example, there are lots of Cars on the road today that require Bumper repair. Bumper repair is one of the most commonly used Auto Body Repairs that are required right now. Even so it is as well a significant repair if you wish your Cars Bumper to keep doing its work.

Your rear and front Bumpers job is to defend you and your Engine. In assuring the definition of Bumper you will notice what it is and what its purpose really is. It is normally a plastic, metal or rubber bar bound to either end of a motor vehicle to assimilate impact in a collision, as well it serves as a caring device for assimilating shock or impeding contact.

Even so if it is not in best condition it will not be capable to do its job properly. If your Car was in any kind of accident and the Bumper requires repair, it is most probably weak. This means, if you were in an accident it wouldnt be able to fully do its job of assisting you and the people who sit in your vehicle, since it is not hard enough. If this is the case you require getting your Bumper repaired. It has an essential job function in your whole vehicle safety, which is essential to everyone.

Finding your Bumper repaired is not such a big deal. Always keep in mind that few dealerships or even autonomous auto body shops might tell you that you require replacing your Bumper. Even so with latest skill and techniques this can normally be avoided. If you supplant your Bumper instead of repair it, you will be compensable quite a bit more. Also, it will take more time as you will have to waiting for them to order the Bumper and issues, wait for it to get in at their Shop, and wait for them to have time to accomplish the replacement.

As Bumper repair is not failing to drain your wallet or your spare time you would find a Professional to get your Bumper in best condition so it can do its wok. After it is said and done you will have a securer vehicle and it will look best too.



  • Made in the USA
  • Machine Washable
  • Officially Licensed
  • Chromojet painted in true team colors.
  • 100% nylon carpet and non-skid Duragon® latex backing

Protect your vehicle’s flooring while showing your team pride with car mats by FANMATS. 100% nylon face with non-skid vinyl backing. Universal fit makes it ideal for cars, trucks, SUCs, and RVs. The officially licensed mat is chromojet painted in true team colors and designed with a large team logo. Made in USA.

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Auto Repair Information You Can’t Live Without in Mechanic

Always exercise the highest level of caution when working with your car’s fuel system. Never work around fuel tanks, fuel lines or pumps with sources of ignition such as cigarettes or anything that could produce a spark. Wipe up any fuel spills immediately, and protect yourself by wearing fuel-resistant gloves and eyewear.

Visit the Bureau of Automotive Repair website before you allow someone to do work on your vehicle. This will allow you to verify their license information. It will also give you information about any complaints they have had lodged against them. If you see too many complaints, it may be a good idea to seek out another mechanic.

If you take your car into a shop, expect to be asked about additional service. However, you don’t have to take them up on this. Simply get done what you need to get done. If you feel someone is pressuring you too much, move on. While it is their job to try and sell you on as much as possible, you need to feel good with whoever you are working with.

If you had a mechanic do some repairs on your car, find out more about the parts used. It is often best to pay for brand new parts that come with a guarantee or use rebuilt part that were fixed by a reliable professional. If you fully trust your mechanic, let them shop around for the parts.

Ask auto body shops that you are considering if they offer a warranty on their repairs. Any reputable shop is more than happy to guarantee their work on new parts for at least a few months. If any one that you talk to does not you should certainly find a different shop.

Check to see if your mechanic is ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified.

In order for mechanics to receive this certification, they must pass a written test and have two years of auto repair experience. Having a mechanic with this certification will help ensure that your car receives the best possible care.

If you go to an auto mechanic and you are asking a lot of questions, take notice of his demeanor. It is perfectly normal for people to have questions about vehicle repairs. If he seems like he is bothered by you asking questions, you should probably go elsewhere to get your repairs done.

You now can be the auto repair pro, meaning you aren’t going to have to worry next time something comes up. You can get the problem handled promptly by accessing what you have read here. All it takes is confidence in what you’re doing in a market that can confuse many people.


  • USB car charger adapter charges your iPhone, iPod, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, PDAs, Mobile Phones
  • Patented circuit board designed to protect your valuable gadgets from short circuits.
  • Please consult your user manual of your device for the power consumption
  • Input : 12-24V, Output : 5V 700mAh, 1-yr warranty

Use your cigar lighter outlet to charge any devices (iPhone, iPod, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, PDAs, Mobile Phones and more) that can rely on USB for power. This adapter plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter jack to become a powered USB port.

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  • Material: brushed suede
  • Custom fit dashboard cover protects your dashboard from harmful ultraviolet rays
  • The image displayed may be different from the actual design/cut for this part number
  • Durable woven fabric
  • Dash designs custom dash covers protect your dashboard from harmful UV rays that can cause discoloration or cracking

Dash Designs provides high quality dash covers, manufactured for your vehicle’s custom fit. Starting from concept to Computer-Aided Design and using State-of-the-art manufacturing process, Dash Designs provides quality engineered products to enhance customers motoring experience. With 60 years of vehicle configurations available, it will be easy to locate your particular make, model and year of vehicle. You may choose from 6 high quality fabrics with over 38 colors or prints. Dash Designs offers numerous options to personalize your dash cover, such as personal lettering embroidery, fun logos or get crazy and do both. Their brand products are: Dash Designs custom dashboard covers, Seat Designs custom seat covers, The Shade retractable sunshades, Silver Shield custom solar shades, Endura custom floor mats, and Dashcessories: interior fabric accessories. These innovative interior products are crafted for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and RVs. Made in America.

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