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Dodge E85 Viper sports car are proving environmental protection, sports car drivers and farmers can turn in friends. Chicago’s SVS Power Corporation designed and manufactured Zheliang green sports car, the Dodge Viper is an ordinary gasoline engine sports car made from a blueprint, using bio-ethanol gasoline (from 85% ethanol and 15% of the petrol allocation made there are now a number of gas stations to supply).

1, Dodge Viper E85 E85 Dodge Viper sports car

the emergence of environmental protection that, car drivers and farmers can turn in a good friend. Chicago’s SVS Power companies design and manufacture of a Zheliang green sports car, it is to ordinary petrol engine sports car Dodge Viper a blueprint made from the use of bio-ethanol gasoline fuel (from the 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent of the petrol allocation made there are now a number of gas stations to supply).

Dodge Viper E85

SVS company selected the 2005 version of the Dodge Viper sports car, the car’s engine already has a very strong, and they gave this displacement of 8.3 liter V10 cylinder engine fitted with two turbo system, and adjust the engine can use bio-ethanol gasoline in the state.

The final product has been licensed to run the road, beast speed reached a maximum power output of 1,200 horsepower, the maximum road speed of up to 220.7 mph (about 355 kmh), is also the one break modified version of Viper sports car gasoline engine to maintain the highest speed recorded.

Power: Ethanol Gasoline

Top speed: 220.7 mph (about 355 kmh)

2, No. inspiration steam cars Stanley steam locomotive No.

maintained in order to break 101 years of steam power car top speed record, new British production of steam-powered cars about to get all things proceed. According to its unique shape it up vividly named “inspired number”, if it is very streamlined alternative appearance were not enough, then we look at it as long as the family tree on the clear, “inspiration” and the the world’s first car broke the sound barrier in the car – the twin jet engines ThrustSSC supersonic car from the same gate, so it is not the role of a good mess.

No. inspiration steam car

Zheliang single-seater racing shell made from carbon fiber and aluminum, the engine will water with liquid propane injection into a steam generator, which allows instant pressure 500 pounds per square inch, gushing steam temperatures up to 725 degrees Fahrenheit. The energy was then poured into a two-stage steam turbine engines, to speed up transfer of 12,000 per minute. The result is Zheliang very light car can reach 300 horsepower, it can easily reach 200 mph (about 322 kmh) over the speed limit. If all goes according to plan, then, “inspired number” trial run next year in Utah Boliweier salt Tan.

Power: steam (via liquid propane)

Top speed: estimated at 215 mph (about 346 kmh)

3, 999 Ford hydrogen fuel cell cars

Ford Motor Company developed the 999 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles may not be for the main purpose of the recent production, but as a vehicle to explore the feasibility of environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel cell project, 999 cars were very representative. This car is also the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell car powered sports car, named it as “999 type”, to commemorate the 1904 Henry. Ford made the fastest time run on the world car – 999 cars.

999 Ford hydrogen fuel cell cars

999 Ford hydrogen fuel cell cars is the collective wisdom, it is designed by the Ford Motor Company, from Roche sports car assembly manufacturing company, Pollard Dynamic Systems offers a fuel cell module. The motor vehicle up to 770 horsepower from a group of Ohio State University engineering students designed and manufactured, this group of designers backing is not small, they are designed “Ohio bullet” was battery-powered cars in the United States in 2004 created Boliweier high-speed 315 miles per hour, and now they are being designed by Ford with the help of dye battery-powered “Ohio bullet 2” car.

Power: Hydrogen fuel cell

Top speed: 207 per hour .3 Mile (about 333 kmh)

As diesel fuel, especially biodiesel environmentally friendly fuel of the pioneers of environmental protection, the German luxury carmaker Audi AG in automotive sector have drawn much attention, especially recently, Audi will be a strong unit of the gasoline engine sports car R8 converted into the history of the most powerful bio-diesel drive sports car – Audi R10TDI car. Audi R10 TDI cars

This Audi sports car’s top super-green in front of past criticisms gradually turned into praise. This sports car power 650 bhp 5.5-liter, twin-turbo unit with direct injection-type V12 cylinder engine, has been in almost all aspects of the overall ahead of its predecessors. In a special bio-diesel fuel formula test race, R10 easily broke the 200 mph straight-line track speed record, and won the Le Mans 24 hours in 2006-2007 Rally Championship. Now it seems, not only those clunky, slow diesel trucks dedicated fuel instead.

Power: bio-diesel

Top speed: 204.5 miles per hour (about 329 kilometers per hour)

5, Toyota Prius hybrid car

In breaking 100 miles per hour speed record of hybrids, the Toyota’s own production of the Prius hybrid car in the United States Boliweier become the world’s fastest hybrid power car.

Toyota Prius hybrid car

Car hybrid control system is installed, 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline transmitter and 50 kW DC motor, Toyota’s group eventually reached a higher fuel utilization and 500 to 550 volt transformer conversion capability. In our view, the Toyota Prius hybrid car suspension is very low, smooth wheel like the moon, rounded, a top speed of 130 miles form hybrid car can almost be “sexy” to describe.

Relative to the price of 104,000 US dollars of Lexus L S60 0hL type 483 horsepower V8 hybrid car, the Prius is not the speed of what, LS600hL type of speed reached 170 mph. But do not forget, Prius in the United States to create 130 miles per hour


Updates in Engine Repair in Tampa in Engine

Thirty years ago, the average life span of an automotive engine was about 5 – 7 years. Now the situation is entirely different.

While most engines before develop several problems such as loss of compression, oil pressure, and power, as well as increased emissions, internal noise, and oil consumption after an average of 60,000 to 80,000 miles, engines nowadays have been developed to decrease fuel wash down dilemmas and oil dilution in the crankcase.

Nonetheless, that is not to say that there is no need for engine repair in the roads of Tampa today. Frankly, engine repair is an auto service that certainly won’t be passé in any auto repair shop in Tampa. It may be true that today’s engine technology have extended the life of an engine to such extent that the need for various auto service has been reduced. Nevertheless, these new engines of today will get old and will need engine repair sooner or later.

As a car owner, you need to make a decision when faced with a major engine repair scenario: do you replace the engine or have it rebuilt? Choosing the former will lead you to answer question. That is , are you replacing your engine with a new, remanufactured, or used one?

Obviously, a new engine is very expensive. And if you are on a tight budget, you may opt to just choose between a remanufactured engine or a used one. Do not worry. You are not the only one using remanufactured or used engines. These types of engines are still pretty safe to use as long as it has been worked on by credible mechanics from a reliable auto repair shop in Tampa.

The second option is having an engine rebuild. Engine rebuilds in Tampa also cost less than having a total engine replacement.

However, before an engine rebuild takes place, you must first know that your car engine is rebuildable; meaning there is no excessive wearing and serious damage.

Engine rebuild as an auto service requires no state of the art tools and technology. A mechanic from an auto repair shop normally uses automotive hand tools, gauges, torque wrench, and ring expander and compressor. However, there are some machine work that needs to be done for an engine rebuild and you may need to farm it out from the nearest auto repair shop.

When it comes to buying engine parts, it will save you more money if you go for an engine kit rather that individual packages. Aside from these extra dollars in your savings account, going for a whole engine parts kit reduces your chance of mismatching parts that can ultimately cause major auto service problems. Parts present in the kit include bearings, camshaft, rings, timing chain and gear set, gaskets, valve seals, oil pump, pistons, and lifters.

Engine rebuild costs differently depending on the auto repair shop who does the work. You may opt to choose the one offering auto service at lesser price. However, make sure you do not compromise quality over one’s price. Also remember that the best auto repair shop in Tampa is the one offering good warranty services. As they say: warranty is your guarantee for the quality.



Run your desktop computer off battery power directly without an inverter?

I am sure its possible.
please post some URLs on this topic if d matter is too big to write.
i hav seen ppl do it…. dont tel me its not possible

Chosen Answer:

It took me a while to find a web page, here is a link :

Very interesting information to consider when running a computer off a battery :

How to Choose the Right Power Supply for your CarComputer System.


M2-ATX-HV 140W wide input Automotive PSU:

M2-ATX 160 Watt Intelligent Power Supply

M2-ATX Installation Guide (PDF file)

Got My Xbox To Run Directly Off 12v Battery!

by: Tony RB
on: 6th January 09

Build Your Own Magnetic Motors – Free Energy That Will Power Your Home Forever in Energy

Magnetic Motors are quickly becoming the number one renewable energy resource because of its many benefits. People all across the world have already began utilizing this revolutionary device, but at the same time, there are others that have doubts about the potential of this technology.

The doubters most likely don’t even know what a magnetic motor is, how it works, or even seen it in action. Once you have an understanding of how these motors work and the benefits they can provide, you will then see why it is the favorite energy efficient device among home energy enthusiast.

Magnetic motors work by using the energy of a magnet to produce perpetual motion. Perpetual motion is actually what separates magnetic motors from the other renewable energy resources out there. You see, perpetual motion refers to a movement that goes on forever so you can imagine the benefits of a device that produces energy through such a motion.

These motors will run continuously without ever stopping which will allow it to produce more energy than it consumes. Unlike other renewable energy resources it doesn’t rely on anything to produce energy. No sunlight, heat, water, or wind is needed to for it to generate free energy. This free energy a magnetic motor generates is more than enough to power your home for the rest of your life.

The small investment you put into one of these motors will cost you less than what you pay for your electric bill each month. Making it a smart investment on your behalf as you will be able to eliminate your electric bill all together. As stated earlier, people from around the world have already began implementing this technology to power their household full time while the doubters continue paying ridiculous amounts of money to their electric company.


MI Car Dealers Share: General Motors Creates 4,000 Jobs and Solar-Powered Efficiency in Job

DETROIT, M.I. – MI car dealers may have heard the announcement Tuesday as General Motors prepared to create more jobs across eight states, which would add up to 4,000 new and retained jobs for plant workers. Along with new jobs, General Motors is using solar power to create efficiency at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant.

Creating Jobs

General Motors CEO, Dan Akerson, announced the corporation would be investing billion into 17 plants that span eight states in the Midwest. Of the 4,000 jobs that will be available, MI car dealers are happy to hear 2,653 will be in Michigan alone.

General Motors has also announced that it will first offer the available positions to 1,350 workers who had recently been laid off before adding any new workers to the plant lines across the eight states.

The 4,000 jobs will be divided among GM properties as follows:

  • Detroit-Hamtramck will get up to 2,500 jobs
  • Toledo and Bowling Green, Ky will get 250 available positions
  • Saginaw, MI will receive 50 plant jobs
  • Warren Tech Center in Michigan will have up to 25 jobs

These jobs are on top of the 1,000 engineers that GM is hiring to work on electric vehicles in Michigan.

At the engine plant in Flint, MI, General Motors is investing million to increase production of the engine that is stocked in the Chevrolet Volt and Chevrolet Cruze, which will create 60 jobs for factory workers.  Also, the engine and transmission parts factory in Bay City, MI will receive million as well as 18 positions available.

At this point, there are still more than 10 plants that MI car dealers have not heard any announcement about.

GM may be making more announcements as the week continues.

It has been predicted by Sean McAlinden, a Senior Economist for the Center for Automotive Research, that the Detroit Three could add as many as 35,000 new jobs by 2015, with most of them landing in Michigan.

Solar Panels and Other Automaker Green Initiatives

MI car dealers have heard General Motors has officially broke ground as the corporation is planning to build solar panels on six acres in front of its Detroit-Hamtramck plant. The goal is to not only produce one of the most efficient vehicles, the Chevrolet Volt, but to create a more green production process as the popular extended-range electric car is produced for higher demand.

“This isn’t only going green for green’s sake,” said Bob Ferguson, GM’s Vice President of Global Public Policy, in a Detroit Free Press article. “This is about reducing this plant’s environmental footprint and reducing our bottom line.”

DTE Energy is an energy provider for residential and commercial locations in Michigan and nationwide, and it’s the company that will own and operate the 516-kilowatt system as part of its Solar Currents program. General Motors will see a lower energy bill by ,000 annually. Also, with changes in more efficient lighting and equipment updates, GM will see energy costs at Detroit-Hamtramck by nearly million annually.

Ford Motor Corp is also working toward more efficiency at its plants and the automaker plans to begin using dandelion roots in cup holders, floor mats and interior trims. The substance that can be extracted from the roots can be used to produce a more sustainable rubber.

“We’re always looking for new sustainable materials to use in our vehicles that have a smaller carbon footprint to produce and can be grown locally,” said Angela Harris, a Ford Research Engineer, in a Ford press release. “Synthetic rubber is not a sustainable resource, so we want to minimize its use in our vehicles when possible. Dandelions have the potential to serve as a great natural alternative to synthetic rubber in our products.”

As for Chrysler, the company has seen a 40 percent efficiency improvement in its lineup and has said that more improvements are on the way. Sixteen Chrysler models have been redesigned or refreshed in just over a one year, while Chrysler is still guiding its business back on track from its bankruptcy.

MI car dealers are sure to see more upgrades and changes from the Detroit Three and across their vehicle lineups as the 2016 Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standard deadline mandated by the federal government approaches Check back with MI Auto Times for continued updates.

MI Auto Times covers all Michigan automotive news all the time, featuring newly released vehicle recall information, relevant Michigan automaker news, vehicle ratings and comparisons, and everything else auto-related Michigan and world readers need to know.



  • Ultra-compact  
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Small but Powerful Charge your iPhone 5 on the road with the Belkin Car Charger with included Lightning to USB cable. Get unlimited play and standby time with the low-profile design that sits flush in your dash. Charge at the Speed of Lightning Use the Car Charger with the included 4-foot Lightning to USB cable to charge your iPhone 5, iPad with Retina Display (4th generation), or iPad mini at the fastest possible speed. The smaller, more durable Lightning connector is also reversible, which makes plugging it in easier than ever. USB Port with Separate Lightning to USB Cable The USB Port is universal, so you can still charge your legacy Apple devices with a 30-pin cable or other devices that use a Micro-USB cable. And the included 4-foot Lightning to USB cable can be used anywhere-plug it into your laptop to charge and sync, or use your own wall charger to charge from the wall. Great as a replacement cable or if you simply need an extra. Compatibility Information The Belkin Car Charger + Lightning ChargeSync cable (2.1 Amp) is compatible with iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation) and iPod nano (7th generation). The car charger alone is also compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPod touch (5th generation and earlier); iPod nano (6th generation and earlier) and iPod Classic, as well as other tablets and smartphones, when using their compatible 30-Pin or Micro-USB device cables (not included) Depending on the type of case you have, you may need to remove your case before charging. If your speakers, Lightning connector and AUX port are fully exposed when your case is on, you should be able to easily charge your iPhone without removing the case.  

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  • Nitrile-polymer coated abutment clips maximize noise suppression
  • Integral electronic wear sensors included where applicable

Each Raybestos brand Advanced Technology disc brake pad is produced with the highest quality semi-metallic or ceramic formulations and feature integrally molded construction for superior strength.

Raybestos Brake Pads are designed to provide excellent braking. These brakes utilize top quality formulations to defeat noise, dust and brake fade while delivering increased stopping power. Enjoy confident pedal feel from the very first stop. They are corrosion resistant and ensure easy installation.

Choose the Raybestos Brake Pad That’s Right for You

Regardless of the make and model of your vehicle, you have several options while selecting Raybestos brake pads. Use the guide below to better understand which Raybestos brake pad set is right for your vehicle. All Raybestos brake pads feature OE-compliant standards for strength and durability, with curing that means they’re ready to install immediately, so you know regardless of the brake pad you choose that you’re getting a consistent, predictable, and safe product.


Raybestos Service Grade–The insdustry’s most affordable quality line of friction with quiet operation and 95% vehicle application coverage, the Service Grade line offers value responsive coverage that satisfies the need of older vehicles and budget-conscious customers. The basic shims, slots, and chamgers provide the safety and reliability you expect from Raybestos while diminishing noise, vibration, and harshness.


Raybestos Professional Grade–Raybestos Professional Grade OE-Matched friction materials match the original formulation for less noise and a smooth quiet ride. The semi-metallic material is enhanced by premium noise-dampening shims and OE-or-better slots and chamfers. Professional Grade features several upgrades to further reduce noise and increase pad life, including integrated abutment hardware, premium attached shims, and improved pedal feel and responsiveness. Professional Grade is also available in Police and Medium Duty applications.


Raybestos Professional Grade Ceramic–Raybestos Professional Grade Ceramic friction materials match or improve on the OE ceramic formulation for operation that’s clean, quiet and smooth. The ceramic material is low-dusting, strong, and silent, delivering a further improved pedal feel and enhanced responsiveness, while providing maximum stopping power and safety.


Raybestos Advanced Technolgoy–Raybestos Advanced Technology disc brake pads utilize top quality formulations to defeat noise, dust and brake fade while delivering increased stopping power. Enjoy confident pedal feel from the very first stop. Advanced Technology brings features for the ultimate brake pad upgrade for severe duty, fleet, enthusiast/luxury, and high-performance applications, including nitrile-polymer-coated hardware, integral electronic wear sensors, and the highest quality spring-lock shims, slots, and chamfers.

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Wagner brake products offers product lines that feature quick, convenient, precise installation for passenger vehicles and medium-duty commercial applications that deliver Original Equipment quality, fit and form.

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  • Absolute BLS-4002 Blast Series 4 Inches 2- Way Car Speakers 480 Watts Max Power
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Absolute BLS-4002 Blast Series 4 Inches 2- Way Car Speakers 480 Watts Max Power

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  • Kenwood KFC-6983PS 900 watts 6×9″ 4-Way Speakers
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Pair of New Kenwood KFC-6983PS 900 watts combined (450 each) powerful four-way car audio speakers with sound image enhancer

Kenwood KFC-6983PS 900 watts 6×9″ 4-Way Speakers
Sound Image Enhancer 4 technology
6×9″ 4-Way Performance Series Car Speakers
Peak Power Handling: 900 watts per pair (450 watts each)
RMS Power Handling: 220 watts per pair (110 watts each)
Frequency Response: 66-22,000hz
Polypropylene cone woofer with diamond array pattern
Urethane foam surround
2-3/4″ Water-resistant paper cone mid-range
1-3/16″ PET Balanced dome tweeter
1/2″ PET Dome super tweeter
New Technology which blends sound for clean musical reproduction
4 ohms impedance
Depth: 3-1/16″
Includes Speaker Grilles

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