• Charges iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphones, tablets and other devices powered by USB
  • 10-Watt (5V/2.1A) charger offers fast charging capabilities
  • Compatible with 12V power supplies in car cigarette lighter jack
  • Power LED indicator

Macally Car 10U is a 10 Watt car charger perfect for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Tablets and smartphones.

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Price: $ 10.69

Advantages of Carpet Remnants in Carpet

At one particular time or other we’ve all regarded as utilizing carpet remnant for our carpeting requirements. There is a couple of points to consider when studying carpet remnants whether or not or not you are carpeting your workplace, property, or perhaps garage. The kind of carpet you choose is dependent upon what the purpose you’re expecting the carpet to perform. A unique note right here also about carpet remnants; the term remnants does not necessarily suggest less top quality carpet. Fairly the contrary, several occasions remnants are with the highest quality; they are just left more than carpet and are as great as the original carpeting they are left more than from.When buying for discount carpet remnants you are bound to hear all kinds of guarantees and deals. But I constantly remember what a car salesman told me one time, “ads aren’t for offering vehicles, they are for obtaining folks for the dealership.”

That is once they try and market you a thing else. Most carpet retailers do not make their large cash off selling carpet remnants, however they might offer fantastic offers just to get you in to the retailer. With that stated nonetheless, you’ll find some excellent offers around to be located, you simply need to seem for them.Now, dependant upon what type of carpet you may need, you are going to want to seem for any few things. Like myself, we truly carpeted our complete basement with premium quality olefin carpet we got as remnants for any excellent deal. We truly got it to get a small above a square yard, that’s a pretty very good deal for olefin carpeting.

It really is really resilient to staining and works excellent for our recreation area in the basement. We truly just had the rest of our property carpeted with frieze carpet and had the installers install the remnant pieces for an added with pad! We thought it was a fairly excellent deal. The most effective advice for obtaining excellent deals on remnants and carpet is simply to get out your yellow pages and start calling around. Inquire them if they carry remnants and then go examine it out for yourself. It is possible to find some fairly great offers online but constantly keep in thoughts the shipping charges with heavy items like carpet. It is possible to end up paying as significantly or far more for shipping than you do for the actual carpet.



How to use Wire binding in Binding

Wire binding is used to securely and effectively bind books and documents to keep them neat and in order. The most common things that are made using wire binding techniques are notebooks. There are many benefits to using wire binding over other methods for securing pages together. The main benefit is that documents that have been bound with wire can be opened completely flat without damaging any of the pages and the pages can be moved right around the wire binding so pages can be turned very easily.

Many companies such as printers and binders will offer wire binding services to secure many different types of documents together. Other people may have their own specialist wire binding machine and binding screws in house if they create a lot of books or documents that need binding. If you want to purchase your own wire binding machine then they are easy to use. You have to assemble the document or pages that you want to bind with a back and front cover and make sure the holes are centred on the paper. You will need to separate large documents into sections to punch the holes for the wire binding. Once you have created the holes you can place the pages on the wire binding then use the machine to squeeze the spine and close the binding.

There are many different types of wire binding machine to choose from ranging from light duty to heavy duty depending on the volume of binding you need to carry out. If you don’t have the time or resources to carry out your own binding but require documents or other literature to be bound on a regular basis then you are best to outsource your binding to a company who specialises in this line of work and will be able to carry out your wire binding quickly and efficiently.

Another popular way to secure documents together is by using binding screws. Binding screws are placed in one corner, usually the top left of a number of sheets to secure them together. They then open like a fan. Binding screws are frequently used on things like menus, albums, brochures, swatches, guides and point of sale materials.


  • Converts 12-volt DC power from your vehicle battery into 120-volt AC electricity
  • Fast 2.1 Amp USB charge port charges iPads and other power hungry USB products
  • Includes battery clips to power and charge devices requiring more than 120 Watts
  • Three-prong AC outlet accommodates most chargers and adapters for mobile electronics
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

The Amazon Basics Slim Power Inverter 175 converts 12-volt DC battery power from a vehicle into 175 peak Watts of usable AC and USB electricity. This sleek, compact adapter includes a three-prong household AC outlet and a fast 2.1 Amp USB charging port, allowing you to recharge and operate a larger range of mobile devices. The Pocket Inverter 175 is powerful enough to handle higher-output electronics such as a TV/VCR combo or a work light, and can simultaneously run and charge both an AC and USB device at once–including iPads/tablet PCs, laptops, netbooks, e-readers, smartphones and many other devices.

This pocket-size power inverter includes a 3-prong household AC outlet and a 2.1 Amp USB charging port. The 175 W power inverter can be plugged into a 12-volt power socket in your vehicle or connected directly to the battery. It is powerful enough to charge both an AC and USB device at the same time.

Power a variety of devices

Power a variety of devices

Power inverter connected to a 12-volt socket

Connect the power inverter to your vehicle’s 12-volt
socket to power devices with a USB connection or AC plug.

Power inverter connected to your vehicle’s battery

Connect to your vehicle’s battery to power
lights, tools, or outdoor gear.

AmazonBasics header

AmazonBasics 175 Watt Pocket Power Inverter with 2.1 Amp USB Port
  • Converts your vehicle’s DC 12-volt power to AC electricity for powering products needing 130 W or less.
  • USB port to charge USB products like DVD players, e-readers, tablets, and more
  • Perfect for powering products in RVs, campers, trucks, boats, and on-the-go devices in your car
  • Low battery voltage shutdown
  • Overheat protection sh
  • Automatic shutdown when power exceeds 175 W

Dimensions: 4 x 2.75 x 0.75” (LxWxD)

Warranty: AmazonBasics 1-Year Limited Warranty [PDF]

AmazonBasics bottom
For work or play

The 175 Watt Pocket Power Inverter is created to power devices that use 130 W (about 1.15 amps AC) or less. You can charge a wide variety of devices, from laptops, tablets, phones, MP3 players, game consoles, digital cameras, and e-readers to tailgating, camping and boating devices.

Power override

If the power inverter senses that the vehicle’s battery voltage has dropped to 10.5 volts, the inverter shuts off. If a device rated higher than 175 W (peak) is connected to the inverter the inverter shuts off. And, if the power inverter exceeds a safe operating temperature, due to insufficient ventilation or a high-temperature environment, it turns off.

Compact and portable

The small, lightweight design makes the power inverter the ultimate travel partner. Tuck it in your laptop bag, stow in your glove compartment, or put it in your pocket – you’ll always be ready – no matter where you are.

2 x 2 power sources

Unlike other power inverters, ours offers not only two options to charge your products (via USB or AC power plug), but you can also access your vehicle’s power two ways (through the 12-volt socket or by connecting directly to the vehicle’s battery).

Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging

This AmazonBasics product features Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging that is recyclable. It comes without excess packaging materials such as hard plastic clamshell casings, plastic bindings, or wire ties. The packaging is designed to be opened without the use of a box cutter or knife, and it will protect your product just as well as traditional packaging. Products with Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging can frequently be shipped in their own boxes, without an additional shipping box, saving on resources and reducing waste.

Warranty: AmazonBasics 1-Year Limited Warranty [PDF]

What’s in the Box
  • 175 Watt Pocket Power Inverter with 2.1 Amp USB Port
  • 12-volt power outlet adapter cable
  • Battery clip cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty booklet

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Car Repair: Considerations In Choosing A Car Maintenance Provider in Vehicle

In our exceedingly mobile world, vehicle maintenance is of ever-increasing importance. We use our cars to get to and from work, to bring our children to school and other extracurricular activities, to move about our local communities and to vacation and travel across the country. When we have an issue with our vehicle, there is a feeling of helplessness and an immediate raising of stress levels. How will we meet our next appointment? Will I be able to make it to work on time? When will I be able to get this fixed? Finding the right car repair service provider can insure that when you do suffer an unfortunate breakdown, there is someone who can provide professional and prompt service.

Because of the use we subject our vehicles to, it is important to always be aware of your car’s changing condition. Each mile you drive every day incurs some wear and tear on your vehicle. Your tires lose portions of their tread and rubber with every road you drive on. When you drive over and unfortunately bumpy road, your suspension systems suffer damages. Over time, these small impairments to your vehicle can develop into serious problems that affect your automobile’s performance and overall life. Finding a car repair service provider that can help you perform some preventative maintenance on your vehicle can extend your vehicles life.

We have all heard automotive specialists talk about the importance of an oil change every 3,000 miles. An engine is an intricate system with many moving parts that operate at high temperature levels. Because of the extent to which we depend upon our vehicles daily, it is important to do everything we can to maintain our investment. Having a regular oil change is an easy and vital way to keep your car in top condition and extend it’s life. Many vehicle service providers offer different levels of oil system maintenance, from a simple periodic oil change to more extensive filter replacement services. Finding the right automotive service provider can make you feel more at ease on the road, knowing that your engine is running in appropriate conditions and lessening your fears of being stranded on the roadside.

We depend on our vehicles to an extreme extent. Most of us can not meet our appointment or workplace needs without a vehicle in performing shape. We have all experienced the moment of getting into our vehicle with an appointment to make only to find that for some reason our automobile will not start. Making an effort to maintain your vehicle properly can lessen the occurrence of this stressful event. Finding a car repair service provider that helps you continually keep up the dependability of your vehicle is of great benefit. For example, you can check the condition of your brake system with your automotive service provider. We all know that this system is of supreme importance in your continued road safety. By having routine brake inspections you can find the signs of a possible problem beforehand and decrease the risk of a serious accident.

Many car repair service providers offer other automotive maintenance services to fit any budget. Whether you have suffered a failure of your exhaust system, air conditioning, steering, electronics or otherwise, vehicle maintenance providers offer comprehensive services to meet your automotive needs.
In addition, if you are in search of a professional to do installation or part services, many automobile maintenance providers can meet this need. By working with professionals in this field, you can increase the life of your vehicle, decrease the frequency and likelihood of breakdowns, and decrease your overall expense in automobile maintenance. Considering these aspects will greatly inform your decision.


What are the different jobs available in Airlines?

What are the different jobs that are available in airlines? i am not really interested in being a pilot or an air hostess.Any other line of work besides these two?And also please state the academic qualifications.

Chosen Answer:

On Airline Job Finder we break down many different kinds of airline careers. Each of the following types of airline jobs is discussed in great detail in our Members section.

Flight Attendant Jobs

The main responsibility of a flight attendant is to make sure passengers are safe. Next, the must provide great customer service. Flight attendants make up almost 20 percent of the 515,000 employees that comprise the aviation workforce. Do you love to travel? Then job might be for you!

Airline Administrative Support

Every airline, big and small, needs administrative support staff to keep the office running smoothly. These positions include secretaries, data entry workers, receptionists,communications and PR specialists, and those who work in the human resources department who handle or oversee the hiring, labor relations issues, training, and termination of employees.

Operations Agent

Also known as an Airline Operations Agent, the cargo agent needs great communication skills for receiving and transmitting information from and to pilots, ground crew, and other personnel. The Ops Agent must be able to prioritize a large number of projects and tasks. When flights are overbooked (it happens often!), agents must make decisions to rectify the situation in a way that will not negatively impact the schedule.

Avionics Technicians

Avionics technicians specialize in working on the electronics systems of aircraft. Avionics technician jobs involve troubleshooting, repairing, replacing, and installing avionic equipment. Calibration of the equipment may also be required.

Regional Sales Manager

The airline district sales manager oversees all of a district’s reservations and ticket sales offices, and the sales representatives in that district. Sales representatives promote their airline in an effort to sell cargo space and plane tickets.

Flight Dispatcher

Flight dispatchers are responsible for ensuring the safety of an aircraft’s flight. This includes preparing a flight plan, which is a detailed schedule of destinations, layovers, distance, expected fuel consumption, winds aloft, weather, altitude, compass bearing, and alternate destinations in case of problems.

Ground / Airport Station Attendant

This position has many names: airline informational representative, ground attendant, station attendant, special assistant coordinator, or airport informational representative. Regardless of title, the main responsibility is to assist passengers in the terminal with general questions regarding directions, terminal services, or arranging wheelchair access.

Aviation Meteorologist

Aviation meteorologists provide weather information to airline flight dispatchers and pilots. They must determine current and forecasted weather conditions for all altitudes, including the direction and speed of wind, cloud cover, and precipitation.

Passenger Service Agent

Passenger service agents some of the same responsibilities as those in station agent jobs, but they are focused on working passengers – not aircraft. Their duties include issuing refunds to passengers, computing fares, preparing and selling tickets, collecting charges for excessive baggage, checking baggage, and providing travel information.

Ramp Planner

An airline ramp planner is responsible for knowing the arrival and departure times for each of the airline’s aircraft at that airport. He or she coordinates a variety of departments or contracted companies that must perform various tasks on the aircraft before it can depart for the next flight.

Reservation Sales Agent

Reservation sales agents provide travel information over the telephone to customers of the airline. Typically, this information includes trip planning, car rentals, seat availability, fare information, schedules, tours, meals, and other information relevant to the customer’s flight plans. Although internet reservations have skyrocketed, airlines still utilize reservation sales agents.

Sales Representative

Airline sales representatives help generate business for the airlines. They promote their airline to businesses..

Crew Schedule Coordinator

Airline crew schedule coordinator are responsible for staffing of aircrew and ground support to keep flights on schedule. If weather or mechanical difficulties delay a flight, it is the crew scheduler’s responsibility to make sure schedule adjustments are made so that travelers arrive at their destination on time.

Airline Station Agent

The most important duty of the station agent or district operations manager, is ensuring the overall operations of a given airline at an airport. This encompasses both flight and ground support operations and involves coordinating flight crew, cargo crew, baggage crew, ground crew, and the information that must be communicated among all these teams.

Airline Ticket Agent

Ticket agents work at an airline’s ticket or baggage counter. They greet customers when they arrive at the
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What job positions are available in car dealerships?

Besides receptionists and sales representatives, what other jobs are available. My homework is to write a fictional resume and cover letter for a job that will give me insight into my major, which is accounting. I think that a car dealer would be a great experience.

Chosen Answer:

delivery man
by: Russel
on: 5th July 10

Extended Car Warranty | Vehicle Insurance | Motor Xtender in Car

Extended Car Warranty

It can be fairly simple to plan your motor expenses. For many people, fuel usage tends to be similar from month to month, and fuel price fluctuations, while disruptive, are rarely dramatic enough to significantly affect your budget.

Other expenses occur less frequently, but can be considered part of the normal cost of maintaining a vehicle, such as regular servicing and the occasional purchase of new tyres or windscreen wipers.

The real difficulty for car owners is when unforeseeable and costly maintenance problems occur. A mechanical breakdown can render your car inoperable or unsafe to drive – and can be very expensive to repair. The labour costs alone of a mechanic or an auto-electrician can be prohibitive; not to mention the expense of replacing automotive parts.

Budgeting for breakdowns

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce or eliminate the financial strain of an automotive breakdown or malfunction.

An extended car warranty insurance policy will cover some or all of the costs of your vehicle’s repairs.  Particularly when the monthly contribution is consistent and moderate, an extended motor warranty makes budgeting for potential breakdowns simple and affordable.

Many car owners consider it essential to have car insurance, in case their vehicle is stolen or damaged in an accident. An extended warranty affords the equivalent protection, specifically covering the cost of automotive breakdowns.

Get the right level of cover with an extended motor maintenance warranty

Selected insurers offer extended motor warranty insurance in four cover options, so that you can get protection against mechanical breakdown at a price that suits your budget.

Generally, as long as your car is under ten years old and has under 200 000 kilometres on the clock, you can get breakdown protection for the rest of the life of your vehicle.

Vehicle maintenance

These extended motor warranty insurance plans will cover the costs of repairing or replacing vehicle components in the event of a malfunction.

Certain Motor Extender options will even cover the cost of annual services. This helps with car maintenance and, by potentially preventing malfunctions, can ultimately save you money.

Roadside assistance

Along with the standard vehicle maintenance protection afforded by extended motor warranties, many offer further reassurance of 24 hour roadside assistance. This can prove invaluable if your car breaks down on the road. It is also a great defence against the occasional human malfunction, too, like locking your keys in the car or running out of petrol.

Breakdown assistance also includes towing and, if you happen to be driving outside of your home town, vehicle repatriation.

Prepare now, save later

Owning a vehicle is expensive enough. With an extended warranty insurance policy for your car, you no longer have to expose yourself to the risk of potentially crippling vehicle repair expenses.


I need to paint my Car, can anyone help me?

I have a friend who will paint my car for free, I just have to buy the paint.
I know that with certain colors you have to buy base-colors (like put down one color before the other)
Right now my car is factory Red, but the sun in Miami has cause it to peel, and i want to paint it Black.

What colors do I need to buy to paint it black?
Or would it just be easier to paint it red again?

Not only that but can you suggest a paint brand or a good place to buy it from.

Chosen Answer:

First, go to a place that sells automotive paint. Know what type of paint and manufacturer that your painter prefers (ie, Dupont’s enamel, or PPG’s base-coat / clear coat). If you change color of the vehicle, just get enough of the new color to do your car. Now when you change color, there is a lot more to mask and paint to be sure that everything is perfect (ie door jams, inside trunk, seams at hood doors and trunk, etc) and all your trim pieces should be removed as well as weather strip, door handles, etc… so it is more labor intensive.

If you keep it the same color, to get a great result you do not have to be as meticulous. so the process is easier. If you want an exact match. the paint can be color matched or the factory mixing formula can be found (from the information tags installed on the vehicle) to get the color you desire.

paint can be purchased at a variety of places, ie “house of kolor”, “sherwin williams”, eastwood company, or your local autoparts store or body shop.

As for brands to get, ask your painter which manufacturer he prefers using. each type of paint can lay down differently on the body, so it is whatever your painter is comfortable with.

I hope this helps

by: Joe Ferrero
on: 30th January 10

How exactly is di-electric grease used?

Please specify in your answer how much grease is optimum and where to apply it. Of particular interest is its use when changing spark plugs in a vehicle. Other automotive uses are also appreciated.

Chosen Answer:

Dielectric grease is neutral and forms an excellent 02 block. It also lubricates but without any specific bulk. It won’t work for heavy loaded berings, etc. Great for multiple plug blocks, relay contacts, slide contact switches, rubber lube, speedo cables when combined with graphite, etc.

It is also used as a heat conductor when some electronic components are mounted on surfaces to dissipate heat. It is non-conductive, but when you slide the connectors together there is metal-to-metal contact and the grease gets displaced but the area around connector is protected from moisture. If the grease was conductive it would be too easy to get “bleed” from one pin to another in a connector if the grease got hot and liquified and spread. DO NOT ever grease an oxygen sensor connector as the sensor is vented through the wiring on many sensors and the grease will contaminate sensor over time and it will cease to function.

Its use in spark plugs:

Set all spark plug gaps to the same range. This is crucial for both mileage and engine output (power). Once the gap has been set to within spec. remove the spark plug from the socket and apply a small amount of dielectric tune up grease to the insulator (the ceramic part of the plug).

Use your finger to spread the dielectric grease around the ceramic portion of the spark plug. This will help maintain a dry environment for the spark plug to wire connection. The grease will also make reinstallation of the plug wires easier.

Be sure that you only use the appropriate grease during spark plug installation. Furthermore, be sure to read all product manufacturer’s directions for proper application.

Next, apply a small amount of dielectric grease inside the spark plug wire. This will also help with proper fitment of the spark plug wire over the spark plug terminal during reinstallation.

Do not use too much grease inside of the spark plug wire – it can be messy during your next spark plug change.
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on: 16th February 11