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What paint would you recommend to airbrush on a motorcycle?

I am tackling a new project, airbrushing a friends bike. However I have never airbrushed metal before so I need to know what paint is the best to use. I guess also what might be the best source for purchasing it.

thanks again!

Chosen Answer:

There’s a lot more that goes into painting a motorcycle than just what kind of paint to use. You’ll need to know how to prep the metal, then finish the job with clear coat, then wet sanding and polishing. You’ll have to use automotive paint. The good stuff is usually urethane based, and can be pretty expensive. here’s a few links to help you out.

http://www.airbrushtech.net/ This is a great website for airbrush and custom paint. Go to the public forums, and set up a profile, then start asking questions, or just read past threads. There are plenty of talented and friendly people here, who are more than happy to help.

http://www.tcpglobal.com/airbrushdepot/ Every thing you need for custom paint. If they don’t have it, you don’t need it. Check out House of Kolor paint. It’s the best stuff you can buy.

http://smartflix.com/ Kind of like Netflix, but only instructional video’s. They’ve got tons of airbrush and custom paint video’s.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me. Good luck
by: Stitch
on: 10th April 09


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Fork Extensions for Material Lifting in Extension

Why are extensions required? Do they have a role to play in lifting extensive weights? Well, logic says that if they had no role to play they would have never been there in the first place! So if you are talking about extensions, there must be some sense and some logic behind it. The fork extension attached to the table truck or the pallet stacker has a deep significance to it. You need some brains to understand that, or it will come invariably to you if you happen to be associated to a warehouse in any way. Whatever the case is, it is imperative you understood the meaning behind a forklift extension.

Whether it is a table truck or a pallet stacker, each machine comes with a defined lifting capacity. The capacity cannot be violated, for the machine will give up and collapse. It is for this reason the fork extension is attached so that the machine can lift more weight than usual. The weight lifting capacity automatically goes up and the machine ploughs more than usual.

The fork extension is a commonly used feature in the table truck and pallet stacker because personnel want to take more weight with them when they make a trip to the site. Extended lifting ensures the overall count of the trips goes down considerably and some time is saved. This comes into place categorically in the situation where time is less and work pressures are unbelievable.

The fork extension comes handy in warehouses all the time. There is a lot of weight to be picked up and people keep toiling. With their table truck and their pallet stacker, they keep doing rounds picking up weights time and again and dropping them subsequently to the site where they are told to.

With the fork extension, the effort they put in is reduced to a certain extent. Their trips go down and the weight they carry in each trip goes up. So output and efficiency increase with no such excessive consumption of energy or time.

The extensions have been a great advent for many reasons. Some of them have already been made evident, with enhanced lifting and less effort made being two. They are easy to connect and pose no threat as such. Just that one needs to be careful not to enter the line of fire when the weights are being escorted, or yanked to be more precise. It is only then one should avert coming in front of the forks and taking chances, for anything happens anytime and an injury might be in the reckoning.

The extensions ensure one does not have to struggle hard in ensuring the weights get carried out easily. Carriage is simple for the fact that one does not even feel the extensions are connected to the machine when the whole thing is in motion. Things just flow smoothly and the whole process winds up within no time. This is how it goes, and this is how simple things are.  


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is there a website that let’s me look at automotive paint colors?

i’m looking for a color to paint my jeep, it doesn’t have to be stock, i just want to look, and it has to be online.

Chosen Answer:

online colors will never match the true color as a true color cannot be mimicked by a computers processor.

only way to truly pick out a paint color, is to go to a auto body supply store and let them use their chip books. be filled with THOUSANDS of colors in 1″ square chips.

just remember if you repaint a vehicle, to change colors means larger expense due to door jams, etc. I have been all over Sherwin Williams and PPG paint sites, no chips online. Some cheap touch up companies put chips up but they are not even close to the real color.
by: Nunoyvgvna Awi
on: 28th April 07

How can I get white acrylic paint out of my down jacket?

I was painting with some white acrylic paint and bam I noticed there was some paint of my sleeve, does anyone know how I can get it out.
Never mind, I got it out.
And you (first person to respond)
thanks -_- Its none of your buisness why I was painting in a down jacket, I’m just that fabulous.

Chosen Answer:

Hello Katy

I’m a paint associate at The Home Depot we have just the thing it’s called Goof Off.
Goof Off Heavy Duty Spot Remover & Degreaser works like magic to quickly remove difficult mistakes, spots and messes that ordinary household cleaners can’t. It works the first time, thanks to its powerful, micro-emulsion formula that penetrates deep into spots, stains, spills and greasy messes to make tough cleaning easy.

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GREAT FOR: Grease & Grime, Sticker & Adhesive Residue, Asphalt & Tar, Stains, Crayon, Pen & Marker, Gum, Caulk, Scuff Marks, Lipstick, Nail Polish & Makeup, Bugs & Tree Sap, Fresh Latex Paint and more!

FOR USE ON: Fully Cured Varnished and Oil-Base Painted Surfaces, Vinyl Baseboard, Laminated Counter Tops, Vinyl Floors, Solid Vinyl Upholstery, All Metals, Glass, Brick, Wood, Concrete, Grout, Vinyl Tops, Fiberglass, Hand Tools, Most Automotive Surfaces, Clothing (always test first), Upholstery, Carpet

SAFE FOR: People, Pets, Most Surfaces, The Environment
CLOTH, CONCRETE, METAL: Apply directly. Agitate with brush. Then blot, rinse or power wash residue. Repeat if necessary.

I hope this information is use full. ThePaintAvenger
by: Paint
on: 25th December 12

Where to find strong and reliable Truck accessories? in Accessory

More motorcyclists make themselves with new dilemmas that Truck accesories jazz belike never seasoned in the onetime. One of these is disagreeable to tie kill their bike which allows them to displace their valuable ride safely. Withal, there are exclusive a few reliable and faithful methods to neaten trustworthy a motorcycle can be transported without any issues.

Palatal loops are unscheduled straps that cook the paw of your cam/ratchet straps off from your cycle to preclude scratching during the misadventure. Please tell, when purchase your straps gratify pay tight work to warp writing as it should be a precise bear down element with the preferred agency music band gripping bracing.

Truck accesories are a major way to growth the assess of your pair and to adorn the aid that any large handcart should acquire. There is a spreading show of various accessories accessible for no affairs what type of create an example of truck that you own. From the advanced bumper to the hindermost, and from the top of the cab to the ground, there is a ton of accessories forthcoming to rattling floor out your journeying Consequential ideas to be recalled spell shopping for accessories are succor bushel whatsoever grouping instrument select monition.

Everyone loves to change a unique travel that gets the attending that it deserves, and there is no meliorate way to gain your travel incomparable than with motor truck accessories. Here is a slanted itemization of several of the motor truck accessories that are easy on the industry today: framework guards, cart bed covers, usage wheels, way box, and a tonneau covert.

Truck accesories are useable in incredible variety.

Most accessories, produced by various automotive vesture manufacturers, change to the alto grade standards of the daring equipment specifications. They offer commanding level of tariff furnishings accessories much as usance wheels, grating guards, tonneau covers, motor truck bed covers, base liners, base mats, center covers and so more statesman. Accessories for all fits, sizes, execution and put are disposable; ranging from cars to acceleration trucks.

Important ideas to be recalled piece shopping for accessories are comfort patch whatsoever people testament select example. But before choosing the soul motor truck accessories from a tracheophyte of options you pauperism to reflect the importance it will work. Consequently you also require settling on where to seek for them. You should also reckon warranty as you would requirement to head trustworthy your cart is secure and footloose from hurt.

Chain load binder Progress Reaper AND LEVER BINDERS- Business binders for shipping receive DOT and CVSA specifications. Versatile and adjustable, these concern binders tender heavy-duty transport securement . Progress music and Tumbler name Business Binders can be victimized interchangeably and selection of either style exclusive depends on utility option. Meditate the ‘weakest nexus’ phenomenon to exploit your tiedown excavation sedimentation extent.

Opt a WLL (Excavation Sedimentation Limitation) equal-to or greater-than the formation you give use it with. For instance, if you know a 3/8″ pull rated at 6600  WLL and superior a reaper rated at 5400 lbs, your string testament be effectively de-rated to 5400  (the weakest element). This may or may-not be heavy depending on the worry you are trucking. Progress Chain load binder ancra Chain Fill Binders are all steel, drop-forged, and satisfy FMCSA and DOT specifications. Versatile and adjustable, these wattage binders furnish heavy-duty mechanism securement.