Motoring Lawyers in Manchester in Driving

There are a large community of very experienced team of criminal lawyers and solicitors who regularly define traffic law prosecutions across the entire country of UK. Without any doubt, the most important document of any person who is driving is a driving license. Whenever there is any person who is violating any traffic rules and regulations are taken for proceedings before the magistrates or the Crown Court for offences in violating the proper traffic rules and regulations. It is indeed a very difficult time for the convict and this is the time when he needs proper consultation and awareness of their legal rights from Motoring lawyers.

The motoring lawyers or barristers in Manchester are expert in the rules and regulations pertaining to the road traffic law. Thus, whenever there is some problem or issues relating to road traffic violation, then it is the right decision to consult the motoring lawyers without much delay. The motoring lawyers Manchester have very well-groomed and fantastically decorated chambers with all comforts to ensure that the visitors or his clients do not face any discomfort or inconvenience during the process of consultation to him. It also gives a very good impression about the motoring lawyer.

There are a lot of cases everyday in UK when the motorists are held criminals for violating the rules and regulations of the traffic. And the most prominent reason behind committing such offences are consumption of alcohol or drugs prior to driving which makes the motorist loose his control. Another major reason for violating of traffic rule is the use of mobile phone during driving. It diverts the attention of the motorist and this leads to accident a lot of times. The convict is usually held responsible of rash driving in excessive speed violating the speed limit. Reading a document, send a text message or making a phone call while driving are the other major causes of road accidents and mishaps. These all are categorized under the offence of “Dangerous Driving” and are contained within Sections 1 and 2 of the Road Act 1988. For dangerous driving, in the Magistrates’ Court, there cane be a penalty of a maximum of 5000 pounds and an imprisonment of 6 months.

Driving without insurance or a valid license and other motor vehicle documents is also considered as a legal offence. A lot of motorists are caught without the proper documents and are held as convicts. Even in such cases, a motoring lawyer can extend his help using his expertise. Driving while a motorist is disqualified is also considered a major crime and a motoring lawyer is required to rescue the convict.



Painting and Decorating Manchester in Working


Painters Manchester will help you create a beautiful working or living area. We deal with the cleaning, painting and decorating according to an agreed project. We also carry out any necessary repairs that may be required.. When the job is completed we leave your property clean and ready to use. Decor Group work to a extensive programme agreed by you the client before the works commence. Our decorating team specialises in working to a price that you can afford. There are no additional hidden extra costs. We deal with any size job in a very short time.


We strongly believe in customer satisfaction therefore every project we undertake has the highest possible finish. We also understand some work requires urgency therefore we are always willing to work with our client’s and even unsociable hours to make sure all our work is always finished according to the agreed schedule.

S A Massey Painters Stockport clients are always our number one priority. With our low cost prices and service agreement we can assure that the customer is always aware of the cost of theprject from the outset.


We are highly skilled with brushes, rollers and airless sprayers, creating a superior end result on all surfaces. All jobs are undertaken with careful cleaning, taping and priming.


Preparations can include scraping, sanding, wallpaper removal, caulking, drywall or wood repair, patching, stain removal, filling, sash window overhaul and repair, patch plastering, lining and more, carried out where required.


Domestic painting and decorating


Interior and exterior work carried out. Interior work to include as follows: Full preparation, wallpaper stripping/re-papering, and all paintwork to include emulsioning walls and ceilings, undercoating and glossing woodwork, woodstaining, varnishing and any other treatments where necessary. Exterior work includes full preparation on all woodwork, masonry and metal surfaces. Exterior painting to include undercoating and glossing, woodstaining, varnishing and any other treatments where necessary.


Commercial painting and decorating


Interior and exterior work carried out. Interior work to include as follows: Full preparation, wallpaper stripping/re-papering, and all paintwork to include emulsioning walls and ceilings, undercoating and glossing woodwork, woodstaining, varnishing and any other treatments where necessary.


S A Massey Painting and Decorating Manchester offers a well rounded professional painting and decorating service, accepting any additional requests and providing the customer with a cost effective painting and stripping solution.


We provide a wide range of services for domestic and commercial clients. So if you are looking to renovate the whole property or just want to give it a face lift then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can arrange an appointment at your convenient time to assess the work and provide you with free quotation.



Famous footballers’ second jobs in Leisure

Among all the names of footballers linked with Manchester, Arsenal, Scarborough, and Queens Park Rangers, Geoff Horsfield, Andy Cole, Steven George Gerrard, and other footballers are famous not only for their career in football but also their participation in other fields. Some are businessmen or managers. Surprisingly, others worked as writers, trained electricians and even brick-layers or bin-man to supplement their income and support their family.


Geoff Horsfield made his Football League debut with Scarborough as a teenager. He had worked in the building trade as a brick-layer. Horsfield was diagnosed with cancer in October 2008, then he decided to make his illness public to help spread awareness of the disease.


Geoff Horsfield has made over 300 appearances in the Football League as a striker.


Walcott, an English footballer of Arsenal and the England national team as a winger, has launched the first in a series of children’s books lately. The books mirror his experiences as a late bloomer in junior football.


Footballer and writer Walcott released a three-part children’s series last year


Retired English footballer Andy Cole rapped on a cover of The Gap Band’s “Outstanding”. He was really different from several other footballers who tried their hand at the singing game. He currently works as a forwards coach at Huddersfield Town.


Andy Cole announced his retirement from football on 11 November 2008.


English footballer Rio Ferdinand and his team-mate Ashley Cole turned executive producers on Brit Flick Dead Man Running last year. When he was a child, he possessed superior footballing abilities. At the age of eleven, he was a youth coach.

Executive producers on Brit Flick Dead Man Running


Brazil legend Socrates is great intelligent. He is a doctor of medicine. He achieved this degree while he was playing professional football.


He was also san excellent assistant and team organizer


Stuart Pearce, nicknamed “Psycho”, an English football manager, now manages the England Under -21 team, a position he held while he was still Manchester City manager He was a trained electrician.


Stuart Pearce is now the manager of the England Under -21 team


Terry Venables is a former football player and manager who most notably played for Queens Park Rangers, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea and bought nightclub Scribes West in Kensington.


Terry Venables has courted controversy over a number of suspicious financial deals for recent years.


Since saying goodbye to the famous No.7 shirt, Eric Cantona has been very busy with his appearances on the stage and in the movies. Especially the literary world would be surprised by his collection of poems.


During his playing career, Eric was unhappy to show off his way with words with the media.


Steve Savidan, a retired French football striker and current minor hockey coach, used to work as a bin-man to supplement his income.


His life is like a fairy story.


Steven George Gerrard, who plays for English Premier League club Liverpool and the England national team, bought into the Warehouse Bresserie in Southport. His dream is to celebrate an England World Cup win back at home in his restaurant.


Gerrard started playing for hometown team Whiston Juniors



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Motoring Lawyers of Manchester

Vehicles are unavoidable in a city life. It is necessary to keep you on move and it is also a symbol of your status in the society. However it is a headache too.

The vehicles will get involved in a number of problems including some legal issues like accidents, traffic violations etc. You will have to approach a lawyer to get out of this mess. There certain lawyers who are specialized in the legal affairs connected with vehicles. They are motoring lawyers and being a big city, there are a lot of motoring lawyers Manchester also.

Motoring lawyers Manchester will help you to come out of the menace caused by your vehicle. It can be an accident or a violation of traffic rules, motoring lawyers Manchester are there to help you out. These lawyers are specialized in such cases and as they are mostly dealing these types of cases, they are experts in laws regarding vehicles. They will have a vast collection of case law related to such cases. So they can do enough homework to take you out of any such cases. You can find their contact details from any local yellow pages directory or even through web search engines. Once you face with any such problems, you can take out their contact details and contact them directly. They have the people to complete the necessary formalities like filling forms for insurance application, filing affidavits in courts etc. For a fee they will do the entire work connected with the legal proceedings.

As the vehicle population has increased thanks to the overall economical growth, motoring lawyers Manchester are a happy lot nowadays.

They are having enough cases to make money and they are rendering the best service available in the world. This again increases their credibility and confidence among the clients. This will attract more and more clients to them daily.

As per the report of a survey conducted recently Manchester has the most number of legal cases involving vehicles. Two reasons are cited for this. One is that there are a large number of vehicles in Manchester when compared with most of the other cities. Second is that the presence of sincere and experienced motoring lawyers Manchester, people do not mind approaching courts for even a minor issue. They feel it as a simple thing as there a lot of motoring lawyers Manchester are there to help them in these proceedings. They knew that these lawyers will help them sincerely and they will put all their expertise and expert to support their case in the court. This type of confidence has come in the minds of public. So, they are going for legal proceedings even for a minor issue.


Any Driver Motor trade policy?

Can someone please tell me what Motor Trade you have to be in and what requires you need to get a “Any Driver Motor Trade” policy. i.e. Anyone with your permission can drive a vechile under your policy

I currently have a motor trade policy but only can put upto 6 named drivers which is not good as sometimes i require someone to drive to manchester for example and have to put them as a named driver which i think is not what i need as i would need to take them off afterwards.

Any information much appreciated.

Chosen Answer:


I work for a broker based in winchester on the south coast,

In answer to your question there are motor trade policies that will allow any driver over, any driver over 25yro and any driver over 30yro however they come at a price.

There are plenty of companies that do this type of motor trade policies, MMA, Tradex to name a few.

You have to be a FULL TIME motor trader to get this type of insurance.

I hope this helps.
on: 17th August 11