Pyle’s new power inverters

  • No load current draw: <0.2Amp – Low voltage alarm: 10.5v+/-0.5v
  • Low voltage shut down: 10.0v+/-0.5v – High voltage shut down: 15.5v+/-0.5v
  • Built-in cooling fan – Input voltage range: 10v – 15.5v (+/-0.5v) – Output voltage: 115V +/-5V
  • Converting efficiency: >85% – Low voltage / high voltage / overload / thermal protection circuitry
  • Continued Power: 1000W – Surge power: 2000W – Dimension: 11.22”L x 6.93”W x 2.95”H
  • Note:PNV2000 1,000W Continuous & 2,000W Peak watts

People spend a ton of time in their cars now days. With Pyle’s new power inverters you can be more productive, have more fun — and use all the electronics you want in your car or truck. Convert 2000 watts 12-volts DC power to 115-volts AC power safely and effectively in your car with the PNV200 Power Inverter. Power cell phone charger, i-Pods, and other elctronics with this safe and convenient product. Item includes a built-in cooling fan and low-voltage/high-voltage/overload/thermal protection.

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Orthopaedic Surgeon Jobs in Surgeon

Although the educational process is long and often involves an intensive work load, the benefits in both job satisfaction and income are substantial. For anyone with who enjoys both intellectual challenges and working with their hands, orthopaedic surgeon jobs offer rewarding employment.

Training for orthopaedic surgeon jobs begins with a four year college degree followed by four years of medical school. At the completion of medical school the degree of medical doctor is conferred and the future orthopaedic surgeon is ready for residency education. For the orthopaedic surgeon, a residency consists of one year in a general surgery residency followed by four years of an orthopaedic surgery residency. Following residency training many orthopaedic surgeons pursue fellowship training to enhance their skill in a particular area.

Areas of specialty training include hand, shoulder and elbow, total joint reconstruction, pediatric orthopaedics, foot and ankle, sports medicine, spine, and trauma. After completing their training orthopaedic surgeons must pass both written and oral examinations to receive their board certification. At this point most orthopaedic surgeons have begun a private practice either in general orthopaedic surgery or, having completed a subspecialty fellowship, with a large group of orthopaedic surgeons.

Orthopaedic surgery jobs can be quite varied. Some orthopaedic surgeon will spend a great amount of time in the operating room. Surgical repair of many othopaedic injuries is a common and expedient way for the patient to return to health. Other orthopaedic surgeons will spend the majority of their time attending to patients in a clinic setting, making the diagnosis through examination and X-ray studies of the affected area.

These orthopaedic surgeons may perform surgery when indicated but they will also prescribe physical therapy if this will heal the abnormality without surgery.

Arthroscopic surgery has become common in orthopaedic surgery. Most orthopaedic surgeons, particularly those who specialize in the care of shoulders and knees will work through a smaller incision or group of incisions with a scope. This allows for rapid healing and faster return to function for the patient. Joint replacement is also common in orthopaedic surgeon jobs dealing with hips and knees.

Some othopaedic surgeon will specialize in sports medicine. In this subspecialty, orthopaedic surgeon jobs center around working with athletes both individually and also with athletic teams. In some aspects of the work, the orthopaedic surgeon will be counsel athletes on ways to prevent injury and ways to improve performance. In the area of sports medicine the orthopaedic surgeon will also diagnose injuries and aid in the rehabilitative process.

A group of orthopaedic surgeons specializing in trauma will work primarily in the hospital. Since trauma, especially in the case of motor vehicle accidents, often cause extensive injury to bones and joints, orthopaedic surgery is often necessary on an emergency basis to stabilize the patient. These orthopaedic surgeons will also coordinate the continued care and rehabilitation of the trauma patient’s orthopaedic injuries until they have reached their maximum level of function.


The Truth About Magnetic Motor Starter in Motor

A magnetic motor starter is a set of contacts who is operated by the electromagnetic in order to start and stop the motor load connected. The control circuit that has transitory contact devices attached to the loop of magnetic starter executes the start and stop task.
The following mechanisms make up the three-pole-voltage magnetic motor starter:
A set of fixed contacts
A set of impermanent contacts
Pressure springs
Solenoid coil
Stationary electromagnet
A set of the magnetic shading loop
Moving armature
A magnetic starter is a full voltage starter designed to give thermal overload as well as under voltage security for collector cage motor and might be remotely operated automatically or through push button post if you are far from the motor. The purpose is to avoid overheating of the motor. The precise gauge of the load in the motor is the current drained by the motor; therefore, it is called an overload device because of its protecting function. If there is excess current drained by the motor, overheating will result.
The principal purpose of the motor magnetic starter is to give thermal overload security; it is not intended to disrupt faulty current A short circuit search must be performed always in order to find out if protection is needed from the faulty current and if something is there is a fault current, a short circuit security must be provided. The holding loop of magnetic starter is intended to fall down every time line voltage goes down below sixty percent of its regular value, thus giving under voltage security to the load or the motor.
It is very essential to keep in mind that magnetic motor starters are contractors who have the accumulation of overloaded relay assemblies that provide operating to overload security into the motor. Selection of thermal load relay is made with the use of manufacturer’s table integrated with the magnetic starter. Furthermore, make sure you are aware of the full load current (FLC) of the motor, service factor (SF) of the motor, and ambient temperature wherein the tool is being activated. Thermal elements are generally based on surrounding temperature of forty degrees Centigrade or one hundred four degrees Fahrenheit.
A magnetic motor starter contains three major contacts used most regularly. These contacts generally are open. This arrangement is used in the start of three-phase motors. The three-phase power is being used by almost all institutional, commercial or industrial facilities in the United States of America. In some areas like in upstate New York and some other regions utilize the two-phase, four-phase wire power. In these cases, you may order 4 regularly open contacts intended for the motor magnetic starter. They can be obtainable in several sizes. The smallest items are just about the sizes of relays, and the biggest starters may take up nearly all the space in a room.
The other kinds of specific magnetic motor starters are the reversing motor starters intended for overturning the motors, and the multi-speed motor starters used for multi-speed specialized motors powered by electricity.


Boss Electronics 2184 Black with Silver Leisure MP3 Headphone

  • Store music directly into headphones
  • Listen to headphones with no wires, just the headset
  • Holds 2GB of music/10 hours of play time
  • Load music from your computer via USB
  • The headphones have a comfortable, hassle free noise reduction design

The comfortable noise reduction MP3 headphones designed for home and travel. Wireless music for exercising, work, play, or just around the house. Simple and easy to use hi-fi sound quality. 2GB audio/10 hours of play time. Recharge and upload music with the supplied USB cable. Unit dimension: 5.25 inches x 5 inches. Unit Weight: 0.45 pounds.

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what is the difference between the 2004 Mazda3 model and the 2008 Mazda3 model?

I’m interested in Mazda3s.

Chosen Answer:

You have been given an aspect of the answer to your question; if you are interested in Mazda 3 because their is consideration to purchase, which is a perfectly good and sound decision. If your question includes Mazda as a brand consider this. The Mazda Protege carried the economy car load for the brand prior to the 2004 Mazda 3 model year with competence and capability. The 2004 Mazda 3 better translated Mazda’s driving philosophy infused into the brand; Jimba Itta which means horse and rider as one. In working with Hiroshima University, Japan’s Transportation Ministry, Mazda has integrated the principles as expressed in the Japan Society of Kansei engineering throughout it’s entire mainstream car line. The syllable of kan means sensitivity and sei means sensibility. Professor Mitsuo Nagamachi developed this concept in the early 70s. Though written in spanish, further supportive details can be reviewed at
Prior to the 2004 Mazda 3 the Mazda brand drifted in and out of automotive competitiveness and completely lost its voice in the mid 90s. For a period of time, Mazda got away from what it does best, build a small car. The silver lining in the dark cloud was the Mazda Miata which was brought to market in 1989. By most accounts, it is by far the best mass produced roadster ever built this perception is reinforced by the vault-like track record for reliability. The 04 Mazda 3 has baked into its bones the best and highest traditions of what Mazda engineers have learned over the years in Kansei engineering and applying company philosophy to product. Mazda’s product design is the summation of building a compact car which converges measurable and quantifiable emotions into it’s mass produced car line.
This is what makes Mazda such an interesting brand. Mazda’s legacy rests firmly in building a state of the art 4 cylinder MZR engine that has the trademark characteristic of responsiveness and an eco-friendly power train. Its legacy also includes the science of building a lightweight carriage that over performs the engine. The standard 04 Mazda 3 and the 08 Mazda 3 is by definition finesse cars powered by a low compression 4 cylinder engine mated to a chassis that handles all roads with aplomb. The most fitting synonyms for Mazda’s mantra Zoom Zoom is Zig Zag. The 04 Mazda 3 handles the road extremely well. This is the car’s calling card.

Your interest is well founded in Mazda. The 08 Mazda 3 is the model year that leans forward into Mazda’s future. Mazda will include nano technology in the catalytic converter to maintain it’s eco credentials, small and efficient turbo diesel engines eventually introduced to the States, and a best in class start stop idle system to improve gas mileage. According to Managing Executive Officer Yuji Hara Mazda’s main thrust will be to continue development of better engines and lower vehicle weight. Mazda plans to improve the overall mileage of its global fleet by 30% compared to 2008 levels.
The distinctive feature for Mazda as a brand is its own acceptance as being a niche manufacturer, whose aim is not to be the largest car maker, but to be the most competitive car maker with a loyal following. You raise the question on what is the difference between the 2004 Mazda 3 and the 2008 model year. The difference is evolution of the brand and car. This will be the quintessential difference now and in the future. Mazda has chosen the right path, for the Mazda 3 is 42% of all sales for the Mazda brand globally. It is my hope that this explanation has whet your appetite to have a deeper interest in Mazda as well as a fuller appreciation of the Mazda 3. I am convinced once you possess an informed opinion then you will know in your head, heart and wallet what is best. Cheers.
on: 10th April 09


  • Storage bag included
  • Easy installation
  • Made of heay-duty durable material

Cargo StretchWeb 24″x36″- Comes with 12 Hooks that are easily moveable and removable to fit any load. The convenient carrying case provides the ideal storage for the StretchWeb when not in use. This heavy-duty StretchWeb is durable and easy to use, great for holding a tarp down over a load that is already tied down or secured.

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Standard stair lifts- The helper in Stair

There are standard stair lifts that are made in such a way that it can take the load of a human being and provide a safety when it is being used. There is also custom made standard stairlifts stairlift for different types of stair ways, these may used for narrow stair ways, for outdoors, for residential use, for commercial use, etc.  The standard stair lift is very beneficial for people who are physically challenged, elderly people or anyone with special needs.
In order to install a standard stair lift there needs to sufficient place so that it will be comfortable for the people using it.  Also before placing the standard stair lift, one needs to understand the purpose for which it will be used and the age group of the people who will be using it.
There are many companies in the market that are into the production of various standard star lifts. They produce it for both the industrial and commercial. It becomes very easy since there is a wide range of standard stair lifts to suit any and every requirement of the customer.
A standard stair lift gives a sense of independence and mobility along with the freedom to move to the person who is using so that they can go when they want and where they want. It also helps people who seem to have certain hips or leg problems or even for our elders. Some of them even have a wireless remote controls, call buttons and the latest versions also have obstruction sensors, these are just a few of the features that are present a standard stair lifts.
When a person thinks of getting themselves one of these chairs, they need to be very careful from whom they are buying it, this is because the dealer from where they are purchasing the stair lift should have enough knowledge so that he can explain it to the customer on how they can operate and adjust controls when they are operating it.

This is a standard practice because the people who are using it may to stand or sit while riding up way or coming down depending on the type of stair lift they use. A standard stair lift is supposed to be used in the right way to prevent any sort of accidents or mishaps and is also supposed to help the people who really need that help to be mobile without taking the help of anyone else and preventing any sort of inconvenience also.


Performance Testing – Basic concepts in Load

Performance testingis a separate type of testing, the object of which is the application’s performance. I.e. this kind of testing, aimed not to test, for example, the correctness of the functionality, as in functional testing, but to check the speed, to obtain information on system resources expended or parts of it under certain conditions (for example, a given number of users, their actions, the duration the system as a whole, etc,).

Depending on the aim of Performance testing there are the following types of tests:

  • load: are conducted to evaluate the behavior of an application for a given workload expected;
  • stress: are conducted to assess the behavior of the system in excess of the standard load. If at the time of testing organizations there is no information about the performance of the application, then – at least for the collection of the maximum load stress test to be carried out.
  • stability, uptime: – the same as the load test, but that lasts for a month or two to make sure that the application maintains the expected load for a long time (during uptime tests the most attention is paid to the use of resources) .

As the types of tests at a meeting called rump up tests and tests of rush hour – this is not kinds of testing, but the specific tests used as part of a particular type of performance testing for specific information.

What is an Automated Load Test?

With the help of special tools the common test scenario are transformed into a code that can be performed by the same instrument.

In fact this is the emulation of work the system’s users, but not so much in terms of specific actions in the application being tested (GUI), but rather in the sense of a load on the server, the relevant work of users in the system.

Depending on the purpose of testing these test scenarios are executed with different input data and parameters: the number of users, the speed of their connection, the number of repetitions of a test case, test duration, etc. etc.

As a test scenario is the expected result, and in the load test you can set some basic reference points, under which determines the success or not passed the test.

For example:

  • You can set the maximum time waiting for a response server;
  • You can set checking server response code (200, 300, etc.);
  • You can check the item (button, list, text, etc.) on the page;
  • etc.

The most important results of the test are complex graphs and charts, learning it the specialists are evaluating the system and, if possible, make recommendations.



  • Cleans dirty injectors and prevents injector sticking in all engines, including High Pressure Common Rail systems
  • Boosts cetane up to 6 numbers; engines run smoother with less power lag and faster cold starts and boosts power; reduces need for downshifting during high-load conditions
  • Improves fuel economy up to 8 percent; fuel savings exceed cost of additive
  • Contains Slick diesel lubricator for maximum fuel lubrication; protects pumps and injectors from accelerated wear
  • Effective in all diesel fuels, including ultra low sulfur diesel, biodiesel and biodiesel blends

Diesel Kleen +Cetane Boost is a technologically advanced diesel engine performance improver that cleans injectors, boosts cetane and lubricates fuel injection components. This maximum horse power formula restores lost power, smooth rough-running engines and improves fuel economy up to 8 percent. Diesel Kleen can be used year around, but it is not a diesel fuel winterizer or anti-gel. When winter temperatures drop below 30 degree Fahrenheit, use Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost to provide maximum winter protection for your diesel engine.

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  • Securely transports canoe & kayak paddles, oars, and sailboard masts.
  • Great accessory to go along with a kayak rack, canoe rack or sailboard carrier
  • Mounts to Inno multi-purpose base rack load bars and Thule square bars only
  • Not compatible with factory rack crossbars.
  • Inno Racks 5 Year Warranty!

The Inno IN731 Paddle / Mast Holder is a great accessory to go along with a kayak rack, canoe rack or sailboard carrier. The Inno IN731 Paddle / Mast Holder securely transports canoe & kayak paddles, oars, and sailboard masts. Mounts to Inno multi-purpose base rack load bars and Thule square bars only. Not compatible with factory rack crossbars.

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