• Charges iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphones, tablets and other devices powered by USB
  • 10-Watt (5V/2.1A) charger offers fast charging capabilities
  • Compatible with 12V power supplies in car cigarette lighter jack
  • Power LED indicator

Macally Car 10U is a 10 Watt car charger perfect for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Tablets and smartphones.

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List Price: $ 19.99
Price: $ 10.69


  • Product Name : Cigarette Lighter Plug;Power : DC 12V
  • Material : Plastic, Metal, Foam;Color : Pink, Black
  • Overall Size : 7.6 x 4.6cm/ 3″ x 1.8″(L*Max.D)
  • Net Weight : 48g
  • Package : 1 x Cigarette Lighter Plug

Universal design fits all vehicles with a standard 12 Volt power source. This exquisite and stunning lighter is the ultimate accessory for your car. It is the best replacement piece for your old or broken ones and will fit most car models. It features plastic construction with Pink Rose Design and black foam base protector.

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  • Car Charger Original Dynamic IC Chip Inside For Nokia N75, N80, N90, N91, N95, 770, 7370, 6282, 6265i, 6165i, 6155i, 6126, 6103, 6102i, 6102, 6101, 3155i Nokia 5200, 5300, XpressMusic, 6110, 6300, 7390, Cell Phones, Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Car Charger Original Dynamic IC Chip Inside For Nokia N75, N80, N90, N91, N95, 770, 7370, 6282, 6265i, 6165i, 6155i, 6126, 6103, 6102i, 6102, 6101, 3155i Nokia 5200, 5300, XpressMusic, 6110, 6300, 7390, Cell Phones, Cigarette Lighter Adapter

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Price: $ 0.01


  • Product Name : Cigarette Lighter Plug;Power : DC 12V
  • Material : Metal, Ceramic;Main Color : Red
  • Size : 6.5 x 3.5cm/ 2.6″ x 1.4″(L*Max.D)
  • Net Weight : 38g
  • Package : 1 x Cigarette Lighter Plug

This exquisite and stunning lighter is the ultimate accessory for your car. Universal type, very easy to use. Good feeling excellent function. Built-in heat resistant ceramic protector.

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  • Brand New Original Samsung Accessories.
  • Vehicle Lighter Adaptor. (12~24v DC). Short circuit protection. LED charging indication
  • Plug never heats or overcharges the battery.
  • Intelligent IC chip inside recognizes a full battery and automatically switch to a saver.
  • Samsung car charger adapters ensure that your phone is always charged and ready to make an important call

Give your phone an extra boost with the Samsung car power charger. Compatible with your phone, simply plug the charger into your vehicle’s power adapter to stay powered up while on the go!

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Price: $ 0.99


  • Targus APV11US 100-Watt DC to AC Mobile Power Inverter General Features:
  • Cup holder design – fits most standard cup holders Cigarette lighter outlet adapter
  • Supports up to three devices simultaneously Powers or charges devices Built-in surge protector
  • Auto shutoff function 120V AC power outlet USB port PPS port (for Targus APP2001US, not included)
  • 27-inch power cord


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List Price: $ 77.99
Price: $ 18.99

High-performance switches & relays in compact designs in Voltage

Units are becoming smaller and lighter even as makers enhance functionality.

China suppliers of relays and other switches are rolling out smarter, high-capacity solutions in line with the trend for increased automation in vehicles. Such models are typically designed for lighting, wiper, security, safety and diagnostic systems.

In combination switches, the selection now includes a number of designs that support controls for automatically turning headlights on and off depending on ambient lighting conditions. These enable front illumination systems to activate instantly at nighttime and under poor weather conditions.

Several companies have also introduced units that work with sensors to stop windows from rising when an obstruction is detected. Such products help prevent hands and other body parts from being caught in the window’s path and injured.

Meanwhile, relay manufacturers are developing more voltage-sensitive versions for recreational vehicles. VSRs enable automatic charging of the starting and house batteries simultaneously when the cut-in voltage of the former reaches a specific level.

When the voltage drops to a certain point, these devices disconnect the two power sources.

Aopec Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd is among the companies already offering VSRs. Its selection includes units with a cut-in voltage of 13.3 or 25.6V and cut-out voltage of 12.8 or 25.6V.

To support the power requirements of the electronic systems now being fitted into cars and other vehicles, suppliers are releasing more switches with voltage ratings higher than 24V. These products currently account for more than 50 percent of existing designs.

Amid efforts to enhance performance, size remains a key consideration in R&D.

Keeping constructions compact allows a greater number of switches to be fitted into a vehicle should it be needed. Weight is also a concern given fuel efficiency concerns.

Combination types as small as 14.3×7.5×13.8mm, for example, are now available. Versions as light as 15g are offered, while single relays come in 4g constructions.

At several enterprises, visual appeal is also factored into product development. This has yielded units in various hues to match or complement vehicle interiors. Besides black and white, choices now include red, blue and green. Transparent housings in certain shades are also an option.

Some manufacturers have redesigned the structure of their aftermarket models to fit seamlessly into the car.

Releases in coming months will continue to target North America and the EU. A number of companies are also looking into business opportunities in the Middle East, South America and Asia.


Read the full report at Global Sources, a leading business-to-business media company and a primary facilitator of trade with China manufacturers and India suppliers, providing essential sourcing information to volume buyers through our e-magazines, trade shows and industry research.


Advanced Steels and Its Impact on Collision Repair in Repair

Despite the increasing use of aluminum and even carbon fiber in the construction of today’s automobiles, manufacturers still use steel in producing most of the current crop of cars. But the need for lighter vehicles have forced manufacturers and steels supplier to use high-strength steels, which have different properties compared to traditional mild steels, and which require different techniques when it comes to collision repair. This evolution in steels has extensively affected vehicle design and construction and it only follows that the collision repair industry upgrades its skill sets in order to properly repair these cars.

Visually, the new high-strength steels differ very little from the traditional steels that collision repair technicians have become familiar with. Unless they have already undergone specific training and have been made aware by automobile manufacturers, repair technicians will only notice that they are working with a different material when the structure they are working on is not behaving as they expect. They’d also be wondering why their drill bits are dulling so easily, or their heating up of a steel section causes it to deform.  And here lies the danger in being ignorant to the properties of these new steels. A repair done by a technician on these new materials can result in a job that is visually perfect yet structurally more impaired. This is where a close working relationship with a dealer or manufacturer is important, because changes to structures as well as design modifications can be implemented at any time by a manufacturer. And yet the knowledge is not publicly disseminated and will exist only in the shop manuals or technical service bulletins.

For example, should a certain structural sub-assembly be repaired or replaced? Is repair even within the specification of the manufacturer? Is there a specific sequence for parts removal and assembly? In contrast to traditional mild steel, today’s high-strength steels are mixed with alloys, which allows to thinner sections while providing high strength for crash protection and safety. And heating these treated metals oftentimes destroys the strength that makes these steels so useful in today’s cars.

Consumers need to be aware of these developments because your trusted collision repair shop may not be updating their knowledge base. Without knowing the proper techniques and methodologies to repair vehicles using high-strength steels, the car owner may be blissfully unaware that his or her car no longer has the crash protection that was there before an accident.



  • More heat protection, up to 750 degrees
  • More flexibility comes un-slit but can be easily slit to install on existing hoses or wires without removal
  • Lighter weight

Cool Tube Extreme is an evolution from the original Cool-Tube that offers much more heat protection, up to 750 degrees. More flexibility comes un-slit but can be easily slit to install on existing hoses or wires without removal. More choices, offered in 5 diameters and four colors. Lighter weight, 50 percent lighter.

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List Price: $ 24.72
Price: $ 18.95

Are you looking Wire Clothes Hangers? in Wire

Wire clothes hangers are one of the most popular types of hangers that are used these days, largely because they are extremely cheap to purchase. Of course, it is important to note that wire hangers are not ideal for all types of clothing, as they can distort and sag easily under any weight. However, they are fine if you are looking for a cost effective way to organize and hang your lighter items of clothing.

Many people opt for the standard silver steel clothes hangers but these days you can also get hangers in a range of different colors, where the metal has been painted or coated. This means that, if you wish to do so, you can purchase your hangers in a color that suits your tastes such as black, white, blue etc.

Some people combine different types of clothes hangers in their wardrobes, using wire ones for lighter items of clothing and heavy duty plastic ones for heavier items such as coats and thick jumpers. If you are the type of person that tends to keep heavier items folded up on shelves and only hangs the bare minimum in your wardrobe then wire hangers should suit you just fine. However, don’t be tempted to hang heavy items on these hangers as the chances are that you will go back up ten minutes later to find the item of clothing on the floor and the hanger completely bent out of shape!

If you are looking for wire clothes hangers for sale then the best place to start your search is online. You will find a huge choice of wire hangers to choose from online, which means that you can purchase as few or as many as you like and you can choose from different colors to suit your needs. You can even get heavier duty ones if you are keen to keep all the hangers in your wardrobe the same.

You will also find that the prices for these hangers are extremely competitive online, and you will pay next to nothing for basic wire hangers.

You will find some great deals on bulk orders of wire hangers, so whether you are ordering them for your own use at home or whether you require them for your business (e.g. if you run a shop or market stall that sells clothing) you can rest assured that you won’t be paying through the nose for your wire clothes hangers.