Christian Louboutin shose in Louboutin

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Improving Babies’ Motor Skills in Baby

Gross motor skills involve the use of large muscles in the legs and arms to create an action like jumping, clapping and throwing. Fine motor skills involve using small movements, like fingers grasping a piece of food, pushing toes to move toward a toy, rotating wrists and fingers to manipulate an object, and positioning the lips and tongue to babble and blow raspberries. You’ll see a very rapid development of both the gross and fine motor skills during the first year of life. Following are exercises that can improve your baby’s motor skills.

0-3 Months

Baby sit-ups. When your baby is alert and happy, lay him on his back. His hands will grab your finger or thumb reflexively; then pull him up slowly so as not to jerk his head. (You may see your pediatrician do this to check out the strength of your baby’s muscles.)

Hug-a-baby. Set your baby on your lap comfortably. Gently cross his arms over his chest, as though he is hugging himself. With baby balanced on your lap, gently pull his arms back as if opening them up for a huge hug from Daddy or Grandma.

3-6 Months

The “Bicycle.” Spread out a soft, fuzzy blanket and lay your baby down on her back. Hold each of her feet in each of your hands and “bicycle” your baby’s legs and feet. Vary the speed of the imaginary “bicycle ride,” always keeping in mind your baby’s fragility. Now, hold your baby’s hands. Gently move her wrists back and forth.

Play time. Sit on the floor with your baby on your lap facing you. Support your baby under her arms. Sing a Mother Goose rhyme, favorite song, or even just the ABCs. Gently bounce your baby with the cadence and rhythm of the song.

When Humpty Dumpty falls down, pretend to let your baby fall down (gently, of course).

7-8 Months

Toy time. Using a favorite toy or one that makes sound, grab your baby’s attention. Place the toy slightly out of reach. Depending on where you set the toy, your baby may use gross motor skills to turn his body at the trunk, use core muscles to reach up high, and shift his weight in order to grab the toy.

Dance. Hold your baby on your hip and move to some music that is not playing too loudly. Take his little hand and move it to the beat or spin slowly. Face-to-face interaction in this mobile way will surely have both of you laughing and bonding. Don’t forget to tickle his little belly or just under his chin. As your baby is able to stand on his own, hold his hands and try some simple moves back and forth, or just bop baby up and down on your legs. As with all things baby-related, easy does it.

9-12 Months

Cereal fun. Sit on the floor with your baby and put some low-sugar dry cereal in a paper cup. Pour the cereal from the cup into an empty cup and repeat several times until you think your baby can try it. Of course, she will spill the cereal, eat it, and transfer it imperfectly, but that’s okay. Give it a lot of time and practice.

Pull-up time. A coffee table or couch is at the right level for baby to put her little hands on and attempt to pull herself to a stand. Sometimes you can help her by boosting her bottom and steadying her legs. The more you encourage and aid in her movement attempts, the happier your baby will be, and the more delighted you will be!

Adapted from Boosting Your Baby’s Brain Power, by Holly Engel-Smothers and Susan M. Heim, ©2008.


Brazil Butt Lift in Lift

Women all over the world have always strived to achieve perfect bodies. Anything from the legs, arms, stomach, and even the butt. There are some parts of the body that are easier to tone that others, and while the butt use to be one of the hardest areas to tone, it is now possible to achieve the perfect, taut buttocks that you’ve always wanted with the Brazil Butt Lift workout.

The reason that your butt is one of the hardest areas of your body to tone (aside from your stomach that is) is because you need specific workouts that will focus on shaping and lifting your glutes specifically. It is not enough to just work out and hope for the best. No, if you’re serious about getting your butt in shape, you need the Brazil Butt Lift to help you achieve that goal.

The Brazil Butt Lift, a workout by Leandro Carvalho, focuses on three specific workouts for the butt that will help to tone it, work it, lift it and shape it like no other workout can. Carvalho knows the secrets of getting your butt into shape, and now he has revealed those secrets in the Brazil Butt Lift video workout so that everyone can get their butt in shape.

The Brazil Butt Lift will reveal the ultimate secrets and the proper methods of working your rear so that you’ll definitely achieve the results that you want by working your rear in the right areas and in the right way. The workout is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve results, even beginners.

No more cellulite, no more dimples, no more saggy bottom. Everyone woman can feel confident from now on in anything that they wear because a firm, shapely and gorgeous looking rear is now an achievable goal for every woman. And it is all thanks to the Brazil Butt Lift workout.


Why Stair Lifts? in Stair

The benefit of stair lifts is to get a passenger up and down stairs with ease and comfort. Beyond this physical benefit it also offers their users freedom and choice, the freedom to move around their existing home and make also they do not need to move away unnecessary, a complete freedom and proper comfort level for them.

People who often have a mobility issues have often had to move away from their existing home as the stairs have become too difficult to climb and their legs cannot manage the stairs climbing. So they had their choice of new home severely limited to one stories building and cannot stay where they actually want. A well tailored stair lift solutions can give them a proper support from all their problems of day to day life. You are no longer faced with a move away from familiarity, friends and family or a reduced list of housing options and you can very well adapt the star lifts.

Stair lifts also offer a benefit to the relatives of the user and that benefit is in the form of peace of mind. They are great health and safety devices which no one else can offer and it can safely transport a passenger up and down the stair without incident or hassles.Many users of lifts are often seen moving around their home with relative ease and comfort compared to others and no worrying for relatives. Also before buying a stair lift you need to know about the type of staircase you have in your house.

If you think that this lifts can be dangerous, than you are wrong! This lifts normally come along with a safety belt. Also other features like padded seat, lockable swivel seat, fast and no mess installation, safety sensors, remote control etc are available in these chairs. Not only inside the house but those who wish to use it outside the house stair lifts for that also are available. Various companys providing stair lifts understand the importance of you buying it and so once you have placed the order for the lift, its installed ASAP.

Companies provide 24 hours stair lift services call out. Even after the installation regular services by fully qualified engineers in provided. It is the most important step towards improving the quality of life of people in need. If you have elderly people at home struggling with the same problem than get a stair lift today.


Toyota Fortuner! The Classic SUV Creation of Toyota Motors in Toyota

Toyota Fortuner, the rich blend of power and elegance which is been fabricated to give your legs an action-packed drive. In the guise of Indian forerunner, the company has introduced it in the year of 2009 and its assemblage has been done at Bidadi, Karnataka plant of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited from CKD imported kits. It’s must to say that the mastered hands have brilliantly accomplished their task for which they are still getting tremendous response. Infact they have empowering it with all of their excellence.

The Toyota Fortuner Price is been glued at premium tag of Rs 20,14,800 against Mitsubishi Outlander and Pajero, Chevrolet Captiva, Skoda Yeti, Ford Endeavour and Maruti Grande Vitara which are also carrying the competitive prices near to its. It’s not such a big deal because as per traditions of legacy a one has to begin this journey of thousands miles with single but best possible step. So, till launch the battle is said to be only half-won and to win it completely ceaseless efforts are only to be required but with all dedication. So, the same has been done by the experts of Toyota Motors because in India still companies are experiencing moderate sales figures of such premium SUV cars.

Literally, India is having huge prospect of double-digit growth in small cars segment and there is another popular segment is SUV but it’s having relatively smaller market share in passenger segment. So, the task of introducing Toyota Fortuner as premium SUV car is really daring one for which its experts have to been appreciated.

And since till now, not even for once they have touched it for more refinements because while designing this they have emphasized on its futuristic approach. To make its on-road performance more aggressive 3.0 liter D-4D Common Rail Turbo Diesel engine is been engaged that is good at both power and torque generation of 171 PS at 3600 rpm and 343 NM at 1400-3400 rpm.

At best, the Toyota Fortuner mileage is of 7.8 km/l on city-roads and 11.5 km/l on highways which is quite impressive as it has hold such massive structure with all imperialism and then to deliver such mileage depicts really good work has been done. It has the assortment of perfection – comfort, safety and performance which a one is desired to have atleast once in his lifetime. So, there is no doubt about the brilliant job of its creators who have also introduced Toyota Innova that is driving on best terrain in India nowadays.


What Disabled Lift Will You Use? in Bath

One of the best developments that we have ever seen for the medical position are disabled lifts. These are special contraptions that were contrived for individuals who are either incapable to use their legs in anyway or who have trouble walking or flexing their legs. Because of the medical problem they have it is difficult for them to get around by themselves.

But not Everybody desires to have somebody assisting them with everything. They feel the want to have some method of freedom and to have the power to do things on their own. Disabled lifts grants them this ability and at times it helps the primary care provider by making it easier for them.

There are four crucial kinds of these lifts – which are ordinarily utilized. They are bath lifts, pool lifts, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts. All of these are utilized for something unique – but they all serve to grant the individual more freedom.

Bath Lift

The bath lift is powered by water and utilized to serve a disabled individual to take a bath with hardly any problems. The chair will let down the individual in and out of the bath again with the simple flick of a button. A seat belt is made into the chair for safety and ease.

Pool Lift

Luxury is something that not everybody can receive – but it doesn’t mean they can’t try. These peculiarly contrived lifts are also powered by water and designed much in the same way as bath lifts or wheelchair lifts. There are numerous unique types – but each one works to offer the individual fun in the sun during the summer months.

Wheelchair Lift

These are really average types of lifts that many individuals will see when driving on the roads.

These are established on the back of a van or truck and are able to transport an individual’s wheelchair for long distances.

Stair Lift

This is one of the most clever types of disabled lifts. It is a chair that coasts on on a rail – which is put in on the side of the stairways. The person can ride it up and down the stairs to reach the various levels in their house. This keep stress off of their knees.


Pilot Automotive SC-167T Terry Cloth Tan Universal Seat Liner

  • Insulates your legs from hot and cold seats
  • No more searing and sticking to leather and vinyl seats
  • Great for kids and pets
  • Machine washable

Terry cloth seat liner is made from soft 100% cotton surface quilted. The non-slip liner grips to all leather, vinyl and fabric seats.

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Price: $ 8.70

Advanced Tool Design Model ATD-81056 Shop Stool – Flame Design

Sturdy 29″ high stools have chrome-plated legs and 13-3/8″ padded vinyl seats that swivel 360?

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Price: $ 34.95


  • Features an advanced electronic charging scale with level and adjustable legs
  • Includes an alarm that alerts when scale charge is delivered
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty on material and workmanship

Mastercool -A Electronic Refrigerant Scale features an advanced electronic charging scale with level and adjustable legs. Its capacity is 240 lbs and it comes with a removable platform. It includes a programmable control box that allows to program in desired charge. It also includes an alarm that alerts when scale charge is delivered. This repeat action allows charging previously stored amount. The product is backed by a 1 year warranty on material and workmanship.

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Price: $ 145.45