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Jaguar Land Rover Enjoys New Sales Record in Rover

In February 2012, the UK car industry saw a 23.5 per cent rise in production, and Jaguar Land Rover enjoyed its best ever month with 32,257 unit sales. Overall, UK car production is up 19.6 per cent for the year to date, although car sales are down slightly by 0.8 per cent.

Jaguar Land Rover seems to be bucking the trend, however, with an increase of forty-nine per cent in February sales overall. Land Rover set a new sales record of 28,029 vehicles in February, an increase of fifty-two per cent, whilst Jaguar was up thirty-two per cent to 4,288 cars.Jaguar Land Rover seems to be bucking the trend, however, with an increase of forty-nine per cent in February sales overall. Land Rover set a new sales record of 28,029 vehicles in February, an increase of fifty-two per cent, whilst Jaguar was up thirty-two per cent to 4,288 cars.

To keep up with demand, Jaguar Land Rover has announced that it is creating 1,000 new jobs at its Halewood plant in Merseyside. This will take the total number of employees at the plant to 4,500, almost three times the number employed in 2009. Jaguar Land Rover anticipates that more jobs will be created in the supply chain as demand increases for more cars. It is believed that many more jobs may also be created at the new engine plant in Wolverhampton. The Range Rover Evoque has become one of the car maker’s most popular models, and the additional jobs are believed to have been created to cope with the extra demand for this model.

These figures suggest that the outlook is positive for the UK car industry. Once March sales have been released, it will be crucial to see if the new plate registrations will have had any impact on sales figures.

Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover dealer showrooms will be hoping for another successful month of sales after a fantastic start to 2012.


Wire fencing can protect veg from pests in Fence

Many companies, smallholders and homeowners across the country grow fruit and vegetables.

In some cases, this is purely for enjoyment and to generate a little produce to cook and eat, while in others it is an essential means of living off the land or of generating profit.

Whatever the motivation, all who plant, tend to and pick crops want to minimise the amount of food lost to pests.

There are a range of animals that are intent on feasting on fruit and vegetables, including rabbits, slugs and various species of bird.

Of course, in some cases larger creatures such as deer and sheep are responsible for causing damage.

One expert has pointed out that there are a number of ways of minimising the risks of such loss, and using wire fencing and other forms of garden fencing is one of these.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Sarah Raven cited the example of growing carrots.

She said that utilising wire fencing when cultivating these orange vegetables means certain animals cannot get to them.

However, garden fencing is not the only solution, she noted.

Ms Raven stated: “With small numbers of carrots, or if you hate the idea of a cage, try a dilution of Olbas oil (a strong-smelling blend of essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, juniper berry, clove and menthol) to keep carrot fly at bay.

“Put three drops into a normal-sized watering can and water your carrots once a week. The smell keeps the flies away.”

Meanwhile, it is possible to protect flower and other plant beds by placing reflective tape in a criss-crossed pattern on top of them, she added.

Although this time of year is not very good for growing most plants, it can be ideal for making changes to outdoor spaces and engaging in some landscaping so that when the warmer months arrive, people can concentrate on getting as high a yield of fruit and vegetables as possible.


Find Jobs In Mumbai in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, is full of glamour, style and true professionalism. Mumbai job market is majorly concerned with industries which are related to media and fashion. However, there are companies with varied backgrounds that have established their foundation here, but somehow the land is more famous because of sizzling fascination.

Event Management companies have a huge market share, which in turn contributes heavily to Mumbai Job market. Since Mumbai is mostly about glamour, the jobs here reflect more spice and variety. The Jobs in Mumbai are high on style, pay package and professionalism. These three ingredients have really shored up the Mumbai job market. The Event management companies have job profiles related with promotional activity and scheduling.

As Mumbai enjoys the opulence of Arabian Sea waves and breezes, it is a blessed land for trading. The docks where the ship loads and unloads, serve as the chief area for trading. It is the main source for carrying out import-export business, which surely pushes the financial market of Mumbai into high yielding zones. Mumbai job market is filled with opportunities in trading sector, which requires the person to have vast amount of experience in managing resources and relationships with legal authorities.

Media related businesses, too have their headquarters based in Mumbai. Among them, cinema, television, radio, publishing and advertising are the major sectors that govern the glamorous lifestyle of Mumbai. Mumbai job market has various opportunities that attract people with interest in media.

Advertising in India has undergone a great amount of variation. Earlier, the market of advertising was very limited and dull, but now this sector is travelling on wheels and is beating the concept of haunting with touch. This development has opened doors for people with different kinds of background and has brought them to a common platform of performance. Mumbai jobs related with advertising attract people with high creativity and quick learning.

Mumbai has given India major and global players like TATA, Reliance and Godrej and another 500 fortune companies. Together these giants have given a strong uplift, not only to the Mumbai job market, but even at global level. These players have helped Indias economy rise and shine among international bidders. From technical to management and from marketing to trading, all these professions have given a strong boost to the job sector.

The travel and hospitality industry is growing in every part of the country and therefore Mumbai job market throws many opportunities to fresh and upcoming talented professionals. Mumbai being the life line for business is hugely visited by people from different countries. This brings a lot of business to travel and hospitality industry. The shortage of time has surely augmented the size of opportunities in travel industry. Tourism has also played an important role in giving travel and hospitality industry a new dimension.

The demand for cloth, FMCG products and recycling of waste matter has made Mumbai rich with factories, which brings opportunities even to people with less or no knowledge and experience. The factories contribute generously to Mumbai Job market, because apart from educated and skilled professionals it also gives opportunities to labour class workers, who in return get better lifestyle and money.
Many reputed magazines have rated Mumbai as one of the best places for working, because of its enormous contribution to Indias GDP and even to global figures. The job market of Mumbai surely absorbs people with varied backgrounds and experience and cumulatively convert their efforts into rewarding business opportunities.


Should I replace my computer or wait?

I have a Gateway w/Pentium 4, 2 Gig, 512 MB RAM and 30 Gig hard drive. Operating system is Windows XP. This computer does not have USB2. I do have an adapter that gives me that, but it plugs in where my air card, from T-Mobile plugs in so I can’t use both at the same time. T-Mobile is my only source of an internet connection.

My uses are:
1. Internet connection while mobile. ( I live in a motohome and don’t have a land line. WiFi works when available.
2. GPS while traveling across USA & Canada.
3. Down loading photos from camera.
4. General word processing.
5. Internet banking.

Everything works fine, just a bit slow.

What should I look for and what should I replace this computer with? My only limitations are, new must be a laptop.
RAM is at max for this laptop. Air card & USB 2 adapter plug into the PCIMA? slot, one at a time.
In a motorhome, which travels down the road, I have the option to operate with 120 volts ac from either a 2,000 watt inverter on my 7.5 KW generator. Power is not a problem. Yes the laptop travels with me as I drive. Most of the time I can keep my internet connection while driving down the road, with T-Mobile.

This laptop is over 4 years old. It has options that were availble in 2003, nothing newer. Hard drive space is only 30 Gig. RAM is at maximum limit.

I scan this computer and here are the results.
Thanks everyone for your opinions. I will compile them all when I purchase a new laptop.

I don’t need tremendous speed, but I would like lot’s of memory so I don’t get in the perdiciment I’m in now, little RAM with nowhere to go and a hard drive so small I need to look for things to dump so I have room for something new.

Also a USB buss with now where to go.

Thanks again.

Chosen Answer:

nice to be traveling around, arthur
peculiar as it may sound, i did need to wrack my limited gray matter. you are mobile, but your computer stays put. you do not have regular access to wall sockets for power or recharging. you do not have a fixed internet dsl line

tried configuring with a dell, cause they are the most freely configurable one’s around >> just an illustration / hint at specs & a few tips

Dell Inspirion 1520
Jet Black
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T7300 (2.0GHz/800Mhz FSB/4MB cache)
Genuine Windows ® Vista Home Basic Edition
Glossy, widescreen 15.4 inch display (1280×800)
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
1GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 667MHz
120GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)
CD / DVD writer (DVD+/-RW Drive)
Intel Next-Gen Wireless-N Mini-card
AT&T built-in cellular mobile broadband (HSDPA 3.6)
Built-in Bluetooth capability (2.0 EDR)
Integrated 2.0M Pixel Webcam
85Whr Lithium Ion Battery (9 cell)
High Definition Audio 2.0
Microsoft Works 8
Yahoo! Music Jukebox – Music Player
Dell Additional Slim 65W Auto/Air/AC Adapter
1Yr Ltd Warranty and Mail-In Service
Free 3 GB Online Backup for 1Yr
6 Months America Online Internet Access Included
Integrated 10/100 Network Card and Modem
Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 7.08
Jet Black color w/ 2.0M pixel Camera

>> $ 1512

true, much on higher side… but then a whole lot of extra’s had to be included
1. Windows XP no longer is offered routinely
Vista home basic should be fine for you
2. Wireless N minicard helps a great deal > high speed wi-fi, wherever available
3. AT&T built-in cellular mobile broadband (HSDPA 3.6)
** just an example, select your provider from list, so hardware is built in & does not take up your express card slot (PCMCIA earlier)
4. Jet Black colour helps hide the dusty appearance
5. Integrated 2.0M Pixel Webcam, maybe handy for snaps …
6. CD / DVD writer (DVD+/-RW Drive)
** DVD’s provide much more room for storage
7. Dell Additional Slim 65W Auto/Air/AC Adapter
** uses your automotive power to run / charge your laptop, besides providing for wall charging & air charging
#1 ask dell / manufacturer for supply of this one only at extra cost & not as an additional one
#2 rating of 65 watts seems underpowered as your batteries are 9 cell & may need a bigger charger
8. one express card slot remains vacant for now … for future
9. you get 4 x usb 2.0 ports, besides 1 x firewire port
10. multi-card reader useful for sd card reading … etc
11. bluetooth option is cheap @ , included that > just in case

now that is what i could fore-see, you know ground reality best
mail me any querries / im me … whichever suits ya
we’ll try working around the best possibilities

sure your present laptop is pretty much cramped, so make sure you are future proof too to some extant

this was just an illustration to give you an idea, plenty many good deals going !
__ __ ___ __ __ __

512 mb ram for windows xp & your applications should not be a problem
again, i doubt if you’ve maxed out on ram
“scan my computer”
post results please

please post model number / link to product – support page

remember, now you will be dealing with windows vista > home basic edition should suffice
should be ok to start off with 512 mb ram, but i will not recommend anything short of 1 gb ram
___ ___ ___ ___ ___

i stand corrected, you simply have too many issues for us to handle here
a thorough study needs to be done on what is possible & what is not
** none the less i will try my best to deal with each issue & inform you accordingly
for now, i will simply rule out the windows vista option
by: sεαη
on: 8th July 07

where are land rovers made?

i know it is some where in this country but exactly where

Chosen Answer:

There are two plants that Land Rovers are made in.

In Lode Lane, Solihull (just south of Birmingham) the Defender, Discovery, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are manufactured. The previous generation of Freelander was also manufactured here, but production finished a few months ago.
The current Freelander is manufactured in Jaguar’s plant at Halewood (near Liverpool). The reason for this is that Jaguar and Land Rover are both now owned by Ford and are part of their Premier Automotive Group (PAG) which consists of Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin and Volvo.
Hope that helps!
by: John K
on: 9th October 06

Looking for a change of direction within sales? Consider carbon trading jobs in Career-management

Are you looking for a change of direction in your trading or brokering position? Traditional wine, land or investment markets are long-established marketplaces which offer trading jobs; but what about if you want a completely new career angle? For a career in a new and fresh market, and a sales job which does not only enable you to enjoy generous benefits, but also allows you to really make a change in the world, look no further than carbon trading jobs.

What is carbon trading?

The UNs Kyoto Protocol is a treaty which forms part of their Framework Convention on Climate Change. It committed 37 industrialised countries and the European Community to binding targets in an attempt to limit their level of human-emitted release of greenhouse gases, one of which being carbon dioxide. The Kyoto Protocol was a landmark step in fighting global warming through a reduction of greenhouse gases, and it has shown results. The collective reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in a collection of richer countries within the treaty called Annexe I (including European countries, the Russian Federation and Australia and the US-which is yet to sign), is around 5%.

To increase the likelihood of these Annexe I countries meeting their 2012 emission targets, they were given flexible mechanisms, which permitted the trading of their emissions. Assigned Amount Units are now bought and sold from a number of trading schemes across countries. Many countries opted to sell excess units (each being equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide), which are then traded privately and internationally.

What do carbon trading jobs consist of?

As a result of the Kyoto Protocol carbon has been commoditised; paving the way for an exciting new sales industry, complete with carbon trading jobs.

Carbon trading jobs are fresh, exciting and aim to help companies who may find it cheaper to purchase carbon credits to offset their excess than buy new machinery or employ other mechanisms to reduce their carbon emissions that year. In contrast, other companies may find it cheaper to offset emissions through more eco-friendly projects, and are left with excess units which can be sold to pay for its eco-makeover.

Carbon trading jobs involve negotiating between such companies, on national and international levels. The price of carbon fluctuates, allowing for an exciting job in a dynamic marketplace. In addition to the excitement which the role offers and your assistance in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, carbon trading jobs are well paid and offer longevity in a market which is here to stay. Visit an online sales recruitment website to browse carbon trading jobs today.



Marketing Jobs In Algeria in Marketing

Algeria, located in North Africa, is the second largest country in terms of land area on the African continent. Bordered by Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco and Mediterranean Sea, its capital is Algiers. Algerian economy, like other Middle East countries, is largely based on petroleum and natural gas exports and reserves. The economy of Algeria has undergone a transition from the pastoral to the industrial one. This has resulted in fast paced development of the country, thus, generating plethora of jobs in Algeria. Jobs in Algeria are growing in number as the country is rapidly developing across all sectors. The literacy rate of Algeria is quite high, touching nearly 80% and so, diverse industries are coming up in the area. This also helps in lifting up the revenues from industrial sector and shifting the economic focus from agricultural dependence.

The sectors that are gaining high importance in growing Algerian economy and thus, providing more employment opportunities are management sector, oil industry, building and construction, engineering and hotel industry. The government of Algeria is making conscious efforts to improve the working conditions and environment of the place. Job seekers from various other countries are migrating to Algeria in search of better job prospects. However, the population of foreign candidates in this country is much lesser as compared to other Gulf countries. With growth in almost every industry, the marketing and management sectors are especially witnessing boom. Many career avenues in this field have opened up as products and services require promotion so that they can be sold and bought by the people. This is integral to add revenues to the economy, thereby, strengthening the financial position of Algeria.

Some of the important positions offered in the field of marketing management in Algeria include the following:

  • Product Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Field Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Engineer
  • Marketing Executives
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • Head of Marketing
  • Telemarketing Executive
  • Director Marketing
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Client Relationship Manager
  • Marketing and Business Development Executive
  • Assistant Business Development Manager

There are many more kinds of marketing jobs in Algeria lying vacant for the right candidate to fill them.Also, Algeria is on the way to become the most important automotive market of North Africa. Its spare parts business is reaching new heights and seeing huge investments from within as well as outside the country. Various marketing initiatives are undertaken to promote the new and improvised services offered by this agricultural country. Many business opportunities have opened up as the well trained workforce of Algeria now possesses diverse set of skills. Algeria faces the challenge of diversifying its petroleum based economy after years of stagnation. Important authorities in Algeria are now working on number of plans and initiatives that will help in encouraging and facilitating investments in strategic sectors.

Several programmes for upgrading and developing public and private enterprises; small and medium-sized enterprises; etc. have been launched. These programmes are mainly aimed at improving their external competitiveness and preparing them for a widespread privatization. There are many development opportunities in other fields also like that of food processing, conservation technologies, agricultural imports, etc. Real estate in Algeria is also on an expansion spree as the housing shortage has created huge demand for property.

Lots of building and construction work is to be seen in the country in the wake of supply deficit growing prominent everyday. All such developments across all the sectors, improvisation of transport and infrastructure and other developmental plans seem to promise better living standards in Algeria. It is soon to become a preferred destination for expatriates as jobs in Algeria are also on a rise.


Different Styles of Painting in Painting

India as a land of diversity also inhabits various forms of beautiful paintings. The styles of Indian painting are always on the top of world. This is because India has developed geographic and regional diversity. Whether it is about miniatures or murals, all kinds of media are being utilized to bring beauty in art form. Glass, fabric, walls, sand and in fact, human skin is a medium to show paintings.


In 18th and 19th century, the world witnessed glass painting. It basically started from china and was brought into India while doing trade by East India Company. Glass was imported from Britain and Belgium and depicted themes, stories and icons in them. Painting is done by firstly drawing the details and then filling special colors made from gum Arabic and water. To adhere the color to glass painting is fired into kiln. Today various modern artists and Indians adopt this kind of painting.


Another famous painting of India is Madhubani paintings. These are specialized painting by villagers residing in madhubani. They used walls on three occasions to depict such paintings i.e. on ceremony to celebrate body’s ascent, on renovation or dedication of family’s shrine and on weddings. Drawings are made by most experienced women of the village and the colors used to fill them were specially made from vegetables mixed with gum or milk oil. The paintings had a message for the newly wed bride and groom. It depicted all gods and goddesses to protect them.


Warli painting is another style of painting amongst tribal areas which originated in 10th century in Maharashtra. It is created from white rice and painted using twigs. Married women of village used walls of mud houses to paint which were firstly coated with cow dung and then with red mud.

Such paintings are created today also but the technique applied is modern. It includes medium of cloth and paper as well.



Myths of Landing a Medical Sales Job in Medical

Medical sales jobs (and especially medical device sales jobs) are notorious for being difficult to get into, and most people assume that it’s impossible for candidates who are right out of college. While it’s true that competition for these jobs is fierce, it’s a myth that you can’t land a spot for yourself as a new graduate.  The same information applies to anyone who wants to transition into medical sales.

How?  Here are some possibilities that can get you past that hurdle:

  • If you have a very technical degree like chemistry, biology, or other life science degree.
  • If you have some experience in the medical field from a job you’ve worked in college.
  • If you have any special relationships in your network that could open doors for you.

Some experiences that would give you an additional significant boost:

  • Sales experience from a full- or a part-time job
  • Preparing a 30/60/90-day plan for the company (a plan for success in your first 90 days of employment shows hiring managers that you do know what you’re doing and you’re motivated to do it)

One thing to keep in mind:  You will be vying for jobs against people with a lot more experience than you, especially in this economy, so you should have a fall back plan for other types of jobs you would take or other experiences you could get that would prepare you for the medical sales field.  Think sales jobs that require a closing process, jobs within the medical field that teach you the language and build relationships, job shadowing experiences, and more.  Be creative and keep your end goal in mind:  a medical sales job.