• Charges iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphones, tablets and other devices powered by USB
  • 10-Watt (5V/2.1A) charger offers fast charging capabilities
  • Compatible with 12V power supplies in car cigarette lighter jack
  • Power LED indicator

Macally Car 10U is a 10 Watt car charger perfect for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Tablets and smartphones.

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Price: $ 10.69


  • Input: 12-18V DC, Output: DC Port1 2.4A Max & Port2 1A Max (2 Ports share 2.4A Output). Color: White
  • Support all iPod, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Motolola Droid, HTC Smart Phones, Amazon Kindle models… and many more
  • Easy-to-see LED confirms whether USB charger is properly connected
  • Use your existing USB charging cables to charge most USB powered devices (Cables Not Included)
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Easily charge your USB powered devices such as your iPad, iPod, iPhone,
Samsung, Android, cellular phones, MP3 players, PDAs and GPS. This charger
allows for two of your devices to be simultaneously charged. The dual port
interface uses your existing USB cables to let you plug in and get charged.

Compatible Devices

Port 2.4A: Outputs 2.4 Amps Max — Apple Protocol (A-Port, A Standards for
Port 1A: Outputs 1 Amps Max — Standard Protocol (S-Port, S standards for

USB Port 1 (labeled as 2.4A, Designed for Apple products) Compatibility

iPad @ 2.4 Ampere Max.
iPhone / iPod Touch @ 1 Ampere Max.
Others phones / GPS / Tablet etc. @ 0.5 to 1 Ampere Max. (May not support
charging of some devices)
USB Port 2 (labeled as 1A, designed for non apple products) Compatibility

iPhone / iPod Touch @ 1 Ampere Max.
Others Android Smart phones such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC / GPS / Tablet etc. @ 1
to 2 Ampere Max.

NOTE: Currently known support tablets: Amazon Kindle Fire & all other
Kindles, Nook Color / Tablet, HTC Flyer, Huawei Tablets. [May NOT compatible
with Motorola XOOM, Asus transformer Tablets].

DC Input Voltage: 12 VDC to 24 VDC
Output Voltage: 4.75 VDC min 5.25 VDC max
Output Current: 0A min 2.4A max
Over-Current Protection: 3.5A
Short-Circuit Protection
Overheating Protection
Operating Temp: 0 ~40 deg C

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  • Versatile. Portable. Reliable.
  • JOOS Orange is designed to charge all personal electronic devices (cell phones, smart phones, iPad, iPhone, MP3 players, GPS devices, portable game devices, Sat Phones etc.)
  • Powerful and fast. JOOS Orange captures up to 20 times more energy than other solar chargers. 1 hour in the direct sun = 2 hours 3G talk time.
  • Its thin rectangular shape makes JOOS Orange easy to carry and store. Adjustable legs make pointing it towards the sun a breeze. And, if you don?t get outside much, the on-board battery can be charged from your computer or any USB power source.
  • The internal battery pack will keep its charge for years. And the JOOS Orange keeps charging when submerged in water.

JOOS Orange gives you power anywhere without the compromises of other portable solar chargers. It’s tough: Super durable and waterproof, it reliably delivers power where and when you need it. The JOOS Orange works in real-world light conditions (low light, in the shade and even light rain) it works fast: Charges at least 3.5x faster than any other portable solar charger at the same price. The large 5,400mAh replaceable battery pack holds enough energy to charge your smart phone several times, and can even charge an iPhone about two and a half times. The JOOS Orange is the best-performing solar charger under the sun. Most important, the JOOS Orange is rock-solid reliable.

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List Price: $ 149.00
Price: $ 149.00


  • For iphone5 cable
  • Data transmission and charging
  • For iPhone5/ iPad mini/ iPad4/Touch 5/Nano7

The Apple to 30-Pin Adapter could let you connect devices with a connector to many of your 30-pin accessories.

Compatible with:
1 For iphone5 cable
2 to 30 pin adapter
3 Data transmission and charging
4 For iPhone5/ iPad mini/ iPad4/Touch 5/Nano7

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Price: $ 0.01

Ipad Accessories in Ipad

The iPad started a whole new generation of touch screen tablet PCs and remains the stand out seller and must-have gadget. The Apple device can be taken anywhere thanks to its sleek form and the download and use of apps in a multitude of categories make it one of the most beneficial mobile computing devices around. Theres also, as with most Apple products, a wide and varied selection of iPad accessories that can be used to enhance the look, the usability, and the functions and protection of the iPad itself.

Media Playing Accessories
The iPad is a convenient media playing device. It can be used to stream live shows, watch recorded video, and share your music and pictures. As such, a number of iPad accessories have been released that aim to enhance the iPads media playing capabilities.

A headrest mount enables you to put your iPad in the back of the car for the kids or any back seat passengers to watch their favourite films and shows while the wall mount means that it can effectively be used as touch screen media player and monitor. A viewstand provides users with the same kind of functionality that they can enjoy from small televisions while the Book Arc lets you sit the iPad on a desk or table in the position that you most commonly use it with a selection of four different convenient positions.

The capacitive touch screen is one of the devices greatest features and one of the reasons for Apples success in selling the device. Cases need to be made specifically for use with the device, however, in order that the user can still use the screen while keeping their tablet PC safe and protected. Folio cases are ideal and look attractive and professional too.

If you want a method of carrying your Apple touch screen tablet without the need to be able to access and use the screen then iPad accessories like the shell or the sleeve are perfect. Both of these accessories come in a variety of different colours and are made from durable and strong material that will protect the iPad from damage.


Wired magazine releases app for iPad in Technology

Wired magazine, which has been known as the widely-distributed tech publication has recently announced to join the mobile world with a new iPad app. Aiming at maximizing the iPad’s interactive reading experience, the new app of Wired Magazine is sold at per issue and packed with stunning graphics and interactive features galore.


The May issue of Wired Magazine will offer a boat-load of those interactive features, like a Lego Lamborghini that takes shape step-by-step as you slide your finger across the screen, an interactive map of Mars, audio clips of Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor’s work in progress, and a number of rotatable 3D images. As all of those features are quite heavy in size, the app of Wired uses up to 527 MB.


Wired magazine releases app for iPad

Wired magazine releases app for iPad


However, Adobe whose popular Flash software has been notably excluded from all of Apple’s mobile devices develops cutting edge digital publishing technology of Wired app. Luckily, the Wired folks were able to work around Apple’s no Flash policy, and now with Adobe’s technology they can simultaneously create content for both the print magazine and the enhanced digital version with the same set of authoring and design tools.


IPad customers are hoping that Wired will soon offer a cost-saving subscription plan.

IPad customers are hoping that Wired will soon offer a cost-saving subscription plan.


The app has got some compliments for is ambitious design, smooth interface, and impressive graphics, however, is also complained for its high price of the digital issues, too many ads, and a few minor bugs.

IPad customers are hoping that Wired will soon offer a cost-saving subscription plan. For example, the print version has offered customers with a one-year subscription at only .


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  • Cess Accessoires Lightning Charging and Syncing Cable for Apple iPhone 5 5th iPod Nano 7th
  • Cess Accessoires Lightning Charging and Syncing Data Cable
  • Cess Accessoires Lightning USB car Charger
  • For Apple iPhone 2 3 3gs 4 4s 5 ipad ipod mini nano touch
  • For Android samsung galaxy s3 note 2 etc

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  • Note: Please consult your product’s user guide to determine compatibility with your device.

Power two 5V accessories at the same time. Fit all types of European, American & Japanese Cars. For heavy-duty requirement device such as iPad, mobile phones, GPS, Mp3.Mp4 in car power source. LED indicator, Output voltage 5V, Output current 2.1A maximum

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Price: $ 10.24

OREI USBORT 2A/5V 10W Dual USB Ultra Fast Car Charger for iPhone, Samsung, Android Smartphones and more

  • Dual Port High Output Design – 1 Amp USB charging port for your Smartphone or iPhone & 2.1 Amp USB charging port for your Tablet or iPad or additional phone . Max output 2.1A
  • Over Current, Over Charge Protection: Charger switches to a trickle charge once connected device’s battery is full
  • Input:12-24V 1000mA; Output: DC 5V 2A or 5V 1A (Share 2A when both ports in use)
  • Dual Port Design, one 2 Ampere Max. port for iPad/Tablet/GPS and one 1 Ampere max. port for Mobile phones. (Share 2A when both ports in use)
  • iPad, iPad2, iPad 3, New iPad charger, iPhone, iPhone 2, iPhone 3, iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 charger, iPod charger, Cigarette Lighter charger, 12v charger, iPod touch charger

Easily charge your iPad, iPod, iPhone, or iTouch, and other USB compatible Devices. This charger allows for two of your devices to be simultaneously charged while utilizing only one of your car’s valuable 12v DC power sockets, total 2.1A. The dual port interface uses your existing USB cables to let you plug in and get charged. (No Cable Included)

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Price: $ 14.72

DBTech 175 Watt Portable Micro Power Inverter With USB Port – 12v AC to 110v DC Car Plug Converter For Your Ipod, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, PSP, DVD Players Laptops Netbooks And cellphones

  • 175-watt inverter for converting DC to AC 110-120V
  • Power electronic gear and appliances while on the road
  • Conveniently plugs into car cigarette lighter
  • Accessory plug adjusts 45-Degree for convenient placement
  • Output Frequency : 60±3Hz / 50±3Hz AC power output Continuous power 175W / Peak power 350W — USB Output : DC 5V (Max 500mA)

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