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Cars are considered as one of the most important assets that make our life easy in our day-to-day routines and choosing the right kind of job can be tiresome because of the variety of cars that are available. Proper guidance to find the right kind of used cars can provide you with required results that you would expect your car to serve. This article will help you to find the apt used car that you are looking for.

The first thing that you need to assess when you are looking out to purchase the car is to lay down the requirements that you expect, it is important that you stay focused much on your needs rather than wants. Think about the purpose, the number of family members, the kind of roads you/ driver will drive and the distance that you are going to cover on a daily basis.

It is important that you need to assess the budget that you can afford to allocate for financing the used car either from your personal savings or are you intending to go for auto financing. In case you are choosing auto financing as your finance option then it is important that you need to consider the loan amount, interest rates that you can afford to pay on monthly basis and even the time it will take to payback the loan. It is important that you screen the cars that are within your affordability limits. It depends on the financial sources that you can either lease the car or buy a car. Leasing a car provides you with the benefit of low monthly payments and initial amount. On the other hand buying a car will have a vice versa effect.

These days, it is important to understand that people are going in for auto financing rather than self financing. There are a number of exciting offers that are available through the car dealers, banks and institutions that specialize in auto financing and dealer financing.

Internet is the most widely used option to have access to any kind of information be it for used cars finance sources, used cars models, used cars dealers or any other information.

It is important to note that you need to do a research on the different kinds of car models, body style, manufacturer and the payment range on the internet before you directly land in the showrooms. It is wise choice that you consider all the aspects of cost that you will incur like the fuel cost, maintenance cost, depreciation cost and the other costs that may arise for effective functioning.

The next aspect that has to be considered is to take the car for a test drive and assess its functioning. First confirm if the car is available for test drive and then confirm an appropriate schedule. Test drive can be taken on different kinds of roads and it is important that you spend sufficient time to evaluate the performance of the car inspect for scratches and dents. Finally select the car that gives you satisfactory performance.


Stock Trading Software Review in Stock

Stock Trading Software is a powerful tool to make money doing day trading. However, it should be used with proper care and guidance.

Stock trading dates back to the 17th century when the joint stock corporation was first invented; stock trading has several emergent behaviors from the way it works. In particular, there are advantages to having the information you need before everyone else gets it, and there are advantages to being able to execute your trades faster than anyone else can. Stock trading software attempts to put those advantages into the hands of a typical investor with a computer.

In its core precepts, stock trading software really got its start in the 1970s, when mainframe computers came down inin price that they could be used to aggregate data and put it in front of traders in scatter plot and graph forms. When the PC revolution happened, this capability got more widely spread, and as the network revolution of the Internet came about, the amount of data available grew exponentially, as did the number of financial vehicles trying to use it.

Modern stock trading software tries to not only give graphical plots of the data it’s gathering, but tries to match it against a database of billions of successful trades from highly trained professionals. This tries to use logical statements about what trades were made and why. Thus, it’s trying to not only gather and present the data, it’s trying to interpret it for you as well.

This makes modern trading software much more fluid and easier to use than it’s ever been before. That means it’s a much more powerful tool, with an easier learning curve. However, since stock market trades run from plays on daily – even hourly – volatility, analysis and recommendation isn’t enough – it also needs to be able to manage automated buy and sell orders.

And with this, we run into a conceptual gap.

With software that’s this easy to use, it makes it possible to sell it to people who are desperate to make money fast, but have no formal training in day trading or how stock markets work. It’s entirely possible for someone to get in over their head, doing leveraged trades, without really understanding what this means.

In the end, stock trading software is a tool. It’s not an expert stock trader in a box, no matter how much its marketers say it is. You can use it (and we recommend stock trading software to anyone who wants to work the markets), but we insist that you get a good education about what it does, how it does it, and how markets actually work before putting your trust blindly in it.

One of the important decisions that a stock trader has to make is “When do I not want to trade?” This is analogous to a poker player folding…and given how chaotic markets are, any kind of algorithmic solution to market trading means that it’s when the markets are going crazy that the software is at its least useful.

Just remember – to succeed at stock trading, stock trading must be your job. You must treat it like a job, take the time needed to research your positions and exercise judgment to be successful at it.


More On Automotive Repair Direct Mail Campaigns Targeted Marketing Strategies in Direct-mailing

Previously I have discussed why I believe direct mail is the most effective advertising tool for shop owners. I am now going to provide some guidance to help you measure your automotive repair direct mail campaign efforts.

Before you can evaluate your direct mail campaign, you need to establish your expectations regarding marketing. What is your focus? Is it solely increasing sales or are you hoping to achieve something more strategic? My goal was to reach middle-to-upper income customers located closest to my shops. This was my key demographic because I knew if I could get them in the door and provide a good experience, they would turn into long-term customers and fuel the shop’s growth.

When it came time for me to measure my auto repair shop direct mail efforts, I knew I needed to examine more than just coupon redemptions. I realized the customers I was targeting were not necessarily coupon shoppers, because shortly after I began employing direct mail, my technicians started discovering unused coupons in the cars we serviced. The unused coupons proved that the direct mail was raising awareness of my shops and driving the customers I wanted in for service. The fact that my sales and car count had increased (beyond what my coupon redemptions showed) only provided further support.

There are other factors to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of your automotive repair direct mail. Here are some recommendations based on what I’ve learned.

1. Compare apples to apples. Every month is different, in this industry. So instead of measuring sales for one month against the next, compare sales from one month with the same month for the previous year.

Judge May 2011 against May 2010, instead of comparing April with May. Employing this method will help diminish some of the peaks and valleys that occur that can skew your results. August, for example, can be a busy month for repairs because of an increase in road travel. If you start a direct mail -campaign in September and compare that month’s results with August, the approach may result in disappointment, because the seasonal spike would make it difficult to beat August’s robust numbers.

2. Don’t get hung up on growth. Success will vary depending on your situation and your individual goals. For some shops, reversing losses is more important than posting double-digit increases. I’ve worked with shops that were consistently losing money, but were able to stem the tide of red ink by using direct mail.

3. Be realistic. Some shop owners have sent out 5,000 pieces of mail per month and expect to see a 10% return on that investment. However, the math on that equation works out to 500 new cars a month – an outrageous number to expect or try to service. A more modest gain of eight to 10 new cars every month is not only more manageable, but will make a solid difference in the bottom line over time. And, if you play your cards right, you can turn those new customers into regulars, who will visit well into the future.

4. Be patient. Direct mail takes time. Give your campaign at least three to six months before conducting any major evaluation. This will allow you to build momentum and consistency. It’s also important to maintain your campaign without any interruptions. If you distribute postcards one month and then take a break, you’ll essentially be starting from scratch again.

5. Revisit your model. If you don’t see any impact from auto repair shop marketing campaign, it may be wise to re-examine how you’re employing direct mail. Is your ad the right one for the market you’re trying to reach? Are you mailing to 3,000 prospective customers when the market potential is actually 10,000? Making even minor tweaks can often lead to greater results.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re unsatisfied with your results, ask your auto repair shop direct mail vendor about why you may not be succeeding. Any good direct mail company will take the time to address your concerns and work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Is there any type of volunteer work in the design field?

Preferrable in Southern California, maybe in Pasadena or something?
I would really like the volunteer at a car design studio, but I cannot find any on the internet. Any design studio (product design, graphics, etc) would work though.
Also I would like to get volunteer hours from it, for high school.

Chosen Answer:

Speak to your school guidance counselor, they should know if there is something in the area. There should be, since Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design is known as one of the two premier automotive design schools in the US and some designers have stayed local. Art Center also has a Saturday program for High School students, click on Classes, then Transportation Design on the Saturday High website. There are scholarships available.

There are lots of design companies of all sizes in Pasadena. If you’re thinking engineering, Parsons is headquartered there.

Also, did you know that there is a new public charter Design High School on Figueroa north of York in Highland Park? It’s in partnership with Art Center.

Art Center:
Saturday High:

Article on car design at Art Center:,1,1214346.story

Starting Out: How to be a car designer:

Good luck!
by: maliboo_girl
on: 30th August 08

How to sell in the UK legally if I’m not an entrepreneur?

I have a full time job in the UK, and as a second income, I would like to buy stuff from Ebay and re-sell them legally, perhaps on street markets, car boot sales, etc.
What is the first step? Do I need to register as a sole trader?
Am I obliged to issue receipt or invoice for every single item on the market?
If I have done the first steps, can I also sell abroad within the EU?

Any guidance appreciated. Thank you!

Chosen Answer:

if your selling things your bought online at a boot sale you shouldn’t need any kind of licence (as long as it’s not food products) or receipts or anything.

if your buying wholesale you would need a business or traders licence.
by: Insane_mad_maniak
on: 2nd May 12

Some Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting Auto Fuses – in Fuse

Because automobiles and their electrical systems are constantly evolving, there is a wide range of options when it comes to auto fuses. Selecting an auto fuse can be difficult, and you should probably seek some professional guidance before working on a specific vehicle’s electrical system. Understanding some key concepts, however, will help you have an intelligent and productive conversation with a professional about your auto fuse needs.

Blade fuses have a plastic body and two prongs that fit into sockets. They are commonly used in automobiles and can be mounted in a variety of ways. They are available not only in several amp strengths but also in four different sizes. Regular (ATC/ATO) blade fuses were developed in 1976 for low-voltage applications in vehicles providing anywhere from 1 to 40 amps. The difference between an ATC and an ATO fuse is that an ATC’s fusible link is sealed or “closed,” and an ATO fuse is “open,” meaning it has a small opening that exposes the fusible link to the air. Like all blade fuses, they are color-coded to indicate their amps. Some blade fuses also have an indicator light that glows brightly when the fuse is blown, which eliminates guess-work and increases efficiency even when blown fuses are located in hard-to-reach areas.

In the 1990s, mini fuses were developed so that more fuses could be installed in the same space. Low-profile mini (APS) fuses are similar to mini (ATM) fuses, but their low overall height allows for space and weight savings. They are typically used as replacement fuses in new vehicles. Maxi (APX) blade fuses are used when a high amperage circuit is required from 20-80 amps.

Glass fuses were used in the electrical systems of North American built automobiles up to 1981.

Because the element is visible, they are easy to inspect. Their low breaking or rupture capacity make them suitable for low voltage applications. Their dimensions and characteristics must also comply with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard J554. This means that all glass fuses are ?” diameter, and their lengths vary according to their ampere ratings. They also come in a variety of fast-acting and time-delay speeds (AGA, AGC, AGU, AGW, and AGW). There are also ceramic (MDA) fuses, which have a higher breaking and rupture capacity, making them suitable for high current and voltage circuits. They are opaque, which makes them more difficult to examine.

High amp (AMG) fuses are ideal for battery and alternator cables or other heavy gauge cables requiring ultra-high current protection. They are available in 100-250 amps and have a bolt down design, which makes them easy to mount in fuse holders. ANN and ANL limiter fuses are an economical alternative to the Class T fuses in a non-code installation. They provide high ampere ratings in a compact size. While both are ideal for heavy-duty applications, ANN fuses are available in 100-400 amps and ANL fuses are available in 60-300 amps.

These are just some of the factors involved with choosing the right auto fuse for a specific application. It is easy to feel like you are becoming lost in an alphabet soup, which is why it is essential to consult a professional before proceeding. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your choice of fuse is ultimately dependent on the voltage rating necessary to power and protect your circuit. You want to make sure you not only protect your vehicle’s electrical system from overheating, but also prevent oversensitivity that manifests in fuses blowing repeatedly for no practical reason. When provided with the necessary information, Waytek Wire will always ensure that you are selecting the appropriate fuses for each component of your vehicle’s electrical system.

John Brown is a retired mechanic who teaches courses in automobile electronics. If you would like to learn more about auto fuses, you may want to visit


how do i get into a field of automotive engineer from a major in high electronics or mechanics aut

Chosen Answer:

Try applying to MIT,RPI U of Wisc. engineering schools. Also write to Mercedes Benz , they have an automotive schoolAlso ask your school guidance dept and science teacher. Yooun could also call the regional offices of Honda, GM etc. and ask for their public relations dept and seek advice Good Luck
by: fighterpilot
on: 13th June 08

An Introduction to the New Visible Safety System of Cars

The automotive industry is impacted by the economic crisis during the present time. Safety and environmental protection is becoming the guidance of its development, leading the manufacturers to produce the satisfactory product.

Safety is the most important element of a new car from the views of customers. The safety system which can ensure the safety of driver, passenger and pedestrian, and reduce the incidence rate of accident keeps fast growth, such as the advanced driver assistance system. Apart from the airbag, the new active safety system is also applied to more and more automobiles. Such as the rearview system, attention warning system, out lane warning system, headlight control system, anti-collision and so on. There is an increasing urgency for environmental protection design of car to reduce the energy consumption and greenhouse gases emission. Apart from the traditional means, different types of energy replacement are implemented, such as ethanol-powered vehicle, hybrid and electric vehicle and battery electric vehicle.

Then, let us get to know something about the safety monitor system. The image transducer with great dynamic range and the directory system protocol create a new age of automobile vision system. For instance, the warning sign on the rearview camera system remind the driver by its variation of size and color; the attention warning system can record and analyze the motion of eyes via the infrared camera, emitting the audible warning when the eyes of driver is closing for a long period of time; the out lane warning system can monitor the vehicle position by the camera.

The safety monitor system is based on the above visible systems which is facing some challenges like the low light intensity environment. Apart from the camera, the high speed radar is one of the main components in active safety system. The software of visible system has some shortcomings, although the high speed can use the advanced semiconductor technology to meet the high requirements of active safety system. Scientists are trying to use the SiGe to the design of radar chip, mainly applying the distance inspection of cars. Compared with GaAs, the cost of this material is lower. The related integrated circuit of the system is PIC16C73A.

By: Lixiaona