• Gives your steering wheel a new look and feel
  • Slip-on cover fits all standard steering wheels
  • Long lasting and a great way to update your car’s interior
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and finishes to match and enhance your car’s interior
  • Fits 145 to 155 inch diameter steering wheels

Custom Accessories steering wheel covers are a great way to update your car’s interior. Fits most standard size steering wheels. They are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes to match and enhance your car’s interior.

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Whom should I contact or how can I sell my brand new Hyundai Elantra 2013 with pay off 28,500 USD?

I need to get rid of this car (with mileage 100 only) due to personal issues and it is on loan with the Hyundai motor finance. The online calculator gives payoff 28,500 USD. My situation has changed and this is a huge burden on me but I don’t know how to get rid of this. Dealer is asking for 8000 USD in cash just to take it back and I don’t have it. I need someone to take over my loan. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Chosen Answer:

Unless you made a large down payment or had a valuable trade-in when you bought the new Hyundai, the ,500 loan balance is way more than the car is now worth. If it’s been registered and titled to you, it’s now a used car , no longer a new car, regardless of the fact that it only has 100 miles.

You cannot get someone to “take over” payments on your car. Hyundai Finance doesn’t allow it. You must pay off the loan and have someone else buy the car from you. Even if you sell the car, you won’t get the entire ,500 and will have to add your own cash to pay off your loan in full.

Don’t let the car be repossessed or even voluntarily take it back to the dealer and stop making payments. It’s still considered a repossession. The car will be sold at a wholesale dealer auction and you’ll be sued for the remaining loan balance, which will much more than you would have to pay for any other solution. Plus your credit is ruined for seven years. Just don’t do it.

Unfortunately, there is no magic answer to your problem. If you have ANY way to raise the extra money to pay off the loan, do it. Of course, if you had extra money, you could continue to make payments, right?
by: TiggyWiggy
on: 12th June 13

Scentsy, a Direct Sales Business in Small-business

Scentsy is a direct sales business that gives people the opportunity to become independent business owners through online network marketing. As in every MLM home based business, it is your job to sell their products.

Scentsy was started in 2004 by two moms who were looking for a way to create a home business and have the financial freedom that would provide for their families. The company’s owners are Orville and Heidi Thompson. They are located in Meridian, Idaho.

Scentsy products include candle warmers, room sprays, car candles, travel tins, plug in warmers and over 80 varieties of scented waxes.

In today’s world of the internet, you must learn how to market yourself and your business on line efficiently and successfully. You will be able to make money with the direct selling of Scentsy products if you are ready to learn the skills needed to make money in a direct sales business.

The way products and services are bought and sold on the internet today; most people are becoming efficient at doing most things on the internet. So, if you want to be an entrepreneur and have an online network marketing business, you need to be willing to learn the skills it will take to make you successful. It is imperative that you develop these skills so you can present your business opportunity to anyone who is searching for it online.

Scentsy is a business venture and it has to be treated as such. You have to be an entrepreneur to make it in the business. Entrepreneurs do not work 8 hours every day, they work more like 10-14 hours per day.

Scentsy offers a plan to its independent distributors to earn around 30% in commissions, both on personal sales, and allows dealers to get leadership bonuses and other perks.

Apart from receiving the 30% commissions from personal or group sales and 9% from downline sales, distributors can also attend training seminars, where they will be provided the coaching and other network marketing tools that are required for succeeding in the direct selling field.

In order to succeed with the Scentsy business or any MLM home based business, one of the first things you need to do is work on you. You will need an online system that will not only market your business, but also brand you as a leader. You need to market yourself as a leader in order to get people to want to join your business. People are looking for someone who is successful in their own business. Someone who will be able to teach them the skills they need to build their business and be successful.

You will also need to generate leads. You will need an online lead generation system that will track these leads for you. Leads are people who are looking for what you have to offer. Generating leads has become easier with the internet.


Motorola DTR410 Digital On-Site Two-Way Radio

  • Allows other DTR radios on same group ID and channel to communicate.
  • Gives extra-long battery life – up to 14.5 hours of operation per full charge.
  • Meets military 810 C, D, E, and F specifications for shock, vibration, water, dust and temperature extremes.
  • Uses contrast adjustment and backlight timer and provides battery gauge.
  • Stores recent call list – up to last 20 transmissions.
  • 900 MHz ISM license-free band with a 1 watt transmitter capable of coverage of up to 300,000 sq. ft. or 25 floors
  • Lithium-ion battery provides extra-long battery life, with up to 14.5 hours of operation per full charge
  • Rugged unit meets military 810 C, D, E, and F specifications for shock, vibration, water, dust and temperature extremes
  • Full-graphic backlit display with contrast adjustment, backlight timer, and provides battery gauge
  • Digital group call capabilities include public-group calling up to 5 public groups; 2 default public groups (channel 1, public 1-2)

The DTR410 digital on-site two-way radio presents a better way for small businesses to communicate. It also offers enhanced performance with wide coverage, longer battery life and clear, crisp audio. Digital one-to-many calling networks with other DTR radios on the same group ID and channel, for enhanced compatibility.Features and Benefits:Digital one-to-many group call Allows other DTR radios on same group ID and channel to communicate. Lithium ion battery Gives extra-long battery life – up to 14.5 hours of operation per full charge. Rugged, compact polycarbonate housing Offers comfort, with rubber overmold. Durable design Meets military 810 C, D, E, and F specifications for shock, vibration, water, dust and temperature extremes. Full-graphic backlit display Uses contrast adjustment and backlight timer and provides battery gauge. Caller ID Stores recent call list – up to last 20 transmissions.Unit-to-unit configuration Simplifies cloning operation, with via optional cable.

The DTR410 digital on-site two-way radio presents a better way for small businesses to communicate. It also offers enhanced performance with wide coverage, longer battery life and clear, crisp audio. Digital one-to-many calling networks with other DTR radios on the same group ID and channel, for enhanced compatibility.

A better way for small businesses to communicate. Click to enlarge.

Expand the capabilities of individuals and teams, enabling them to get the job done right, fast and safely.

View a control diagram. Click to enlarge.

Package includes radio, holster, charger, charging tray, battery, and quick reference guide.

DTR410 Digital On-Site Portable Radio

Digital One-to-Many Group Call
Allows other DTR radios on same group ID and channel to communicate.

Lithium Ion Battery
Gives extra-long battery life–up to 14.5 hours of operation per full charge.

Rugged, Compact Polycarbonate Housing
Offers comfort, with rubber overmold.

Durable Design
Meets military 810 C, D, E, and F specifications for shock, vibration, water, dust and temperature extremes.

Full-Graphic Backlit Display
Uses contrast adjustment and backlight timer and provides battery gauge.

Caller ID
Stores recent call list–up to last 20 transmissions.

Unit-to-Unit Configuration
Simplifies cloning operation, with via optional cable.

The Digital Difference

Because the digital technology of the DTR410 enables each unit to have its own unique 11-digit identification, you get a new level of radio communication versatility with these calling features:

Digital One-to-One Private Calling
Communicate privately with a specific user. Recipient can receive an alert–either audible or vibrating. Recipient’s unit displays caller’s ID.

Digital One-to-Many Group Calling
Public group call–all other DTR410 radios on the same group ID and channel hear communications.

Transmit ID
Receiving radios will display the radio ID of the transmitting unit and, if listed in your contact list, the transmitting unit’s radio name.

Scroll List
You can view a recent-calls list, showing the source and target of the last 20 transmissions with time and date information.

Digital Audio Quality
Stays loud and clear everywhere you have coverage.

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
Provides enhanced security with 50 non-overlapping groups.

Enhanced Coverage
Coverage extended by 20%–up to 300,000 square feet or 25 floors.

Extended Battery Life
Up to 45% longer operation on a single charge.

DTR Short Messaging Service (SMS)
The DTR410 is capable of sending and receiving 10 preset messages, such as “I’ll call you back in 5 minutes.” It also allows for keyed in custom messages to meet more specific needs.

Advanced Managerial Features
Including remote disable, remote monitor, over-the-air (OTA) time/date update and contact distribution.

Build Bridges

The digital performance of the DTR410 enables you to build bridges that expand the capabilities of individuals and teams, enabling them to get the job done right, fast and safely. That means powerful productivity that’s perfect for:

Maintaining order and enhancing student safety are priorities for any school. DTR Series radios keep everyone in touch, from teachers and administrators to crossing guards and maintenance personnel. That enables a quick response to any situation, often preventing small problems from escalating into bigger ones.

Manufacturing Success in industry depends on two things: efficiency and responsiveness. Clear communication, often in noisy environments, is essential to avoid downtime–and to enable the fastest response to production problems or injuries. The DTR Series delivers. Its rugged construction stands up to industrial environments, and its long battery life meets the demands of overtime and multi-shift operations.

Excellent service and customer satisfaction are the keys to loyalty and repeat business. DTR Series radios keep your staff connected, from the front desk and concierge to event planners and maintenance personnel. That means a more productive staff and fast response to guest needs, special events, spills and emergencies.

Responsive service is essential to sales and customer satisfaction. DTR Series radios make responsiveness easier to provide, whether it’s an answer to a customer’s question, a price check, a clean-up or an emergency. With clear, constant communication ensured, customer satisfaction can be taken to the next level.

Property Management
With DTR Series radios, building managers, maintenance technicians, groundskeepers and security personnel can respond fast to tenant needs or emergencies, minimizing costs and enhancing tenant satisfaction.

To keep any construction project on track, you need timely coordination from management to foremen, subcontractors, and individual tradespeople. DTR Series radios make it easy, helping keep projects on schedule, avoid errors, meet deadlines and keep costs on budget.

DTR410 Specs

Battery life (based on a 5/5/90 duty cycle): 14.5 hours
Coverage area: Up to 300,000 square feet (25 floors)
Frequency band: 900 MHz ISM License Free
Power: 1W
Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery) 5.2 x 2.3 x 1.4 in. (132.3x 57.2 x 35.4 mm) H x W x D
Display: Full
Keypad: Yes
Weight (with standard battery): 7.1 oz. (200.2 g)
Cloning: With cable
Front panel programmable: Yes
Number of channels: Up to 5 contacts (Maximum 5 public groups)
Digital technology: Yes
Mil spec: 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F
Standard warranty: 1 Year

What’s in the Box

The Motorola DTR410 includes the following items –

Holster/Belt Clip
Drop in Charger
AC adaptor for desktop charger
Owner’s Manual

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Reverse glass painting | Glass Painting in Glass

Glass painting is a remarkable form of art, comprising gorgeous synthetic colors done up on glass. The combination of glass and paints gives the painting an ethereal appeal. Glass painting is very interesting to do. Glass painting kits contain an outliner, which is meant to keep the different shades of glass paints in place. One can either unleash one’s creativity and paint freehand, or else use templates. Four main types of paints are available for glass painting: stained glass paint, vinegar trace paint, matte paint and silver paint. Each type is meant for a specific purpose. For example, if one wishes to include a variety of colors on the piece of glass, then the stained glass paint is suitable. Vinegar glass paints are appropriate when one wants to add a tint of color. However, these vinegar paints are quite sticky! For painting a clear glass vase or bowls, one can use silver paint, as it adds a hint of silver, thereby giving a translucent effect to the painting. Matte paint on the other hand is useful when one wants complete coverage without translucent aspects.

Glass Painting Instructions and Tips

Glass painting is quite easy to learn, and can be done without many hassles. Keeping a few glass painting tips in mind before the commencement of the glass painting project will prove beneficial. Some of the useful glass painting tips are as follows:

  • The piece of glass chosen for glass painting should have a smooth, plain and clear surface. Printed glass and designed surfaces should not be used, as the painting will not be prominent then. Since natural oils from the hands tend to smudge the glass surface, it is advisable to put on surgical or latex gloves while handling the glass piece.
  • The glass surface should be cleaned adequately to free it from dust and dirt. The glass paint will fail to stick on a dusty surface. One should make use of warm water and soap to clean the surface of the glass. The glass surface should be thoroughly dried using a paper towel or clean cloth.
  • People not confident about freehand painting can trace the design on a sheet of drawing paper and then tape it to the inside of the glass piece. Make sure the piece of paper chosen is the same size as the glass piece. This is one of the easiest glass painting techniques, as once the picture has been taped, all one requires to do is paint, using the traced paper below as a reference. People using freehand style should place a white cloth or paper below the glass for clarity while painting.


Painted Turtles in Pet

No pets allowed! This is what most read when signing the dotted line on a renter’s agreement. But having a pet for your child is an important step in their development. It teaches responsibilities and gives them a companion to express love to. While most places, when it says “no pets allowed,” mean cats, dogs, and birds; it is still possible to enrich your child’s life (or even your own) with a pet. However instead of a hamster, why not invest in a Painted turtle.

The Painted turtle, known as Chrysemys picta by the scientific community, is a reptile of beauty.There are four types (or sub-species) of painted turtle: Western, Midland, Eastern, and Southern. The Southern painted turtle is the only sub-species with a stripe down its back; the Western painted turtle is the state reptile of Colorado. These sub-species can interbreed, creating mixes that share the respective traits of each type. The painted turtle has red and yellow stripes on its head, tail and feet and thats why it received its name. Outside of an owners home Painted turtles are found in ponds, shallow waters, and marshes all over the United States. This turtle can grow from 4 to 10 inches.

Painted turtles are omnivores – which mean they eat both plant and meat. However, while they are young and juvenile, they will mostly eat meat. As they get older their appetites are more diverse eating: snails, slugs, small crayfish, fish eggs, small fish, Algae, Lilly pads, etc.; basically anything you find in the pond small enough to fit in its mouth. Because reptiles are cold-blooded they must regulate their body temperature by “sunning” themselves. This is the act of lying out in the sun to warm their temperature.

Because Painted turtles are reptiles and found over a variety of areas in the United States, they both sun themselves and hibernate when the temperature becomes too frigid to effectively regulate their body temperature. Most times they can be seen sunning themselves, during the summer, on old logs. Sometimes, there can be numerous turtles just hanging out on an old log enjoying themselves on a lazy sunny afternoon. Knowing these facts help us to set up the perfect environment to keep your pet.

It is recommended that young turtles and juveniles be kept in a 20-40 gallon tank. Adults need more room and thus require, at minimum, 80 gallon aquarium. These tanks are filled with water that is about 6-8 inches deep. You may need to increase the amount of water in the tank depending on the turtles size. The object is for the turtle to have enough room to swim around in. Knowing that they enjoy sunbathing tells us we need a place for them to do so and a heat lamp to simulate the sun. An old log or a big rock will make the perfect place for them to hang out and get a tan. The age of your turtle will determine what you feed them. Younger turtles will love a diet of bugs; especially, a diet consisting of crickets that you can buy at the pet store. The older turtles will eat vegetables along with the bugs. If ever your turtle should refuse to eat it is recommended that you try something different. Try using a smaller portion and work it in with food they do enjoy. While the painted turtle isn’t as cuddly as the dog or cat, it will be a pet that you or your child will enjoy handling. Not to mention they are a blast to watch. To see them swim around and just do what turtles do naturally is a fun experience that not only can be fun but bring some well deserved Joy to your life.


Unavoidable AC vs. DC geared Motor Advantages in Motor

What if the debate arises at any time AC system being superior to DC system? Many starters chose AC electric car motors and not DC system opening in mind following doors of advantages:

· AC system ‘take back’ energy as it ‘gives out’ under acceleration. This way one can recover a lot of battery power during normal driving process. Whereas DC system is able to do this to only some extent but it is more expensive and complex.

· AC system is more compatible to gas torque curves in car so one does not need to murder transmission with normal driving habits. This gas guzzler is surely different from PMDC geared motor as it is not designed to withstand low end workout series. AC’s diplomacy lets the transmission last longer. PMDC geared motor give surprises with broken gear teeth, twisted shafts or even damaged CV joints.

· Many believe brushes last longer with lesser problems but what many do not know is that it is not so good in regenerative braking environment and the same is the case with electric reverse. While AC electric car motors do not have brushes

· PMDC geared motor seem to be programmable but actually its not. In AC motors one can easily set all the software parameters to fit in your driving style and batteries. And the complexities are never ending in the geared motor case.

· In any case if the PMDC geared motor fails the entire pack of 120 or 140 volt is applied to the motor. So many recommendations are still applicable that one should have good circuit breakers, kill switches; fuses and good reaction time for all partial failures ever suppose to happen. Whereas the worst thing that could happen to AC is that you will have to roll to a boring stop and take a walk.

· AC systems are easy to install if compared to DC systems. Though AC is itself quite complicated but both of these use computers. But a noticeable fact is that all wiring harness is pre fabricated in AC systems while in PMDC geared motor nothing exists.



Used Car Sale- Make a Delightful Deal in Car

Buying your first car always gives you an air of adventure and a sense of achievement. Entering used car sale itself is an exciting experience. There are few do’s and don’ts in this car sale. In the past person had to depend on the car dealer to buy a car. Now it is just a mouse click! Many are ready to sell car on the internet. You can make the deal sitting at home. Thanks to technology for making things easier and working. Once you pay the bill the car is at your door! Car is everybody’s dream as everyone would love to zoom in his own car.

If you are buying a used car from the dealer you have many advantages. The dealer will get your car repaired and also he will help you in getting the car at cheaper rate. While inspecting you may find few defects, and also argue with the dealer to lessen the car price. It is like jungle over there. used car for sale is predominantly seen. In such sales you might get a good deal by choosing warranty certified cars. These are the best cars to buy. No botheration of car expenses for the buyer any more.

Buying used car from a private owner can be really good at times. You might click a better deal than the car deal. You can look for such advertisements or browse websites. There are plenty of websites offering such used car sale.

After setting your own budget you can go to purchase the car. Browse thoroughly on the internet for huge data. You will get hundreds of car sales. There are few steps to be taken into consideration before buying. Firstly check the make and the model of the car . Inspect deeply that the car doesn’t have any defects.

Insurance, keyless entry, power steering everything needs to be checked thoroughly. Inspect the car nicely and get the information of the car as much as you can. And above all you need to know the mileage the car has travelled. Sometimes car dealer offers used cars at the dog cheap price. You need to be all the more careful with such deals. Study all those FAQ s before signing the deal. If you are little alert then the deal would be fabulous. When it is your first car you ought to have all those queries. Sometimes used cars will just be fantastic.




  • Easy to use
  • Goes on smooth
  • Dries fast
  • Resists fading
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Dupli Color’s Hot tire paint gives you a way to add color, revive, or personalize your muscle car, truck or sport compact car tires. You can touch up faded white walls, tattoo your high performance tires to match your car or create a “stock” car look with yellow lettering. Hot Tires is easy to use and it goes on smooth, dries fast and resists fading.

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Finding A Legitimate Automotive Repair Shop in Repair

Hiring services of a reliable and trustworthy automotive repair shops gives you the much needed peace of mind. It permits you to rest at your home with a guaranteed assurance that the your car is in expert hands.The legitimate and professional ones bring their automotive repair shop at your doorsteps, thereby enabling you to avoid any disruption in your current work schedule. They have a huge collection of car parts of reputed brands. You can purchase these parts to fit into your car which will also prevent you from marking up any repair service. Huge monetary savings accruing on such purchase is an added bonus.

Most of offer mobile services meaning they come to anywhere you ask them to come. Handled by expert car mechanic and technicians, they offer best car services at reasonable prices. Now that scores of automotive repair shops are operating from the cyberspace, finding one that is legitimate and reliable is very important. It is the well reputed and well experienced ones that are able to deliver services as promised. The first step to locate a reputable and legitimate one is checking and verifying credentials and expertise of mechanics. To have a better authenticity about their services ask them for references. Experience of a number of years in this industry is no guarantee of their actual abilities and capabilities. Nevertheless, an experienced  Car Mechanic has a greater possibility to offer proper and accurate repairing solution.

Before arriving at any decision about any particular  Automotive Repair shop, make a suitable checking and verification of the license they own. The license in question ought to be genuine and authentic.

One way to judge this is to pay attention to the issuer of the licence. Preferably, in this case it ought to be the governmental authorities. This will help you in filtering out fake repair shops from the genuine ones. It is a legitimate and genuine one; it is more likely to be listed in the website of such governmental agencies. It is equally important that the shop display the license properly at its shop. The best part is that they do no ask you to make any kind of payment before completion of the repair work.

The legitimate and genuine ones follow true professional business ethics. Before they start the repairing task on your car, they will make applicable invoices, get it filled and signed. This acts as a contract of agreement between you and the repair shop. The noteworthy feature of the contract is it is legally recognised by any competent court of law. Therefore, if any discrepancy arises between two of you, either parties can approach the court for remedial measures.

  • Provides a orthopedic support and comfort
  • Elastic strap keeps cushion in place
  • Durable and breathable
  • Designed to fit most high and low-backed bucket seats
  • Contains one seat cushion

Pilot offers a full selection of seat cushion covers with a special thermal foam pads to provide maximum comfort and protection. Made from strong, sturdy fabrics, for a more snug, wrinkle-free fit.

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