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Carpet Installation for Beginners in Carpet

Installing new carpet doesn’t have to be a hassle or a chore. In fact, with a little do it yourself knowledge, you can have beautiful new carpet throughout your home in less time than you might think. The first step before you even set foot in a carpet showroom or retailer is to measure your floors. Add a few inches to your measurements, particularly around doors and thresholds. Take your measurements to the carpet retailer and they can advise you as to how much carpet you may need. It’s important to note that most carpet comes in two widths – 12’ and 15’. For wider rooms, your new carpeting will need to be seamed. Some manufacturers will require that a professional carpet installer do the seaming job in order to make sure your new flooring complies with the warranty.

Adding Tack Strips and Carpet Padding

The second step in carpet installation is to put down tack strips. These can be bought at most any flooring or carpet store – the wider, the better. You do want to leave a little space between the wall and the tack strips for the baseboards. Then, nail down the tack strip around the edges of your floor.

After that, it’s time to put down the carpet pad. A well made carpet pad will not only help with carpet installation, but it will also help add comfort and protection to your floors. When rolling out the strips of carpet cushion, trim them closely to the tack strips as possible (you don’t want any gaps where the carpet will go) and staple it down every two feet or so.

Roll Out the (Red) Carpet

Once you’ve got the padding stapled down, it’s time to roll out the carpet.

Here again, make sure you have excess carpet up against the walls. You’d rather have too much carpeting and not need it, rather than not enough! You’ll also need to make some cuts to ensure that your carpet fits well. Much of this depends on your actual room layout such as whether you have closets, air vents and other areas that you’ll need to maneuver your carpet around.

Adding Life to Your Carpet

Power-stretching the carpet may also be required in order to fulfill the warranty. Different power stretcher head attachments will be needed depending on the type of carpet you have (loop pile or cut pile, for example). Power stretching will help stretch your carpet to where it can be grabbed and tacked down by the tack strips you installed earlier. Then, simply trim the carpet to fit and vacuum it once done. The end result is having an easy, straightforward carpet installation done right – one that will add life and beauty to your floors that you can enjoy for years to come. While doing it yourself can save you some money, there’s also the option of hiring a professional to make your carpet installation quick and easy. Either way, you’ll be enjoying your new carpeting in no time!


  • Ultra-compact  
  • Plugs into any car power outlet  
  • 10 Watts/2.1 Amp  
  • Includes separate 4 foot Lightning to USB cable  
  • Powered USB port  

Small but Powerful Charge your iPhone 5 on the road with the Belkin Car Charger with included Lightning to USB cable. Get unlimited play and standby time with the low-profile design that sits flush in your dash. Charge at the Speed of Lightning Use the Car Charger with the included 4-foot Lightning to USB cable to charge your iPhone 5, iPad with Retina Display (4th generation), or iPad mini at the fastest possible speed. The smaller, more durable Lightning connector is also reversible, which makes plugging it in easier than ever. USB Port with Separate Lightning to USB Cable The USB Port is universal, so you can still charge your legacy Apple devices with a 30-pin cable or other devices that use a Micro-USB cable. And the included 4-foot Lightning to USB cable can be used anywhere-plug it into your laptop to charge and sync, or use your own wall charger to charge from the wall. Great as a replacement cable or if you simply need an extra. Compatibility Information The Belkin Car Charger + Lightning ChargeSync cable (2.1 Amp) is compatible with iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation) and iPod nano (7th generation). The car charger alone is also compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPod touch (5th generation and earlier); iPod nano (6th generation and earlier) and iPod Classic, as well as other tablets and smartphones, when using their compatible 30-Pin or Micro-USB device cables (not included) Depending on the type of case you have, you may need to remove your case before charging. If your speakers, Lightning connector and AUX port are fully exposed when your case is on, you should be able to easily charge your iPhone without removing the case.  

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  • 170 degree viewing angle macro lens with ‘mirror’ image;
  • High Resolution color CMOS image sensor with SNR better than 48db;
  • 20 foot RCA video cable output to your in-car rear view monitor;
  • Build-in distance scale lines with trapezoid electronic ruler function;
  • Bracket mount, easy to install and perfect for Car, MPV, Truck or Lorry.

TaoTronicsTechnology Enhances Life
We love electronic gadgets and accessories, and we truly believe that technology can greatly enhance our life. With years of experience in marketing and distributing consumer electronics, we pride ourselves on understanding what customers need and how to fulfill their demand. We are committed to providing you high-quality products at factory direct prices, together with first-class customer service. TaoTronics – where technology enhances life!

– Image Sensor: CMOS
– Lens Angle: 170 Degree
– Effective Pixels: NTSC 510*496 pixels
– Horizontal resolutions: 420 TV lines
– Minimum Illumination: 0.2Lux/F1.8 (0Lux with LED)
– Video Output: RCA connector, 1.0V P-P, 75 ohm
– Power Consumption: 60mA
– Power Supply: DC12V±10%
– Operating Temperature: -20 – 60 (Celsius Degree) RH95%MAX
– Dimensions: 1.73″ x 1.58″ x 0.98″

– This camera has a mirror image.
– This camera only supports NTSC video system, so please make sure your monitor supports NTSC video system before you buy it.
– You can install the camera on your license plate. During installation, please connect the power cable of the backup camera to the harness wires that connect to the backup light on the tail light assembly (Please note that the red wire end is positive, while the black one is negative). And connect the RCA output end to the car monitor.
– The camera switch is controlled by the reverse gear shift.
– Please take care of the sealing to prevent water leakage when installation.

– 1 x Car Rear View Camera
– 1 x Power Cable
– 1 x RCA Video Cable (5m)
– 2 sets x Screws & Nuts
– 1 x User Manual

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Bathing room Floor Covering Concepts in Floor


Carpeting and rugs

The most significant benefit of rugs is simply because experience gentle within the foot or so and are also non-slip. Likewise, carpets usually are fairly less than other available alternatives. However, using carpets features its own downsides. Should you not thoroughly clean your new carpet often, it is unclean as well as mucky. Likewise, over time, you will need to alter your floor covering, irrespective of the cleanup routine. Presently, foam-backed floor coverings are becoming favorable pertaining to restroom utilization. Although most of these possess specified benefits in the regular rugs, you are able to decide on either.

New carpet Roof tiles

The one most significant advantage of floor covering floor tiles is always that every time a particular area will get soiled, you only must modify any particular one hardwood. Although, do not forget that there insert significantly wide variety in floor covering tiles, so if you feel looking for a certain color or perhaps routine, you must select carpets. Yet another disadvantage of carpeting floor tiles is they will not be as easy to clean up.

Clay Floor tiles

Porcelain ceramic tiles possess gained popularity as excellent bathroom floors. For starters, porcelain ceramic tiles usually are non-porous and may possibly be cleansed quickly. Furthermore, they are resistant against humidity in addition to contaminants, reducing the odds of infection. They’re also very easy to setup and come in several colorings along with designs. In terms of the actual downsides, really the only key downside is because they are inclined to harm for the duration of installing.

Likewise, these tiles are usually chilly to touch in addition to slick when damp. If you decide to make use of clay ceramic tiles, consider using a rest room area rug to get over some limitations.


Using jewel is a high priced choice, but when there is a fund, it may create elegance and type to any room. For sale in unique colors in addition to designs, based on the gemstone used (limestone, marbled, stone, slate, and so on.), gemstone ceramic tiles tend to be drastically durable. Nevertheless, they can be cold along with evasive any time soaked, so think about employing sealants and under-floor home heating.


Laminated flooring would be the lowest well-liked range of floor coverings for ones rest room. While you’ll find manufacturers whom present laminate floor alternatives for bathing rooms, there are lots of rules concerned to make sure longevity. Additionally, understand that laminate floor with regard to bathing room’s takes a unique setting up process. Vinyl flooring, in contrast, is much easier to setup, and it is much like laminates to look at. The power in which vinyl offers more than laminates is it can be watertight. One of several negatives connected with vinyl fabric is can be can be very elusive any time damp, albeit it’s rarely cool.


These days, bamboo flooring is being used throughout bath rooms. In comparison to the different hardwood flooring, bamboo bed sheets are much more suitable. There are two sorts of surface finishes for sale in bamboo sheets, particularly, organic as well as carbonated; the former is known as more challenging. Installment systems for bamboos surfaces tend to be various, consequently check together with your producer just before setting up.


The color or maybe pattern in the floors could drastically impression the appearance in addition to experience of your restroom. Thus utilize brighter colors to maintain your restroom hunting neat and huge.

Whenever deciding the option of floors, keep in mind that basement waterproofing your bathrooms flooring is crucial. Mineral water not just problems your flooring, additionally, it triggers the actual build-up associated with mold and mildew.



  • Master Lock 12-foot-by-1-inch lashing strap in 2-pack
  • Securely tightens loads to 100-pounds of actual use and 300-pounds of break strength
  • Features silver protectant finish that offers a rich appearance and 3 times more corrosion resistance
  • Includes solid steel cast metal clamp
  • 7-by-4-by-2.4-inches
  • Features silver protectant finish that offers a rich appearance and 3x more corrosion resistance
  • Great for general use cargo tie down where a hook is not needed
  • Master Lock 12-foot long-by-1-inch wide lashing strap in 2-pack

The No. 2958AT package from Master Lock includes two 60″ safety chains, each with their own safety hook and 5,000 lb. maximum capacity.

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Peeling Paint Spots? in Painting

Find The Moisture

The first step in repairing peeling paint spots is to first find out where the moisture is coming from. If it is coming from a leaky gutter or overhang, have this fixed first, since it is likely affecting other areas of the wood as well. Once the moisture problem has been fixed, the area will need to fully dry out. This will allow it to “heal” the area.

Treat The Wood

The next step is fully remove the paint in the area. Usually the paint will need to come off in a radius of about a foot around the peeled area. Use a flat edge paint scraper or a putty knife to remove the paint as much as possible. You may also need to use a bit of sand paper or even a chemical solvent to remove as much of the paint in the area as possible. This is necessary since the entire area has likely been affected by the moisture build up from within.

Then, you need to seal the wood (if the surface is wood.) To do so, purchase a sealer from your home improvement store and apply to the area as directed by the product’s manufacturer. This will require a few hours of drying, if not longer. It works to lock out any moisture from coming into the wood which would further cause more peeling paint. If you plant to redo the entire project, seal the entire section of wood.

Once this step is complete, you can then repaint the area. If you are only repainting the damaged area, you may need to blend colors enough so that the paint matches the existing color. It is often best to repaint the entire area to give it a more professional finish. If this is an outdoor project, such as the exterior of your home, you will want to ensure you are using exterior paint, which is less likely to fade or peel from moisture.

Peeling paint spots are often a problem on just sections of a home.

If this is the case, it is a tell tale sign of a moisture problem. Do not do any painting until you have found and dealt with the moisture first. Then, allow the area to fully dry before attempting to seal and paint.


How can I get my zodiac style inflatable boat on a plane quicker and easier?

I have a 5 HP Tohatsu on my 9 1/2 foot Nordik(basically a zodiac) When I open up the throttle, the bow raises way up and the boat plows alot of water. I have to sit up in the bow where I can’t reach the tiller handle in order to get the boat on a plane, but when it gets up I have to move to the back again or else the back end raises too high and I lose speed. Now I would rather not be moving around on a tiny boat when it is zooming at fast speeds. Can I fashion trim tabs of some sort to help the boat get on a plane? Could it be as simple as adjusting the angle of the motor?
Well, the motor was given to me. Can’t really afford a new motor. Oh well, I never caught a fish going faster than 5 mph anyway 😛

Oh btw, the boat has an inflatable floor.

Chosen Answer:

i had a 10foot metzler inflatable, my first boat. used to get that to plane with an 8 hp merc. however, 5hp, as said, is a a little small to plane with. inflatable boats are actually harder to get on the plane than a rib of the same size. you dont mention it its a RIB, but if it is all inflatable, what happens is, the keel flexes, increasing the drag on the hull, kind of like pulling a piece of 1/4 inch ply wood through the water, it bows up and produces a sail type effect. this is common with all inflatable keel hulls. they are designed primarily as small tenders or potter about boats, not performance craft.
only real fix for it is like what the RNLI use, and we built for our metlzer and that is a sollid deck that lays in the boat. using ply wood, cut it to fit snuggly in the bottom of the boat, and then when you inflat e it, the tubes will hold it in place. just make sure you sand the edges reallll smooth and round, so they dont cut into the sides. this will help keep the hull from flexing. its not perfect, but, it helps.
dolfins, as said, they dont really help a boat to plane out, they more help it when itsa on the plane. they produce some lift, but you stil going to have the problem of the hull flexing, and all the lift in the world isnt going to overcome that with a 5hp. when you move to the front, your bending the hull back down, allowing the ater to flow under it better and lift. as well as balancing the weight. you have the engine and yourself at the back, the stern is going to sit low, the bow is going to be weightless in comparison and just flex upwards without a fiberglass or other solid material there to keep it rigid (RIB Rigid inflatable boat)
basically im afraid, 5hp engine on a basically 10foot boat, is not going to give yo uperformance.
trim tabs etc wont help you, in fact may make it worse, as if you raise the stern using an external lifting force, and the bow is being raised by the water pushing it up, its just going to bend more in the center and may prove more dangerous.
the plywood floor or similar works well, that will help some and may get you on the plane better without moving. worth while moving the fuel tank up front and making sure it secured properly so it doesnt bounce out! that will help balance you better and mover your center of gravity forward some. you can also get tiller extensions. other than that, dunno what else to suggest.
ended up trading in the metzler for a flatacrat force 4 rib with a 35 on it. because speed was what we wanted as well as stability, and well those ribs, for the small size and weight, give that perfectly. since grown a lot bigger and now design and build my own RIBs.
by: uncle_bobs_uncle
on: 12th August 07

Wilson 3/8-Inch Nmo Hole Mount for Wsn301104 with 14-Foot Rg58U Cable and Fme Female Connector

  • 3/8″ Antenna Rooftop Mounting Option for Permanent Mount Antennas
  • Compatible with the Wilson 301104 Nmo Antenna
  • Requires A .38″ Hole In A Sheet Metal Surface for Connection
  • Includes 14-Ft Rg58 Coaxial with A Fme Female Connector
  • 3/8-Inch antenna mounting option for permanent mount antenna
  • Compatible with the Wilson 301104 NMO antenna.
  • Includes 14 ft of RG58 coaxial with a FME female connector
  • Requires a 3/8-Inch hole in a sheet metal surface for connection

Wilson 901103 3/8″ Nmo Hole Mount For Wsn301104 With 14-Ft Rg58U Cable & Fme Female Connector

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Brother PC-420 in Review in Hobby

The features of the Brother PC-420 are user friendly and make sewing an easy exercise. Along with the Brother PC-420 sewing machine included in the packaging are a hard case cover, right through to a darning foot for quilting and everything in between. It is a fully equipped machine.  The weight of the machine suggests it is made from good quality materials. A flip open dust cover gives the Brother PC-420 a sleek look. It also has an accessory drawer within the free arm. This holds all your machine accessories in handy labeled storage compartments. With the free arm detached, the machine accommodates sleeves, pant legs, cuffs and children’s clothing.

As far as manuals are concerned, the manual for Brother PC-420 is fantastic. It is written specifically for this model of machine only, which makes it straight forward to read. It has the full instruction manual written in English before the other used languages. It describes how to set up and operate the Brother PC-420 along with all of its functions. Automatic reinforce, auto thread cutter, knee operated presser foot lifter, start stop button with throttle, are among some extra features that have full instruction provided.

Two features that are particularly impressive about the Brother PC-420 are the speed control and the knee operated foot lifter. The speed control allows the user to operate the machine without a foot pedal. A stop/ start button gives you control and a slide switch manipulates the speed. The stitch can also be widened using the slide switch. The knee operated foot lifter frees up your hands for other things such as holding the fabric taut.

A bar snaps into place and sits just below the machine. Pressure to the right will lift the foot, while lack of pressure will lower it. This model also has a dial so the pressure of the foot can be adjusted.

The threading mechanism makes threading the Brother PC-420 simple, even for beginners. At the final step of threading the machine, one pull of a lever will have the needle threaded at the sound of a click. It has an automatic thread slicer, which is done at the push of the scissors button. You can also set the machine to automatically cut the thread at the end of each reinforced seam.

The needle can be programmed to stop its run in the position you prefer, saving you from having to play with the hand wheel. At the push of a button, the needle will position itself at its highest point or at its lowest, inserted into the fabric.

The 12 button panel on the front of the machine is dedicated to the most commonly used sewing stitches. Through the computerized software, over 250 stitches can be accessed and made readily available{on hand} using the LCD panel and guide buttons. There are 3 styles of lettering, fancy ornate stitches, animals, just to name a few.

The Brother PC-420 is a complete machine. There are so many different styles made capable with this model, that it will be enjoyed for a long time, leaving you want nothing but to plug it in and get sewing.