Nothing is as Easy or Difficult as a Management Job in Management

Looking for management jobs but not sure what are management jobs? Let us find out. Management jobs are those that are taken by people, who have many years of work experience or the education in a particular field be it, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Risk, Business, Human Resources, etc.

Although management jobs are prestigious they come with bigger responsibilities and a lot of pressure but they do also bring in a huge pay package. Getting into a management job is not as easy as it may sound because you must have some extraordinary management skills combined with personal qualities.

Be it a Multinational company or a small establishment, the success of it depends on the people who are sitting at the management level. An individual at a management level post is appraised on the basis of loses and profits he/she brings to the business and must be prepared to be fired or dismissed from duties if the company  incurs major loses.

Whichever part of the world you go to the role of a person with a management level job has the same responsibilities; be it UK, US, China, Dubai, Canada, or even the Middle Eastern countries.

Job responsibilities of an individual in any management post:

1.Responsible for implementing and managing new process integration across all departments.

2.Responsible of creating new business plans to bring in profits to the company.

3.Responsible of involving and engaging company stakeholders for every move the company makes.

4.Responsible of budgeting for newer projects.

5.Responsible of monitoring every department or department head if they are meeting deadlines and adhering to risk management.

6.Responsible of reporting to the board of directors or committee members.

7.Responsible of organizing meetings with other businesses in cases of acquisitions and partnership with other companies.

8.Responsible of business continuity in emergency situations

9.Responsible for maintaining documentation and aware of projects, departments, finances, etc.

10.Responsible of looking after the interest of the company and its employees.

11.Responsible of resolving business and department conflicts.

12.Responsible of motivating people under them.

13.Responsible of building employee and information networks to know how the market and company is doing.

14.Responsible of negotiating during business deals.

This is just a small list of what management people do.

Also, it’s not necessary that they might be performing all the above tasks; some may perform different tasks with a combination of few of the above tasks.

This is why it’s important for managers or individuals looking for management level jobs to have the right kind of experience and qualification.Although management jobs aren’t easy there are still very less management jobs in the market because usually people at management levels don’t leave their jobs easily or quickly due to the money they earn and position they are in.

In closing, if you are given a management position job grab it and hold onto it until it’s time to leave (preferably retirement) because responsibilities and pressure maybe too much for you to handle but job satisfaction and monetary benefits are very appealing here.


how do I find out from the net if a UK business is for sale?

I have recently heard many rumours that a business is for sale. Im trying to find out on the net if it is, however this is difficult.
The business is a small motor insurance brokers based in birmingham. Does anyone have any liks they could send to me that might help??
PS, im just being nosey at this stage as I used to work there.

Chosen Answer:

depends why and how it’s for sale.

Flotation – it will be pushed through by a finance house with a lot of marketing directed at rich people and brokers. It might break cover on the net in that circumstance, close to the flotation date.

Trade sale – they’re probably negotiating privately, and have no desire to publicise the fact. The net will know nothing.

Administrator/receiver – statutory notices will come out in statutory timescales. Not sure where – might be newspaper announcements.
by: wild_eep
on: 23rd February 07

Credit Cash Advance Instantly Advance You Amount in Loan

Many a time problem crop up in the middle of the payday, at those time you are cash-crunched. In such situations you look into market for a reliable and genuine charging loan provider. Many times due to less knowledge about genuine source of finance, borrowers get cheated and charged high rate of interest. But now no need to worry at all, as Credit Cash Advance is here to help you out by providing you short term loans at genuine rate of interest. No need to take any tension about paper completion, faxing or standing in a long line for the loan.

There are many situations that require instant cash such as:- an emergency hospitalization in family, bills that need to be paid urgently so that they do not dent your credit standing, any business investment or any repair or maintenance that cant be delayed etc. Credit Cash Advance is really a worry-reliever. It transfers the loan money in your bank account, within few hours of our submitting the online form. Its online service saves your lots of time and money plus no need to stand in a long-long line and Waite for your turn to come. You while sitting from any were can apply for the loan through filling a simple online application form.

Providers of the loan are reliable persons, they instantly provide you loan once the information that you have provided is satisfactory. People with adverse credit factor are also free to apply for these loans as there will be no documents checking process for the loan. You just required seeing few things which are- you should be above 18 years, you should have valid current bank account, you must be employed and getting continuous timely salary all these criteria must be fulfilled for getting your form approved. Once you get the amount then there will be no interferences of the lenders of the loan regarding its use.

You can apply for any amount ranging to 1500 for the loan. These loans are provided to you for the short period of 14 days to till your next payday. Its repayment terms and conditions are also easy and convenient to the borrowers. Now its time to forget all your cash related worries as these loans are provided to you in number or schemes with easy repayment terms and conditions that can be moulded according to borrowers payback conditions.


Californian Lifestyle And Cars in Car

Californians have always taken pride in their cars. Buying their first car is one of the things that workers in the state always look forward to, saving a portion of their hard-earned money to finance it. For years, cars have defined the lifestyle and ambitions of Californians.

Californians take into a lot of factors before purchasing their dream ride into consideration. They often think about which type of vehicle will perfectly suit their needs. This is a the stage wherein buyers choose which among a sedan, a station wagon, a pick-up truck and a van will be best for themselves, for their families, for their businesses or jobs, etc.

Budget is another thing Californians carefully think about prior to buying a car. Their options range from auto loans coming from banks to financing schemes offered by dealers, to using a portion of personal savings to buy a car. To settle with the best possible financing scheme, buyers negotiate with dealers and financiers to see if the type of car that they wish to acquire will fit the kind of budget they have.

When the car of choice and the financing scheme to be adopted are already settled, this is the time for Californian buyers to head to brand-new and used cars Santa Ana dealers. They actually check out the cars on display and ask the sales personnel their details. This is also the time when the fun starts for the buyer – taking the vehicle of choice on a test drive.

Of course, Californian buyers do not just buy vehicles from brand-new and used cars Santa Ana dealers in the city. They are among the most discriminating and most meticulous in the country, making sure everything is checked before buying a car. They do this to ensure that the vehicle is free from defects that could cause problems in the future.

California will remain as one of the places in this country where the car sales made by dealers of brand-new and used cars Santa Ana is always high. Cars and life in the state has become intertwined. The relationship between cars and the Californian lifestyle will forever be a fact of life in the state, something that often captures the imagination of others.


Whom should I contact or how can I sell my brand new Hyundai Elantra 2013 with pay off 28,500 USD?

I need to get rid of this car (with mileage 100 only) due to personal issues and it is on loan with the Hyundai motor finance. The online calculator gives payoff 28,500 USD. My situation has changed and this is a huge burden on me but I don’t know how to get rid of this. Dealer is asking for 8000 USD in cash just to take it back and I don’t have it. I need someone to take over my loan. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Chosen Answer:

Unless you made a large down payment or had a valuable trade-in when you bought the new Hyundai, the ,500 loan balance is way more than the car is now worth. If it’s been registered and titled to you, it’s now a used car , no longer a new car, regardless of the fact that it only has 100 miles.

You cannot get someone to “take over” payments on your car. Hyundai Finance doesn’t allow it. You must pay off the loan and have someone else buy the car from you. Even if you sell the car, you won’t get the entire ,500 and will have to add your own cash to pay off your loan in full.

Don’t let the car be repossessed or even voluntarily take it back to the dealer and stop making payments. It’s still considered a repossession. The car will be sold at a wholesale dealer auction and you’ll be sued for the remaining loan balance, which will much more than you would have to pay for any other solution. Plus your credit is ruined for seven years. Just don’t do it.

Unfortunately, there is no magic answer to your problem. If you have ANY way to raise the extra money to pay off the loan, do it. Of course, if you had extra money, you could continue to make payments, right?
by: TiggyWiggy
on: 12th June 13

The Seven Deadly Sales Habits in Sale

Over the last 10 years sales has become firmly established as respected career with professional standards and a proven path to senior management along with finance and operations. Standards of training and professionalism continue to improve and yet we are all capable of falling into bad habits. Jonathan Fitchew, Managing Director of graduate sales training and sales recruitment company Pareto Law looks at the top seven deadly habits we need to look out for and how we can avoid or correct them.

1. Short Termism

Too often we don’t consider the long-term value of a customer. Profitable relationships, built up over years, can be lost because of one hasty decision or a complaint poorly handled. Not only do you lose that customer for life but they will create a negative network that loses you a whole host of new prospects and you are left wondering why. Think about not just the current sale but how much that customer is worth over the five or ten years you may be doing business with them.

2. Bloodhounding

This is where we take a call. The guy says he’s interested, so we get in the car and drive to Penzance. We drop everything and follow the latest scent like the bloodhound. We neglect the business we currently have on our plate and jeopardize real customers for the sake of an unknown quantity. This shows a lack of structure and a need for training in planning and time management. The old adage applies “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

3. Over Promising

Good sales people under-sell by lowering a customer’s expectations and then either meet or exceed them. Customers respect the conservative approach and will conclude that you know your business and that you are being realistic.

Far better to win the sale based on achievable objectives than to over-sell and under-deliver. Account management training is essential, especially in the early days when enthusiasm can sometime over ride good business sense

4. Phonophobia

When you get into sales you know you will have to cope with rejection on the phone. So you have two choices: use the training to overcome rejection and see it as a challenge or give up and change career. It is vital at the interview stage to filter out those people, who will never be able to cope with rejection. Some people interview well, but fall apart when it comes to a negative response. Look out for people who have had lots of sales jobs in a short space of time. Cold calling training with simple techniques will massively improve your success rate on the phone, if you apply them. One example that works for me on a first intro call is: using “could I speak to…” instead of “can I”, saying “thank you” rather than “please” and saying your own name twice. The mix of deference and assertiveness will help you get past the gatekeeper.

5. Over informing

The suspect calls and you reply with a 20-page proposal and put it in your pipeline. You have avoided the issue of finding out whether the caller is serious by putting a weighting factor on the suspect. In the graduate recruitment business we make sure that our sales people always weight the opportunity by scoring them according to a number of factors: Do they employ sales people already? Are they growing? Do they understand our proposition? Do they have a timescale?


Some sales people just will not ask for a referral and yet it should be the easiest “ask” of all. Why? Because it doesn’t cost them anything. Networking is the most powerful source of new business, so always ask the customer for a referral and don’t be put off by the answer that they want to try out the service before referring you. The best time to ask for referral is early on. In a business-social setting the ability to network is essential if the event is to be anything more than death by finger-buffet. We actually run a course in how to “work the room.” By studying body language you can learn how some people seem to be able to move with ease around a room, remembering everyone’s name and coming away with a fistful of referrals.

7. Ostriching

When a deal goes pear-shaped you can either run and hide – in which case it will get worse and be a thorn in your side for years to come – or you can front it up and deal with it. Over the years I have often found that my worst customers often become my best. Why? Because you take the complaint seriously, escalate it to senior management. The client then sees all these senior guys crawling over his company and he knows you are serious. He forgets about the original issue and just remembers the attention level he got. He will then recommend you to others. If you do this the worst that can happen is that you will lose the sale…but you had lost the sale anyway so it’s all to gain.


Get Your Money Rolling-Wire IT in Money-transfer


How does money roll….?


The modes of payment that are cashless are money transfer. The money is a rolling diamond in the market. The transfer can happen through wires or cable less. The transfer takes place between two individuals, two organizations (banks) or multiple entities.

The same piece of paper is circulated through the market. The governing finance bodies are known to keep record of the circulation of money. The international money transfer does need some bodies to function globally. Going global, the world caters to different types of money transfers.


Ways to get money rolling or international money transfer ways


The different ways to get money rolling are:

Wire transfer: A credit transfer internationally following bank-bank policy more often. It is an alternate to the bulk payment modes. Varieties of options are available with different wire systems and operators. The quick availability of funds can be availed through systems like Real time gross settlement. The systems like CHIPS provide net settlement periodically.

Electronic funds transfer: The computer application help money transfer electronically between individuals or banks.  There are certain terms designed to carry out the process:

  • The payment card method
  • The direct deposit payroll payment method
  • The electronic chips
  • The online banking offers electronic bill payment
  • The stored electronic money
  • The wire transfer
  • Electronic Benefit transfer

E-mail money transfer: Used in Canada, it is fund transfer service between personal and business prospects.

Giro transfer: The payee favorable money transfer from one bank to another instigated by the payer.

PayPal: An alternate to traditional modes of payment, it is an American e-commerce online electronic fund transfer system.

In order to have an account with PayPal, the prerequisites that need to be taken care of are:

  • A PayPal account
  • Balance in the PayPal account
  • PayPal credit account, PayPal extras, PayPal Smart Connect or Bill me later
  • Bank account verification
  • Other funding sources such as non-PayPal credit cards

Money order: Pre-specified amount of money through payment order is money order. The most trusted method as the funds are paid in advance.


Another side to rolling money or money transfer……


Al-Barakat: “Blessings,” is what it means in Arabic. A group of companies adopting modern way of “Hawala”. It is an informal way of money transfer. It is operational in more than 40 countries and is largest private employer of the country.

Hawala: The informal way to send money to and from Middle East, North Africa, The horn of Africa and South Asia. It is considered to be an alternate to remittance system.

Remittance: The foreign worker can now transfer money to one’s home country: Thank you Remittance. It is the world’s second largest money flow to developing nations thus increasing the international money transfer policy and international financial status.


What are some good websites to find local used cars for sale?

I only have ,100. I do have a job, but it’s at my school and the hours are limited. I can finance a used car, but my concern is how high the insurance would be for under-age and financing a car. It will be cheaper to just buy one, but I don’t want something that’s not working well. I want something better than my scooter that will get me between two areas. I really just need it for 18 miles for school everyday. I have the scooter and insurance is really cheap, but on windy days it gets to windy, the scooter barely goes 55mph on a good day and normally goes about 45mph up hill. It’s cheap on gas, but a car wouldn’t be much higher each week for the mileage I go. A car would also be much warmer and I would be soaked on rainy days. Do you know about how much insurance might be if I try to finance a used car and I’m 18? I’ve never crashed, but it still will be expensive. I want a car, but don’t want to not have enough money every week.

Chosen Answer:

I hate to be negative as I do appreciate your need to buy better transportation. It would be difficult to find a car for 1100 that would actually run and not cost more in immediate and future repairs. A 4-cylinder car has the best mileage.

Car financing for under age may be possible if you’re working but car dealers are known to get you in on low monthly payments and long payment terms, where you’ll pay higher interest rates and the end total would cost five times more than all cash.

I don’t know exactly how much insurance would cost, but for me with ten years prior insurance coverage and driving history, an older 1997 car cost about 75-100 a month.

Best solution would be to gather information…I know underage persons can get insurance coverage under their parents or a relative. Call up insurance companies and ask what the policy is on insuring underage persons. Beware anything a car dealer says, they just want to fleece you. Can you wait and save up another 1100 for a better car? It may well be worth the wait.
by: Wendy
on: 3rd February 13

How to Use William Percentage Range in Finance

With numerous tools available on electronic platform, FOREXYARD can sometimes be a daunting task when it comes to choosing the right one, or combination thereof. A discussion on the use of two tools that work similarly therefore be discussed in this document. Both tools that are explained in this article are the Relative Strength Index or RSI, William Percent Range indicator and the percentage range. These two indicators work similarly to inform the trader when a pair of currencies or commodities sold or bought more and experience the correct pressure.

The relative strength index is known as an oscillator, as it follows along with the price of the couple, but in a separate area on the table. It has two lines running through it the mark of 30 and 70 located on the right side of the oscillator (red circle). The area above line 70 (marked by the number 1) the territory is known as ‘overbought’. The area below the line 30 (marked by the number 2) is also known as the “oversold territory.”

Each time the line in the RSI rises above or below these lines, the price is known to be floating in the territory and therefore over-bought/sold feeling the pressure in the opposite direction. As you can see from the chart above, when the price rose above the line 70 corresponding price movement shortly after the general in a downward direction. Similarly, when the line was below the line of RSI of 30 movements immediately after it was usually in an upward direction.
The RSI does not guarantee that the price will move in the opposite direction. It is known as a leading indicator of price behavior which means giving a reading of overbought or oversold, suggesting a correction will happen, but the correction usually only occurs soon after, and that the measure can be very large but a small fluctuation in the trend.

That must be considered with other tools such as stochastic or MACD.

William Percent Range indicator is the second one described here. This is an oscillator that indicates when an asset is overbought or oversold, so only a slightly different way. As indicated, the William Percent Range indicator also has a territory of more than buying and selling, but not marked on the oscillator itself. The trader should be aware that these areas are included in the area above the level of 20 percent below the 80 percent level, respectively. The lines have been developed partly in the table above to understand this a little easier.


How do i get a job at a luxury car dealership?

I’m 19 I have experience in retail but i have no experience selling cars but I know A LOT about luxury cars. Is there anyway I can get a job in sales at a car dealership like lexus, mercedes, porsche or even the higher up ones like aston martin, lamborghini, ferrari?

Chosen Answer:

I work as a Finance Manager at an exotic dealership in souther California. When I first applied I needed to show proof that I made over 0,000 in my previous year before even considering me. I’m sure different places have different policies but a high line dealership is not the place to start. There is more to car sales than just knowing the 0-60 of a Bugatti Veyron. If you were planning on spending a couple 100k would you feel comfortable buying a car off a 19 year old? Get your foot in the door of a regular Toyota, Honda, Nissan dealership and work your way up! Plus in a high line dealership you don’t have much opportunity to practice your sales technique if your lucky you’ll sell 5 cars month where at a regular dealership you can sell between 15-30 if your good.
by: Chris
on: 10th September 10