Uses of Medical Marijuana in Sacramento CA in Medical

Medical cannabis has this substance called, THC that helps in blocking bad cancer cells to spread all over the body. This substance can also help in lessening the pain done by medical conditions such as muscle and body pain and even to cancer and Aids.

Below are the other medical conditions than can be cured by medical cannabis;

Medical Marijuana can cure Arthritis – It was proven by so many adults that medical cannabis can help ease the pain of arthritis and even rheumatism. Arthritis affects the joints and surrounding areas, including muscles, membrane linings and cartilage.

Arthritis causes painful inflammation, heat, swelling, pain, redness of skin and tenderness in the affected areas. Cortisone-type drugs provide dramatic pain relief for short periods but decrease in effectiveness if used over time. The side effects of these drugs include nausea, restlessness, insomnia, dizziness, headache, depression and mood swings, irregular heartbeat and menstruation problems.

In a recent study, several cannabinoids have both analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory effects, a combination particularly helpful for arthritic people. Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the main active ingredients in cannabis is a very effective anti-inflammatory agent. Cannabis can be smoked or eaten to relieve the general pain, inflammation and discomfort of arthritis. Cannabis poultices can be applied topically to troubled areas. Cannabis in alcohol or as a cream can also be rubbed on the skin.

Medical Cannabis can bring back good appetite – Having an appetite lost? Then try to use medical cannabis to bring back good appetite. This alternative medicine can play a great role in restoring a person’s relationship to food.

Cannabis can heal other medical disorders – Medical marijuana is remarkably powerful in combating nausea and vomiting. Medical cannabis is also effective in healing medical conditions like AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, Turret’s Syndrome, kidney failure, tuberculosis, hyperemesis gravidarum (magnified form of morning sickness) and anorexia and it helps lessening the pain caused by chemotherapy, a type of cancer treatment.

Medical Cannabis as an effective analgesic – According to some medical doctors, this alternative medicine is proven safe and effective as an analgesic. It is effective in many cases where other drugs have failed. Smoking or eating cannabis also seems to provide relief where standard treatments fail. The effectiveness of cannabis in treating various diseases from nausea, vomiting, headaches to Parkinson’s disease, Aids and cancer chemotherapy is dose-related. The higher the blood levels of THC, the more complete the relief of vomiting.


Auto Repair Silver Spring Guide in Auto-repair

Major companies in this industry such as Ford, Mercedes, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen provide electronic auto repair guides so that even amateur users can learn a lot about auto repair. Auto repair guides usually tell you how repairs are done on all major parts of an automobile including the brake system, cooling system, electrical system, engine system, A/C-heat system, body and exterior, exhaust system, fuel system, steering and suspension system, and drive train.

Anybody can carry out Do It Yourself Auto Repair, anybody old enough to own a car, and calm headed enough to follow some sets of repair instructions can successfully carry out Do It Yourself Auto Repair. It does not require deep knowledge of engineering or mechanism, just the ability to believe in yourself and follow instructions.

Yes, you can reduce failure or mistakes in your Do-it-yourself auto repairs by following the right guides, by obeying Do-it-yourself auto repair instructions to the letter. These instructions you can get in your auto repair manuals.

It is important to verify whether your car is still under warranty before venturing to repair the car yourself. For cars under warranty, the repair work must be performed by a mechanic or a technician certified by the manufacturer. There are many auto repair silver spring to help you in this regard. The repair in this case is usually carried out at the dealer’s service center. Some manufacturers do not offer to perform repair work and you may have the provision of carrying it out elsewhere. Read your warranty carefully to find out how you can get the repair costs reimbursed.

By knowing the basics, you can perform simple troubleshooting procedures when your car breaks down, instead of sending it to a mechanic right away.

You will not have to spend massive amounts of money just to hire a professional for a simple job you can do yourself, such as adjusting a few loose screws or cooling an overheating radiator.


where can i go to get the lock on my door fixed?

I can only open my door from the outside. I have to push the unlock button on my key chain too many times before it opens. And when I open the door handle from the inside the lock doesn’t even budge. Someone please help me out. Thanks

Chosen Answer:

You can go to an automotive locksmith or an auto body shop to get a door look fixed.

They do this all the time.
by: Bob R
on: 24th January 11

Broadway 300mm Interior Rear View Wide Angle Mirror – Convex

  • Style: Convex surface, for even wider rear view. (Convex Style mirror objects may be closer than they appear)
  • Mirror Size: 300mm x 65mm
  • Wide range rear view vision eliminates rear blind spot
  • Broadway mirror will not fit any mirror with height more than 80mm or less than 55mm
  • Universal clip on fitment for most car with standard size rear view mirror

Universal fitment for most vehicle. Easy installation and easy clip on with ultra thin design

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Price: $ 19.95

The Concept of Smart Packaging in Product

Have you ever thought – what urges you to buy a new product? We’ll, it’s actually the appearance that catches your eyeballs and convinces you to buy a new product, which is not even a brand. People may not believe it, but appearance does matter a lot. And apart from quality, customers do purchase the products after getting impressed by its external appearance. Therefore, if a product’s packaging is highly enticing, then half of the battle is already won. And this new concept of packaging in the market is known as “Smart Packaging.”

Generally, packaging is not taken seriously by the product manufacturers. However, nowadays, the concept of smart packaging has enlightened the manufacturers regarding the benefits and unparalleled advantages of packaging. So, smart packaging is indeed the concept that companies must consider, if they’re serious regarding the branding of their manufactured products.

Now, let’s know – what is smart packaging?

As the name suggest, smart packaging is just intelligent packaging. No matter whether you’re packing your products in a box, container or a packing pouch, it must be done wisely. Apart from giving priority to the quality packaging materials, decisions regarding printing and type of packaging must also be given equal importance. The overall objective of smart packaging is simply intended to catch the customer’s eyeballs effortlessly. And this is not a “rocket science.” However, it just needs some brainstorming and you’ll come out with a fruitful idea of smart packaging.

Lately, the success of standup packaging pouches gave birth to the concept of smart packaging.

And intelligent marketers have taken this very seriously. Now, they’re working over it and trying to develop a smart packaging for their competitive products.

Remember, the smartness should not only be in the appearance of the packaging, but also in the quality of the products. Let’s be precise here. Following are the factors that smart packaging must include:-

•The packaging must be protective and nicely done.
•It must concentrate on retaining the taste, flavor and appearance of the product.
•It should protect the packed item from the changing temperature and weather.
•Packaging must be informative, giving product information, ingredients, calorie details etc.
•Must maintain the integrity of the product by perfect sealing.

Why Need Smart Packaging?

In the current scenario, customers are intelligent and needs complete information about the product before buying. That is why the concept of smart packaging is successful today. Also, if you’re going for the packaging pouches or some other packaging materials, just ensure that you get the printing done as intelligently as possible. Reason being – the designing and printing on the packaging is the quintessence of the concept of smart packaging.

So, now you know it all. Simply get the things done intelligently and wisely as early as possible.


Broadway 270mm Interior Rear View Wide Angle Mirror – Convex

  • Style: Convex surface, for even wider rear view. (Convex Style mirror objects may be closer than they appear)
  • Mirror Size: 270mm x 65mm
  • Wide range rear view vision eliminates rear blind spot
  • Broadway mirror will not fit any mirror with height more than 80mm or less than 55mm
  • Universal clip on fitment for most car with standard size rear view mirror

Universal fitment for most vehicle. Easy installation and easy clip on with ultra thin design

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Price: $ 18.95

Automotive Specialty Tools: Floor Jacks, Jack Stands And Steering Wheel Pullers in Car

While working on your car, you may need to change its tires, check its undercarriage or even remove its steering wheel. These tasks require specialized tools. We have discussed some of the most common ones in this article.

Floor Jack

Floor jacks are hand tools that use hydraulics to lift and lower a car. The horizontal piston of a floor jack pushes on the short end of a bell crank while an elongated arm provides the vertical motion to a lifting pad.

Floor jacks are most often used for tire changes and to check brake systems, exhaust pipes and undercarriages of a car. They are commonly sighted at pit-stops during automobile races.

All floor jacks have a specific carrying capacity, usually between two and twenty tons. Those used for the maintenance of heavy vehicles have wheels so that they can be maneuvered easily when positioned under the vehicles frame. Such floor jacks can also be extended considerably and provide a low profile when collapsed.

Jack Stand

Jack stands are used to hold up the car while you work under it. While they are extremely useful, it is important to place them correctly to ensure work safety.

The process of propping up a car with a jack stand starts with setting the parking brake and gear. Then, the car should be lifted to the desired level using a floor jack. After this, the jack stands should be placed in the correct position under the car. Using the floor jack, the car should be lowered slowly until it comes to rest firmly on the jack stands. To verify that the car is balanced properly, the mechanic may lean on its bumper and shake it. If it wobbles, he needs to reposition it.

Steering Wheel Puller

Steering wheels need not be removed as often as tires need to be changed. But, on the off chance that they do, it is important to use the correct tool for them. This tool is the steering wheel puller.

A steering wheel puller is a cost-effective hand tool that removes the center nut of the steering wheel so that it may be removed easily. To begin, the puller must be placed over the center hub of the steering wheel. The accompanying bolts should be threaded into the holes of the wheel and tightened. The puller holds on to the center hub while tightening the bolts pushes the wheel off the steering column.

As a safety measure, the car battery must be disconnected before starting the steering wheel removal process. To prevent the horn from blaring, its mechanism must be disabled beforehand.

While the above automotive specialty tools are immensely functional for both mechanics and do-it-yourselfers, manuals must be read and instructions followed to avoid accidents while tinkering with the car.


How do you install a Dual XDM6350 in a 2006 Pontiac G6?

The stock unit has a 24 pin wiring input, but my new Dual stereo has an 18 pin connector that is, obviously, much smaller. Is there a custom wiring harness available, or is this even what I need? Just trying to avoid the guess-and-check game of soldering. Thanks for any input 🙂

Chosen Answer:

If you go to your local audio or automotive shop you should be able to pick up a wiring harness that will convert from the one you have to the one you want.
by: DarkRider
on: 16th December 10

Construction Site Injuries – Heavy Lifting in Injury

Construction jobs require working around heavy objects and machinery, heights, and other potentially dangerous situations. Even when wearing safety equipment it is possible to be seriously injured if workers are not cautious or are not properly informed of the risks they face.

One of the most common types of injuries on construction sites are injuries that occur while lifting heavy objects. Back injuries can be extremely painful and can prevent the worker from continuing the job for weeks or months.

Preventing Back Injuries

Back injuries can occur suddenly with just a minor misstep or shift in weight. There are a number of preventative measures that workers should take to help prevent heavy lifting injuries:

  • When lifting a heavy object, make sure there are enough people to handle the load.
  • Use proper lifting technique: squat and keep your back straight, get a good grip on the object, then lift using your legs, not your back.
  • If you cannot get a proper hold on an object, ask others to help or, preferably, use a forklift or dolly instead.
  • If you are constantly lifting, take frequent breaks and stretch your back.
  • Wear all of the safety equipment that your employer recommends, including a back brace.
  • When lifting an object, lift it slowly and set it down slowly. If you are trying to wrench your back to pick up an object or have to drop it, the object is too heavy and you will likely injure yourself. Get someone to help you with the weight.

If You are Injured on the Job

If you are injured on a construction site while working, your injury may have been caused by unsafe conditions, lack of proper lifting equipment, inadequate manpower, or incorrect instructions.

A personal injury lawyer can help you determine who is responsible for your lifting injury and hold them accountable for compensation. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, ongoing treatment, and pain and suffering.

For More Information

For legal advice on how to proceed with a heavy lifting injury claim or other construction site accident, please visit the website of experienced Indianapolis personal injury attorneys at the Charles D. Hankey Law Office, P.C. here.


Choose professionals for your automotive glass repair or replacement in Glass

Your automotive glass is something that you need to take extreme care of. The problem is that even when you are extremely careful of your car windshield, it is still one of the most vulnerable parts of your car. You may not be at mistake but you may still find that the glass has been badly scratched or it has completely broken down. In such cases you will simply not be able to drive your car. And if you are planning to drive then you are not only putting others into jeopardy but yourself too. Ensure that your car windshield is repaired or replaced immediately and only a professional auto glass expert is given the job.

The first reason you should have a professional auto glass expert for your automotive glass repair or replacement is because they have the knowhow of the job. A small time mechanic may try to fleece you. They may recommend replacement when repair is enough. A professional will never do this. They will give you the best service because they would be more interested in you having a favorable opinion about them. And when you have a favorable opinion about them you are likely to talk about them to others, hence bringing in more business for them.

Think of a situation where you are miles away from home and require an automotive glass repair or replacement. Your local mechanic will not be able to help you in such a case. It is a professional auto glass expert who can help you best here. If you are not too far away from where they are located, they will come over for the repair or replacement. Otherwise, they will either call up some other professional or give you a reference to call so that you can get the job done within the shortest amount of time.

A professional auto glass expert is also going to use the most modern equipment for your automotive glass repair or replacement. They will also ensure that they are using the best replacement for your car glass. Once you get the job done through them you can rest assured that there will be no cause for complaint except in the event of an accident.

To find a professional auto glass expert for your automotive glass repair or replacement you just need to find some of the websites that have a database of these service providers. When you go to these websites they will either ask you to enter your postcode or your location and then list the names and contact details of the professionals close to you. You have further options available where you can indicate the type of service you want.

If you need automotive glass repair or replacement for your car there is no hassle because these websites are there for you. Simply enter some data and you will find enough information on professional auto glass experts near you. Contact them and they are bound to do some great job for you.


  • All Weather Fluid: Contains special modifiers to reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction
  • Full Displaced Valving: Valving automatically adjusts to road extremes to provide consistency and ride comfort
  • 1-3/8″ Bore: Larger bore than most shocks to provide more efficient and consistent control
  • Fluon Banded Piston: Works with the existing groove tube technology to provide responsiveness to changing road conditions
  • Unique Groove Tube – PSD: Precision tapered grooves in the pressure tube perform like an additional stage of valving for optimum light truck ride tuning

The Monroe Sensa-Trac truck shock absorber with PSD (position sensitive damping) and the Safe Tech system combines our exclusive precision tapered grooves in the pressure tube with application engineered valving and Fluon banded piston to improve the ride, handling, and safety characteristics of the vehicle. These features allow the Monroe Sensa-Trac truck shock absorber to adjust more rapidly to changing road and weight conditions than any other available shock absorber. The result: enhanced control with uncompromised ride comfort.

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Price: $ 35.97