Uses of Medical Marijuana in Sacramento CA in Medical

Medical cannabis has this substance called, THC that helps in blocking bad cancer cells to spread all over the body. This substance can also help in lessening the pain done by medical conditions such as muscle and body pain and even to cancer and Aids.

Below are the other medical conditions than can be cured by medical cannabis;

Medical Marijuana can cure Arthritis – It was proven by so many adults that medical cannabis can help ease the pain of arthritis and even rheumatism. Arthritis affects the joints and surrounding areas, including muscles, membrane linings and cartilage.

Arthritis causes painful inflammation, heat, swelling, pain, redness of skin and tenderness in the affected areas. Cortisone-type drugs provide dramatic pain relief for short periods but decrease in effectiveness if used over time. The side effects of these drugs include nausea, restlessness, insomnia, dizziness, headache, depression and mood swings, irregular heartbeat and menstruation problems.

In a recent study, several cannabinoids have both analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory effects, a combination particularly helpful for arthritic people. Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the main active ingredients in cannabis is a very effective anti-inflammatory agent. Cannabis can be smoked or eaten to relieve the general pain, inflammation and discomfort of arthritis. Cannabis poultices can be applied topically to troubled areas. Cannabis in alcohol or as a cream can also be rubbed on the skin.

Medical Cannabis can bring back good appetite – Having an appetite lost? Then try to use medical cannabis to bring back good appetite. This alternative medicine can play a great role in restoring a person’s relationship to food.

Cannabis can heal other medical disorders – Medical marijuana is remarkably powerful in combating nausea and vomiting. Medical cannabis is also effective in healing medical conditions like AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, Turret’s Syndrome, kidney failure, tuberculosis, hyperemesis gravidarum (magnified form of morning sickness) and anorexia and it helps lessening the pain caused by chemotherapy, a type of cancer treatment.

Medical Cannabis as an effective analgesic – According to some medical doctors, this alternative medicine is proven safe and effective as an analgesic. It is effective in many cases where other drugs have failed. Smoking or eating cannabis also seems to provide relief where standard treatments fail. The effectiveness of cannabis in treating various diseases from nausea, vomiting, headaches to Parkinson’s disease, Aids and cancer chemotherapy is dose-related. The higher the blood levels of THC, the more complete the relief of vomiting.


Auto Repair Silver Spring Guide in Auto-repair

Major companies in this industry such as Ford, Mercedes, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen provide electronic auto repair guides so that even amateur users can learn a lot about auto repair. Auto repair guides usually tell you how repairs are done on all major parts of an automobile including the brake system, cooling system, electrical system, engine system, A/C-heat system, body and exterior, exhaust system, fuel system, steering and suspension system, and drive train.

Anybody can carry out Do It Yourself Auto Repair, anybody old enough to own a car, and calm headed enough to follow some sets of repair instructions can successfully carry out Do It Yourself Auto Repair. It does not require deep knowledge of engineering or mechanism, just the ability to believe in yourself and follow instructions.

Yes, you can reduce failure or mistakes in your Do-it-yourself auto repairs by following the right guides, by obeying Do-it-yourself auto repair instructions to the letter. These instructions you can get in your auto repair manuals.

It is important to verify whether your car is still under warranty before venturing to repair the car yourself. For cars under warranty, the repair work must be performed by a mechanic or a technician certified by the manufacturer. There are many auto repair silver spring to help you in this regard. The repair in this case is usually carried out at the dealer’s service center. Some manufacturers do not offer to perform repair work and you may have the provision of carrying it out elsewhere. Read your warranty carefully to find out how you can get the repair costs reimbursed.

By knowing the basics, you can perform simple troubleshooting procedures when your car breaks down, instead of sending it to a mechanic right away.

You will not have to spend massive amounts of money just to hire a professional for a simple job you can do yourself, such as adjusting a few loose screws or cooling an overheating radiator.


Carpet Cleaning Alice Springs in Carpet

Carpet adds value to your home or office rooms. But only the charm of the carpet remains if the carpet is clean. Carpet cleaning is one of the basic needs for every home and offices. Daily cleaning is done to remove dust and dirt from the carpets with the help of the vacuum, brushes and brooms. Then what about the oil and the greases remaining on the carpet. It is full of hassle to wash the carpet too. In such cases, you need the carpet cleaning services which work efficiently on removing all the dirt, scars and the marks of the carpet making them fully clean and beautiful.

Your room seems elegant with the new carpet on the floor. But later carpet can become the blemished with the stains of the oil of the party food, wines. Also, if you have the pet can urinate on the carpet creating the growth of the microorganisms. As though, carpets are the major agents of the indoor air pollution causing the asthma as well as various respiratory diseases. Most of the people tried the simple method and adopt uses of the bleaching powders. You may save the money with your own effort but it late results in fading of the carpet, letting spots and watermarks even after cleaning. So for all the solution of the carpet, adopting the carpet cleanings services can be the best solution. Most of the carpet cleaning companies adopts their own techniques and method of the carpet cleaning. Simple cleaning is done followed by the standard cleaning techniques spraying special chemicals to make them expose on the surface. After that the dirt and stain are removed by the various extraction methods. Carpet extraction varies from dry extraction method to wet and steam extraction method.

The method varies according to the fabrics of your carpet or rugs.

Extremely fresh is one of the premier companies providing the service of carpet cleaning in the Alice Springs, NT. We specialize in providing the carpet cleaning including the rug, curtains, upholstery cleaning. We are always concerned about the qualitative services with the qualitative equipment and the products. Our goal is not only to clean the carpet but also to maintain the quality of the carpets. We use the chemicals which are ecofriendly as well as do not have any harm to the health. Also they maintain the quality of the carpet enhancing the lifetime of the carpet instead. So remember us for any kind of the cleaning services. We offer the prompt and reliable service with our skilled staffs. Our service is available for the residential as well as the commercial areas. Get the finest cleaning with the help of the Extremely fresh


Hvac Repair – When Do You Need To Get One Done? in Air-conditioner

The full form of HVAC is Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning. It refers to the technology that deals with the indoor or automotive environmental comfort. HVAC is based on the principles of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics. It is an important design criterion in large industrial buildings.

Heating and cooling systems are very important systems in any household. Malfunctioning of these systems can drain your money rapidly. Irrespective of the kind of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system you use in your home, you can still save money on your heating and cooling bills by checking the systems regularly. Also, you need to maintain your equipment and regularly upgrade them. You should check things like weatherization, thermostat settings and insulation to ensure reduced energy bills.

It is likely that you would face problems with your heating and cooling systems at one point of time. In this article we would see how to check the problems in an air conditioning system.

If your air conditioning system is not at all working, you can conduct do the following operations to ensure that it needs a repairer.

* Check the temperature setting – This is the most basic operation that you should do when you find your air conditioning system is not working properly. Make sure that the temperature is set lower than your room temperature. Keep the temperature to at least 5 degrees lower to the room temperature. Also check whether the AC is on ‘ON’ mode and not on ‘OFF’ mode.

* Check the electricity supply – At times, there might be some problem with the electricity supply. Check the controls and switches properly. Check for any possible loose connection. Make sure your AC is connected and is getting unhindered electric supply.

* Check the air filters – If you find that your AC is ‘ON’, but little or no cool air is coming out, you should check the air filters. Dirt can clog the air filters over time causing the diversion of the cool air to the air-handler.

* Check the air compressor – If your AC system is making too much noise, you should check its compressor system. Old air conditioning systems are at a risk of faulty compressor system.

These checks can help you to understand your air conditioning system better. It can be a daunting task to repair an air conditioning system. Only a professional technician can be good at HVAC repair. Chicago citizens do not have to worry about such issues as they can simply get in touch with Oasisheating.


Give Your House A Lift in House

Elevating your home is no big joke. There are many factors that you have to keep in mind while messing with the foundation of your home. You have to make sure that it is done in the hands of experts who use specialized equipment to lift your home. You should not even try doing this on your own. This is again a very slim possibility because there is a lot of specialized equipment and training required and this is not something that can be done by reading things off a manual or a guidebook. In any case, if you somehow have come across a book that will show you how to life your house up, the wisest choice would be to not attempt it all.

This is because lifting your home is not as simple as just operating some hydraulic equipment which is complex in itself. There is a lot of wiring and re enforcing work to be done that needs to be carefully attended to. Therefore this is best left in the hands of the experts that have experience in such matters. You can get in touch with such experts with a quick search of the internet.
Most of the times lifting your house is done to protect it against floods. If your house is in a low lying area that is prone to floods, your house becomes very susceptible to damage. Therefore in such cases, lifting your house becomes mandatory. However, doing this to your house would cost you a lot of money. The good news is the government realizes the need of the people and it has allocated fixed grant money for you to be able to lift your house.

With the help of this, you dont have to spend anything from your pocket in order to lift your house. You can make sure that all the expenses are taken care of by the government. You have to fill in some paper work for this of course. Most of the times, the lifting company that you call will help to fill and clear up your paper work. Also these companies would offer insurance against lifting so that any damage that may occur while lifting your house would be covered by the policy. Therefore you can raise your house with total confidence that all your expenses are taken care of.

Most of these professional companies have certified people working on the lifting process. They also have specialized hydraulic lifts that are placed in strategic locations to be able to life your house. After your house is lifted, the foundation is re enforced for the stability of your home. This will make sure that your house is steady even after the entire process and will last this way for years to come.


Instead of my body using up 3000 Calories, what could be done instead with that energy?

So I eat about 3000 Calories a day(I’m not sure how many I burn or how many my digestive system actually absorbs from the food I eat). Well, my question is what else could be done with all this energy (3000 kilo calories)? (ex. how long a light bulb could be lit, how high a 10kg weight can be lifted, how much temperature increase… etc.)

Chosen Answer:

Carlos: You could have a lot of fun with your 3000C intake by using the online energy converter at source 1 (below).

Select “Calorie [nutritional]” in the From: column, 3000 at the top, and then pick something interesting from the To: column and click Convert.

For example, if To: = joule, you get ~12.5e6J. To raise a 10kg mass 1m requires:

(1) m * g * h = 10 * 10 * 1 = 100J

So you could raise a 10kg mass = 12.5e6 / 100 = 12.5e4 = 125e3m = 125km!

Or try To: = kilowatt hours:

(2) 3000C = 3.5kwh = 3500watt hours,

so you could burn a 10W light bulb for 350h.

You could choose To: = automotive fuel and set a fuel economy figure to figure out how far you could drive an automobile.’

And so on!

by: Gary
on: 28th June 12

Hand Painted Gift Boxes in Gift

Gift giving can be an enjoyable activity as can be gift wrapping. Gift wrapping can be done in many ways using a gift box either with handmade wrapping using paper, fabric and other fancy materials in order to personalize the gift. Hand painting gift boxes is one great way to enhance the look of gift box to be presented.

First it is important to pick the right kind of box. A square type of box, stars and hearts can be used and it comes in various sizes and shapes.


Some of these boxes only require painting of the lid. The depth of the lid will need to be taken into consideration. A paint brush can be used or a sponge to paint it with. A thin layer of acrylic paint is needed cover the outer part of the lid. The first layer must be allowed to dry off for a few minutes before proceeding with the next step. In case the box is showing its original brown color through the paint, then simply apply another layer of colored paint until the brown has ceased to show. The paint should dry off thoroughly; if not you can use a hair dryer or mall fan can be used to dry it off. Some glitter can be made use of to add a festive sparkle.

Style & Size

The size and style of the box is important and is crucial if you want to make the right impression, as it will enhance the hand painted look. The box can be lined with satin or be foam; it makes it more appealing when satin is used.


A budget must be allocated for such a box since it can turn out to be very expensive. Hand paints can be quite costly, but you must be willing to spend if you want to achieve the right look.

Online Purchasing

Beautiful hand painted gift boxes can be purchased online.

There are a variety of websites available selling such boxes as these. Buying one instead of actually making one might be easier and less time consuming. This will definitely lessen the hassle of hand painting at home, and in case it is a last minute decision it will be delivered at your door step. A gift box like this can be used on a special occasion to wrap a gift for the holiday season or a special birthday.


Reverse glass painting | Glass Painting in Glass

Glass painting is a remarkable form of art, comprising gorgeous synthetic colors done up on glass. The combination of glass and paints gives the painting an ethereal appeal. Glass painting is very interesting to do. Glass painting kits contain an outliner, which is meant to keep the different shades of glass paints in place. One can either unleash one’s creativity and paint freehand, or else use templates. Four main types of paints are available for glass painting: stained glass paint, vinegar trace paint, matte paint and silver paint. Each type is meant for a specific purpose. For example, if one wishes to include a variety of colors on the piece of glass, then the stained glass paint is suitable. Vinegar glass paints are appropriate when one wants to add a tint of color. However, these vinegar paints are quite sticky! For painting a clear glass vase or bowls, one can use silver paint, as it adds a hint of silver, thereby giving a translucent effect to the painting. Matte paint on the other hand is useful when one wants complete coverage without translucent aspects.

Glass Painting Instructions and Tips

Glass painting is quite easy to learn, and can be done without many hassles. Keeping a few glass painting tips in mind before the commencement of the glass painting project will prove beneficial. Some of the useful glass painting tips are as follows:

  • The piece of glass chosen for glass painting should have a smooth, plain and clear surface. Printed glass and designed surfaces should not be used, as the painting will not be prominent then. Since natural oils from the hands tend to smudge the glass surface, it is advisable to put on surgical or latex gloves while handling the glass piece.
  • The glass surface should be cleaned adequately to free it from dust and dirt. The glass paint will fail to stick on a dusty surface. One should make use of warm water and soap to clean the surface of the glass. The glass surface should be thoroughly dried using a paper towel or clean cloth.
  • People not confident about freehand painting can trace the design on a sheet of drawing paper and then tape it to the inside of the glass piece. Make sure the piece of paper chosen is the same size as the glass piece. This is one of the easiest glass painting techniques, as once the picture has been taped, all one requires to do is paint, using the traced paper below as a reference. People using freehand style should place a white cloth or paper below the glass for clarity while painting.


Do any drummers know how to mount a GoPro camera onto a marching bass drum?

I’m looking to use my GoPro Hero 2 as a bass drum cam, has anyone found a suitable mount or created their own?

Chosen Answer:

I’ve done similar.

If rigidly attached, the vibrations will cause rolling in the video. There are special gel packs available to dampen the camera, but using a little bit of a foam pad (Like a campers cheap sleeping bag pad) works fairly well too. The problem is you will have to use automotive molding tape to attach the pad to the drum, then use one of the GoPro self adhesive mounts for the camera. The tape can damage the drum’s finish.

Depending on the Drum, you might be able to use a large strip of foam and just jam it under the bars for the head clamps.

The GoPro Chest rig, or head band might be able to be threaded around the clamps, again, you might need a layer or two of foam, carpet padding, or other material to support it.

If the finish is in good condition, the GoPro suction cup mount should work and might provide enough dampening on it’s own.

I would also try just using one of the self adhesive mounts directly onto the drum (Preferably a metal clamp, just consider the drums finish). Then use a fairly long arm to hold the camera and weight the camera with a small beanbag. Just something to give it weight and reduce vibration. Self adhesive lead wheel weights on the GoPro case would also work.
by: Scott
on: 11th November 12

What is your labor rate? How the automotive repair industry manipulates what you pay. An industry insiders perspective. in Tool

Listed below are topics we will discuss in greater detail.

Flat rate labor system-done Cost of tools and equipment, training, updating- done Rust corrosion age wear and tear-done Experience number of years in business and expertise on specific make and model or repair, possibility of going out of business or going bankrupt Shop overhead determines price not shop down the street You get what you pay for-done Would you choose the cheapest least experienced doctor, surgeon, teacher, builder, etc Warranty, reliability, peace of mind, done right the first time,
Bait and switch coupons and mailers that do not apply to your vehicle Price we quote is the price you pay Menu pricing or group pricing part quality.

Flat Rate

Most shops charge a flat labor rate per hour.
Flat rate is determined on a national average of how long it takes a mechanic to replace a specific part on your vehicle. The national average is based on a new vehicle not a 5-20 year old vehicle! This rate is the fairest rate they can come up with but it’s not perfect. Most of the mechanics involved with the invention of the flat rate system are dealership mechanics that only service one manufacture line of vehicle which means they become very efficient at whichever repairs they are being timed for.

Charging by the half hour or quarter hour instead of full hour

Very few repair shops charge their customers in this manner. The benefit to this system is that the customer perceives they are being charged less than the posted hourly rate or that the shop is more fair and does not just charge an hour minimum for a repair that is performed.

The only problem with this system is that perception and reality can be completely different from each other.

Todays vehicle have become so complicated that setting a specific price to repair is difficult. The vehicle manufactures offer so many variations and options on your vehicle which makes finding the correct part virtually impossible without knowing your vehicle identification number. Even with your VIN number we still have to locate the body codes on the vehicle to determine part was originally installed on your vehicle.

Rust and Corrosion

On top of that once the vehicle is 5 years or older our lovely weather in Michigan reeks havoc on various metallic components thus extending the repair process and increasing the cost of the repair. This is why it is so difficult to provide an estimate for repairs whiteout even seeing the vehicle let alone taking it apart to see how things are going to come apart.

Cost of Tools, Equipment, Training, Updating

Labor rates and diagnostic or testing fees are directly related to the cost of what we pay for tools and equipment as well as the training to use those tools and equipment to correctly repair your vehicle. On top of that any electrical tools and equipment have to be updated quarterly or annually. The equipment alone cost tens of thousands of dollars not counting the thousands of dollars spent to maintain, upgrade and update that equipment.

Think about it you would never want to buy all those tools needed or required to repair the vehicle this time around. Also how would you gain 20 years of experience and knowledge needed to perform the repairs needed? What about all the taxes and insurance, employee payroll, tool loans, and building fees, maintenance and etc?

Think of it this way… When you bring your vehicle to a repair shop you are basically renting our tools, equipment, shop space and years of experience to perform the repairs on your vehicle. The longer the repair takes, tools needed and level of experience required to do the job the more you pay for the repair.

How to manipulate what you pay….

Alright so here it is… Don’t forget most repair shops have a trained sales person at their front counter. They are trained to help you make decisions about the repairs you are about to have made. Some of these sales people are highly motivated by money not you or your vehicles best interest. They have been trained to read you and have a rebuttal for every objection you may have.

They are aware of your price sensitivity. What this means is some people are price sensitive when it comes to labor rates, others are price sensitive to parts cost.

So lets say you call the shop and you ask for the labor rate first then for a price quote. They would now know to tell you a lower labor rate than the guy down the street but to instead raise the price of parts on the estimate. In the end they could be the same price as the shop down the street or possibly way more. All that matters to you is the cheapest labor rate quoted over the phone, after all that must mean the cheapest price in town right? NOT!

And that’s not all…

Dealerships have two different labor rates one for warranty work and one for customer pay repairs. I can tell you from past experience customer pay is 2 to 2.5 times the cost of warranty labor rates. So lets say an oil pan replacement pays 1.0 hrs or of labor under warranty then customer pay labor rate would be 2.5 hrs of labor or 5! That is quite a big difference between the two but what did not change is the length of time it took to actually do the repair 1.0 hrs.

More on flat rate…

Lets say flat rate book time says a repair should take 1.0 hrs to perform and the shop labor rate is per hour. What many shops do not want you to know is how many book hours a job is supposed to take because they will bump up the book hours by an automatic 10-50%. What this means is when you call and ask for a shop labor rate they could honesty tell you per hour but if they mark up flat rate book time 10-50% that means there actual shop labor rate is – per hour! Now imagine if their labor rate was -0 or more!

To read article in it’s entirety follow link to our website.