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  • Pyle Pl1590bl 15 1400w Car Audio Subwoofer Sub 1400 Watt


&#9The future of computer connectivity is here with mini-USB cables from Cables To Go. These fully rated universal serial bus cables provide transfer rates up to 480Mbps, depending on USB version, and easily attach to any mini-USB device. Mini USB cables are designed to connect from your USB port on Hub, PC or Mac to your USB device, including cellular phones and PDAs. Foil and braid shielding reduces EMI/RFI interference, and twisted-pair construction helps reduce cross talk thus ensuring high-speed, error-free data transfer. Meets all the UL requirements for communication cabling, and is compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0.


  • Connector: USB Type A Male to Type Mini B 5-pin Male (MD Type)
  • Transfer rates up to 480Mbps depending on USB version
  • Make plug and play connections with cellular phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and PDAs
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Connect a peripheral with a 5-pin mini usb port to an USB Hub or USB port on PC/Mac
  • Compatible with USB specifications 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0
  • Technical Information:

  • Product Description – USB cable – 6.6 ft
  • Type – USB cable
  • Length – 6.6 ft
  • Connector(s) – 1 x 4 pin USB Type A – female
  • Connector(s) (Other Side) – 1 x 5 pin mini-USB Type B – male
  • Compliant Standards – USB / Hi-Speed USB
  • Package Type – Retail

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    What career fields can I enter into with a degree in Mechanical Engineering? What is the salary range?

    What career fields can I enter into with a degree in Mechanical Engineering? What is the salary range?

    Chosen Answer:

    There’s a wide variety of fields you can get into with a BS in ME, depending on your interests. You can work in any of the fields previously mentioned like automotive engineering, power generation (boiler and turbine design), aerospace or manufacturing. Within those fields you can look for jobs in basic design, quality assurance, project management or even sales.

    Salary range will depend on the location and type of job, obviously. On the low end, you may see offers for around ,000 per year. On the high end, in more expensive cities, you can earn up to ,000 per year. There are of course outliers on either end, but this is the typical range.

    With an MS you’d be getting a little more money, about ,000 to ,000 per year and would likely be doing similar work. MSMEs are also commonly hired by large companies to do computational work like FEA (Finite Element Analysis) or CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). With a PhD, your starting salary would be in the -,000 range and you’d likely be doing R&D or possibly even forensic engineering in any of these areas. Of course the higher salaries that come with advanced degrees come with the disadvantges of more time in school and lost wages (not earning any money while you’re in school).

    Hope this helps.
    by: Prometheus
    on: 15th May 07

    Car Hauler Careers in Car

    Car haulers transport vehicles to various locations throughout the country. Car haulers operate different equipment depending on customer requirements. Car haulers can operate a standard semi-truck or may use a pickup truck to haul loads. Car haulers may own their own equipment, which can be leased to an auto carrier company, or use equipment provided by their employer.

    10-Car Open Carrier
    This is the most common type of carrier for transporting automobiles and offers the most job opportunities for car haulers. Car haulers use a semi-truck attached to a dual-level, 10-car carrier to move vehicles to their destination. Many times, the cars are from different customers and final delivery will include more than one destination that are often residential areas where unloading may be difficult. Car haulers load and unload the vehicles and protect them from damage or inclement weather during the transport.

    Hot Shot
    Some customers or private owners may only want to ship three or four vehicles to a specific destination. These loads are typically hauled by “hot shot” drivers who specialize in smaller loads known as “less than truckloads,” or LTLs. LTLs are defined as shipments weighing less than 10,000 lbs. Most hot shot transporters are heavy-duty pickup trucks or dually trucks that can carry heavier loads. Hot shot drivers typically work with a broker to obtain loads and find deliveries to return to their homes.
    Enclosed Car Hauler
    Drivers operating enclosed car haulers are employed by individuals and businesses interested in providing the most protection for their vehicles. Drivers may be transporting classic or antique cars that are expensive and need to arrive in pristine condition, and some race car companies use enclosed car haulers to transport their race cars to events. Generally, loads on enclosed car haulers cost more to the customer than the open carrier or hot shot loads. Enclosed car hauler drivers can haul one or two cars.

    Flatbed Carrier
    Drivers who haul flatbed carriers typically haul trucks or recreational vehicles that can’t fit onto an open car hauler or inside an enclosed trailer. Flatbeds can be pulled by a semi- or pickup truck depending on the amount of weight hauled. Flatbed carriers have to strap down their loads and load and unload the carrier. Most flatbed loads contain a single vehicle, but some customers may include other cargo on the load because of the high price of using a flatbed carrier.


    Can a man with a pacemaker ever weld or work with electricity?

    Everything I have read says no, but do any of you have personal experiences? My boyfriend just had a pacemaker implanted today and is an electrician/welder by trade!


    Chosen Answer:

    no you can’t do any arc welding with an implanted cardio defibrillator/pacemaker. depending on the type of electrical work he does it may be ok ,my friend was an electrician for electric motors and generator and could no longer do this .if he does electrical work like roughing houses and such it may be too much strain on that portion of his body.the good thing is maybe he can now teach what he knows through a community college/trade school.Of course only his cardiologist can say for sure.i wish speedy recovery to him
    by: brainhoney1
    on: 6th February 09

    International Calling Cards – Contact Hearts Wire in Telecommuting

    Calling cards are prepaid cards that come pre-charged with the sum of these cards are easily available in the market, and you can even buy from online stores. Depending on the calling card customers that come in different ranges based on the requirements. Consumers need to compare the different services offered by providers in order to save money on tariffs and tariff plans. In addition, consumers also need to look for other attractive features such as voice mail, 3-way conferencing and caller ID.

    Operating an international calling card is very simple, as the user just needs to generate and manage the number of pins. These cards show a very cost-effective and reliable source when it comes to international and domestic calls. This can be both prepaid and postpaid. The card has no monthly payment, but is only paid for phone calls is actually consumed. Therefore, a pre-paid international phone cards to the system show that there are a lot cheaper and more efficient than the local phone company or even a long distance providers.

    These cards are based on packet switching technology, VoIP over the Internet. Users need to focus on some important points before buying such as phone rates, recoverability, roll-over minutes, hidden fees and the quality of call. And compared to the traditional mode of public communication switch telephony network or PSTN call charges are lower, this is basically done by reducing a minute amount of taxes and surcharge, as well as decreases.

    You need to pay the minimum monthly payment on your plan, even if you do not use your phone. Some of those who get a cell phone contract with bad credit may find the additional burden that their next monthly bill arrives.

    In addition, 2-year contract, you can not switch to another provider if you are dissatisfied with their service. Long-term contracts also require a credit check. If you are eligible after a certain time, cell contract, you default on your monthly payments, the provider will allow the credit institution is aware of this. It is, however, worried about anything for those who have a mobile phone contract with bad credit if they make their monthly payments on time.

    One should really consider other options to get to find out who is on his / her individual use of the best cell phone service. Pre-payment of services to be more favorable for less money on average, people usually use. Consumers who have the Net10 prepaid cell phone service, choose this one because it is more satisfaction in accordance with their requirements and they do not have the extra fees for additional services that are not going to be used by them.

    Another reason why customers choose prepaid calling cards, it allows them to make calls from your phone, not even international calling enabled, you can even do it without any additional documents signed domestic calls. Also, how to handle international phone cards, appropriate and effective verbal and auditory communication over an IP network blessing to a broadband connection.

    Hyundai i20 Car is very compact in design in Car

    The Hyundai i20 was launched by its manufacturers within the yr 2008. It’s a super compact car and it matches between the i10 and i30 made by Hyundai. The automotive is a front wheeler and is on the market in five and three door versions, depending on the demand by the customer. The Hyundai i20 is manufactured and assembled inTurkeyand in Chennai, for the European and the Indian/Asian market respectively. The Hyundai i20 is offered is two options, the Sportz and the Era. The automobile is available in each petrol and diesel. It has varied in constructed options which aren’t current in some other mini automobile available in the market, such as USB port within the stereo system, a totally automated temperature management for the air-con system, passenger vanity mirror, theft alarm and audio controls mounted on the steering wheel. Another function that differentiates it from all the other mini cars present out there is its 6 gear handbook transmission. 

    The Hyundai i20 has a very fashionable outlook, which though is quite up to date but at the same time could be very elegant and complex too. Its lavish exterior as well as comfortable interior makes it the most demanding automotive within the Indian and European market. Its value range is Rs. 4,60,000 to Rs. 8,00,000. This massive hole is because of the truth that the Hyundai i20 comes in numerous model and variants, akin to Period Petrol, Sportz Petrol, Magna, Asta Petrol, Asta Diesel and all of these vehicles also come with an optional sunroof too. Speaking first about the front of the automotive, there’s a low slung grille, with sporty head lamps and enormous round fog lamps. The grille has a chrome end which gives the automobile a very glossy look.

    The again of the car may be very upright, offering enough area for luggage. The fog lamps are multi reflector and the large head lamps provide a clearer vision and ease of driving. There is a wide air dam current within the front of the car which not solely enhances its look but in addition gives a cooling effect to the automobile on the same time, enhancing the air con system. The rims of the automotive are made out of alloy and the physique colored rear view mirrors and door handles give the automotive a very posh look. Indicators are additionally current on the perimeters of the rear view mirrors, which is a part of its contemporary design. 

    The inside of the car may be very roomy and spacious and it not only improves the comfort aspect but also the aesthetical influence of the car on the customer. The inside of the automotive, is two toned in beige which not only remove monotony but in addition provides it a three-d effect. There is a cooling blue LED current contained in the car, which offers the passengers with a relaxing effect. The metallic centre of the car, also gives a very glossy and sophisticated overall look. The steering wheel is powered and has leather-based covering over it which is lengthy lasting. Other features include a solar roof, which provides to the beauty, additionally USB and aux ports are current within the stereo along with multi info show and automatic temperature control. Storage in the automotive is pretty first rate along with adjustable seats and dimming lamp on the roof, which all improve the consolation degree the automobile provides.


    Boston, MA Residential Painting in Painting

    Painting is the most important finishing touch that can be done on a residential home. This is because it gives the home a complete look and sometimes even covers the areas that might have looked out of place if the painting was not done over it. Most residential homes will need both exterior as well as interior painting that will most likely differ in a variety of ways depending on the preference of the home owner.

    The interior painting of the home is the most delicate as it involves the moving of the furniture as well as making sure that they are protected from any paint splatter that might take place when the painting is underway. Professional painters will prepare the rooms that are to be painted by using a suitable covering on all the furniture in the room and also use tape on the areas that are to be painted at a later time. The tape that is used should be the one specially used by painters in the Boston area so that the paint does not come out when it is peeled off.

    Exterior painting is a bit different in that all the surfaces that the paint is to be applied onto should be prepared in advance before it is applied. The areas that are not to be painted as well as the grounds should be kept as tidy as possible so that the outlook of the exterior part of the residence looks as good as the interior. Engaging the services of professional painters especially when it comes to residences in Boston is the best way to go if you are looking for quality work.

    When looking for reputable residential painters in Boston it is important that you do some research on those that provide quality work in the area. This can be done through friends that have had a good painting job done on their homes thus they can refer you to the same company.

    On the other hand, you can use the internet to find out the companies in Boston that provide painting services like the one that you would want to be done on your residence.

    Select a few painting companies that have impressive testimonials as well as reviews that you can call and set up an appointment so that you can be sure that they offer the services that you seek before giving them the job.

    Sales Representatives for Auto Dismantlers in Client

    A sales representative’s job varies depending on which company the “rep” is working for. Essentially, a sales representative is someone who represents a company to showcase and sell the company’s products and/or services. The rep must have sufficient knowledge about the company, its products, services, and the benefits the clients can get from availing of the company’s products and services. The sales representative also has to be a persuasive speaker who can negotiate with the client while reassuring the client of benefits.

    Some companies train their representatives on sales tactics and teach them further background on what the services and products can do for their clients. Endorsement strategies vary from company to company. What clients want and what the company needs are what representatives keep in mind in their duties.

    Sales representatives for auto dismantlers in particular have to be learned in mechanics. They must be knowledgeable on which parts work best for the client’s existing car, on qualities of certain products according to car brand and model, and on how to motivate clients to buy certain products. The sales representative must also be assertive but accommodating. They ensure that the clients are satisfied.

    For instance, a client walks in seeking used Mercedes Benz parts. The sales representative then persuades this client to buy certain parts. The rep informs the client on the said parts’ performance level and gives the client further reasons why those are the best for him.

    The rep must also hear out the client’s desires. He may prefer used Mercedes Benz parts over new ones. The sales representative may allow this and proceed in securing the client with the used part that he can afford. The rep assures this client on the parts’ consistency and that it can extend the vehicle’s longevity.

    It is necessary that the sales representative for such an establishment has sufficient knowledge on the background on the products. The used Mercedes part may have come from a two-year-old car that got wrecked, but some of its parts were salvaged. Such information can help in securing a bargain with a client. In addition, the client is even more satisfied that he knows why he availed the products the rep recommended for him.


    Wire Fencing Options for Your Home in Fence

    A Fence is a physical structure put around a property for division or for security. Besides these basic uses, a fence can also enhance the beauty of a house depending upon the design. Light structure of the fence distinguishes it from the wall.

    Some Common Types Of Fences

    1. Barbed wire fence
    2. Chain linking fence
    3. Wood panel fencing
    4. Vinyl or synthetic fencing
    5. Concrete fence
    6. Roundpole fence

    Areas Where Fencing Is Mostly Done
    Fencing is mostly done in industrial places often having a risk of high voltage. It is also done around farms, places where domestic pets are kept in home, area near the prison, near the place where some investigation is going on, near some expensive property, near something which is on a sale, even near some dangerous zones. But now days even fencing at home has become a common practice, one can see a quiet a number of houses fenced .These fences provide security to the owners and some are also done for beautification purposes. Fencing reduces the risk of dispute for properties as it is also helpful in separating privately owned properties. Thus it can be said that besides its use in commercial properties, fencing is done in residential properties as well.

    Wire Fencing
    One kind of fencing which is mostly used for both such properties is wire fencing.

    Fencing can be used for both beautification and security purposes like for a better appearance, one can use picket fencing, but if one seeks more of functionality, it’s better to go for Wire Fencing because it is relatively cheaper, easier in maintenance and long lasting.

    With Wire fences one can keep the property safe and secure. They can help relieve the tension and one can feel more secure with the family. As compared to wood, wire fence is quiet cheaper so you can say that it is relatively cheaper and cost effective besides providing security. Wire fencing can also be safer than wooden fencing and comparatively wire fencing occupies less space than other kinds of fencing. Wire fencing besides providing security can provide an aesthetic appearance too because they can be coated with various colors.

    Going About Wire Fencing
    People prefer to hire fencing contractors who are experienced and can provide varied options in terms of styles, patterns, designs and colors. Hiring a fencing contractor can also reduce time and assure the quality of a work because a lot of them are professional fencing contractors with a lot of knowledge.

    But before hiring any of these fencing contractors one needs to be sure of their reliability. It’s a good option to ask the trusted neighbors about some of them or search on internet.

    A lot of Contractors and Fencing Contracting Companies in India are enlisted at B2B sites on internet. The one who seems reliable and affordable can be chosen after reviewing the credentials and expertise. With this, one must remember that security is the prime concern of every individual only a secure and safe house or workplace can provide the right degree of comfort.


    Useful Accessories in Table

    Carpentry has always involved the use of saws and wood cutting machines.Initially it was done manually but with the advancement of technology,wood cutting also saw a change in the scenario.

    These days the kind of machines used for cutting and ripping wooden logs are far different from the ones used earlier.There are different types of saws depending on the type and the amount of work to be done.

    Before going for any one kind of table saw,there are some basic prerequisites which need to be kept in mind.Te whole issue of buying a table saw is that it will lighten your work and take it through a smooth process.The very choice of any particular saw depends on a variety of factors which play an important role in the decision making.

    Price and the costing of the sawing machine is one of the important factors to be taken into consideration while buying it.It is generally considered that quality comes with a price.In context of the saw machine,the pricier the machine,there is a greater chance that you will get a more reliable piece of machinery.This certainly doesnt imply that the cheaper machines are not good enough but they do not match up to the exacting quality assurance standards.

    Tilt of the Blade is also to be taken into consideration while one is thinking of buying a table saw.There might be some people who will not give any attention to this detail but there are some who will want to buy a saw which has a tilt comfortable to them.If a person is habitual to working on the left side then he should go for a saw which will give him the required comfortable tilt.

    Power Consumption: The best kind of table saw will meet the voltage and electricity consumption standards.The energy use depends on the use you are going to put the machine to.If it is a smaller machine,then it will work on a lesser voltage too.But if you need to do a bigger job,then a larger size of the saw will be more useful.

    Availability of the Table Saw: The table saws are available in all the major stores as well as the online stores.There are some people who like to test the machine physically before going for a final buy.For such people,the locally available brands of table saws work just fine.

    Protection Gear: Wood cutting is a hazardous activity if not done properly.There are some very basic amenities which should be present at the site of the work.There should be a proper blade guard to protect the worker from the exposed saw blade.Then there should also be a provision for on/off switch within reach in case of emergencies.These days,a large paddle switch is being used largely which gives the worker comfort of switching off the machine even if his hands are busy.

    Rip Fence: This is one of the most important factors which need to be considered while buying a table saw.The rip fence assures the worker of better quality of work and usability while keeping the cutting to be a secure operation.