does anyone know if there are any car auctions going on in Edmonton,Alberta on February 15th?

or a directory or auctions being held?

Chosen Answer:

Not on a Sunday.
Look at this:
Regular Auction Sale Days:
Consignment auction every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. local time.
All sales following long weekends start at 10:00 a.m. on Thursdays

ADESA Edmonton
Address: 1701 9th Street
City: Nisku
State/Province: AB
Postal Code: T9E 8M8
Country: CA
Primary Phone: 780-955-4400
Secondary Phone: 877-810-4294
Main Fax: 780-955-4344

by: North of 49
on: 16th February 09

Looking For A Luxury Motor Yacht in Yacht

Traveling is what most people want to do these days as it’s their only way to unwind and see the world. The good thing about traveling these days is that people are now provided with many options to travel to and from different parts of the world. You can travel and see the many wonders of the world by ships, planes, buses and many other land transportation types. If you wish to cruise the ocean, you can go for luxury motor yachts. Some people invest in luxury motor yachts because of its many benefits. If one wishes to cruise lakes or rivers, he or she can use the yacht. A yacht owner can either cruise or navigate the ocean whenever he likes. One can go fishing with his motor yacht as well. One can also throw a party on his motor yacht especially if there’s a special occasion to celebrate.

However, there are some things that you might want to consider first before you make any purchase on luxury motor yachts. For one, you must take note that there are actually several types of motor yachts for you to choose from. The most fundamental, small classic yacht is day sailing luxury yacht. This type of yacht doesn’t come with a cabin and this is why it’s only used for daylight cruising. If you want to go for something that’s bigger and will allow overnight journeys, you can go for weekender luxury yachts. They are slightly larger and they are even allowed to sit upright even without the water. Another classic yacht that you can go for is cruising luxury yacht.

This type of yacht is the most widespread yacht and also has many facilities that one can make use of. These yachts offer utmost convenience to most cruisers because of the utilities installed.

When looking for classic yachts these days, it’s very crucial to note that they are designed for your purpose. If you are planning to go on an open water trip this weekend, it’s crucial that the luxury yacht you should go for is large enough for you and your guests to move around, has enough space to carry enough all the supplies that you will need in a trip and basic utilities in order to make you and your guests comfortable. When you shop or look for luxury motor yachts, it will also be helpful if you consider its type. It must be able to go further in the water and not worry about the unpredictable weather that may come your way while you travel. Your luxury yacht must also serve as an ideal fishing boat for you. If you have found a luxury yacht that suits your preferences and your budget, then go ahead and purchase it now.


Finding Transmission Repair In Garland Tx 931 in Transmission

There are several transmission fix services out there these days. You might want to choose 1 good fix service that can do the ideal work for you.

The expense of transmission repairs depends on the extent of harm. If there is some mechanical harm carried out to the transmissions, the repairs may possibly not get the job done. Nonetheless, if you display the faulty transmissions to a trained qualified you may possibly have a probability to get is working. Going to the suitable individual or specialized to get the transmission work accomplished is really essential.

Fundamental Suggestions for Browsing the Most effective Car Transmission Gurus

You will obtain that even ordinary motor mechanics would claim that they are experts in manual transmission repair. If the motor mechanic is expert and veteran, then there would be chances that the transmission repairs might happen easily. Having said that, if the common mechanic does not have any clue of the fault in the transmission, it is superior to look for another mechanic.

The logic is incredibly straightforward. If you have a tooth ache, you go to a dentist and not to a basic healthcare practitioner. Similarly, if your auto is obtaining transmission difficulties, you require to go to a transmission specialist and not to a common motor mechanic. It is an spot of specialization and these extremely trained motor mechanics have in depth data with regards to the a variety of sorts of transmissions. The price tag of manual transmission repairs is usually lesser as compared with the value of automatic transmission repairs.

The mechanism employed in the automated transmission is great deal far more problematic as in comparison with the mechanism in the manual transmission. When you are possessing transmission troubles, you want to meet a transmission expert and inform him or her problems that you are facing. The transmission skilled will then verify the motor vehicle and give you a much better concept of the trouble. In most circumstances, the motor vehicle wants to be checked internally.

Just after the transmission skilled checks the automobile, he or she will give you a quote for the repairs. At this level, you can either make your mind up to go forward with the same transmission specialist or some other transmission skilled. If the damage is significant, the repairs of both the manual and automated transmissions would at least take a couple of weeks. These days, because of to tough competition, you will even discover mechanics promising to repair the manual and automated transmissions in very few days.

When picking out motor vehicle fix companies, be positive to test the reputation of the fix companies. In addition, you could also want to know the practical knowledge and talent specifics of the motor mechanics. You can get a honest idea of the charges of the repairs of manual and automated transmissions from the Web. You can also speak to a close friend who has acquired his or her car’s transmissions repaired in the current previous.

When your transmission begins to give you issues or goes out entirely, it is critical that you get your motor vehicle to a top quality transmission fix store. The very first action in locating an individual is to get an accurate and honest quote on the expenses of labor, elements and repair.


How Auto Repair Software Programs Work in Auto-repair

Gone are the days when an entire auto repair is performed manually. Auto repair specialists nowadays are armed not only with experience and knowledge. With the innovations brought about by advances in technology to various fields of the industry, auto repair has never been faster and easier thanks to auto repair software.

Auto repair software is used both in the automotive industry (for updating operating systems) and also in speedy automobile service (as seen in race car pit stops). There are two main types of auto repair software used by auto specialists, namely diagnostic auto repair software and front office managing software. These two help auto repair specialists in processing repair requests and to keep records of previous repairs on a specific car.

Diagnostic car repair software is generally a hub of information such as repair procedures, troubleshooting instructions, and other valuable information. Such software comes either in foreign and domestic editions, and can be designed to cover specific car models. For an advanced diagnostic tool, specialized car repair software programs are also available with sophisticated computing devices.

One of the simplest forms of diagnostic auto repair software used by repair centers at car dealerships in Indianapolis is a single computer terminal with a set of compact discs or CDs or digital versatile discs or DVDs which contain repair procedures, specifications, and other information. A technician can use this software by entering the year, make, and model of a car into the system to search for specific information.

This is basically the same with traditional books on auto repair used by mechanics, only information is accessed electronically.

Another type of software which can be found in some car dealerships in Indianapolis is front office managing. This software is used for flat rate estimations before any repair can be performed. Since this is also computer based, it allows an auto repair specialist to input the year, make, and car model to see the duration of the required repair.

Repair centers at car dealerships in Indianapolis invest on this kind of software to create an accurate estimate. Scheduling functionality, generating work orders, and keeping track of sales are some of the services it can provide to auto repair technicians.


Forex Trading Site: Choosing The Right Forex Trading Website in Forex-trading

These days, it’s easier to trade to when you do it online. Transactions can happen much faster and there are so much flexibility that can be done when you are using online forex trading sites for your job. Sites that are hosted online are also easier to use because they enable you to become a few clicks away from everything else. However, with so many forex trading sites these days promising the same thing over and over again. Some even ask people to register by paying for their membership before they can start using the page.

So how do you check if the trading site is a good fit for you and the type of business you do? How do you know if it’s worth the investment you are willing to make? Here are some tips that can help you out:

1. How tech savvy are you – You need to have a bit of technical know-how in order for you to use various forex sites. You should at least have some understanding of how the sites can be used so that you can maximize your membership if in case you still need to do that prior to using the said forex website. This is also an important thing to consider because if you are a one-man show you would need to properly understand how things work so you can run your business conveniently.

2. Which currencies do you wish to focus on – A forex trading site offers you with lots of possibilities but the question is, which possibility do you wish to pursue? There are many different currencies which may prove to be a good leverage for your business but you would have to identify those that are really important to growing what you have. It is also crucial for you to develop a deeper understanding of the currencies that you have through the use of a trading site.

Use this online tool for you to be able to spot market trends and changes that happen within your currency’s spectrum.

3. Customer support services – Although you may be tech-savvy enough to handle things on your own, it never hurts to have a very reliable customer support service to back you up. This way, you can easily manage glitches and make sure that they do not have major effects on how convenient your business would end up to be. It might be a good idea to check for the time schedule when your customer support services are made available.

4. Does the website have a community user group? – It would be more convenient for you if there is a forum where you can share everything and ask about anything that happens within the forex trading site. When the site has a forum, it also says just how much they value the users. A forum provides a free and convenient portal for people to end up sharing their knowledge and the tips and tricks they may be using to make their business a whole lot better.


Does an Automatic Stock Trading System Help Your Trading? in Trading

Like many stock traders I too had a day job to take care of. I could take some time out of my busy life for trading stocks, at least in the evenings. In the beginning days as a stock trader I used to think that an automatic trading software would have done more help. It took me a lot of successful trades and failures to learn trading lessons and realize why trading software may not help my trading.

My Desire for Automatic Stock Trading

I started trading stocks like many other traders. I got fascinated by the smartness it takes to trade and also the compounding effect that multiplies our wealth with each trade. Stock trading just offered the right way and simplest way to the riches. But I had to face lot of obstacles on the path.

First of all the stock trading was not as simple as it initially appeared. The buy low and sell high as you might think of, for trading, does not seem to have any value at all. With few successful trades in the beginning I had realized that I have become a good trader who trades in an organized fashion. I had also followed certain rules and thought that they will be foolproof.

The initial success made me realize that I need to spend more time on this to make the fullest benefits from the stock market everyday. I never did day trading at that time but felt that it would involve same principles but on a daily basis. Trading during the full time the market is open appeared to open up opportunity for more earnings.

I started thinking about putting my rules together and creating a software out of it. I used to get emails from different people who try to sell their softwares of trading systems.

But I did not want to waste money as the cost was always higher. I was still in my early days of trading where my capital itself was not enough to impact my day to day life. I was still learning with whatever capital I am trading with.

I thought of writing a script in any programming language to do trading automatically observing the movement of a stock during the day when the market is open. Even at that time I knew very well that a single stock is enough to focus and make good money with trading. But the difficulties associated with different aspects of linking the program with internet and adding features to wait, hold etc. stopped me from going further.

The Differences Between a Human Trader and a Robot Trader

I later felt glad for not doing such a thing. There were lot more lessons to learn from trading. With more losses coming in my way, I realized automatic trading would have gone broke very quickly. The reason was there were three important qualities needed for successful trading that are possible only from a human trader but not a robot trader.

The Learning Curve

The most important of all is the ability to learn constantly all of the life time and adapt to the market behavior. A human being’s learning curve never stops. They always learn some lessons throughout their life. But a software trader has fixed rules and can’t adapt with the ways the markets make their changes.

Ability to Sense the Situation

There is also something of a kind of sense that a human trader develops to assess the current situation and take appropriate decision. But the robot has only one choice. It has to do what the rule tells. That is always predictable and can even be cheated by a different trader who could guess that you are using a software for trading. This is like a trap that can be made easily on a stock because you are anyway going to trade only a single stock. The repetitive rule based behavior may prompt the intelligent traders on the other side to play a trick to make you fall.

There are many instances in which I had taken decisions not based on the outcomes of applying principles, but straight from the mind that comes automatically. It is the complex processing ability of our brain and coupled with our subconscious thinking that results in completely unexplainable thoughts and ideas for a human being. When trading stocks this helps enter or exit some stocks just at the right time. Although we might think that it is all due to luck, it is not really so. This is because we tend to repeat it again as our subconscious mind builds habits out of our consistent actions and thoughts.

Courage to Weigh Bets Dynamically

Another important thing that a trader should have is the courage to bet big for a potentially profitable trade and a controlling sense to bet small for a testing trade. We do not always have to trade a fixed amount of our capital. It makes a big difference with time by allocating different weightage for different trades that go right and wrong. If your bets were heavy on right trades and light on failed trades, can’t you see how strong your portfolio will be?

A human being can assess the situation with fundamental principles and gut feeling to determine how much capital can be placed in a trade right now. A trade does not always have to be just buy now and sell later. It can involve multiple transactions. You can buy for a test to feel the rhythm of the stock because sometimes we don’t feel a stock’s movement unless we have some money in it. This is where a robot trader becomes dumber compared to a human trader.

Eliminate the Need for an Automatic Stock Trading Software

These are the things that differentiate a blind rule based trading and a disciplined adaptable trading. Our human nature is very much helpful all through our trading life. A robot though can do repetitive tasks simply cannot fill our place as a trader. Use softwares for other useful tasks such as getting the list of stocks based on a metric say concurrent gainer over last 5 days etc.

You should put enough time to discriminate the data, assess the situation before making a transaction. If you think it is not possible think again. We can always make time from our life but only for those things that we feel important. You could be wasting time on less priority things but if you find out how important they are compared to your trading, you will make the time. This will then eliminate the need for lazy automatic trading!


Bearshare As A Lime wire Alternative in File

When Limewire shutdown their website recently, many internet users who had chosen it as their file sharing program of choice, were forced to look for alternative software. There were other Limewire alternatives, but there was also concern that the legal issues that led to the closure of Limewire and other similar file sharing programs may have implications for the software users.

What are File Sharing Programs?

File sharing programs have been used by Internet users since the early days of Internet availability. They allow files to be shared easily between different computers attached to the Internet. This form of networking removed the need for central servers and allows computers to commutate and share resources with each other. A number of Internet activities such as sharing music, instant messaging and file sharing rely on peer to peer programs

Popular File Sharing Clients

One of the most well known of these sites, Napster, was first released in 1999. Napster has been credited as the first peer to peer file sharing software. Napster was forced to close down when they were successfully prosecuted by several record companies in 2001. This provided the opportunity for other file sharing clients to grow their user base and for the number of peer to peer file transfers to rapidly increase. Other popular clients and protocols at this time included Gnutella, Limewire and Bit Torrent. Successful litigations continued and more websites were closed have been forced to close down in recent years.

Limewire Shutdown

The latest of the sites to face prosecution was Limewire that has produced the need for a new approach to file sharing.

The need to remove the right of users to share files of copyrighted or protected material has changed the look of recently released file sharing software. File sharing clients that remain in business are now distributing software that has protections for both users and themselves written into the software. These protections ensure that the online activities are one hundred percent legal.

Internet Security Concerns of File Transfer Programs

Internet security has always been an issue for file transfer programs. During this process, individual computers are exposed to attack by viruses, malware and other malicious files. The process of a file transfer involves the need to reduce the firewall protection on individual computers. This puts the computer in a potentially security compromised position.

Bear Share as an Alternative File Sharing Client

BearShare which is part of the imesh client network developed and released new software that provides internet security that has been deemed to provide protection to the user from virus and malicious file attacks. The software developed by the company is adware free due to a new marketing approach, which requires users to pay a small subscription cost for some content download, but which guarantees a safer and hundred percent legal software download.


Evaluating A Job Offer in Job

Once you receive a job offer, you must decide if you want the job. Fortunately, most organizations will give you a few days to accept or reject an offer.

There are many issues to consider when assessing a job offer. Will the organization be a good place to work? Will the job be interesting? Are there opportunities for advancement? Is the salary fair? Does the employer offer good benefits? Now is the time to ask the potential employer about these issuesand to do some checking on your own.

The organization. Background information on an organization can help you to decide whether it is a good place for you to work. Factors to consider include the organizations business or activity, financial condition, age, size, and location.

You generally can get background information on an organization, particularly a large organization, on its Web site or by telephoning its public relations office. A public companys annual report to the stockholders tells about its corporate philosophy, history, products or services, goals, and financial status. Most government agencies can furnish reports that describe their programs and missions. Press releases, company newsletters or magazines, and recruitment brochures also can be useful. Ask the organization for any other items that might interest a prospective employee. If possible, speak to current or former employees of the organization.

Background information on the organization may be available at your public or school library. If you cannot get an annual report, check the library for reference directories that may provide basic facts about the company, such as earnings, products and services, and number of employees. Some directories widely available in libraries either in print or as online databases include:

* Dun & Bradstreets Million Dollar Directory
* Standard and Poors Register of Corporations
* Mergents Industry Review (formerly Moodys Industrial Manual)
* Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
* Wards Business Directory

Stories about an organization in magazines and newspapers can tell a great deal about its successes, failures, and plans for the future. You can identify articles on a company by looking under its name in periodical or computerized indexes in libraries, or by using one of the Internets search engines. However, it probably will not be useful to look back more than 2 or 3 years.

The library also may have government publications that present projections of growth for the industry in which the organization is classified. Long-term projections of employment and output for detailed industries, covering the entire U.S. economy, are developed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and revised every 2 years. (See the Career Guide to Industries, online at Trade magazines also may include articles on the trends for specific industries.

Career centers at colleges and universities often have information on employers that is not available in libraries. Ask a career center representative how to find out about a particular organization.

During your research consider the following questions:

Does the organizations business or activity match your own interests and beliefs?
It is easier to apply yourself to the work if you are enthusiastic about what the organization does.

How will the size of the organization affect you?
Large firms generally offer a greater variety of training programs and career paths, more managerial levels for advancement, and better employee benefits than do small firms. Large employers also may have more advanced technologies. However, many jobs in large firms tend to be highly specialized.

Jobs in small firms may offer broader authority and responsibility, a closer working relationship with top management, and a chance to clearly see your contribution to the success of the organization.

Should you work for a relatively new organization or one that is well established?
New businesses have a high failure rate, but for many people, the excitement of helping to create a company and the potential for sharing in its success more than offset the risk of job loss. However, it may be just as exciting and rewarding to work for a young firm that already has a foothold on success.

The job. Even if everything else about the job is attractive, you will be unhappy if you dislike the day-to-day work. Determining in advance whether you will like the work may be difficult. However, the more you find out about the job before accepting or rejecting the offer, the more likely you are to make the right choice. Consider the following questions:

Where is the job located?
If the job is in another section of the country, you need to consider the cost of living, the availability of housing and transportation, and the quality of educational and recreational facilities in that section of the country. Even if the job location is in your area, you should consider the time and expense of commuting.

Does the work match your interests and make good use of your skills?
The duties and responsibilities of the job should be explained in enough detail to answer this question.

How important is the job to the company or organization?
An explanation of where you fit in the organization and how you are supposed to contribute to its overall goals should give you an idea of the jobs importance.

What will the hours be?
Most jobs involve regular hoursfor example, 40 hours a week, during the day, Monday through Friday. Other jobs require night, weekend, or holiday work. In addition, some jobs routinely require overtime to meet deadlines or sales or production goals, or to better serve customers. Consider the effect that the work hours will have on your personal life.

How long do most people who enter this job stay with the company?
High turnover can mean dissatisfaction with the nature of the work or something else about the job.

Opportunities offered by employers. A good job offers you opportunities to learn new skills, increase your earnings, and rise to positions of greater authority, responsibility, and prestige. A lack of opportunities can dampen interest in the work and result in frustration and boredom.

Some companies develop training plans for their employees. What valuable new skills does the company plan to teach you?

The employer should give you some idea of promotion possibilities within the organization. What is the next step on the career ladder? If you have to wait for a job to become vacant before you can be promoted, how long does this usually take? When opportunities for advancement do arise, will you compete with applicants from outside the company? Can you apply for jobs for which you qualify elsewhere within the organization, or is mobility within the firm limited?

Salaries and benefits. When an employer makes a job offer, information about earnings and benefits are usually included. You will want to research to determine if the offer is fair. If you choose to negotiate for higher pay and better benefits, objective research will help you strengthen your case.

You may have to go to several sources for information. One of the best places to start is the information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Data on earnings by detailed occupation from the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey are available from:

Data from the Bureaus National Compensation Survey are available from:


You should also look for additional information, specifically tailored to your job offer and circumstances. Try to find family, friends, or acquaintances who recently were hired in similar jobs. Ask your teachers and the staff in placement offices about starting pay for graduates with your qualifications. Help-wanted ads in newspapers sometimes give salary ranges for similar positions. Check the library or your schools career center for salary surveys such as those conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers or various professional associations.

If you are considering the salary and benefits for a job in another geographic area, make allowances for differences in the cost of living, which may be significantly higher in a large metropolitan area than in a smaller city, town, or rural area.

You also should learn the organizations policy regarding overtime. Depending on the job, you may or may not be exempt from laws requiring the employer to compensate you for overtime. Find out how many hours you will be expected to work each week and whether you receive overtime pay or compensatory time off for working more than the specified number of hours in a week.

Also take into account that the starting salary is just thatthe start. Your salary should be reviewed on a regular basis; many organizations do it every year. How much can you expect to earn after 1, 2, or 3 or more years? An employer may be unable to be specific about the amount of pay if it includes commissions and bonuses.

Benefits also can add a lot to your base pay, but they vary widely. Find out exactly what the benefit package includes and how much of the cost you must bear.


Health and Fitness – Stair Lifts in Stair

Excellent quality of mobility devices are of urgent need for persons with physical disabilities. One of the most popular products in the list of the mobility of the equipment used by physically disabled people are stairs lifts.It is among one of the best products on the market these days that helps people with physical disabilities in relation to their daily tasks of climbing up and down through them.

Climbing stairs is always a difficult task for people with physical disabilities. They must have help from others to perform this daunting task. Even a person is unable to help physically disabled people climbing on top. To resolve this problem of the mobility of the equipment manufacturers have begun the development of lifting devices to help disabled people to make this task easier, without additional efforts. Stair lifts are one of the gifts of the latest advances in technology that helped the disabled and members of his family very much.

These stairs have been installed elevators, along with the staircases in the different environment to provide facility to people with physical disabilities, while not disturbing the normal way of the stairs. The installation of these stairs that the lifts are used depends on the type of stairs. That can be installed directly or spiral turn to 180 degrees, 90 degrees or with great turning radius. There is no strict rule after installation type. It is always identical to the type of ladder. Service providers are responsible for the installation and accessories.

Typically, these stairs lifts battery, which can be loaded easily with standard battery chargers. Even electronics use less energy so batteries last longer.

Battery operated another advantage is that you can use these stairs lifts, even if a power failure or power outage. You do not have to wait to use these lifts stairs.

These lifts are used to transport people along with them very easily without any problems. They can carry different amounts of weight depending on the weight of its users. The seats and leg rests are also adjustable. You can adjust as needed. These devices became a blessing for people with physical disabilities.


Hojo Motor Review-Find The Shocking Truth in Motor


Hojo Motor Review

Hello, welcome to this review of Hojo Motor. Hojo Motor creates completely free, safe and clean electricity for your home and other appliances! Hojo Motor will reduce your electricity bill by over 75% every month! And the great thing is that you can easily build your Hojo Motor in just 2 short days! Howard Johnson’s Hojo Motor has been rated a 5 star rating by multiple US energy companies saying that Hojo Motor is the best plans for creating your own easy energy motor. Now your gonna  find out if any of those claims above are legit or not. So what we are gonna do is, we are gonna go ahead and try the Hojo Motor system and see how it works for us. So keep reading below and see what results we get after using Hojo Motor. And in the end of this review, see if we do recommend Hojo Motor, or NOT! Find out below!

Hojo Motor – What is FACT and what is FALSE?

Ok we went ahead and checked some of the statements that Hojo Motor says and show if which ones were FACTand which ones were FALSE.

FACT: Hojo Motor got awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for being the ONLY legit working “free energy device” that has been ever invented that actually legitimately creates free electricity out of thin air! PROOF: Click here (Look for Howard Johnson’s Name, the creator of Hojo Motor)

FALSE: “Hojo Motor is the only system out there to create free electricity from one easy to build motor” – Actually, Hojo Motor is not the only system to create free electricity, there are numerous other systems out there that create free electricity also.

However, in my opinion and after our multiple different tests on Hojo Motor, we think that Hojo Motor is currently the BEST system out there in the market to create FREE electricity to power your home quickly and easily. >>>>>>>>>Access HoJo Motor Website Here!

FACT: “Save tons of money every month from your electricity bill.” – Yes, actually after trying the Hojo Motorsystem. I do actually fully believe that you can indeed save tons of money every month!

FACT: “It is very easy to build a Hojo Motor” – Yes, indeed it is actually very easy to build a Hojo Motor. And can be built in just 3 afternoons! You don’t need any degree or any special knowledge for this. Anyone can do this easily and quickly! Just take 30 minutes to an hour to spend time creating this energy motor. And after about 1 hour or more of easy work, you have already created a motor to create free electricity to power your home! It just took 1 hour to create the Hojo Motor in total! Is Hojo Motor a SCAM? 
Well it is very easy to answer this question. After our testing on Hojo Motor, it is definitely NOT a scam. And if you do think we are lying, then don’t worry. It has a legit 60 day money back guarantee that is guaranteed by law! They use a processor with a company called Clickbank, so they HAVE to give your money back right away! They usually give your money back within 1-2 business days. (takes a while for Clickbank to process it) But you will indeed get a refund for any reason you are not satisfied with Hojo Motor. >>>>>>>>>Access HoJo Motor Website Here!