Pyle’s new power inverters

  • No load current draw: <0.2Amp – Low voltage alarm: 10.5v+/-0.5v
  • Low voltage shut down: 10.0v+/-0.5v – High voltage shut down: 15.5v+/-0.5v
  • Built-in cooling fan – Input voltage range: 10v – 15.5v (+/-0.5v) – Output voltage: 115V +/-5V
  • Converting efficiency: >85% – Low voltage / high voltage / overload / thermal protection circuitry
  • Continued Power: 1000W – Surge power: 2000W – Dimension: 11.22”L x 6.93”W x 2.95”H
  • Note:PNV2000 1,000W Continuous & 2,000W Peak watts

People spend a ton of time in their cars now days. With Pyle’s new power inverters you can be more productive, have more fun — and use all the electronics you want in your car or truck. Convert 2000 watts 12-volts DC power to 115-volts AC power safely and effectively in your car with the PNV200 Power Inverter. Power cell phone charger, i-Pods, and other elctronics with this safe and convenient product. Item includes a built-in cooling fan and low-voltage/high-voltage/overload/thermal protection.

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Legit Online Jobs Review – A Home Business That Makes Money in Money

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Future of Motoring: 3 Bizarre Scenarios in Car

With the onset of global warming, people have been becoming more and more concerned with the future of motoring and how it is likely to play out. Everyone is also well aware that the current way our cars run, on petrol, is a non renewable source of energy. How many years of fuel consumption we have left is an un-known quantity, and as a result there are quite a few clever people spending a lot of time trying to come up with another way to move our vehicles from A to B. The difficulty is, it’s hard to beat what we have at the moment. Finding a fuel that’s equally convenient and easy to use will be quite some task. This got me thinking about a few bizarre yet possible future scenarios.

100% Electric

So far, the electric cars that have been produced have been far from ideal. Take the G-whizz for example; it only does 40 miles and when you run out of electricity where on earth do you charge it? And then when you can re-charge, it takes all night to get enough juice to go another 40 miles. Plus, electricity is produced from oil anyway, so what’s the point?! One day though, someone could invent a way of doing this whereby all cars on the road are run by electricity, with the electricity being produced by huge windmills and so on.

Our verdict: pretty unlikely

The End Of The Motor Car

Will anyone ever be able to replace petrol with something just as good? It’s highly doubtful, so could all this spell the end of the motor car? The chances could be quite high that in 200 years time there just won’t be any practical way of powering the domestic vehicle. And if there is, we could all be burnt to a crisp via global warming. Imagine this, no cars on the road.

How would we get around? It could be that the human race takes a huge step back in time to a place where the horse drawn cart is king, very romantic but very slow.

Our verdict: could happen

Perfect Public Transport

If the powers that be are so concerned about the issue of motor cars, running out of oil and the associated pollution they cause, why is public transport still so bad? If public transport was perfect then why would anyone need to own or use a car? To do this though the services provided would have to be regular, efficient, cost effective and comfortable and I’m not entirely convinced that would ever happen. It is still cheaper for me to drive into central London, pay for the fuel, congestion charge and all the rest and believe me I’d actually rather sit on a train and listen to the Ipod.

Our verdict: ever seen pigs fly?


Servo Motor Repair Usa, Canada, Industrial Electronics Repair Usa, Canada, Servo Drive Repair Usa, C in Repair

Servo Motor Repair services are complex and complicated and servo motor repair specialists must focus on latest design and repair challenges. A servo motor repair company has to be dynamic and timely updated according to the current industrial requirements and technologies, and must continually develop its repair capabilities.

Ampion Industrial Servo & Controls Repair Inc. offers both large and small Servo Motor Repair USA, Canada with the best prices in market. This assures that a small motor gets the same attention and quality service we apply to a 10,000 HP high-voltage motor. We repair and replace AC and DC servo motors from a wide variety of manufacturers in the electronic and motion control industries. In addition to servo motors, we service feedback devices, servo amplifiers and many other motion control related products. We have professional tools and state of the art equipments.

Our vastly experienced maintenance services team offers 24-hour support, too whether at one of our state-of-the-art service facilities or onsite. We maintain separate large and small Servo Motor Repair operations. We are have designed and built different machines in almost every sector of the Servo Motor Repair, from Servo Drive Repair to Servo Controller Repairs. We can not only solve these and other Servo Motor needs, but we are a one-stop solution for design, engineering and construction. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to convert your needs into a safe, robust and profitable solution.

Ampion Industrial Servo & Controls Repair Inc. was established to satisfy a growing market need for Servo Motor Repair, modification and test of fully loaded Servo Motors and related Industrial Electronics. Over the years the company has continued to grow and now provides a high quality repair service to a number of leading machinery manufacturers, servo motor industries, Industrial Electronics industries and end users from a variety of industries. To keep at the forefront of the Servo Motor Repair USA, Canada market, we employ the highest caliber staff and test equipment. The vast majority of our technicians are educated to degree standard in servo motors and all undergo an extensive training programme. With us you can be confident that youre in safe hands.

We supply and repair servo motors from all types of industry. We save you money by rebuilding or repairing the servo motor products before you replace equipment with expensive new products. Whether your needs are for a single part, or whole assembly lines, we welcome the opportunity to examine your problem and recommend the best course of action. There are so many points to be kept in mind while repairing any Servo Motors like Servo motors mechanical repairs need to be carried out with specialized equipment, Perfect and correct alignment of feedback devices is crucial. Ampion Industrial Servo & Controls Repair Inc. has designed our own jigs to align Resolvers, Encoders, Hall Effect devices commutation sensors etc to the manufacturers specifications.

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An automotive wire required to carry high current with little voltage drop will have a small diameter?

True or False?

Chosen Answer:

You need to have a big diameter, the asnswer is : False.
by: kasab
on: 24th November 12

Paint Your Coffee Table in Painting

Want to make your old coffee table new? Then repaint it!

How to:

1. Find an appropriate place to paint. You want to make sure that you don’t do it in your living room or another room in your house where there’s the chance of getting paint on other furniture or on the floor. You also want to make sure that there is plenty of ventilation to vent any fumes from the varnish remover or the paint.

2. Remove the current paint or varnish from your table until you reach the base wood. For this you can use a simple varnish or paint remover that you can buy from the hardware store. If you run into any particularly stubborn areas you can use sandpaper to get it off.

3. Clean the table. Make sure there are no particles or debris on the table that could get stuck in the paint (once it gets in the paint there’s not much you can do but to remove the paint and you don’t want to have to do that).

4. Apply the paint. When you are painting the table you want to make sure that you allow each coat you apply to dry before you add another. If you don’t you run the risk of just piling on a bunch of wet paint that may not dry evenly (and this wood look bad).

5. Once you finish painting and all the paint is dry you should add a protective clear coat on the paint. This step is optional but can protect your table against damage.


Automotive journalism: What makes for great van reviews? in Van

Van reviews are an essential element to any aggregator of up-to-date van news. Properly testing vehicles and giving an opinion on them is an essential skill when it comes to automotive journalism. Van reviews are read by many prospective van drivers and ones looking for a successor for their current model. With that in mind here is an outline of things to consider when casting an analytical eye over these essential written pieces.

When it comes to van reviews the process is fundamentally the same as reviewing cars, although the angle of the piece is slightly different; the perspective adopted by the author has to be that of a typical user of a van. In other words it is useless dreaming up a series of Jeremy Clarkson-style quips and metaphors when the average reader wants to know whether they can fit a set of ladders in the back.

The golden rule of journalism is to know your audience and van reviews are no different. The viewers or readers need to be able to relate to the information you are presenting to them so think about what they will need. Van reviews will be read by people who run businesses in things like the building or plumbing industry so the scope of the review should be set accordingly – van drivers are more interested in the likes of storage space and fuel economy rather than the top speed or how it corners on a race track.

Like with other branches of journalism van reviews and van news need to have the facts straight. Information, particularly statistics has to be 100 per cent accurate so double check and clarify any figures and names which you will be using. Almost as imperative is journalistic neutrality.

Van reviews need to be entertaining but the reviewer should do their job from an unbiased standpoint.
If you are looking for unbiased van reviews as well as the latest van news one website which is guaranteed to give you what you want can be found at, which supplies first rate information.

  • Use on 1955 – 1982 Chevy vehicles
  • Ball joint is greasable
  • Dust boots included
  • Improves chassis performance and durability
  • Designed as stock replacement

Moog Chassis Upper Ball Joint is designed as original equipment replacement for 1955 – 1982 Chevy vehicles. Improves chassis performance, durability, greasable and dust boots are included.

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List Price: $ 74.99
Price: $ 44.48

Motor Rewinds for Improving Electric Motor Efficiency in Motor

Types of Electric Motor Devices

Electric motors are devices that convert electrical energy into the mechanical one. They run on the principle fundamental of generating energy from alternate current (A/C) and direct current (D/C) respectively. Electric motors can be seen incorporated in different electrical equipments such as ceiling and industrial fans, blowers, pumps and house hold appliances like juicers, mixers and grinders, etc. amongst others.

However, the above mentioned electrical items need a rewind after a set time period. For example, motors in ceiling fans get damaged because of frequent and excessive collision between ball bearings that are there inside them. Therefore, it is vital to go for a rewinding process to keep such devices running.

Why Motor Rewinds are Required?

Electric motor rewinds are done primarily to improve the efficiency of an electric motor. However, motor rewinds are usually done to maintain the level of heat generated at the time, when motor is running. In the rewinding process motor plates are replaced with the new one. Lubricating motor parts at periodical intervals with a view to keep running motors for a longer period of time should be taken care of.

How to Examine a Motor for Rewinding?

Examining, whether an electric motor needs a rewind is a difficult process. However, the best way to know about the mechanical efficiency of a motor is by noticing its sound. If a motor makes cracking or a noisy sound repeatedly, it means that the motor requires a rewind. Usually, an electric motor stops working if such a sound comes frequently.

Therefore, one should be very careful while running an electric motor device.

Skilled Technician for Motor Rewinding

Although, the process of motor rewinding is a simple affair, it requires expertise of a skilled technician. Therefore, it is important to take the guidance of a skilled technician who has a professional experience in dealing with the repair works of different kinds of electric motors. A sound technician will do a thorough check up of the entire motor before carrying out necessary repairing. Normally, a motor is rewound by changing its motor plate. However, other repairing procedures like oiling of the rest of motor components are done as a usual motor rewinding activity.

What Jobs Within The Auto Industry Are Struggling Right Now and What Ones Are Thriving in Car

This current recession has been an interesting occurrence where many jobs that were once very stable and even thriving like car dealerships are now struggling horribly and even closing up for the first time in several decades. Even Northern Kentucky auto insurance work and insurance companies are struggling a bit from the lower number of new cars being purchased. Other car related businesses, however, are doing better during this recession due to the fact that people are holding on to their vehicles for a longer period of time such as auto shops and mechanics, Northern Kentucky auto painting, and quick lube and oil change shops.

So many large car companies have had to declare bankruptcy for the first time to try to save their dealerships from completely going under. Large names such as General Motors and Chrysler have been in the news a lot recently on their financial woes and how Americans can no longer afford to buy new cars or even used cars at the moment. Many people in the Detroit area that worked for automotive plants have lost their jobs and it has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

On the other spectrum, businesses that also deal with fixing , restoring or improving cars are now doing better by the simple fact that people are not purchasing new vehicles but need to maintain or want to improve the ones that they already own. The better you maintain your current vehicle, the longer it will run smoothly and right now during this recession, that is what people want since they can not afford to buy a car.

Because of this huge problem in the auto industry, the government has stepped in to try to help some of these auto dealerships.

They are currently running a program that will help the auto industry but will also help improve the environment. That program is called the Cash for Clunkers program where you can bring in any old car of yours that is a gas guzzler and get back up to 00 for it to use towards a new, more fuel efficient vehicle. The government is hoping this will help give the auto industry a jump start in getting financially stable. Many dealerships have seen improved business for this program and some have even run out of the money to be used for the cash for clunkers program because it has been so popular.

If you have a car that you already own but can not afford a new one and choose to not do the program stated above, then you may decide to change up things on your current vehicle to make it seem new. One way to do this is to change the color of the car by having it professionally painted by an auto painting shop. Other things that people are doing their existing cars are adding tinting to their windows or are installing a sun roof to make it seem like a new vehicle. These are the businesses that are doing well now.


Types And Purposes Of Electric Motors in Manufacture

Electric motors convert electrical energy input into mechanical energy. This simply means that an electrical motor will receive an electric current and cause something to move or function. They perform the reverse of the process performed by generators, which receive a mechanical action and turn it into electrical energy. While many people use electric motors frequently, they may not know that this process is the result of the interaction of magnetic fields. Nor do most people know just how widespread such motors are and the various kinds that exist, such as permanent magnets motors.

The principles behind creation of mechanical force through the interactions of electrical currents and magnetic fields were understood in the early 19th century. Inventors and researchers produced increasingly powerful and efficient electric motors during the remainder of the century. However, electrical grids were not widespread and the need for such motors was limited until the twentieth century when more people were utilizing electrical power at work or in the home. As the motors came into use, they diverged into two separate types of motors with distinct methods of transferring current: the direct current and the alternating current.

The direct current motor, or DC motor, functions on a stable and continuous flow of electrical energy from a source to the motor. This kind of motor is generally used in industry. There are a number of different types of DC motors. Permanent magnets motors do not create a magnetic field due to the winding of the stator frame. They actually utilize a permanent magnet with which the rotor interacts to produce the mechanical force known as torque.

Other DC motors include the brushed and the brushless varieties.

The famous inventor Nikola Tesla first proposed an alternative to direct current in the late 19th century. This form of electrical input is different than direct current because the electrical energy periodically reverses its flow and returns toward the distribution grid. Most businesses and residences receive power in this format. This form of power distribution is much safer and more efficient over widespread areas than direct current. A great variety of these motors exist. They differ  from each other and from DC motors in their typical applications, their lifespan and the amount of control a human manager can exert over the electrical output.

The mass production of these electric motors in the 20th century caused unforeseen changes in both industry and domestic life. Whether these devices relied on direct current or alternating current or used permanent magnets motors or stators and rotors, they enabled people and businesses to do far more than had ever been imagined. Now the entire world, even developing countries, has incorporated electrical power into their daily lives.