Im wanting to use my cigarette lighter in my 98 talon as a push-button start… please help me!?

I have seen a few videos and things on the web with cars that people have done this. Will someone describe specifically what I would need to do in order to accomplish this? Also, I want the key to still be necessary. Basically, I want to turn the key to the on position and then press in the lighter, but still be able to use the key when i feel like it.

Chosen Answer:

It’s actually pretty simple, assuming you do not want to keep using the cigarette lighter as a cigarette lighter. You will need a standard 12v automotive relay.

Cut the positive feed wire to the cigarette lighter. Tape off the end of the wire coming from the power source. Connect the other end of the wire (leading to the cigarette lighter) to terminal 85 of the relay.

Cut away some of the insulation from the starter wire at your key switch. Tap in a new length of wire the same gauge as the starter wire. (I’d recommend soldering your connection here). Connect the other end of your new wire to terminal 30 of your relay.

Connect terminals 86 and 87 to a voltage source. The constant voltage wire at your ignition switch will work fine. Be sure the wire between terminal 87 and the voltage source is the same thickness as the wire connected to terminal 30. If you don’t tap into your ignition switch constant power wire, run your wire directly to the battery. If you do, be sure to put a fuse on the new wire at the battery.

Pushing the cigarette lighter into the socket will activate the starter (unless you have a manual transmission, in which case you’ll also have to depress the clutch). If the key is on, the car should start. If you want to keep the starter from turning over at all unless the key is on, you can do this, but it would require a second relay.

It’s important that all your connections are high quality. They have to be able to tolerate a fairly high current flow without a voltage drop.

P.S. Cusack_leigh has a good point; if you use the accessory power wire as the source for the relay, instead of the constant power wire, then the engine won’t crank unless the key is on. The caveat here is that the accessory power wire needs to be capable of handling the current load. It shouldn’t normally be a problem, but some vehicle ignition switches use different sized wires (and sometimes different constant voltage feeds) for various outputs. In other words, the accessory power wire may be smaller than the starter wire at the key switch. If so, it’s not suitable as a source wire for the starter. If the accessory wire is the same thickness as the starter wire at the key switch, then you can use it as the voltage source for your starter relay.
by: KaeZoo
on: 27th December 08

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Automotive aromatherapy diffuser,electric diffusers

Automotive aromatherapy diffusers are used in automobiles to improve the fragrance of the air within the passenger compartment. They are normally plugged into the empty cigarette lighter socket of a conventional automobile. The electrical system of the automobile, among other things, energizes an internal resistor which provides heat to a fragrance laden pad. The heat from the resistor energizes the fragrance in the pad and dispels the fragrance to the interior of the passenger compartment.

One of the problems of such a device is that the heat from the resistor is not adjustable in present diffusers. The inability to adjust the heat leads not only to the inefficient diffusion of the oils in the fragrance laden pad, but also in circuit boards presently used, the risk of system failure and even fire are always present. In addition, present diffusers have no cover to surround the heated pad to prevent one from touching the pad and being burned.

It is therefore a principal object of this invention to provide an automotive aromatherapy diffuser that is capable of regulating the heat provided to the fragrance pad in a safe and efficient manner.

Another object of this invention is to avoid operational malfunction.

A further object of this invention is to provide an automotive aromatherapy diffuser that is safe to use and operate.

These and other objects will be apparent to those skilled in the art.

An automotive air freshener for insertion into a cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle has an elongated housing having first and second ends and opposite sides.

A first electrical contact is in the first end of the housing and protrudes from the inside to the outside of the housing. Second electrical contacts are on the opposite sides of the first end and protrude from the inside to the outside of the housing. The cross-sectional size of the first end of the housing is adapted for insertion into the cigarette lighter socket so that the first and second electrical contacts can be in electrical contact with the socket.

The first electrode control has an internal end that is connected to an internal electrode by an elongated conductive spring. Power is conveyed through the electrodes and the spring to energize several safe electrical control components within the housing to provide heat at varying temperatures to a fragrance laden pad and to operate the fragrance emitting phenomenon. A cover is connected to the electric diffusers and surrounds the pad to protect against injury.

By: sunny
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