Whom should I contact or how can I sell my brand new Hyundai Elantra 2013 with pay off 28,500 USD?

I need to get rid of this car (with mileage 100 only) due to personal issues and it is on loan with the Hyundai motor finance. The online calculator gives payoff 28,500 USD. My situation has changed and this is a huge burden on me but I don’t know how to get rid of this. Dealer is asking for 8000 USD in cash just to take it back and I don’t have it. I need someone to take over my loan. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Chosen Answer:

Unless you made a large down payment or had a valuable trade-in when you bought the new Hyundai, the ,500 loan balance is way more than the car is now worth. If it’s been registered and titled to you, it’s now a used car , no longer a new car, regardless of the fact that it only has 100 miles.

You cannot get someone to “take over” payments on your car. Hyundai Finance doesn’t allow it. You must pay off the loan and have someone else buy the car from you. Even if you sell the car, you won’t get the entire ,500 and will have to add your own cash to pay off your loan in full.

Don’t let the car be repossessed or even voluntarily take it back to the dealer and stop making payments. It’s still considered a repossession. The car will be sold at a wholesale dealer auction and you’ll be sued for the remaining loan balance, which will much more than you would have to pay for any other solution. Plus your credit is ruined for seven years. Just don’t do it.

Unfortunately, there is no magic answer to your problem. If you have ANY way to raise the extra money to pay off the loan, do it. Of course, if you had extra money, you could continue to make payments, right?
by: TiggyWiggy
on: 12th June 13

Information about Concept Mobile Phones in Mobile-phone

The mobile phone has changed enormously over the last few years. Ten years ago, the mobile phone was very deficient. Now the mobile phone is very popular. Today, almost everyone has a mobile phone, and it has a more and more important role in our daily communication life.

Along with the innovation of technology improving every day, it shows no slow down in mobile phone development field. Recently, a perfect type of new mobile phone is mentioned frequently. It is defined as concept phones.

Concept phones and concept car, are like clothing or fashion informal popular mobile phone just, is to compare conceptualization, such as wrist watch the same cell phones, is the concept of the watch on the mobile phone coverage. And rubik’s cube cell phone or pyramid mobile phones, is to the pyramids and the concept of the rubik’s cube given to mobile phones, and projection SMS messages, and so on in fact practical function is not big, just conceptualizes.

There are 10 furture popular and fashion concept phones.

Weather Concept Mobile Phone-This beautiful cell phone concept design by Seunghan Song accurately detects and illustrates present weather conditions.

Mobile Script Concept Mobile Phone Concept-It was designed by Aleksander Mukomelov, this cell phone comes with a large touchscreen, that is located inside the phone in the collapsed state.

Projector Concept Mobile Phone-A concept cell phone equipped with rotating screen with built-in projector; an ideal tool for field presentations.

Alarm Clock Cell Phone Concept-This kind of phone looks and functions like an alarm clock that will wake you up in the morning.

Grass Concept Mobile Phones-This type is designed to last only for the length of its functional life cycle, they fall apart for easy recycling after two years are up.

Edge Concept Mobile Phone-Designed by Chris Owens, the transparent touchscreen keypad is edge lit by internal LED’s.

In addition, we also have Pen Concept Mobile Phone, Mechanical Concept Mobile Phone, Flexible  Concept Mobile Phone Concept.

Concept phone is a strong funds and forward the design concept of company, in order to reflect the strength of the company at present, and the demo company of the future market development direction and especially designed products.

Usually in the end is not in the recent market and make a profit, the more the main purpose is to attract consumer attention, our company is strong technical strength and outstanding design ability image. And in the future, let us wait for them with common expectation.

Is Insurance Expensive & Tedious Job? in Car

Automobile maintenance and repair has changed over the years. The rates levied earlier and today are of no comparison. Thus owing a car is becoming a burden for some. Car is a source of luxury and comfort but nowadays maintenance of the vehicle is over the budget of maximum. As it is the motor auto rates vary in accordance to its features and related provisions.

Today, high-tech systems that were rarely heard 30 years ago like anti-lock brakes, electronic engine controls and computerized diagnostics are usual. It doesn’t seem that these technologies would disappear from market in no time. Rather with the arrival of hybrid vehicles and such features are at the highest demand. Everyone wants to get the best and latest. Thus going for cars that cater to high auto rates and further bearing heavy expenses on maintenance becomes impossible. At times this force the car dreamers to step back with their decision of going for a car.

Thus to overcome such a problem going for a good Insurance plan is the best decision. Car Insurance rates vary as per the features and coverages that it comprises of. An individual should study the details of the plans and then decide upon which one to go for. Many Motor plan coverage rates are higher as compared to cheaper ones. This is so because these plans pertain of special facilities to vehicles and cars which move on highways only, or are into the racing business etc.

Thus, individuals should pick a plan and decide upon in accordance to various Car insurance rates. One must ignore such motor plan coverage rates that are very expensive and does not suit their requirement. Thus, it is very clear as there is a variation in the auto rates similarly one may find a difference in Insurance plans also. Several companies are now in the market which provides insurance services to the people, making them feel secure and relaxed.

There also exist various independent organizations that are dedicated in the improvement of the quality of automobile service and repair through the voluntary testing and certification of automotive professionals. Thus, one can seek help from such organizations without having the tension of expenses that would incur on repair and maintenance.


Outsource Your Needs for Electric Motor Design and Gear Design to Ecms for Greater Profits in Design

Most electric equipments have some kind of electric motor design to run its mechanism. In fact, it is electric motors that consume about 67 percent of energy produced in the United States. However, the fundamental design and technology has not changed yet after so many years. Another important concept in most of the electric equipments is gear design and gearbox design. These are the important elements of a machinery or equipment, which are available in variety of shapes and sizes. For original equipment manufacturers, it is no easy job to accommodate all the tasks required to manufacture a finished product, in which they are dealing. Thus, they hire the services of electronic contract manufacturers, often called ECM, to help them complete their manufacture schedules within their deadlines.

There is huge trend of outsourcing the manufacturing needs by OEMs to ECMs for last four decades. It is a symbiotic relationship that works for both OCMs and ECMs though OCMS are at larger advantage.

If an original equipment manufacturer outsourcing its requirements for electric motor design, gear design and gearbox design to an outside party or manufacturer, it can enjoy many benefits. The most obvious is they can save time and hassles that go into designing and manufacturing variety of parts and components required to manufacture a main product. If they outsource the smaller jobs of designing and making smaller but important components to ECMs, they can focus their resources at other important tasks like managing the facility or manufacturing unit, procuring new clients and customers, working for their image in the market to attract new investors and working for improving investor relations.

There are so many tasks to be performed to keep running the systems of OEMs.

Another advantage is having cost effective solutions for their needs for electric motor design, gear design and gearbox design. These ECMs undertake bulk production for a particular product or component. It helps them reduce the prices by offering discounts on their products and services. Moreover, they are able to get raw material for their production at reduced prices, which also help them reduce the costing of manufacturing.

Since these OCMs are specialists in their jobs, you can expect the highest standards of quality of products they manufacture. Moreover, they hire full time engineers to accomplish processes and jobs. These engineers and workforce have great experience and expertise in their field.

By outsourcing their designing and manufacturing jobs, OEMs can get jobs done within deadlines and they can reduce their market timing. It helps in having an edge over their competitors and hence, in improving profit margins for them.

However, when planning to outsource your jobs for electric motor design , gear design, gearbox design , you should make sure that the contract engineering company has good reputation in market.

Electric Motors: Powering Domestic and Office Appliances in Motor

Industrial world is run by electricity and electric motors. Everybody knows the importance of such motors in our day-to-day life. Ever since Michael Faraday developed such a motor run on electricity in 19th century, the world has never been the same. It fundamentally changed the way we used to work. The discovery of Michael Faraday revolutionized work processes and increased productivity even as Industrial revolution was unfolding in England. You might be aware that a lot of industrial machines are run using electric motors. The motor works by producing electricity from electromagnetism and produces motion by using electricity and magnets. The motor is very handy in producing mechanical output. In other words, it can move objects.

Magnets play an important role in the functioning of electric motors. In order to understand the electric motors, one must have fair idea about magnets. You must be aware that magnet is made up of two poles-North and South. When two magnets are placed together, they are attracted to each other through the opposite poles. An electric motor was invented using the same principles. By passing the current through the electric wires, an electromagnetic field is created inside the motor which is then used to generate motion. You can easily infer that the machine works by converting electric energy into mechanical motion. Motion is generated by repulsion of the magnets thus begetting rotational motion from the motor.

The electric motors are divided into three types – Split Phase Motor, Capacitor Start Motor and Horsepower Motor. All three of them have got their distinctive features. Split Phase Motors are used in home and office appliances like fans, blowers, saws, drill presses, etc.

It is used in motors which use complete load only when the motor reaches its operating speed. Capacitor Start Motor, on the other hand, is regarded as an improved version of the Split Phase Motor. It is known to require more energy at the starting point and is ideal for running heavy load and you will find such motors used in pumps, compressors, air conditioners, machine tools, conveyors, and blowers. Lastly, you have got horsepower and RPM motor which you will see commonly used in vehicles.

One must consider a number of things before you actually go for the purchase. You must first determine for what purpose you are buying the motor. Thrust is the most important aspect of all electric motors and it should be powerful enough to run your machine.

I scraped against the side of a car today and I’m so scared please help?

So I was driving in town today and I had to swerve to miss a car who changed lanes at the last minute but I accidentally scrapped along side of another car. I pulled over but the other car had turned down another street and i missed them. It happened near an intersection so I might have been caught on camera right? I’m really scared though because I’m not sure whether I might be charged for a hit and run kind of thing and the people I hit might try to find me via the camera footage with the police right?

What should I do?

Chosen Answer:

I can’t number the amount of times I have done that on two hands. I used to drive around in the car my dad bought me to fix up when I was 14 years old and me and my buddies would go steal some beer and drive around drunk. We would hit everything from mail boxes to Mercedes Benz’s. Don’t even worry about it, and don’t listen to the idiot above me, they are not going to match your paint to the vehicle that was hit. Just to be safe, clean up the scratch on the side of your car with a automotive buffer and heavy cream, than polish it off with some swirl mark remover wax and lastly some fast dry paint sealant. If you don’t have those tools and products in your home go to your local auto detail shop, they will probably do it for less than . They will make your car look brand new and they might even do it for free to see if you will come back as a regular customer. If worst comes to worst, and the police do use their crystal ball and find out you did it, just say you didn’t know and act serious. If you tell them you did know and you didn’t let them know right away, well you might land yourself in jail on a hit-and-run. But if you tell them you didn’t know you hit the car and act very sorry in front of the judge, she will probably let you go with nothing but a court fee and payment due to the vehicle you hit. The police cannot arrest you on a hit and run if you say you didn’t know, but don’t say anything else, not a word, not even hold on because than they can. The police have shady laws that let them arrest people for no reason. Just say NO!
by: Joe B
on: 9th November 11

Choosing Oil Paintings in Painting

I have a custom made oil painting displayed in my living room. I gaze upon it each day. It’s a portrait of a woman during sunset and half turned.  Every single day I look at it and I am amazed as to what she might be thinking, sometimes I feel as though the painting has changed somehow. It gives new meaning every time I see it. Every person who has looked at it had a different interpretation of what the Painting suggested. It sparks the imagination. It triggers your emotion and makes you think. Such is the power of those glossy portraits created by the brilliant artists.

Oil Paintings give the visual appeal to your home or work place. Placed strategically this could mean a serene atmosphere at home or an inviting ambience to your office, which definitely makes your client at ease in your office. This could be the edge over the rest of your competitors.

Did you ever wonder how you could buy those high quality-stunning oil paintings? Most galleries present you with only a limited range of painting. Only the exclusive and famous artists have the opportunity to display the art in such places. The only place you could find work of art from both prominent as well as upcoming artist are real high quality websites.

At first even I was of the opinion that online purchase of such work of art may not be the best-suited method to get genuine high quality work. But when I heard about custom designs from well-known artists that could be offered right to your doorstep I was just thrilled. There is also a money back guarantee if there is any dissatisfaction towards the delivered material.

The online shops have a wide range of portraits, themes ranging from landscapes, still life, abstracts, cubism, religion, and much more.

The list is endless. The Painting include real popular artist like van Gough, Jack Vettriano from early 19th century to the most recent celebrity artist. The catalog shows snapshots of the real work so you would know what to expect from the real McCoy.

They even have a Portrait Service. With Portrait Service the artist turns an old photograph, which has lost its graphic details into a real looking image of any size. With this we could keep our memories framed forever.

Custom paintings are made with just an idea that you have. It is amazing how artists could turn your vision into reality. They make a drafted version for your approval and in about a week the final Painting is ready and shipped to you.

The purchased painting is shipped home in sturdy tube containers for a small additional cost. Every care is taken to deliver the work of art safely to you. There is also choice for of Framing Service so you could portray the images in apt background. Even the range of frames available is displayed.

Well we always are worried that a transaction is not going to be safe over the Internet. It is just not so. With SSL technology you could make the transaction without having to fret over hackers taking away all your money. Agencies such as 2checkout bring about some of the safest payment methods.
The shopping carts provided are very user friendly. It is very easy to just keep adding your favorite picture and make the final purchase when you checkout.


Unique pattern of paintings in Village

India is the home of paintings since ancient times. With the changes in the scenario, the pattern of paintings also changed. An Indian village painting gives the rural effect and attracts others. On the other hand, the temple paintings are those paintings which can be used as a hanging in homes, offices and other institutions.
Indian Village Paintings are available in superior patterns and styles in the market. The Indian village painting reflects the traditions and culture of the rural villages. There are various companies which offer high quality range paintings just like village paintings. These types of paintings discover the village life in a significant and reliable way. The paintings are available in high quality and are also painted by qualified and skilled painters have years of experience in this field. The designs and patterns of these paintings are such that they have high appealing capacity and they pull towards the paintings and also grab the attention of the audience. The Indian village paintings are highly Durable and high quality, Available in standard dimension and also known as the Quality standard paintings. A beautiful village painting that shows an Indian village depicting the daily village activities. This type of painting gives a rural appeal and is delicate in its approach. The paintings can be made up with high quality paint, and can also use appropriate colors. These types of paintings are highly appreciable for their looks.
Temple Painting can be done with highly long lasting colors in a creative way. The temple paintings provide Attractive looks as well.

These temple paintings are perfect to place at homes, hotels, shops, offices and other organization. The paintings are designed by highly professionals and expert in paintings. The paintings give Superior finish, Eye catching designs and designed with long lasting paint as well. The designs are blended with modern elements to look absolutely new in each work. The technique & material of the paintings have been genuinely used to add to the faultlessness & attractiveness. The artistic skills & the flawless art of work in the paintings have balanced flawlessly. The temple painting is beautifully designed is suit for those, who are looking for best perfection and style. The decorative temple paintings are also available in different shapes and sizes. There are various companies which offer various temple paintings in different patterns. The type of paintings is highly known for their uniqueness as well.




Overnight Trading News in Day-trading

Stocks in Asia were generally weak overnight. The Nikkei and Hang Seng both dropped about one percent, Shanghai lost 0.6% and Australia was down a slight fraction. European indexes are little changed at the moment, with the Footsie off by a quarter percent and the Dax up by one tenth of a percent. US stock futures are essentially unchanged.

*German states are releasing the September readings of their Consumer Price Index this morning, some of the reports include: Saxony +0.1% on a month on month basis and +1.5% year over year; Br4andenburg -0.3% and +1.0%; Hesse -0.1% and +1.1%; and Bavaria -0.3% and +1.4%. The national CPI report is due out later this morning; the EU Harmonized version is expected to fall 0.2% on a month on month basis and +1.3% on a year over year basis.

*The final reading of the UK’s Q2 GDP was unrevised at +1.2% on a quarter on quarter basis.

*There continues to be some discussion this morning about the WSJ article out yesterday afternoon that says the Fed is considering an incremental approach to further quantitative easing rather than announcing a predetermined amount; it is a strategy that is favored by St. Louis Fed boss Bullard in particular.

*The weekly report on chain store sales from ICSC shows a gain of 0.4% on a week on week basis for the week ended September 25; sales were up 3.6% for the week when compared to the same week from a year ago. The Johnson Redbook report on the same thing is due out at 7:55am CDT.

*The July reading of the Case/Shiller Home Price Index is due out at 8:00am CDT, it is expected to be +3.10% on a year over year basis. The September reading of Consumer Confidence is due out at 9:00am CDT, it is forecast to be 52.1, down slightly from the August result of 52.5.

*The Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index for September is due to be release at 9:00am CDT, it is expected to fall five points on the month to a reading of 6.

*The Fed is scheduled to buy TIPS today that are due to mature between 1/15/11 and 2/15/40.

The results of the operation are due to be announced just after 10:00am CDT.

*The Treasury plans to sell billion 5 Year Notes today; the results will be announced just after noon CDT.

*A couple of Fed speakers on the calendar today. Governor Warsh is on a panel about job creation at an NYSE function at Georgetown University at 3:30pm CDT and Atlanta Fed boss Lockhart will speak on the economic outlook at 4:30pm in Tennessee.


Changing the brother toner cartridges in Printer

If you’re running low on your brother toner can be a problem if you have a business that relies heavily on printing different things all day, every day. Having all of your inkjet carts refilled or replaced can be a very easy task and all you will need to do will be to pay attention to some very simple and easy steps. Having your laser printer cartridges changed is very important if you want to make sure that the printing quality of your printer will be ensured every time you use it and of course, if you want your business to be successful.

Get a replacement brother ink cartridge The first thing you will need to consider is to find out the type of your Brother toner cartridges. In most cases the printer toner cartridges will vary by a single digit or a single letter and it will be really easy to find the right one you need.

There are some models of cartridges though that will come in 2 sizes. I always recommend and urge you to buy the bigger one, for it will come for a better price in regards to the benefits that you will be in for if you will choose to buy a smaller one. Buying the big one will also let you in saving a trip to the IT shop.

Removing your old cartridge Oki, so if you bought the adequate toner cartridge for your printer model, now it would be the time to remove the old one and make space for the new one. This is a process that is very simple so don’t worry about its complexity. But if you are not sure about it, just check the guide book and you will know everything you need to do at this stage. Make sure that you will handle the toner’s removal gently, so that you will not damage by accident any electronics in the printer.

Getting the new toner in Just get the toner from the box and gently shake it and after that just have the protecting tape removed.

Make sure that you will insert it correctly in the printer and then give it a gentle push so that you will make sure it is locked into place.

The last breath At this stage, you can breathe relieved and just have the printer’s lid closed. Your printer is now ready for use.