automative lif rasise a 3500lb car 7ft above floor level if the hydraulic cylinder contain 8in diameter piston?

An automotive LIFOtraisese a 3500lb car 7ft above floor level if the hydraulic cylinder contain 8in diameter piston and a 4in diameter rod,determine the
A. work necessary to lift the car
B. required pressure
C. power if the lift raises the car 10 s
D. Descending speed of the lift for a 10-gpm flow rate
E. flow rate for the auto too descend in 10 s

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All these answers based on 8 inch lifting cylinder. You haven’t specified anything about the 4 inch rod so haven’t used that in these answers

a). work = force x distance
work = 3500 lb x 7 ft = 24,500 ft-lbs of work
b) 8 inch diameter piston = area of pi * r^2 = 50.26 sq inches
3500 lb / 50.26 in^2 = 69.6 psi pressure
c) power = work / time = 24,500 ft-lbs / 10s = 2450 ft-lb/ second
(one foot-lb /second = 0.738 watt so –> 2450 * .738 = 1,808 watts of power in SI system)
d) volume of a cylinder = pi * radius squared * height
one gallon = 231 cubic inches
10 gallons = 2,310 cubic inches
V =2,310 cubic inches = 3.14 * 4in ^2 * height
height = 2310 / (pi * 16) = 45.96 inches

So 10 gallons a minute will lift car or descend car 45.96 inches or 3.8 feet a minute

e) Flow rate to descend in 10 seconds instead of a minute is 6 times faster (60 sec a minute / 10 sec) = 6.
6 * 10gpm = 60 gpm
by: biire2u
on: 14th April 10

What major would be best for me if i’m into Automative.?

I’m currently majoring in International business. I wanna one day become in charge of a car dealership, but don’t wanna start as a salesman. Should i stick with International Business, or go into Management or Marketing. I have experience in sales. I’m thinking of doing Marketing as a minor but my friends tell me to do Management. I want opinions from different people, and trust me sometimes it’s the best thing to do(not always) or anyone in the automotive field of work. Thanks

Chosen Answer:

ATMAE accredits degrees called “Technology Management” or “Industrial Technology”. These are sort-of half way between Technology and Business/Management. For example, a BSIT could give you courses in Automobile Servicing Management and Business (Accounting, HR, etc), so that you could run a car dealership with a few years’ practical experience.

Indiana State has a degree like this. There are others.
by: PE2008
on: 29th June 10

What is the difference between hall switches and resistance switches, used in automative electronics?

Can anybody explain me about the hall switches used in automotive. More specifically for airbag deactivation switches. Should we use any voltage regulators for resistance switches. Any manufacturer specific models of hall switches are there? Thanks in advance.

Chosen Answer:

Contact trade associations or to get offers from suppliers and manufacturers of switches, send an email with your requirement to

by: Sat S
on: 29th November 09

what is difference between automative and automotive design?

automative design is automation of control process and covers
VLSI design.Where as automotive design is related to vehicles.Whether, automative design is part of the electronics or mechanical engineering.Where i can find course and syllabus detail.
Ravindra Kumat

Chosen Answer:

As to MY understanding… YOU have properly defined the basic differences!

Start with a SEARCH of whichever one you are most interested in! AutomAtive… or AutomOtive… and then fill-in the blanks… DESIGN… ENGIINEERING… etc.!!!

I have NO DOUBT that your SEARCH will keep you BUSY for WEEKS!!!!

Good Luck!
by: Stop&Think
on: 9th April 08