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Frequently travel for business people, or like the play of young car owners, the portable GPS navigation device is indispensable assistant, practical entry-level portable GPS navigation device is still in the market mainstream concern. Therefore, today, for everyone in this series on the E line of any selected U2 car GPS navigation device, priced at just 499 yuan Oh! So that we can have the lowest price GPS, I hope you like!

Line of any E-board GPS navigation device arrival

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Any E line U2 car GPS navigation is a new listing of practical navigation products, built-in navigation software Cn genuine, low prices, like the friend may wish to store a try. Built-in 2GB storage space of any line of U2’s biggest selling point E is the satellite positioning can be found 36 seconds, hot start as long as 1 second, and low power consumption, have a longer life capabilities.

Side Interface

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Hardware, any E line U2 is the CPU used in combination plus a separate GPS module, CPU uses ARM11 core clocked up to 500MHz. Separate GPS module provides excellent high-159dBm sensitivity and fast time to first fix. Hot start positioning time is 1 second on average, an average of 33 seconds warm start, cold start to 36 seconds. Positioning speed of the search capabilities far beyond the market navigation products with the price, even with the market’s most high-end navigation products comparable.

Side close-up

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Function, the standard FM launch, built-in fixed electronic dog program, e-books, picture browsing, notepad, calendar, games, etc. everything taste. As used in any E line U2 navigation chip technology is relatively mature, based on ARM11 core processor and a separate GPS satellite receiver module, so processing power is very good, outstanding feature is the search Positioning speed very quickly. As the integration is very high, the overall power consumption in power consumption than the current GPS program much less mainstream, cost a lot less than other products.

Any E line U2-car GPS navigator

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Electronic dog and early warning, either pre-installed E-line U2 DSA good lead over the whole country alarm point data, week in and week updates, exclusive and map data matching algorithm technology that distinguish elevated and elevated intelligence, the 12 categories ban and warning icon logo, in full accordance with national safety standards for making signs, and in the future to bring in more national standards to further secure content, to help you travel more secure. DSA (driving safety warning and navigation systems-DrivingSafetyAlerting), is a warning to mobile speed, fixed speed and security of the perfect combination of early warning as well as navigation map software platform, which includes more than 360,000 safe driving information, and users can choose any navigation maps with seamless integration, while the information added to the original platform to ensure real-time data updates, consumers can download updates every week the latest data!

Any E line U2 biggest selling point is speed and price search Positioning super affordable, but also a very useful navigation products, performance and technology is no less in the market international brands, with the full DSA Alert system and interactive entertainment performance is also very powerful for users to purchase only navigation.

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