New Advanced Technical Center from GM China

General Motors China has announced that plans remain on track to open their new Advanced Technical Center after July 2012. This new technical center will be the most advanced automotive technology development center in China, and one of the most advanced automotive technical centers in the world.

This is the second phase of the two-part Automotive Technical Center and it will be located next to the GM China International Operations as well as the GM China Heaqdquarters in Shanghai. This center will focus on the development of advanced design, vehicle engineering, powertrain, urban mobility, and manufacturing processes.the construction is right now only about a quarter of the way finished, but that doesn’t stop GM Chna officials from believing the project will be completed on time.

The first phase of this two part project was the Advanced Materials Laboratory which has already been built. This laboratory opened in September and is currently using resources to develop new technology in battery cells and lightweight materials. The new battery testing facility within the lab is now fully functional and being used to complete their battery testing. They expect testing to be finished by the end iof the first quarter of next year, and then the research will be tested by global GM labs.

“The establishment of the ATC is proof of GM’s commitment to advanced technology leadership,” said  GM China Group President and Managing Director Kevin Wale. “Our local team is cooperating with GM teams around the globe to come up with solutions for sustainable development that will benefit China and the world.”

This new facility that is still under construction is actually four facilities in one, and over sixty thousand square meters. The Advanced Technical Center will be home to the new China Science Lab, Vehicle Engineering Lab, Advanced Powertrain Engineering Lab, and Advanced Design Center. The completed project will house a total of sixty two test labs and nine research labs with more than three hundred engineers, designers, researchers, and technicians manning the facility.

The first phase, the Advanced Materials Lab, has already hosted a GM event back in November. The Global Research and Development Symposium was hosted there and as many as sixteen experts in the field of automotive research presented that day. There were more than one hundred fifty professors, researchers, engineers and graduate students present at the symposium, in addition to representatives from GM’s partners.

With such an elaborate project in the works GM China is surely have its place in GM’s top research facilities. The facility will likely garner the research of many of the future’s cutting edge technology in the automotive industry and GM hopes that the facility will provide them with excellent new technology for its’ loyal customers. Many of the world’s greatest new automotive inventions are likely to come from the new Advanced Technical Center, and GM is excited to be unveiling this project next year.

By: Jessica Harmon


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