Green Job Search – 4 Green-Job-Rich Industries You Must Know in Sector

Jobs in the green-collar sector are on the rise. The growing demand for less dependence on foreign oil combined with the need for a cleaner planet guarantees green industry growth. There will be an emphasis on engineering and new green technologies. However, there will also be a demand for jobs in sales, teaching, and construction.

If you’ll soon be starting a green job search, here are some industries expected to quickly grow.

• Agriculture and Horticulture. Are you interested in plants, food, or animals? This sector deals with environmentally friendly plant and animal production. Occupations that fit into this category include organic farming and community gardeners.

• Alternative Forms of Transportation. If you’re tired of breathing in air that’s filled with exhaust fumes, you might find this sector interesting. This explores the creation and use of transportation methods not powered by non-renewable energy sources. People who work in this sector do everything from working on electric cars to urban planning.

• Waste Management and Recycling. Your garbage collector is a green worker, and they probably don’t even know it. This sector involves collecting, transporting, or disposing of waste materials. There are a number of occupations that fit into this category, including trash collector and waste treatment operator.

• Green Building. This is construction work with a purpose. Green builders use environmentally friendly resources and methods for their buildings. Architects, construction workers, and designers fit into the green building category.

You’ll notice that many of the growing green-collar occupations are actually “green” forms of blue-collar jobs.

Because of this crossover, green jobs are sometimes not identified as such. If your green job search isn’t yielding many results, watch for jobs that fit into the green category even if they’re not officially “green”.

Don’t forget that all kinds of jobs fit into the green category. You don’t have to be installing solar panels or planting vegetables to be a green worker. A salesperson for a solar panel company is just as much of a green worker as the installer.

Your chances of finding a green job are good. Although demand is growing, there’s still a short supply of workers. Some people just aren’t aware of the green-collar sector. The success or failure of the green economy will depend heavily on the workforce. People need to know what’s available and have access to training.



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