Good Driving Techniques Help Prevent Road Accidents

Being more cautious on the road is vital to avoid mishaps. Driving a car safely means anticipating possible problems that one may encounter due to hazards on the road itself or danger that may be posed by other drivers.

Mastering all the traffic signs and rules is not enough in traffic safety. Knowledge of defensive driving skills is a necessary tool to reduce risks of encountering accidents.

Advance Driving Skills

• Automotive Maintenance – Excellent driving starts with an excellently conditioned car. A driver must check his engine, brakes, wheels, and other parts of his car which may malfunction while on the road. A car that breaks down on the road is a potential road danger.

• Do not surprise other drivers- Sudden lane changes, turns, or halts can lead to accidents most of the time, since other motorists are caught unaware of another driver’s action. It is important to communicate what you intend to do to other drivers on the road. The car lighting system plays a crucial role in this aspect. Signal lights, tail lights, and headlights give other drivers an idea of what you want to do on the road having them react appropriately. This makes driving safe for everyone.

• Be predictable on the Road- Defensive driving entails doing what you are indicating to do on the road. A blinking right turn light means not turning left or going straight for a few more meters. Improper use of the indicator lights may confuse other drivers which may contribute to a road disaster.

• Enough Space – It is best to avoid tailgating when driving to provide sufficient time and space before a driver stops his or her car. There must also be a lead time to foresee or preempt what other drivers may do on the road. It is also recommended to scan the road constantly and make an exit plan in your mind in case an accident should happen.

• Right of Way – Road signs are there to remind the driving public when to yield to other vehicles so accidents may be prevented. Yielding is also a form of road etiquette where a driver avoids delaying the other car who has the right of going first.

• Just the Right Speed – Speed limits on the road are to be respected by all vehicles. One over speeding vehicle may lead to chaos and disaster on the road. A driver must anticipate how he shall pass an intersection and foresee how other vehicles may handle a turn or a merging road.

• Weather Hazards- A motorist must be able to handle his automobile in less than ideal weather conditions while on the road. The key to safety is slowing down and keeping distance from other vehicles.

• Rage Control – No matter what happens, road rage is not part of advance driving skills. Reacting to other drivers at fault may result to you speeding up, ignoring road signs, and ultimately causing bodily harm to yourself or other individuals.

Defensive driving saves lives on the road. Drivers must consider enhancing their skills by attending further trainings which are offered in almost all states.

By: Benedict Smythe


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