China’s Automotive Electronics Increased Nearly 10% In 2011

In 2011, the revenues of China’s auto electronics market will reach $ 19.2 billion, an increase of 9.7% compared to the $ 17.5 billion of last year. The analyst predicts that by 2015, the revenues of China’s auto electronics market will reach $ 29.9 billion. It is noteworthy that, driven by some joint ventures, China’s the key position in the global automotive industry chain will be consolidated.

Nearly double-digit growth year on year showed that China’s auto electronics market is full of juice in recent years. In addition, China has a growing number of cars began to use more advanced and complex electronic systems.In the characteristic of using electronics requests for paid job, in reply to the Chinese government’s call to extend the twelfth-five year arrange, the fabricator bind many value to the two environs of the automotive energetic and passive protection procedures and the vitality collecting mechanism.8 billion, an increase of 15.2%. Infotainment accounted for most of chip automotive market share in China. In the revenues of 2011 are expected to reach $ 1.2 billion. The revenues of the power system and the navigation infotainment systems were $ 979 million and $ 718 million.

In the facet of electrical devices submissions, in answer to the Chinese government’s call to elaborate the twelfth-five year design, the constructor adhere large significance to the two localities of the automotive hardworking and passive security schemes and the power keeping mechanism. It is the most promising semiconductor field within the next five years.

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In addition, in terms of semiconductor parts, the original micro-integrated circuits are considered the greatest potential for medium-term development. The attractiveness of the future navigation schemes in the next two to three years furthermore rises the output of the recollection incorporated circuit.In the first half, due to the Japanese earthquake, the Chinese automotive paying clients anxious about deliver interferences, effecting in goods produced of semiconductor suppliers to assure delivery.

By: Sara Zhang


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