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Automotive lighted switch problem?

I’m not big on electronics, etc. so I really need help with what could be quite possibly a simple question:

I want to run an extra accessory on my vehicle and I’m using a cheap lighted switch from Auto-Zone. I believe its labeled as a SPST rocker switch with 3 prongs underneath. Its rated as a 12 V, max 20 Amp and for acc. 240 watts.

I have one prong connected directly to the (+) positive of my battery. The middle prong is connected directly to the (+) wire of my accessory. And the third prong is connected directly to the (-) negative of my battery.

My accessory works fine when switched on and off. The light inside the switch even works well for a day… but then it burns out by the next day. At least when the switch light burns out, my accessory still works, so that’s good. However I bought a lighted switch for a reason, so what am I doing wrong here? How can I keep my switch light from burning out, did I wire it wrong?
Don’t fuses come in many different shapes and sizes? How do I know which fuse to use?

Chosen Answer:

Make sure you have a fuse 18″ from the battery on your positive wire (for safety issues.) The thing you’re doing wrong is connecting the ground wire directly to the battery. You don’t want to do that b/c the switch is constantly on, you should ground it to your chassis. Here’s a link to a diagram I made so you can make sure you’re doing it correctly:

^^^As you see the fuse is on the power wire, acc. in the middle, and the negative on the right.
by: LuxurySport
on: 26th September 10

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Wagan EL2003-5 400 Watt Continuous Power Inverter with 5V 2.1 Amps USB

  • 400 Watts continuous power and 1000 Watts peak surge power
  • 5 Volts, 2.1 amps USB ports; compatible with iPad & other tablets plus kindle & other e-readers
  • This has 2 grounded AC outlets
  • Power or charge a laptop, cell phone, MP3 player, digital camera, portable game player, power tools, etc.
  • Multiple safety features

This product is 400 watts continuous power inverter with 5 Volts 2.1 Amps and USB ports which can power the iPad. This includes 2 grounded AC outlets plus 2 USB ports to power your appliances. Other compatible appliances include laptop computers, cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, portable games, power tools, etc. This also provides 1000 watts peak surge power and loaded with safety features such as overload protection, auto-reset short circuit protection, and low battery shutdown. The built-in surge protection allows for safe car start up and shut down. This fits all standard vehicle 12 Volt sockets. Battery clamps are included.

The Wagan EL2003-5 is a 400W continuous power inverter with 5 Volts and 2.1 Amps of power and USB ports which can power tablets such as the iPad. This includes two grounded AC outlets, plus 2 USB ports to power your appliances. Other compatible appliances include laptop computers, cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, portable games, power tools, and more. The EL2003-5 also provides 1000W of peak surge power and comes loaded with safety features such as overload protection, auto-reset short circuit protection, and low battery shutdown. The built-in surge protection allows for safe car start up and shut down. This product fits all standard vehicle 12V sockets. Battery clamps are included.

Powerful enough to charge larger devices such as the iPad via USB

Includes two AC outlets and two USB ports

Run Additional Electronics with More Powerful USB

Wagan EL2003-5 Smart AC Inverter 400 Watt USB+ includes a more powerful 2.1 Amp USB, making it an essential item for anyone who uses larger electronics on the go. This upgraded item now includes more powerful 2.1 amp USB ports which make it compatible with the iPad and other tablet computers, plus e-readers such as the Kindle. You can also charge electronics such as your laptop, cell phone, MP3 player, digital camera, portable game player, and more.

Simply plug this item into your vehicle’s 12V outlet and plug in your appliances. It will allow you to run appliances up to 400W in your vehicle.

Another useful feature is the built-in overload protection and low battery shutdown. You can use this inverter even if your vehicle engine is turned off, plus it will shut down automatically to prevent total battery drain.

2.1 Amp USB

To provide stable charging power for the power-hungry tablet devices that we see on the market, Wagan Tech has just the right product to help you with that while on the go.

While most USB are only powered to 1.5 Amp, Wagan’s 2.1 Amp ports can charge tablets such as iPad and other tablets that are currently on the market. Just plug the inverter into the vehicle’s 12V outlet, and charge your devices while you are on the go, and have a fully charged unit ready for use when you reach your destination.

Safety Features

This inverter features auto reset short-circuit protection so it will automatically shut down when the unit is overloaded. It will also shut down when input power is low, to prevent total battery drain, to ensure that your vehicle will still work afterward.

Although this unit will still function while the vehicle is turned off, as a precaution, it is suggested that you remove the adapter from your vehicle’s 12V outlet when not in use. (Some vehicles still provide power to the socket even when the vehicle’s power is turned off.)

What’s in the Box?

Wagan EL2003-5 400 Watt Continuous Power Inverter, instruction manual, DC cable, alligator clips, warranty.


Wagan offers a 1 year limited warranty for defective items only. Customers have 1 year from the date of purchase to submit their warranty claim to its customer service dept. if an item is defective. A valid proof of purchase is required to activate the warranty. Additional warranty details are listed on the insert card that is shipped with your purchase.

About Wagan Corporation

Wagan Corporation is in the business of high-tech automotive accessories. They are committed to delivering products that support the needs of today’s and future fast paced lifestyle with comfort and convenience. Wagan Corporation emerged with production in the automotive accessory market with simpler items now to more innovative products for laptops, cellular phones, travel and mobile accessory segments. They design and focus their products to support the lifestyle of people on the go. Wagan Corporation is able to use economics of scale to offer consistently reasonable prices to develop long term relationship with retailers. As a global supplier of automotive accessory products, quality and customer satisfaction are always top priorities.

Technical Specifications

  • True Rated Power: 400W continuous
  • Peak Surge: 1000W
  • AC Voltage Output: 110v AC, 60 Hz
  • USB Output: 5V 2.1 A
  • Optimum Efficiency: 90%
  • DC Input Voltage Range: 10V to 15V DC
  • No Load Current Draw: < 0.3 A DC
  • Auto Low Battery Shutdown: 10V
  • Thermo Protection: Cooling fan
  • AC outlets: 2
  • USB ports: 2 (5V 2.1 A)
  • Dimensions: 6.5” x 4” x 2”

Buy Now!

List Price: $ 64.95
Price: $ 39.40

what kind do you prefer to use in automotive headlights during night driving for safety and practical?

example all ot them are above 100 watts output and i have the supporting wiring relays installed:
would you go to:

HID blue colored lamp (super white output)
are they good and bright enough for safety of driver’s vision?

or just the stock colored?

what about yellow colored bulb?

what else can u suggest?


Chosen Answer:

Apparently you havent driven long enough to form your own opinion…..
I dont have any idea what you see…
at night….to be able to suggest any thing more than the brightest lights you can get away with……
by: DennistheMenace
on: 16th June 07

Residential Wind Turbines, Deception In Advertising,”watts It All About”?

Many Americans as well as green energy enthusiasts’ world wide are giving wind power a try. As a novice it is very difficult to sift through all of the advertising confusion about what is the best product. Of course every website and new company that pops up has a gimmick which claims that his or her product is the “best”.

The first mistake many folks make in my opinion is they do not determine their goals before purchasing wind generators. For the most part there are two main configurations wind most wind and or solar systems. First is for off grid locations, this is actually how I started in this field. Many of these systems are for remote areas in places that the power grid does not reach, or due to cost prohibitive” grid tie inverters. The voltage of the systems is generally 12 volt but can be 24 or 48. This includes many of the DIY systems that have a difficult time exceeding charging voltage threshold needed for 24 and 48 systems. Secondly is” grid tied systems” where the goal is to put the power back in your homes grid. Most of these systems are either 24 or 48 volts. I have had many customers wanting to buy a “grid tie” for a 12 volt “wind generator” they have purchased and it is simply not an efficient way to do things and 12 volt grid ties are few and far between.

Before you buy a wind generator you should consider the points below. Most of the “wind generators” catch new potential customer with smoke and mirrors advertising based on wattage. Seemingly every week a new company pops up claiming to have a higher output then the largest “lie” the week before. The guys from “Missouri” that sell the Delco alternator based wind generator are a great example. The give a chart claiming they have a Delco alternator that will put out 12000 watts output at 9000 RPM but do not bother to tell the customer wind turbines do not spin at motor than 1000 rpm and usually less that that. So who cares what it does at 9000 Rpm. I bet they has some swampland for sale too….just my thoughts.

The same is true with many DC motor for sale on e Bay claiming high wattage outputs. They multiply the DC voltage times max amps at a particular RPM and claim there DC motor will put 3500 watts in a battery. The majority of those products on auction will not charge even a 12 volt system. The best analogy I have heard about selecting a wind generator is to consider what a battery charger does. How many watts does an automotive battery charge use? On battery chargers I have seen amperage on the settings 2 amp trickle charge 6 amp medium charge and 12 amp heavy charge. Never have I seen 500, 1200, and 3000 watts settings.So just how many watts does it take to make a good wind generator? Consider the concept of the automotive battery charger. Around 15 volts times 2 amps for a trickle charge is 30 watts. Medium setting 15 volt times 6 amps is 90 watts .On high 15 volts times 12 amps is 180 watts. If I introduced a new line of wind turbines announcing a proud output of 180 watts for the most potent unit, how do you think I would do? I have to assume that I would be outsold be the guys like the Missouri Company with a vivid imagination and a bad product.

My point is when making your first “wind generator” purchase first consider the voltage to RPM curve and remember the sooner your exceed your systems cut in speed IE”point when your wind turbine starts charging your battery system or uploading your grid” better off you are . Secondly you must keep the amperage in mind, simply put the strength of the charge is directly related to the amps. Keep the tortoise and the hare in mind. A lower charge over a longer period of time will usually yield more power than a high charge only when the wind blows at high velocity. Consider these principles rather that getting sucked into deception. Not only are wattage advertisements deceiving many of those in engaged in this type of advertising simply “pad”the power curve of their products. I have tested many products working in this field and heard from many customers and I can tell you this. If you run across the guy on e Bay selling plastic blades for his “rebuild” Delco alternator that he says will produce 90 amps at 9000 RPM for 250 dollars it seems to me to good to be true because it is……

By: Tony Jones