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NYPD Goes Green: Adds Chevy Volt Police Car

Bad boys, Bad boys… Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when the NYPD and their Chevy Volts come for you?

New York City’s already massive fleet of police patrol cars took a big step for the environment as they announced the inclusion of 50 Chevrolet Volts to their fleet.  The NYPD by acquiring the Volts are trying to cut air pollution, carbon emissions and gasoline consumption. 

“This is the latest and largest-ever addition of electric vehicles to the City’s fleet, which is already the largest municipal clean-air vehicle fleet in the nation,” Bloomberg said of the total of 70 new electric vehicles. The addition raises the city’s electric-vehicle total to 430.

General Motors Co. says the Volt will be the first electric car used by the New York City police department, which already has a diverse collection of vehicles ranging from traditional Ford Crown Victoria sedans to Nissan Altima hybrids to electric scooters and golf carts.

Now with the recent announcement of the “Taxi of Tomorrow”, the Volts will be apart of a large group of electric cars to be used by a number of city departments.  The Chevy Volt which is slated to become a New York Police Department patrol vehicle will likely get the most attention as they become an integral part of city.

The Chevy Volt will bring a fantastic new technology to the NYPD and while the debate over whether the Volt is really an electric car or more of a plug-in hybrid continues, the car itself can run for up to 35 miles on battery power alone.  It also carries a gasoline engine that kicks in to extend its driving range to a total of up to 379 miles.  These vehicles will save the city thousands of dollars on their gas bill each month.

Safety of the officers is always a key component when selecting patrol vehicles.  A standard Chevy Volt comes with a massive safety package.  Eight air bags situated in the entire front, side-impact, knee area for the driver and front passenger, and a roof-rail side-impact set for the front and rear.  The airbag system also includes a Passenger Sensing System.  Once bullet proof glass and doors are installed, this Volt will become a fortress for a NYPD Officer.

The front-wheel-drive 2011 Chevrolet Volt is primarily powered by an electric motor rated at 149 hp (111 kilowatts) and 273 pound-feet of torque. This motor draws power from a lithium-ion battery pack until the battery charge is 70 percent depleted. At that point, the Volt’s 1.4-liter four-cylinder internal combustion engine, which requires premium fuel, comes to life as a replacement power source for the electric motor. Under certain higher-speed conditions, the four-cylinder can also help power the wheels directly.

As we turn the page to a new chapter in automotive history, the all new 2011 Chevy Volt will have engraved its place as an innovator, an economic reliever for the NYPD and New York City, and as a total asset to our ecosystem as we know it.  

By: Allen Smythe

Good Driving Techniques Help Prevent Road Accidents

Being more cautious on the road is vital to avoid mishaps. Driving a car safely means anticipating possible problems that one may encounter due to hazards on the road itself or danger that may be posed by other drivers.

Mastering all the traffic signs and rules is not enough in traffic safety. Knowledge of defensive driving skills is a necessary tool to reduce risks of encountering accidents.

Advance Driving Skills

• Automotive Maintenance – Excellent driving starts with an excellently conditioned car. A driver must check his engine, brakes, wheels, and other parts of his car which may malfunction while on the road. A car that breaks down on the road is a potential road danger.

• Do not surprise other drivers- Sudden lane changes, turns, or halts can lead to accidents most of the time, since other motorists are caught unaware of another driver’s action. It is important to communicate what you intend to do to other drivers on the road. The car lighting system plays a crucial role in this aspect. Signal lights, tail lights, and headlights give other drivers an idea of what you want to do on the road having them react appropriately. This makes driving safe for everyone.

• Be predictable on the Road- Defensive driving entails doing what you are indicating to do on the road. A blinking right turn light means not turning left or going straight for a few more meters. Improper use of the indicator lights may confuse other drivers which may contribute to a road disaster.

• Enough Space – It is best to avoid tailgating when driving to provide sufficient time and space before a driver stops his or her car. There must also be a lead time to foresee or preempt what other drivers may do on the road. It is also recommended to scan the road constantly and make an exit plan in your mind in case an accident should happen.

• Right of Way – Road signs are there to remind the driving public when to yield to other vehicles so accidents may be prevented. Yielding is also a form of road etiquette where a driver avoids delaying the other car who has the right of going first.

• Just the Right Speed – Speed limits on the road are to be respected by all vehicles. One over speeding vehicle may lead to chaos and disaster on the road. A driver must anticipate how he shall pass an intersection and foresee how other vehicles may handle a turn or a merging road.

• Weather Hazards- A motorist must be able to handle his automobile in less than ideal weather conditions while on the road. The key to safety is slowing down and keeping distance from other vehicles.

• Rage Control – No matter what happens, road rage is not part of advance driving skills. Reacting to other drivers at fault may result to you speeding up, ignoring road signs, and ultimately causing bodily harm to yourself or other individuals.

Defensive driving saves lives on the road. Drivers must consider enhancing their skills by attending further trainings which are offered in almost all states.

By: Benedict Smythe

Roomy, Stylish and Safe: The Best Sedans in the Market Today

A sedan is the most popular car in the market today. Its sensibility and style is its best asset. For people who want their cars to reflect elegance and the practicality of seating four people, a sedan is the automobile of choice. Sedans are usually four-door types but there are also two-door sedans but are quite rare. Some of the world’s best sedans have their own signature features that make them the top-of-the-line sedans.

• Cadillac CTS
First produced in 2002, General Motors introduced this car to the public to replace the Cadillac Catera. Reviving the Cadillac image into an upbeat and hipper automobile brand, it gave GM the chance to compete with Europe’s more luxurious Mercedes and Lexus cars.

Depending on the buyer’s budget, he can get a 2.8 liter or 3.6 liter V-6 engine that has large torque power. Tested in the twisting roads of Europe, the CTS can be disappointing as the grips are too short and steering is light. This is rightly being manufactured in the US with its endless stretch of straight highways. It’s roomy, comes with an anti-lock brake system but fuel economy (typically GM) is a bust.

• BMW 3-Series
This comes in several series and performance-wise, this sedan does not disappoint. Torque is very powerful and the suspension creates for a smooth transitioning in all types of roads. Driving is a pleasant experience with this car and being a BMW, it is simply stylish. It also uses the highest-grade material, none of that plastic dashboard popular in American cars.

For the driver’s traveling needs, the 3-series has one of the biggest trunk space. Anti-lock brakes, airbags all around and a solid frame that earned the car a perfect rating from the EuroNCAP crash tests. However, you cannot expect this to be a cheap car. It is more expensive than its rival sedans.

• Audi A-4
The Audi sedans have been considered practical buys with their solid-looking structure and elegant look. The A-4 handling doesn’t seem to agree much with this automobile. The steering is pretty decent but directional changes can be abrupt causing a bumpy ride sometimes. For a sedan, it is certainly spacious and has enough legroom in the front.

The German’s automotive sensibility shines through in the A-4 with durable engine as well as interiors. It has first-class leather inside with a CD player and air-conditioning. It also features an anti-brake system, lots of airbags and an ISO FIX child seat clamps. Just for sheer looks, the Audi A-4 can beat any sedan model in the market.

• Jaguar X-type
Who would have thought that Jaguar will produce a model sedan? They are not only about tiny roadsters anymore with the Jaguar X-type. This series have four choices of engines: a 2.2 liter, 2.5 liter, 3 liter V6 and a diesel. It still carries its signature leather and wood combination when it comes to the interiors and the same powerful performance in terms of torque.

It’s also very roomy and has climate and cruise control feature as well as a CD player, anti-lock brakes and airbags. Good traction is also a bonus feature in the X-type and although it can be a little pricey, the diesel engine model can be a good investment in the long run if not only for the fact that the buyer will own a Jaguar.

By: Benedict Smythe