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Malone AutoLoader XV J-Style Universal Car Rack Kayak Carrier with Bow and Stern Lines

  • J-style car rack kayak carrier designed to withstand heavy winds
  • Built-in boarding ramp for easy loading and unloading
  • Cradles flex to fit boat, providing better contact and security
  • Universal-fit Jawz hardware fits round, square, and most oval cross rails
  • Supports up to 70 pounds; measures 14 x 16 x 6 inches (W x H x D)

The Malone Autoloader XV universal car rack kayak carrier includes everything you need to carry one kayak vertically on your roof top or trailer. The Autoloader XV developed here on the coast of Maine to withstand our brutal cross winds and crippling salt water corrosion. We were the first in the industry to produce a J style carrier and this years model is our best. The Malone universal JAWZ™ mounting hardware fits round, square and factory oval cross rails.Developed on the coast of Maine to withstand brutal crosswinds and crippling saltwater corrosion, the Malone AutoLoader J-style car rack kayak carrier sets the standard for kayak transport.

The AutoLoader’s J-style cradles hold kayaks up to 70 pounds.

The AutoLoader is equipped with a pair of J-style cradles, which combine to securely hold kayaks as heavy as 70 pounds. The AutoLoader is also the only carrier on the market with a built-in boarding ramp for easy loading and unloading. You can make loading even easier by adding a Telos load-assist module (sold separately), which lets a single paddler load a kayak without help. Once the boat is in place, you can use the pair of 12-foot cam buckle straps to secure the kayak to the cradles and the bow and stern lines to keep it stable. Throughout your drive, the cradles will flex to fit the boat for better contact and security.

The AutoLoader installs on vehicles with round, square, and most factory oval cross rails using the universal-fit Jawz mounting hardware. Plus, you can easily transfer the AutoLoader to another vehicle in minutes–no tools required. Corrosion-free and UV-resistant, the J-style cradles measure 14 by 16 by 6 inches (W x H x D) each.

About Malone Auto Racks
Malone is the fastest-growing rack accessory company in North America, with a track record of more than 10 years of industry leadership and innovation. The company’s products are sold in more than 1,500 outdoor online and retail stores throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. Malone operates from the coast of Maine, helping the company stay true to its mission and values. Everything Malone sells must be “simple to sell, simple to install, and simple to use.” The company is built to enhance its customers’ enjoyment of rivers, lakes, and oceans while minimizing their carbon footprint through aerodynamic transport design and complete material recycling.

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Are Infrared Heaters Energy Efficient?

An infrared heater is an object with a high temperature that transfers its energy to another object with a lower temperature, using electromagnetic radiation. The objects do not need to come in contact with one another or use a medium in between them. The infrared heat is transferred through wavelengths, and when it reaches the cooler object the energy is emitted.

Some facts About Infrared Heaters

  • People typically feel infrared heat before they see it. For example, the sun produces heat felt by skin. However, the heat also radiates off sidewalks that reflect rays of sunlight. Infrared heaters radiate heat in all directions in a similar fashion, heating objects near the heating unit.
  • Infrared heaters offer more localized options for heating areas around homes and businesses. A large automotive repair shop can use these heaters at each lift where a mechanic works, rather than attempting to heat the entire shop. The same principle applies to heating an outdoor patio.
  • Infrared heaters are now commonly used in saunas. These units do not use wood stoves or steam to heat the sauna. Infrared heat allows users to sit in the sauna longer and use the sauna both indoors and outdoors.
  • One thing that most people do not like is the waiting time they take to produce heat. With infrared heaters there is no waiting time. You can enjoy instant heating.
  • These heaters are a lot cleaner than other heaters because you do not have to deal with toxins, or fuels like you would with other heaters.

Infrared heaters are one of the safest forms of heating sources. Infrared heaters are powered by a variety of fuel, including propane, electricity and natural gas.

Combustible Materials

The Infrared Heater Safety Council (IHSC) reports infrared heaters should be kept a safe distance from combustible materials, such as paper, wood and fabrics. The risk of fire can be reduced by following instructions for the safe distance to place heaters from combustible materials usually found in the manufacturer’s manual.


Proper installation of infrared heaters can reduce the risk to the safety of an operator or property. The IHSC reports installation of heating equipment following state construction codes and guidelines can reduce the risk of leaks, improper heating ignition and fire.

If you would like to buy an infrared heater to stay warm this winter, check out this website: http://newportableinfraredheaters.com/

By: Mandy Malone

Reiki and Hospice

It has been greater than ten years since I took my first Reiki class, and I have used Reiki in all parts of my life, every day since. My life is loads richer for it that I simply cannot think about my world with out this priceless life tool. I used Usui and Karuna Reiki in a very specific strategy over a interval of two years in my professional role with considered one of many largest and oldest hospice programs in Florida. I am a Registered Nurse, and I functioned as a Neighborhood Educator for hospice.

As a gaggle educator I provided hospice information to physicians, nurses, victims and families. I discovered Reiki could presumably be utilized in many conditions to help me in assembly job requirements and in making a more peaceable and compassionate setting for the victims and their families. Reiki additionally helped me function as a superb colleague and hospice group member.

Understanding Hospice

Except you would possibly have been concerned with hospice, it’s difficult to think about the extent of complexity, the depth of emotion, and the diploma of stress related to it from every the sufferers and households’ perspective and that of hospice staff. The significance and usefulness of Reiki turns into extraordinarily vital in such a climate.

Often I was the primary particular person from the hospice staff to fulfill and discuss with a affected individual and family after the physician had knowledgeable them that remedy of the illness was no longer a suitable goal. One among my obligations was to discover out if the patient and family have been applicable for admission to hospice. I then gave them the info they needed in order that they could determine if hospice care was relevant for them. I additionally assessed the affected person and household’s bodily, emotional and religious needs. As chances are you’ll imagine, switching objectives of care from treatment to palliative (controlling signs and give consideration to high quality of life in lieu of cure) is often thought-about as a failure. It was vital that I be a superb listener, observer, and downside solver.

From a nursing perspective, anything that will help me be fully current, current wonderful nursing evaluation abilities, and be extra compassionate and caring is invaluable. I wanted households to know the distinctive hospice goals of care, allaying fears, and providing hope, albeit a redefined sort of hope. This redefined hope was extraordinarily necessary, and required a delicate balance. Generally it appeared a frightening task. But with Reiki it turned easier for me.

Reiki In The Parking Lot

When my hospice colleagues inside the admissions workplace dispatched me to see a patient, I at all times spent a few minutes in my automobile earlier than going into the hospital. Sitting quietly, I’d shut my eyes, say my prayers and align with Common Delicate and Love. My intention was to be of service. I activated the Energy picture to extend the power of Reiki and to focus vitality on the upcoming visit. I positioned the Energy image over each of my chakras. This elevated my power of light and love. To clear my thoughts, I used the Psychological/ Emotional symbol. This image helped me be more mindful of assets, a additional accurate observer and simpler communicator, all essential to the quality of expertise for the affected person’s family and to all concerned throughout the affected person’s care.

The ultimate step sooner than leaving my autocellular was activation of the Distant Therapeutic symbol. This sacred image carries the energy of divine consciousness. It could be expressed with the familiar assertion, “We Are All One.” I used this symbol so that the Reiki vitality would go ahead of me into the hospital room and help create an setting conducive to the perfect end result for the visit. With this closing step, I was then prepared to go into the hospital for my scheduled time with the patient and family.

Reiki Boosts Confidence

Before I entered the hospital room, I would cease for a second to once more consciously activate the Energy picture to focus my presence throughout the moment. Once I entered the room, I was assured that I could very properly be completely current and accessible to look, concentrate, and provide applicable hope. Reiki gave me confidence that I may help the affected person and the household, have unconditional regard for them, be extra compassionate and kind and assist them to begin out the process of redefining hope.

In healthcare immediately, it is comparatively easy to transform distracted, overworked, and overburdened by the quantity of paper work and the sheer number of victims and households assigned. Usually we neglect that there’s on a daily basis one factor we can do, even when a remedy is just not possible. In Reiki I discovered a useful software to help my focus and consciousness, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

A Busy Day At The Hospital

I spoke with the hospital case supervisor one morning a couple of affected person and her daughter who had been referred to me for a hospice consult. I acknowledged the title as someone who had taken one among my Reiki teaching classes. She had most cancers of the lung. I read the chart, and she or he appeared acceptable for hospice care. The Psychological/Emotional picture, which I had beforehand activated in my autocell, was extraordinarily useful in my review of the detailed medical record. I realized there have been quite a lot of drugs changes that could help the affected person be further comfortable.

I walked into the hospital room, and the affected person and her daughter had been very utterly glad to see me. The affected person was having drawback breathing. It was not life threatening, however she was grow to be increasingly more upset, anxious and frustrated. I might see if she didn’t chill out, her respiration issue would increase. I also knew I would not be succesful to debate with her relating to hospice unless she might breathe more easily.

I located the nurse who was assigned to this patient. He had given her all of the remedy he may give her and the oxygen was at its most liter flow. He had positioned a reputation to her doctor to acquire an order to extend her oxygen circulate rate and for remedy to help her breathing. “There’s nothing more I can do until he calls once more,” he said.

I informed the affected individual and her daughter that I might reschedule the visit. The affected person looked upset. She requested me if I might do Reiki for her earlier than I left. I suggested her I could do Reiki for her as her good good friend, nevertheless not in my operate as a hospice worker/nurse. I outlined neither hospice nor the hospital had policies and procedures in place for me to do Reiki.

Reiki is taken into account a nursing intervention. Nursing interventions are remedies nurses carry out to assist or assist their patients. As a nursing intervention, Reiki actually falls into the consolation measure category, like offering reassurance, hand, again, and foot massages, repositioning and turning. Nevertheless, as a consequence of lack of written coverage and procedure, I might not use Reiki as a nursing intervention in my place as a Registered Nurse representing hospice in the hospital.

There are hospitals and nursing facilities which have written policy and procedures pertaining to Reiki. The insurance insurance policies and procedures present guidestrains and protocol, which standardize the availability of Reiki in a scientific setting paying homage to a hospital.

I removed my hospice title badge to reinforce that I used to be not there representing the hospital or the hospice. I elevated the hospital bed to a comfy top for me. I merely positioned one hand on her shoulder and with my other hand I held her hand. I had already activated Distant Reiki from my automotive to ship the power forward into the affected particular person’s room. I mentally known as on Reiki power as quickly as again.

My hands immediately turned very hot. I talked with the affected person in a quiet voice. I saw in my mind’s eye the image of a stunning backyard; I immediately requested the affected particular person if she liked flowers and gardening. She mentioned she did and that she missed her yard at house very much. As I talked along together with her, the peaceful Reiki energy seemed to replenish the room.

Her labored respiratory quieted and slowed down. Her face softened. The muscular tissues in her neck relaxed. I impressed her to keep her eyes closed and take a psychological stroll by technique of the flower yard she loved. I knowledgeable her to acquire all of the Reiki energy she wanted. There was no limit.

Within 5 minutes she was asleep. I tiptoed out of the room. Her daughter adopted me. She had tears in her eyes and reached out her arms to hug me. She was very grateful and so was I. I was grateful that once again, the vitality of light and love, by method of Reiki, helped me and helped others.

With Reiki there might be all the time one factor we will do. Reiki at all times works for the highest and finest good for all. The above expertise was a dramatic demonstration of the flexibility of the Reiki power to calm, quiet and provide a way of peace. The affected person went from panic to peace in five minutes. Nurses know that therapeutic can occur when an setting is created the place sufferers and households are calmer, fears are allayed, and a manner of peace prevails.

End of Life And Reiki

I’ve been with many victims once they’ve made their transitions. Nearly all of those lack of life experiences have been by means of my skilled work with hospice. As a nurse I was always aware of knowledgeable consent and lack of coverage and course of to assist using Reiki as a nursing intervention. Regardless that typically I used to be not able to give the patients the expertise of Reiki, I discovered early on the value of utilizing it on myself.

Nonetheless, I was gifted with totally different alternatives to use Reiki to help somebody experiencing the lack of life process. Harry was a type of gifts. He referred to as me to come back back to his dwelling to do a Reiki session. He had skilled Reiki while he was stationed in Hawaii and numerous other completely different events recently. A good pal of the family who was a consumer of mine had given him my name. I visited him as a Licensed Holistic Nurse and a Reiki Master.

Harry suggested me that he was capable of die. He believed he had lived an exquisite life. He had no regrets. He was involved about his family watching him slowly deteriorate. Harry asked me to return and help him “slip away” as he phrased it.

I talked with him about his expectations and his family’s expectations. I shared with them that Reiki would convey a means of peacefulness and leisure at a minimum. Previous that no one can really predict. I moreover shared with them my belief that therapeutic always occurs at some degree with Reiki. When the physique cannot be healed, the ideas, the feelings and spirit can.

I arrived at Harry’s residence and carried out my car parking zone ritual within the driveway. I activated the entire Usui and Karuna Reiki® symbols that I had found, prayed and asked for the perfect good to be manifested. Again, I used the Power picture by myself body.

Harry’s hospital mattress was in the dwelling room, looking out over the Gulf of Mexico. He had a panoramic panoramic view of white sand seaside and emerald green water. The photo voltaic was getting prepared to set, creating a surreal light that streamed by the ground to ceiling windows. Many household and buddies have been gathered around him.

I pulled a chair as much as his bedside, and Harry and I talked a bit. He was very weak, nevertheless aware. He said he had no pain. I put some comfortable music on the little transportable CD participant that I had introduced with me and lit a candle.

I defined the logistics of the session to Harry and informed him to not fear about falling asleep. I impressed him to go ahead and allow the Reiki power to motion into him. This was his time to receive. I thanked him for the glory of sharing this time with him. He squeezed my hand.

The power of that Reiki session was intense. Just a few seconds after I started the session, in my minds eye, I observed one of the Karuna Reiki symbols. This image is related to the movement of life and the method of letting go. It brings peace into the now moment and helps free one from worry. It is about trust. It was as if the room had been stuffed with rainbows. Harry drifted off to sleep with a smile on his face.

The session lasted about forty minutes. I nonetheless recall the presence of peace that permeated the room. I left Harry still smiling together with his eyes closed. The family was eager to talk with me. I spent one different half-hour talking with them. They beloved Harry very a lot and have been grateful for the visit.

I arrived dwelling round 8 PM. I was strolling throughout the door when my cellphone rang. It was Harry’s daughter telling me that Harry had died about ten minutes after I left. Harry’s genuine request for Reiki to help him “slip away” had happened. I contemplate the Karuna Reiki image that I seen helped create the peace and perception he needed. And the smile? Who is aware of what Harry was seeing in his thoughts’s eye, or contemplating, or feeling that launched a smile to his face at that specific moment. How blessed we might all be to make our transitions with a smile when the time comes.

Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki are magnificent instruments for residing and when the end of life is near, the peace, the love and the compassion which can be the hallmark of Reiki assist facilitate dying as well. Reiki can be utilized in probably the most unobtrusive method at the bedside, in a busy hospital or within the solitude and privateness of a consumer’s home. Reiki is paradoxically a sensible and an impractical tool. It is a thriller, just as life and dying are a mystery. I am so grateful for the current of Reiki.

By: jasmine

Malone Auto Racks Universal Car Roof Rack, 58-Inch

  • Universal Cross Rail system comes complete and ready to install on factory raised side rails.
  • Simple installation on rooftop in minutes with no tools required.
  • Fits nearly all factory side rails. With Mounting Feet
  • Square profile fits most rack accessories
  • Key locking attachment towers and rust resistant rubberized bar coating.

The Malone Universal Cross Rail System comes with two 58-inch bars and 4 locking towers with key. With the tool free installation, the adjustable mounting towers easily install to most factory side rails. The 58-inch bars are reinforced with steel, and coated with rubber to prevent wear. This system is a safe and affordable way to transport your gear and is backed by Malone’s limited lifetime warranty program.

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List Price: $ 129.95
Price: $ 95.36

Are We in for Another Great Depression?


Has the recent economic downturn in the economy got you worried? Maybe it should. Some people have said this recession has the potential to be the greatest threat to the American economy since the Great Depression. But what makes this recession worse than the previous few that we have had? Let’s take a look at the similarities and the differences between our current economic situation and the Great Depression.

The Great Depression was the most significant downturn the U.S. economy experienced in the history of the United States. One of the most significant factors that caused the Great Depression was the staggeringly unequal distribution of wealth among the rich and the middle class. In the late 1920’s, the top .1% of all Americans had a combined income equal to the bottom 42% while today, the top 5%  richest Americans have a combined income equal to the bottom 53%. While this unequal distribution of income is not quite equal to that of the 1920’s and 30’s, it is nearing a dangerous point.


Another significant cause of the Great Depression was the extensive stock market speculation that occurred in the late 1920’s. This speculation caused the market to get to artificially high prices. These prices attracted investors who were looking for quick ways to make money. However, the market eventually reached a point where investors were investing regardless of the company’s earnings. This type of unselective investing caused artificial highs in the prices of stocks, which then crashed significantly on Black Tuesday.

Comparatively, our recent economic recession has been characterized by a significant plunge in the housing market, which has caused drops in other markets that had investments in property. This has been the main reason behind the current recession. Fortunately, this is a good sign for the economy. In contrast to the great depression where speculation caused artificially high prices, the current recession does not have artificially high stock prices. If anything, stock prices have fallen to a point where they are selling at less then their actual value due to speculation of a large crash.

During the 1920’s, the automotive industry was one of the driving forces behind the booming economy, even during the Great Depression, the automotive industry was never in any significant trouble. Today, because the automotive industries have high operating leverage at a time when fixed assets are loosing value, they are in trouble. Should one of the automotive makers go under, we could see a significant downturn in our current economy, with the possibility to turn into a depression.

While the Great Depression was a horrible time in our economic system, our current recession is unlikely to descend into the same build. The causes are completely different, and not as dire. Even if one of the big three automotive makers fails in the coming months, and although the stock market will likely be turbulent for the next few months or years. We will not see a prolonged depression like that of the 1930’s.


By: George Malone