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Im going to school for Automotive Service technology this fall. What can I do to prepare?

Im reading Automotive Service by Tim Gilles. Are there any other books that would really help me out? Any with good pictures of different auto parts so I can recognize them? Would it help to look at the inside of my vehicle and do some work on it? Just wanna be well prepared so Im sucessful and the class goes by more smoothly.

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Don’t know the book myself but looking at the credentials of the Author it should be a great place to start. Call the school you are planning on going to an ask them what text they use.

Agree with “GTO”…If you don’t know ASK a question. The only bad question is the one you already know the answer to… if you don’t know 95% chance that somebody else in the class doesn’t know either.

Automotive classes start with the basics on how an engine works. Pay attention to the basics section of the book.

If you pay attention and learn the BASICS of how an engine works then becoming a good Diagnnostic techn (not just a mechanic) will come much faster.

Also when you get there PAY attention to the Automotive Electric class. Lots of problems are now “electric” and the Tech who knows this side of the car gets ALL of those jobs (and the pay for them) because most of the mechanics out there do not Really understand them (how can you diagnose/fix them if you can’t get a wrench on them??)

Get yourself to far ahead of the class and you won’t pay attention to what the instructor is trying to have you learn and you will miss important stuff. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and every automotive class (Every year I take some course) I take I still learn something from my instructors. But in the end most of it ends up just point back to paying attention to the basics.

And YES underhood experience is a good thing to get. I presume you already take care of all your families cars. If not get yourself a good service manual (the Chiltons that you get from the Auto Parts stores are “OK” for starting with…but they are NOT the factory service manual..) for each of the cars in your family and start taking care of them. Start with the easy things… fluid changes, plugs, wires and then start trying to figure out the specific items. (Each manufacture puts them in different locations and they tend to look different but sometimes close to the same)
on: 25th March 11

What is the cell chemistry inside a lead acid automotive battery?

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The plates are made of lead (+ive) and lead oxide (-ive). The electrolyte is sulphuric acid.
by: Poor one
on: 10th February 07

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Automotive Car Parts – Essential In, Start and Go!

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You can’t take odds particularly when you are taking the road for long tours or your loved ones is on board. The breaks, transmission fluid and your batteries have to be functional. Smooth tires to deal with each sort of rough terrain will provide you with rest from backache as well as large amount of nagging. 

You may select to just generate about from office to home or cover large distances, well maintained car is desired. Come across out which transmission auto parts should be replaced or serviced. You are able to choose standard compensated maintenance where mechanic will check and change the needed parts, you simply spend! When dollars is your worry, you may invest some free of charge time for you to pamper your trip with maintenance.


Ordering the physique components has develop into quite effortless now as it is possible to get them with the assist of web. Don’t worry if you have an imported vehicle or perhaps a vintage merchandise to tend to. Web sites give you the option to pick the automobile parts through the on the net shops for economical price.

The exterior as well as inside automotive car parts have to be effective to save fuel and cover massive distances easily. Your auto has to be prepared for your changing seasons too. The bonnet, bumper, doorways, heating and cooling systems need to be managed nicely. The vehicle windows, seat belts and also airbags can demonstrate critical aspect inside a misfortunate event. Do not give laziness as an excuse to your carelessness.


The tools box, cooler, fuel filter and also the pump all really should be looked into. Your deplete method could be polluting the environment greatly. Guarantee you’ve fully practical transmission auto parts once you take your car out to get a ride the following time.

The quotes for automotive body parts is usually utilised to evaluate and then acquire the requirements at economical prices. The maker of cars do provide with authentic car elements, even utilized vehicle parts are marketed by some traders. It is greater to be safe instead of regretting about your decision as far as your car is involved.

With appropriate maintenance you may appreciate lengthy generate without difficulty. Make sure you are prepared to consider the street whenever!

You do fidget together with your auto till it doesn’t begin on 1 fine day? Or else you favor to verify it on standard basis and conserve yourself difficulty? The 2nd apply saves you time, effort and cash. Automotive body parts have to be replaced once they wear out.You can not take chances specifically once you are taking the street for lengthy tours or your family is on board. The breaks, transmission fluid as well as your batteries need to be practical. Easy tires to deal with just about every type of tough terrain will offer you rest from backache and also lot of nagging. You might decide on to only generate around from workplace to house or cover significant distances, well taken care of car is desired. Locate out which transmission auto parts have to be replaced or serviced. You’ll be able to go for typical compensated upkeep where mechanic will examine and exchange the necessary parts, you just pay! When capital is your problem, it is possible to spend some free of charge time to pamper your ride with maintenance.
Ordering the physique components has develop into incredibly uncomplicated now as you are able to buy them using the assist of world-wide-web. Do not be concerned in case you have an imported vehicle or perhaps a vintage merchandise to have a tendency to. Websites offer you the option to pick the vehicle elements in the on the web shops for economical price.The exterior and interior automotive car parts have to be effective to save fuel and cover large distances with ease. Your auto has to be ready for the changing seasons as well. The bonnet, bumper, doorways, heating and cooling methods have to be managed well. The automobile windows, seat belts as well as airbags can show essential issue inside a misfortunate event. Don’t give laziness being an excuse for your carelessness.
The gear box, cooler, fuel filter along with the pump all need to be looked into. Your wear out program might be polluting the atmosphere seriously. Make certain you’ve got fully functional transmission auto parts when you take your vehicle out for a ride the following time.The quotes for automotive body parts may be utilized to compare after which buy the requirements at affordable prices. The maker of vehicles do present with authentic automobile elements, even used vehicle parts are offered by some retailers. It really is superior to become safe rather than regretting about your choice so far as your vehicle is worried.With correct upkeep it is possible to enjoy lengthy generate without difficulty. Be certain you might be prepared to get the street at any time!

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