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Replace my engine or not??? HELP!?

My 2004 Camry overheated and we immediately stopped at Firestone. They ran diagnostics and couldn’t find anything. We stopped there again (closest place to where we were) and they ran the same tests. They refunded our money and said they weren’t sure what was wrong. I took it to Christian Brothers Automotive and find out that the there was a crack in the cylinder head. We okay them to fix this for the low price of 00 and as they are putting it back together, they discover the bolts are stripped. It is going to cost us an additional 00 to get them to fix it. We declined what we could for the original work and now our bill is 00. We pay that and tow our car away or we hand over the title. Blue Book is 20. I have a guy that says he will put a used Camry engine it the car for 00. My husband wants to hand over the title and walk away, but I want to fix it. He doesn’t think anyone will ever pay for a car with a replaced engine. Please advise!
The replacement engine has a 6 month warranty and has 88K.

Chosen Answer:

If you want to keep the car and drive it for 5 more years, replace the engine.

If you want to sell it withing two years, don’t fix it. You’ll lose money in the deal.
by: Mr. KnowItAll
on: 20th September 09