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Trackstick Pro GPS Tracking Device; Download Powerful “Trackstick Manager” Software for Windows, USB Cable and 12V Cigarette Lighter Power Cord

  • Monitor Employees — Validate Delivery Times – Track Mileage
  • Record Trips — Driving Habits — Business Expenses
  • Schedule Maintenance — Map Job Sites — Check Rental Usage
  • Defense and Intel — Strategic Planning
  • Search and Rescue — Vehicle Logistics

Trackstick Pro GPS Tracking Device — 2.5 Meter Accuracy — 4 MB Flash Memory Records Location History (16,000 Waypoints) — Built-In USB 2.0 Port (Can Be Powered By The On-Board USB Port and Plugged Into Any Computer — Weatherproof Case and Detachable Cradle — Firmware Alarm Notifies of Any Power Interruptions — Runs on 524 Volts DC With Less Than 6mA During Normal Operation — Built-In Temperature Recorder (-10°C / +14°F to +60°C/140°F +/- 1°C) — 2-1/2″ X 2″ X 3/4″ — Integrates Directly Into Google Earth For Worldwide Use — Fully Compatible With All Versions of Trackstick Manager Software, Microsoft Streets and Trips and Other Off-The-Shelf Programs via .CSV File Format — Download Powerful “Trackstick Manager” Software for Windows, USB Cable and 12V Cigarette Lighter Power Cord — Requires Windows XP or 2000 Compatible Computer with USB1.1/2.0 Port for Mapping and Data Retrieval.

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KD Tools KDT41520 Brake Service Kit, 15-Piece

  • Brake service kit for both disc and drum systems
  • Use for adjustment, installation and removal
  • Includes drum brake adjuster, brake spring pliers, universal brake shoe and more
  • Blow-molded case with easy-use reference card
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Kit works on both disc and drum brake systems
  • Use to adjust clearance between drum brakes and shoe, remove and install shoe return springs and brake pads
  • Includes Drum Brake Adjusting Tool which adjusts clearance between drum brake and brake shoe by fitting through backing plate slot and turning the star wheel
  • Includes Brake Spring Pliers – Hook end removes and installs shoe return spring on most drum brakes. Socket end removes spring from anchor stud and notched end installs spring on anchor
  • Includes Universal Brake Shoe Retaining Spring Tool – Removes and installs small and large car drum brake retaining springs sizes 5/8″ -11/16″ and 11/16″ -7/8″ diameter
  • Other tools included are: Disc Brake Piston Tool – Use on most domestic and import vehicles to rotate the parking brake activated piston back into the caliper cylinder. GM-Ford Disc Brake Piston Tool – Rotates the piston back on GM and Ford vehicles with rear wheel disc brakes. Fits GM vehicles with 2-1/8 in. and 1-7/8 in. pistons and Ford vehicles 1987 to current with rear disc brakes. Ford Applications: 1987- current T-Bird, 1988-current Continental, Mark VII, 1990-current Probe, Taurus/Sable, 1991-current Town Car, 1992-current Crown Victoria, Cougar, Grand Marquis. Disc Brake Pad Spreader – Pushes the caliper piston back on disc brakes that do not have the parking brake mechanism as part of the disc brake caliper. Heavy Duty Truck Brake Spring Tool – Provides access around emergency brake lever without removal to remove and install brake retaining spring on medium duty trucks. 1988-97 Ford 450, 1967-97 Ford F250, F350, E200, E250, E350, 1981-93 Dodge D300, D350, 1975-93 Dodge W300 and W350, 1970-93 Dodge B300 and B350, 1974-84 Dodge 400 and 500 Series. 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 1/4 in. and 3/8 in. hex sockets. T40, T45 and T50 Torx® Sockets. Packaged in a blow molded case with laminated instruction cards or sticker integrated into case desi

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    Panoramic Rearview Mirror

    • Wide-View Mirror Makes Driving Safer
    • Fits over any existing mirror
    • Distortion free glass
    • Ideal for all vehicles
    • Prevents accidents

    Have you ever been driving and no matter how you adjust your rearview mirror, you just can’t see in the blind spots? Well now you can with the Smart Mirror.
    Easily mounts over existing rear view mirror on any vehicle. Helps eliminate blind spots. Makes changing lanes sager. The Smart Mirror enables you to see children and pets in the back seat. The Smart Mirrors panoramic view enables you to see obstacles easier and help avoid those needless fender benders. No more backing over garbage cans of mail boxes.

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