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Pilot Automotive CC-6323 Silver Large Motorcycle Cover

  • Durable fabric
  • Water resistant
  • Includes storage bag
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Cover dimensions: 7.51 feet x 3.25 feet x 4.1 feet

Pilot Automotive is proud to offer excellent options in vehicle protection. This cover is made with durable, water resistant material to keep your vehicle safe from the elements.

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Price: $ 16.99

How long do you think this school is for a Automotive Service Technician ?

Its a vocational technical school, for Automotive Service Technician. How long do you think the course is?

Chosen Answer:

Usually 2 years. Then a class every once and a while so you can learn new stuff, such as the new headlights coming out, they use a higher voltage system.
If you want to be a Auto technician, you’ll always be going to class…
As cars change, you’ll have to keep up…
by: matt
on: 4th January 09

how can i market my consulting services to automotive manufacturers?

Chosen Answer:

I’m a little unclear about what you mean by automotive manufacturers. I’m assuming you’re talking about companies that build cars.

If that is the case, you have a pretty small potential market and some really stiff competition (with very very large marketing budgets).

I don’t know what area of consulting you offer, but can you find a way to make it applicable to other markets as well?
Whatever makes it a good fit for auto makers would probably make it relevant to other businesses with a little tweaking if necessary.

Whatever it is, if you can find a niche in your market that has enough competition to indicate there’s profit to be made but not so much competition that you’ll be lost in the crowd you’ll have a much easier marketing route.

Now back to your original question. If that is truly your only market, and you don’t have a marketing budget with several zeros behind it, you’ll have to find a way to set yourself apart from your competitors (you should do that anyway). What makes your service better? Why should someone hire you rather than XYZ company? You sell information, what makes the information you sell better than the information your competitors offer?

Now, What burning problem does your potential client have that only you can solve? What issue relating to what you do keeps him awake at night?

Once you know those things, particularly the last, create some very focused marketing materials that turn up the heat on your client’s problem and make him need to solve that problem now rather than later. If you can make him feel the itch, he’ll hire the first person offering to scratch it (you).
by: Lori S
on: 28th May 08

Automotive Services Advisor Job Description?

How to write Automotive Services Advisor Job Description??

Chosen Answer:

It’s hard to say exactly without knowing the policies of your company.

Clearly describe what type of education and work experience are required.

Clearly describe what type of personality traits and skills are preferred – amiable, knows how to use X computer program, familiar with automotive parts and technology, etc.

Clearly describe what the position and is and what is expected from perspective employees, ie., must be able to meet monthly/quarterly sales quotas, report regularly to General Sales Manager, etc.

by: Frenzy
on: 3rd July 10

ACDelco 214-2147 OE Service Vapor Canister Purge Valve

  • A21


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Automotive Service Manager Support is the Key to Lasting Success

Only a unique type of individual seeks to undertake a job as an automotive director of service. That individual most likely will have a lot of ambition, exceptional people skills and a passion for the automotive service industry, besides other traits.

Skills, talent and a great outlook are all part of what constitutes  an automotive director of service who’s successful. Yet ongoing success as a director of service really has less to do with personal character traits than ongoing support. That support involves long-term specialized director of service training.

To prepare for a director of service manager career, most individuals undergo specialized training. an automotive director of service obviously needs a lot of training.

This is the sort of education that provides automotive service directors with the specialized education they must have to perform their jobs. It is not however, the sort of ongoing training that will allow them to not merely survive, but thrive, and grow into exceptional automotive service directors long-term.

Imagine a service director who has ample education and training needed to complete his many job functions, including supervising service department personnel, creating an annual budget and maintaining an excellent CSI rating. This automotive director of service does an exceptional job for many months, or even a number of years, and business is booming.

Yet when business thrives, the automotive service director experiences greater and greater amounts of stress. There’s a bigger amount of work because of increased business, and there’s also pressure to keep up peak performance and continue to achieve profitable gains. Eventually, business starts to slump, customer service becomes an issue, and the service department is hardly the smoothly operating profit source it was in the past. What went wrong?

In this scenario, the issue isn’t the director of service, really. It’s that he hasn’t received the type of continual support that would keep him on the cutting edge as a manager. In other words, training that would teach him exactly how to fine-tune daily work flow, stay organized, manage with ever-growing efficiency and motivate service employees to succeed.

The problem is, oftentimes dealerships neglect to hire consulting services that offer the hands-on support their directors of service need. It’s as if they’re expected to continue to grow and develop almost by magic independently. Yet without continual support, it’s next to impossible for an automotive service manager to manage to perform their work, plus improve job performance.

Any dealership that wants to turn a sagging business around or that wants to boost profits in an already successful business should take a look at training their automotive service manager on a continual basis. Investing in industry-specific automotive service department management training can provide  automotive directors of service the practical training they need to stay profitable long term. Provide your automotive service director with continual service manager training and you’ll be amazed at the results.

By: Chris Collins

What is Automotive Diagnostics Services?

Please help me.
I want to know what is Diagnostics services in automotive domain?
Please describe to me.

I am waiting for your reply.

Chosen Answer:

Automotive Diagnostics Services is just a fancy way to describe the plugging in of a service computer to ‘read’ the computer in your car.
This computer simply detects anomalies in a host of preset parameters in your computer to see if everything is still within factory specifications. If they aren’t the service computer is preprogrammed to print out or display a preset group of responses and suggested repairs.
In some cases the service computer can also be used to reset the cars computer are make changes to it’s programing.
by: Rapid Fire
on: 3rd May 09

Drive Your Career Forward As An Automotive Service Technician

Are you passionate about everything automotive? Do you enjoy the challenges of working hands-on? Then why not consider an automotive service technician program. The automotive industry continues to be one of the largest and most important industries in the world. According to Statistics Canada, 96% of those employed in this trade work full time and are experiencing earnings growth.  Students in automotive service technician courses gain learning experience in the basics of automotive service and repair.  Schools offer actual auto shop experience, including expert instructors that combine classroom theory with hands- on training. The focus is on developing skills and becoming familiar with the day- to- day work experience of auto mechanics. Also touched upon are learning customer service techniques, writing or work-orders, handling of objections and the use of specialized software.

Automotive technician courses are available in many cities including Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver and are also available as an online training course. These same schools often also offer flexible class schedules, experience gaining practicums, help with career placement and even financial assistance. Experienced instructors with many years of field experience give you the classroom and hands-on shop training you need to succeed in an entry level position where you could diagnose and repair various makes of automobiles.

Typical courses in an automotive service technician program include, among others, Electrical Fundamentals; Service Lubrication and Cooling Systems; Operation and Servicing of Hydraulic Brake Systems and Preventive Maintenance.

Another important aspect to look for is a school that can offer an automotive service technician program that has auto mechanic certification, which is defined as a person who “repairs, adjusts and replaces mechanical and electrical parts of automobiles and light trucks in a retail automotive business.” A typical certification such as this is comprised of three levels, each requiring 2000 working hours, or 6000 in total, including passing a written examination. A Red Seal Certification is a designation that enables you to work in any Canadian Province or Territory. It will require 9, 720 documented hours of directly related work experience.

Graduates of an automotive service technician program can find themselves working with new car dealers, in retail automotive repair facilities and organizations with fleet vehicles, for instance. Typical entry level positions for auto mechanic training include automotive detailer, tire installer, lube specialist and maintenance technician. There are a number of career advancement opportunities like muffler specialist, fuel specialist and transmission specialist, just to name a few.

You could certainly head in the right direction as an automotive service technician. Who knows – an automotive service technician program just may be the right thing for you!

By: Percey Evans