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Tanabe T80115A Medalion Concept G Cat-Back Exhaust System for Honda Civic SI Coupe/Sedan 2006-2007

  • Highest grade SUS304 construction
  • Special piping construction, straightest form, mandrel bent
  • For weight reduction 1.2 millimeter thinwall piping, hallow exhaust hanger and pressed flanges are used

Using the all new ‘continuous strand’ Advantex packing material technology, Concept G achieves extremely high levels of exhaust system efficiency, while maintaining a street drivable, extremely clean sound output that is under 93db. The full SUS304 stainless Concept G is designed for optimal pipe routing as well as ground clearance. It’s sporty appearance and angle-cut tip is ideal for the sports car and sport compact driver.

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What are some good automotive news sites?

I’m trying to find a good website that offers news about cars. Concepts, reviews, etc. Currently, i go to jalopnik.com but im just wondering if there are any other good ones.

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I highly recommend Autoblog. It is similar to Jalopnik, but they just improved their site and have news, reviews, and cover different events all over. Also has fun little articles about other things car related, a very reliable site.
by: V8Vantage
on: 23rd June 10

Retail Automotive Industry: Atomic Age meets the Information Age

Retail Automotive Industry: Atomic Age meets the Information Age

The retail automotive industry is an interesting and slowly evolving business, that fights change every step of the way. Few dealerships today understand how much the market has changed and how much it is going to change in the next few short years. Still clinging to old business practices, shady and misleading advertising, and an antiquated pricing system the rest of the civilized world has abandoned they continue to struggle with client retention and customer service index (CSI) scores.

The general environment of the retail automotive industry has been carefully created over the last fifty years here in the United States (U.S.). Customers have been slowly conditioned in this market to create an entitled consumer that is difficult to please, and more demanding over the years. Couple this to the confusion and too much choice your average consumer is overwhelmed by the endless options and combinations of vehicles, and payment options. In the U.S. today, consumers now must choose between 48 manufactures, each with multiple vehicles, and each vehicle with multiple trim levels and options. As more people have access to internet research, invoice price, costs, and incentives are in the hands of consumers, making it more difficult for dealerships to retain a viable profit margin on new vehicles. However, many dealers, professional training groups, managers and owners, attempt to address the customer in the same way they did before.

The retail automotive industry as a whole is going to be forced to follow the CarMax formula for doing business. As consumers have more control over the buying process with information and misinformation, it makes it harder to direct the sale. The demographics of consumers are different for every dealer as Ford of Beverly Hills has a different clientele then Sunland Ford in the high desert. However, the one key that stays the same is that fact that eight out of ten have been online doing some form of research.

The automotive manufactures are also going to have to become a part of the solution to the issues of consumer choice. Manufactures like Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler need to follow the lead of Saturn, Honda, and Toyota and simplify their overall selection. Saturn has even taken the confusion out of the buying process by offering a Manufactures Retail Price (MRP), in place of Manufactures Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), because the customer does not have as many options it makes selling the vehicle a much smoother process. The European Union requires all manufactures to have MRP only, in place of MSRP in order to keep local economies and businesses stable. This keeps local buyers local and creates more competition for customer service in place of price.

Staffing is also a major issue in the ever-changing car business but again is it is based upon each dealer’s demographic. Dealers in Southern California and Texas are starting to require bilingual staff to service the ever growing population of immigrants, however, with this demographic comes this challenges of dealing with low income customers. CarMax has discovered a way of dealing with the by offering the same product in every demographic, controlling the sales environment by requiring the customer to walk into the showroom before having access to the inventory, and by having set no hassle prices. This concept takes the car business into the realm of normal business, like a McDonalds, or Wal-Mart, it is a process that can be duplicated across the country. The fact of the manner is that auto sales should have always been like selling anything else, washing machines, clothes, or computers.

The major issue with the current structure of the automotive retail industry is that the culture of “the car business” is ingrained that it will be hard to wrest out. There is some truth to the concept that you cannot tell the customer everything in an automotive transaction, simply because the majority of people do not understand. These are the people that ask for the mathematically impossible, (i.e. 0 monthly payment for 60 months on a ,000 Shelby) but there should also be a simpler way of doing business. The culture must change; people come in and scoff at the idea that a deal is making 0 over invoice on a ,000 car, while they paid ,500 for a mattress that cost 0 to make. There is an idea that because it is a high dollar item it is a high profit item. In order to change consumers thinking, owners and management have to change the way they do business and promote their products.

The top down transformation of the industry is going to require the attention of the entire industry. To break the culture and change consumer buying habits it would take time, but would allow the entire industry to follow the CarMax formula that cuts staffing costs, and focuses more on a process then individual personalities to generate sales, allowing fewer interruptions in service due to employee turnover. With the exception of the ultra highline automobiles, this type of business model would plug into any demographic and create a true retail environment like any other business. In this current economic down turn that is effecting the automotive industry a simpler way to process sales with greater predictability of profits and cost would make many owners happy.

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By: Michael Satterfield

Matrix Concepts M2-102 M2 Red Worx Stand

  • Comes with removable tray and mat
  • Light weight (only 6 pounds)
  • High Strength (500 lbs. Rating)
  • Fully customizable
  • 5 year limited warranty

Matrix M2 Worx Stand has a replaceable PVC rubber traction top with easy to use stainless steel fasteners with rectangular access slot for easy oil draining. Personalize it. Stands can be customized by Matrix’s graphic partner, DeCalmx.com. Designed to transport upside down to transport your Matrix utility can. Exclusive two (2) year limited warranty against bending or breaking. Comes complete with removable lower plastic work tray with easy to grip handles. TPR rubber mat in the tray can be removed to use tray as an oil drain pan (easy to clean) or to hold parts and tools keeping them out of the dirt. 100 percent “I Beam” ABS glass filled plastic construction is lightweight and weighs only 6 pounds, very strong and rated at 500 pounds and more. With over 30 months invested in product development, design, testing and input from some of the top riders and mechanics in the world of off road motorcycling including MX legend Bob Hannah, Chadd Cole, Cameron Cole, Brady Sheren, Arnold Taylor and Brad McLean are proud to introduce the Matrix Concepts line for 2010. The design team wanted to introduce a new approach to some old school products and developed a four part design criteria; 1) Make the products from high strength ABS plastic that was lightweight and very strong, 2) Offer new innovative features that improved the product over the competition, 3) Give the rider the ability to personalize the products with their name/number giving them the “factory look”, 4) Offer a great retail value. Phase 1 for 2010 is focused on off road stands, loading ramps, tie-downs, utility cans and unique line of work mats.

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Earn A Huge Income Tinting Windows

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What should I major in for automotive design/concept cars?

Hi. I’m interested in automotive design for concept cars. What would be the best major for this?
Yessssss! Thank you I’m already majoring in mechanical engineering so luckily im on the right path. trying to transfer out. Thanks for your input xD

Chosen Answer:

You want to get your undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering.
The best Engineering schools are well known: MIT, CIT, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, etc… But, many universities offer this degree. (Many smaller State universities have excellent BSE programs) You’ll then want to do a Masters degree somewhere you can focus more on concept cars. Perhaps University of Michigan, or Michigan State will have that sort of program, as they are right in the heart of the car industry.
by: Daniel Dawning
on: 12th December 08

How To Draw Cars – Step By Step

Endgame Media Presents – How To Draw Cars. Teach People How To Draw The Most Popular Cars Step By Step. Draw Cars In 3d Like A Pro Fast And Easy!
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