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What is the best way to remove Gear Oil from automotive carpeting?

I have a 1989 Chevy Blazer. I spilled 50 weight gear oil in the back floor board. The spill soaked into the carpet. What is the best way to absorb the spill, remove the stain, and get the odor out of the carpet?

Chosen Answer:

Cat litter to soak up remaining oil & then simple green or magic orange from Home Depot or Lowes, Ace Hardware.
on: 12th November 09

can you mould automotive carpet with a heat gun?

Chosen Answer:

Not really. You need heat and pressure to mold the carpet. The carpet fibers will melt with a heat gun. If the carpet is not moulded you will have to glue it down.
by: R1volta
on: 3rd April 07

what is the best home remedy for cleaning automotive carpet?

trying to refinish a 98 buick park and avoid having to but new carpet in, also any tips for leather?

Chosen Answer:

spray carpet cleaner and a stiff brush and if it doesn’t come clean enough for you dye the carpets. For leather go to autozone or pepboys and get a cleaner for leather and then put on a leather protector.
by: mister ss
on: 7th May 07